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Random TablesFor theThe Majestic WilderlandsTabletop RoleplayingGameRANDOM Memorized SpellsCopyright 2017 Robert S. ConleyWritten by Robert S. ConleyEdited by Dwayne Gillinghamsome artwork copyright, The Forge, Maciej Zagorski, Pawel Dobosz, ClaudioPozas, Louis Porter, Jr. Design, Dover Publications, Robert S. Conley, usedwith permission.some artwork public domain retrieved from Wikimedia Commonsat

Random TablesIn a NutshellThe use of random tables have been an important tool for referees sincethe release of the original tabletop roleplaying game in 1974. This hasn’tbeen without controversy. Many referees opt to use their own judgmentbased on their experience and view the use of random tables as timeconsuming.What I found, in general it was better to go with your own judgment. Theexception to this is dealing with multiple things at once. For example, I amfleshing out a level of a mega dungeon with dozens of rooms.In this situation, I find creating enough specific ideas to flesh the area outin exciting ways difficult. In my experience using random tables areextremely helpful, far quicker and spark creative ideas for coming up withthe occupants and contents of the 60th or 70th room.The key is to use the random rolls as idea generators. To successfully userandom tables do not accept the results as is, ignore rolls that do not fitor spark imagination and reroll when necessary. In one instance, I rolledGiant Scorpions, Dwarves, and Evil Sorcerers. This served a starting pointfor an encounter involving evil sorcerers transforming dwarves into giantscorpions.While populating another area of rooms I rolled orcs three times and anochre jelly. I decided to jettison the ochre jelly just make these room awarren of orcs within the dungeon.In this booklet, I developed a set of random tables designed to randomlygenerate memorized spells. I considered the utility of each spell andweighed the spells given the likelihood of the spellcaster getting ready fora potentially hazardous situation. Instead of giving each spell an evenchance. I used my judgment to give those spells I thought to be more usefulan increased chance of being memorized.Designation of Product Identity: The following items are here bydesignated as Product Identity in accordance with Section 1(e) of the OpenGame License, version 1.0; Any and all Bat in the Attic Games logos,identifying marks, and trade dress; all artwork, maps, symbols, depictions,and illustrations.Designation of Open Content: Subject to the Product Identitydesignation above, the entirety of this text is Open Content to be usedfreely under the Open Game License.-2-

Random Memorized SpellsThese tables are only a starting point, an idea generator for what aspellcaster could have memorized. It best used when you are stuckare faced with figuring out what one or more NPCs may havememorized.I am going to use the tables to generate the memorized spells for asixth level magic user. Looking at the class description, I find thathe can memorize four first level spells, two second level, and twothird levels. I roll 1d20 four times on the Common Level 1 chart formagic users, then two times on the Common Level 2 chart, andfinally two times on the Common Level 3 chart. Writing the resultsdown gives me the following memorized spells.Instance one: Prepared for battle1st Level: Charm Person, Sleep, Shield, Magic Missile2nd Level: Detect Thoughts, Web3rd Level: Fireball, FlySuppose this magic user was a court wizard and was encounteredin the royal palace? Using the above as a starting point I changedthe results to one that is more suited for this particular wizard.Instance two: the court wizard1st Level: Charm Person, Detect Magic, Read Languages, Shield2nd Level: Detect Thoughts, Web3rd Level: Fly, SuggestionI swapped in Detect Magic, Read Languages, and Suggestion asthose spells are more suited for the royal palace setting. LeavingCharm Person, Fly, Shield, and Web should the magic user has todeal with interlopers like the PCs.-3-

Spell ListsThese tables are compatible with the Swords and Wizardry CoreRules published by Frog God Games. This section lists all the spellsfor magic users and clerics.Magic-User Spells by LevelLevel 1Charm PersonCreate ScrollDetect MagicEnchant Magic StaffHold PortalLightMagic MissileProtection from EvilRead LanguagesRead MagicShieldSleepLevel 3 (Cont)Monster Summoning IProtect from Evil, 10’Protect from MissilesRope TrickScryguardSlowSuggestionWater BreathingLevel 4Charm MonsterConfusionDimension DoorEnchant CharmExtension IFearHallucinatory TerrainIce StormLimited TeleportMassmorphMonster Summoning IIPlant GrowthPolymorph OtherPolymorph SelfRemove CurseWall of FireWall of IceWizard EyeLevel 2Continual LightDarkness, 15’Detect EvilDetect InvisibilityDetect ThoughtsEnchant PotionInvisibilityKnockLevitateLocate ObjectMagic MouthMirror ImagePhantasmal ForcePyrotechnicsStrengthWebWizard LockLevel 5Animal GrowthAnimate DeadCloudkillConj. of Air ElementalConj. of Earth ElementalConj. of Fire ElementalConj. of Water ElementalContact Other PlaneEnchant WandsExtension IIFeeblemindFlesh to StoneHold MonsterLevel 3ClairaudienceClairvoyanceDarkvisionDispel MagicExplosive RunesFireballFlyHasteHold PersonInvisibility, 10’Lightning Bolt-4-

Level 5 (Cont)Magic JarMonster Summoning IIIPasswallTelekinesisTeleportTransmute Rock to MudWall of IronWall of StoneLevel 7Charm PlantsConjuration of DemonsDelayed Blast FireballExtension IIILimited WishMass InvisibilityMonster Summoning VPhase DoorPower Word, StunReverse GravitySimulacrumLevel 6Control WeatherCreate Teleport CircleDeath SpellDisenchant ItemDisintegrateEnchant ItemGeasInvisible StalkerLegend LoreLower WaterMonster Summoning IVMove EarthPart WaterProject ImageReincarnationRepulsionShield of MagicStone to FleshLevel 8CloneMass CharmMonster Summoning VIPermanencyPolymorph ObjectPower Word, BlindSymbolLevel 9Astral SpellGateMazeMeteor SwarmMonster Summoning VIIPower Word, KillPrismatic SphereShape ChangeTime StopWish-5-

Cleric Spells by LevelLevel 1CommandCreate ScrollCure Light WoundsDetect EvilDetect MagicLightProtection from EvilPurify Food and DrinkLevel 5CommuneConsecrate ItemCreate FoodDisenchant ItemDispel EvilFinger of DeathGreater CommandInsect PlagueLesser RestorationQuestRaise DeadLevel 2BlessEntangleFind TrapsHold PersonSilence, 15-foot RadiusSnake CharmSpeak with AnimalsLevel 6Animate ObjectBlade BarrierConjuration of AnimalsExorciseFind the PathSpeak with MonstersWord of RecallLevel 3ConsecrateContinual LightCure DiseaseEnchant CharmLocate ObjectPrayerRemove CurseSpeak with DeadLevel 7Aerial ServantAstral SpellControl WeatherEarthquakeEnergy DrainFinal DeathHoly WordPart WaterRestorationResurrectionSymbolWind WalkLevel 4Create WaterCure Serious WoundsNeutralize PoisonProtect from Evil, 10’Speak with PlantsSticks to Snakes-6-

Memorized SpellsMemorized Magic User SpellsCommon Level 11-3Charm Person4Detect Magic5-6Hold Portal7-9Magic Missile10Protection from Evil11-12Shield13-19Sleep20Uncommon LevelUncommon Level Explosive Runes12-13Rope Trick14-15Scryguard16-18Slow19-20Water BreathingUncommon Level 11-10Light11-15Read Languages16-20Read MagicCommon Level 41Charm Monster2Confusion3-5Dimension Door6-8Ice Storm9Limited Teleport10-11Polymorph Other12Polymorph Self13Remove Curse14-16Wall of Fire17-19Wall of Ice20Uncommon Level 4Common Level 21Darkness, 15' Radius2-3Detect Evil4Detect Invisibility5-6Detect Thoughts7Invisibility8Knock9Levitate10Locate Object11-12Mirror Image13Phantasmal Force14Strength15-18Web19Wizard Lock20Uncommon Level 2Uncommon Level 21-15Continual Light16-20PyrotechnicsCommon Level 31-2Dispel Magic3-6Fireball7Fly8-9Haste10Hold Person11Invisibility, 10' Radius12-14Lightning Bolt15Monster Summoning I16Prot. from Evil, 10' Radius17Protect from Missiles18-19Suggestion20Uncommon Level 3Uncommon Level 41-3Fear4-7Hallucinatory Terrain8-9Extension I10-12Massmorph13-15Monster Summoning II15-17Plant Growth18-20Wizard EyeCommon Level 51-3Cloudkill4Conj. of Air Elemental5Conj. of Earth Elemental6Conj. of Fire Elemental7Feeblemind8-9Flesh to Stone10-11Hold ll of Iron19Wall of Stone20Uncommon Level 5-7-

Uncommon Level 51Animal Growth2-5Animate Dead6Conj. of Water Elemental7-11Contact Other Plane12Extension II13-14Magic Jar15-17Monster Summoning III18-20Transmute Rock to MudCommon Level 61-4Death Spell2-8Disintegrate8-10Invisible Stalker11Monster Summoning IV12Project Image13Reincarnation14-15Repulsion16-18Shield of Magic19-20Uncommon Level 6Uncommon Level 61Control Weather2-5Create Teleport Circle6-7Disenchant Item8-11Enchant Item12Geas13-14Legend Lore15Lower Water16Move Earth17Part Water18-20Stone to FleshCommon Level 71Charm Plants2Conjuration of Demons3-4Delayed Blast Fireball5Extension III6-9Limited Wish10-11Mass Invisibility12Monster Summoning V13-14Phase Door15-17Power Word, Stun18-19Reverse Gravity20SimulacrumCommon Level 81Clone2-6Mass Charm7-10Monster Summoning VI11Permanency12-14Polymorph Object15-19Power Word, Blind20SymbolCommon Level 91Astral Spell2Gate3Maze4-5Meteor Swarm6Monster Summoning VII7-8Power Word, Kill9-11Prismatic Sphere12-14Shape Change15-17Time Stop18-20Wish-8-

Memorized Cleric SpellsCommon Level 11-4Command5-12 Cure Light Wounds13-14 Detect Evil15-16 Detect Magic17Light18-20 Protection from Evil20Purify Food and DrinkCommon Level 21-3Bless4-6Entangle7-8Find Traps9-13 Hold Person14-16 Silence, 15-foot Radius17-18 Snake Charm19-20 Speak with AnimalsCommon Level 31Consecrate2-3Continual Light4-7Cure Disease8-10 Locate Object11-13 Prayer14-18 Remove Curse19-20 Speak with DeadCommon Level 51-2Command, Greater3-4Commune5Create Food6Disenchant Item7-8Dispel Evil9-11 Finger of Death12Insect Plague13Lesser Restoration14Quest15-20 Raise DeadCommon Level 61-3Animate Object4-6Blade Barrier7-9Conjuration of Animals10-12 Exorcise13-15 Find the Path16-17 Speak with Monsters18-20 Word of RecallCommon Level 71Aerial Servant2Astral Spell3Control Weather4Earthquake5-6Energy DrainCommon Level 47-8Final Death1-2Create Water9-10 Holy Word3-8Cure Serious Wounds11Part Water9-13 Neutralize Poison12-14 Restoration14-16 Protect from Evil, 10' 15-17 ResurrectionRadius18-19 Symbol17-18 Speak with Plants20Wind Walk19-20 Sticks to Snakes-9-

Memorized Spells AssortmentsIn a NutshellAn assortment is a random table that generates all the spells inone roll for a spell caster of a given level. Although it is faster touse it does not have the variety of using the full set of tables.Magic-User 3rd Level1st Level: Sleep x212nd Level: Mirror Image1st Level: Hold Portal, Sleep22nd Level: Phantasmal Force1st Level: Sleep x232nd Level: Levitate1st Level: Sleep, Magic Missile42nd Level: Web1st Level: Sleep, Charm Person52nd Level: Phantasmal Force1st Level: Sleep, Hold Portal62nd Level: WebMagic-User 6th Level1st Level: Shield, Magic Missile x2, Charm Person12nd Level: Locate Object x23rd Level: Hold Person, Invisibility, 10' Radius1st Level: Sleep, Charm Person x2, Shield22nd Level: Web x23rd Level: Dispel Magic x21st Level: Magic Missile x2, Sleep x232nd Level: Strength, Web3rd Level: Suggestion, Protect from Evil, 10' Radius1st Level: Sleep, Hold Portal, Magic Missile, Light42nd Level: Phantasmal Force, Wizard Lock3rd Level: Fireball, Suggestion1st Level: Hold Portal, Sleep x2, Charm Person52nd Level: Wizard Lock, Detect Evil3rd Level: Fireball x21st Level: Charm Person, Hold Portal, Sleep x262nd Level: Locate Object, Web3rd Level: Fireball, Suggestion-10-

Magic-User 9th Level1st Level: Hold Portal, Light, Magic Missile, Sleep12nd Level: Detect Thoughts, Locate Object, Web3rd Level: Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Dispel Magic4th Level: Polymorph Other, Remove Curse5th Level: Conj. of Earth Elemental1st Level: Sleep x2, Hold Portal, Read Languages22nd Level: Web x2, Detect Thoughts3rd Level: Monster Summoning I, Fireball, Dispel Magic4th Level: Ice Storm, Dimension Door5th Level: Telekinesis1st Level: Hold Portal, Shield, Charm Person,3Protection from Evil2nd Level: Detect Evil, Mirror Image, Invisibility3rd Level: Water Breathing, Monster Summoning I x24th Level: Dimension Door, Polymorph Self5th Level: Teleport1st Level: Sleep x2, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil42nd Level: Detect Evil, Web x23rd Level: Hold Person, Protect from Missiles, Dispel Magic4th Level: Polymorph Other, Polymorph Self5th Level: Flesh to Stone1st Level: Charm Person x2, Sleep x252nd Level: Web x2, Locate Object3rd Level: Hold Person, Haste, Protect from Missiles4th Level: Ice Storm, Polymorph Other5th Level: Teleport1st Level: Light, Magic Missile x2, Sleep62nd Level: Detect Thoughts, Mirror Image, Wizard Lock3rd Level: Fly, Lightning Bolt x24th Level: Dimension Door, Confusion5th Level: Hold Monster-11-

Magic-User 12th Level1st Level: Protection from Evil, Sleep, Shield, Magic Missile12nd Level: Detect Thoughts, Mirror Image,Detect Invisibility, Web3rd Level: Monster Summoning I, Dispel Magic, Fly,Rope Trick4th Level: Wall of Fire, Wall of Ice, Dimension Door,Ice Storm5th Level: Wall of Stone, Conj. of Earth Elemental,Conj. of Air Elemental, Teleport6th Level: Disintegrate1st Level: Sleep x2, Read Magic, Sleep, Magic Missile22nd Level: Web, Invisibility, Detect Thoughts, Mirror Image3rd Level: Fly, Lightning Bolt x2, Fireball4th Level: Confusion, Limited Teleport, Wall of Fire, CharmMonster5th Level: Wall of Stone, Wall of Iron, Cloudkill,Wall of Iron6th Level: Monster Summoning IV1st Level: Protection from Evil, Magic Missile, Light,3Detect Magic2nd Level: Darkness, 15' Radius, Wizard Lock, Knock, Web3rd Level: Lightning Bolt, Fireball x2, Dispel Magic4th Level: Wall of Fire, Polymorph Other, Dimension Door,Massmorph5th Level: Passwall, Telekinesis, Cloudkill x26th Level: Reincarnation1st Level: Shield x2, Sleep x242nd Level: Invisibility, Continual Light, Mirror Image,Detect Invisibility3rd Level: Dispel Magic, Invisibility, 10' Radius,Monster Summoning I, Lightning Bolt4th Level: Wall of Fire, Confusion, Wall of Ice x25th Level: Teleport, Hold Monster, Wall of Iron, Cloudkill6th Level: Enchant Item-12-

Magic-User 15th Level11st Level:2nd Level:3rd Level:4th Level:5th Level:6th Level:27th Level:1st Level:2nd Level:3rd Level:4th Level:5th Level:36th Level:7th Level:1st Level:2nd Level:3rd Level:4th Level:45th Level:6th Level:7th Level:1st Level:2nd Level:3rd Level:4th Level:5th Level:6th Level:7th Level:Hold Portal, Sleep x2, Charm Person x2,Hold PortalDetect Evil x2, Web, Wizard Lock x2Hold Person, Suggestion, Darkvision,Lightning Bolt x2Polymorph Other x2, Wall of Ice,Wall of Fire, Limited TeleportConj. of Fire Elemental, Magic Jar, Cloudkill,TelekinesisDisintegrate x2, Shield of Magic,Invisible StalkerLimited Wish, Charm PlantsCharm Person, Sleep x2, Shield x2, Hold PortalDarkness, 15' Radius, Web x2, Detect Evil, MirrorImageSuggestion x2, Suggestion, Dispel Magic,Fireball x2Polymorph Other x2, Wall of Ice, Ice Storm, LimitedTeleportHold Monster x2, Flesh to Stone,Transmute Rock to MudShield of Magic x2, Death Spell, Lower WaterMass Invisibility, Phase DoorHold Portal, Sleep x2, Magic Missile x2,Charm PersonWeb x2, Phantasmal Force, Knock, Detect EvilMonster Summoning I, Fireball, Haste,Lightning Bolt x2Polymorph Self, Ice Storm, Polymorph Other, Wall ofFire, Limited TeleportTransmute Rock to Mud, Wall of Iron x2, PasswallGeas, Monster Summoning IV x2, ReincarnationReverse Gravity, Charm PlantsSleep x2, Shield, Magic Missile, Read Magic, LightKnock x2, Mirror Image x2, LevitateDispel Magic x2, Fireball, Dispel Magic,Suggestion, Protect from Evil, 10' Radius,Dimension Door x2, Wall of Ice, Confusion,Wall of FireFlesh to Stone, Cloudkill x2, Wall of IronDisintegrate x2, Death Spell, RepulsionLimited Wish, Delayed Blast Fireball-13-

Magic-User 18th Level1st Level: Magic Missile x2, Charm Person, Hold Portal x2,1Detect Magic, Sleep2nd Level: Phantasmal Force, Knock, Web, Strength,Locate Object, Pyrotechnics3rd Level: Fireball x3, Monster Summoning I,Invisibility, 10' Radius, Suggestion4th Level: Polymorph Other x3, Wall of Ice, Wall of Fire,Massmorph5th Level: Wall of Iron x2, Conj. of Earth Elemental x2,Feeblemind, Passwall6th Level: Death Spell, Repulsion x2, Shield of Magic,Enchant Item7th Level: Power Word (Stun), Mass Invisibility,Power Word(Stun)8th Level: Monster Summoning VI x29th Level: Maze1st Level: Hold Portal, Read Magic, Sleep x2,2Protection from Evil, Shield, Magic Missile2nd Level: Detect Thoughts, Detect Evil, Web x3, Detect Evil3rd Level: Dispel Magic, Fireball x2, Explosive Runes, Fly,Haste4th Level: Dimension Door x2, Confusion, Wall of Fire x35th Level: Flesh to Stone x2, Monster Summoning IIIConj. of Fire Elemental, Cloudkill, Teleport6th Level: Part Water, Disintegrate, Shield of Magic,Repulsion, Invisible Stalker7th Level: Limited Wish, Reverse Gravity,Conjuration of Demons8th Level: Monster Summoning VI, Permanency9th Level: Wish-14-

zMagic User 18th Level (Cont)1st Level: Charm Person, Sleep x2, Detect Magic,3Protection from Evil, Magic Missile x22nd Level: Strength, Web, Locate Object, Mirror Image,Detect Thoughts, Pyrotechnics3rd Level: Haste, Lightning Bolt x3, Clairaudience,Suggestion4th Level: Wall of Fire, Confusion x2, Polymorph Other,Massmorph, Ice Storm5th Level: Wall of Iron, Flesh to Stone, Hold Monster,Teleport, Passwall, Conj. of Air Elemental6th Level: Death Spell, Disintegrate x3,Monster Summoning IV7th Level: Limited Wish, Power Word (Stun),Mass Invisibility8th Level: Polymorph Object, Power Word (Blind)9th Level: Wish1st Level: Charm Person x2, Sleep x2, Detect Magic,4Hold Portal, Charm Person, Magic Missile2nd Level: Knock x2, Web x2, Detect Invisibility, Strength3rd Level: Haste x2, Protect from Evil, 10' Radius,Fireball x2, Clairaudience4th Level: Dimension Door x4, Remove Curse, Ice Storm5th Level: Passwall, Teleport, Conj. of Fire Elemental,Cloudkill, Teleport, Hold Monster6th Level: Death Spell x3, Shield of Magic, Reincarnation7th Level: Delayed Blast Fireball, Reverse Gravity,Extension III8th Level: Power Word (Blind), Polymorph Object9th Level: Prismatic Sphere-15-

Cleric 3rd Level1st Level:11st Level:21st Level:31st Level:41st Level:51st Level:6Cure Light Wounds, LightCommand, Cure Light WoundsDetect Evil, CommandLight, Detect MagicCure Light Wounds, CommandCure Light Wounds x2Cleric 6th Level1st Level: Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil12nd Level: Entangle, Hold Person3rd Level: Locate Object4th Level: Cure Serious Wounds1st Level: Cure Light Wounds, Command22nd Level: Speak with Animals, Hold Person3rd Level: Speak with Dead4th Level: Neutralize Poison1st Level: Cure Light Wounds X232nd Level: Hold Person, Snake Charm3rd Level: Remove Curse4th Level: Create Water1st Level: Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil42nd Level: Bless X23rd Level: Consecrate4th Level: Neutralize Poison1st Level: Detect Magic x252nd Level: Speak with Animals, Silence, 15-foot Radius3rd Level: Prayer4th Level: Cure Serious Wounds1st Level: Cure Light Wounds, Protection from Evil62nd Level: Bless, Silence, 15-foot Radius3rd Level: Remove Curse4th Level: Neutralize Poison-16-

Cleric 9th Level1st Level: Command, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil12nd Level: Silence, 15-foot Radius, Find Traps,Snake Charm3rd Level: Prayer, Remove Curse, Locate Object4th Level: Cure Serious Wounds,Protect from Evil, 10' Radius5th Level: Raise Dead x21st Level: Protection from Evil, Cure Light Wounds x222nd Level: Find Traps, Hold Person, Silence, 15-foot Radius3rd Level: Continual Light, Speak with Dead, Remove Curse4th Level: Cure Serious Wounds, Neutralize Poison5th Level: Raise Dead x21st Level: Cure Light Wounds x2, Light32nd Level: Hold Person x33rd Level: Cure Disease, Remove Curse, Continual Light4th Level: Cure Serious Wounds,Protect from Evil, 10' Radius5th Level: Finger of Death, Raise Dead1st Level: Protection from Evil x2, Detect Magic42nd Level: Find Traps, Speak wit

20 Uncommon Level Uncommon Level 1 1-10 Light 11-15 Read Languages 16-20 Read Magic Common Level 2 1 Darkness, 15' Radius 2-3 Detect Evil 4 Detect Invisibility 5-6 Detect Thoughts 7 Invisibility 8 Knock 9 Levitate 10 Locate Object 11-12 Mirror Image 13 Phantasmal Force 14 Strength 15-1