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Newsletter of the Battleship Texas FoundationIn this issue . . .The Directors ChairPg1Third Deck Re-OpenedPg2FTV ReportPg3OEP ReportPg5Curators CornerPg6In Memory OfPg7Membership FormsPg8Navy Poster . . .Spring 2019From The Director’s ChairI hope that you had agreat holiday seasonand that you are off andrunning as the new yearis underway.It is my pleasure to sharewith you that on April7, 2019 The BattleshipTexas Foundation willhost its first ever Spiritof Texas Gala. The eventwill take place on thatSunday and will beginat 4 PM and end at 8PM. It will be held at theArmadillo Palace. It willbe a great night of musicwith Cory Morrow. WewillberecognizingJohn Poindexter, MarcusLuttrell, and Shell OilDeer Park for theircontributions to ournation and to Texas.There will lots of greatfood and auction items. Please make your plans to come outand join us as we celebrate The Texas and our great state.Tickets and will be available on our website starting in earlyMarch. Seating is limited so make your plans to join us now.Battleship TEXAS Foundation

Advisory DirectorsHon. James A. Baker, III61st Secretary of StateADM. James L. Holloway, IIIUSN (Ret.), Former CNONed S. HolmesCommissioner, TexasTransportation CommissionBoard of TrusteesAnthony K. Gregory,ChairmanThomas J. Perich,Vice ChairmanDonald H. Fischer, TreasurerRey Gonzales, Jr., SecretaryBrad BouillionJimmy BurkePenny H. ButlerDavid DewhurstTheordore S. HirtzRADM. J. Weldon Koenig,USN (Ret.)John O’NeilMichael N. PearsonCAPT. Clifford H. Royal,USN (Ret.)Thomas C. WrightBruce D. BramlettExecutive Director;bruce@battleshiptexas.orgTPWD Ship StaffAndy Smith,Ship SuperintendentStephanie Croatt,Assistant SuperintendentMike Stovall,Maintenance and RestorationSarah Conlon,CuratorPage 2Battleship TEXAS Re-Opens Third DeckOperation Full Steam Ahead, the final phase of repairs,cleaning and safety upgrades to Battleship TEXAS’s third deck,concluded Saturday, January 5. To commemorate the grandre-opening, the Battleship Texas State Historic Site hosteda ribbon cutting by ship manager Andy Smith with specialguests Mr. Darwin Harris and his son Ron Alan Harris alongwith Shanda Perkins from the San Jacinto Advisory Committeeand her husband Lance Perkins. Mr. Harris served aboard theTEXAS from 1943-1946 as a Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class PettyOfficer.In honor of the ship’s 104th “berth” year, the first 104 peoplewere granted free admission. The program began at 8:45 amwith visitors lining up as early as 7:30 a.m. to get their handstamped receive their free ticket, along with a piece of salvagedsteel from the ship.For the first time in more than two years, visitors were able totour the ship’s engine room, machine shop, brig, ammunitionpassageway and radio room, all of which have been closed formajor structural repairs.The first round of critical structural repairs to the BattleshipTexas began in 2013 when the support structure under theship’s Engine Room and areas of the stern were addressed.The project was completed in January 2015.Later that year, the Texas Legislature allocated 25 million forthe second phase of structural repairs, which in-cluded thesteering gear room, D-13 trimming tank, rear emergency dieselgenerator room, dynamo condenser room, and miscellaneoustanks, trunks and storerooms. This phase of repair work wascompleted in September 2018.With both phases complete, majority of the most deterioratedstructural elements of Battleship Texas behind the boiler roomshave been addressed. The only remaining critical structuralrepairs will be the framing beneath the boiler rooms. Neitherof the structural repair projects, however, have addressedthe fragile state of the ship’s hull. Permanent repairs to thehull can only be accomplished with the ship out of water in apermanent dry berth.

By Don FischerRestorationWhile the holiday season slowed the restoration team, the succeeding cold weather did not. Thework in the Combat Information Center (CIC) is moving along with a good tempo. As reportedearlier, the compartment itself; that is the “box” consisting of the bulkheads, overhead, deck,frames, etc., has been completed. For the past quarter a lot of equipment (switches, status lights,speakers, various communications modules, etc.) have been restored to a like new condition.Much more is to be done, most specifically the major fixtures of plotting tables, radios and radarrepeater and switchgear. Nevertheless, this has been an exciting and profitable six months ofhard work.Work continues on the aft 40mm guns. Clearly, in this case the weather has been something of acontrolling factor and has affected the progress of the team, yet, progress continues to be made.Continued on next pagePage 3

By Don FischerRestoration Before & After PhotosHard Hat ToursThe January Hard Hat Tour, conducted on acold and windy Saturday the 19th, was a moralebooster for our tour guides/interpretersafter the slim turnout in December. Some85% of available slots were filled for FTV’sstandard Hard Hat Tour, plus another eleven(11) people who signed up for the specialtyNormandy tour. Everyone seemed to enjoy thetours immensely and gave our tour leaders a99% positive rating. This tour day earned over 2,200.00.Now that the 2nd phase of structural workhas been completed, it was a pleasure for ourtour guides to finally re-open the Boiler Room#3 as one of our destinations. Everyone looksforward to including Aft Steering shortly.The next Hard Hat Tour is scheduled forSaturday, February 16, 2019. For moreinformation about reserving a slot, pleasesee the First Texas Volunteers’ website 4

Battleship TEXAS OvernightYouth Education ProgramBy Kandace TrujilloWe are having a busy Winter at the youth overnighteducation program. We thank the 30 groupsand 845 campers that participated through themonths of November through January.The Battleship TEXAS participated in itssecond annual Operation Santa on December14, 2018. We continued our partnership withthe Army base Fort Hood. We had 24 childrenand 4 adults from Fort Hood’s Child andYouth Services division. We welcomed back 2children and 3 adults who participated in theprogram last year. The returning participantsreceived their second tour patch forsuccessfully completing the program twice.The program began at 6pm. We fed themdinner of chicken nuggets, grilled chickensandwiches, or wraps from Chick-fil-A. Fruit,chips, sweet tea, cookies, and brownies werealso provided. After dinner, the participantsmade crafts and visited with Santa.out of shells, yarn, and cotton balls. Theyalso participated in a Scavenger Hunt on thesecond deck. The winner won a BattleshipTEXAS shaped ornament and a piece of steelfrom the ship.The participants also received goody bags.The Christmas themed goody bags containedt-shirts, the San Jacinto and BattleshipTEXAS holiday ornament, a Battleship TEXASbracelet, a Battleship TEXAS hat, and a flashdrive that contained their videos and pictureswith Santa. It also contained videos andarticles on Battleship TEXAS.The shirts provided were designed withthe help of one of our sponsors, TacticalTees. The program’s costs were covered bythe Battleship TEXAS Foundation and oursponsors. Sponsors included Tactical Teesand Thomas Wright.Like last year Santa was a big hit. The kidswere able to take pictures with him and tellhim what they wanted for Christmas. Funwas had by all. The kids also created videomessages to their families.The kids toured areas of the ship normallyclosed off to the public. They went into thegun turret, up into the navigation bridge, andlearned about the antiaircraft ammunition.They were able to tour the third deck ofthe ship. This area had been closed for twoyears. The made some holiday ornamentsWe are booking into the year. If you wouldlike to book an overnight or would like moreinformation, please contact Kandace Trujillo at:overnight@battleshiptexas.orgor (281) 542-0684 (office)Page 5

ByCroatt,CuratorByStephanieSarah Conlon,CuratorWhew! Things have certainly calmed downOperationFulltheSteamaround here afterrush ofAheadspecial eventsand holidays last quarter. Now that we are fiBetween November 2016 and January 2019,nally able to catch our breath, we are taking athequestionlook mostat the frequentyear to come,and ffwas“WhyHere are a few exciting things on the horizon:istheEngine RepairsRoom closed?” This question wasStructuralquicklyfollowedhasby begun“Whenforwilltheit reopen?”The paperworknext roundof structural repairs, and we hope to have aWhen answering the first question, staffcontractor begin work around the boilerexplainedthattheThirdandwetherooms withinyear. DeckBut publicto survey the areas identified for work toevaluatethe scopedetails of thework Then,wewillgoouttobidfora concritical repairs to the ship. This was not Taylortractor who can make those areas sounder.Marine’sfirst extended project at BattleshipAudio ToursTEXAS.Between 2013 and 2015, TaylorSpeakingofpaperwork,we are thecurrentlywaitMarine workedto improvestructuraling for our State Historic Preservation Officestability and watertight integrity in the ship’s(Texas Historical Commission) and the Nasternunderher toengines.first phasetionalandParksServicegive us Thethe greenlightofrepairsproducingended whenout,ship.butto beginaudiofundstours ranfor theWe Texasreceivedword lastallocatedsummer anthatthe dtheshipa Mari 25 million to support a second phaseoftime Heritage Grant for a little less thanrepairs. The second phase of work began in 50,000 for producing audio tours for adults2017and focusedon theandafterportionsofand children,in EnglishSpanish.Eventheship,we’vemosthadnotablyin ourthe heelsSteeringthoughto coolthe GearpastRoom,D-13 TrimmingAftaboutEmergencyfew months,we are stillTank,excitedbeingable to Generatorbring this newinterpretiveoffering toDieselRoom,Dynamo Condenserthepublic.Wearehopingthesetourswill helpRoom, and miscellaneous tanks, trunksandthe ship come alive for the ship’s prospectivestorerooms. The ship’s boilers were alsostewards and supporters.suspended during this period to reduce stressBringing Our Collections to the People,on their structural foundations. The secondDigitizationphaserepairsconcludedin September2018Sarah ofConlon,theship’s collectionsmanager,andstaff workingspent thebehindnext severalmonthswill shipcontinuethe scenestoensure thepriming,safety andaccessibilityobjectscleaning,painting,and ofinstallingin the ship’scollections.One ofthe majorsafetyupgradesto get yeariscollecvisitors in 2019.tions digitization. Digital copies of all the photos, Januarypostcards,documentsin ourOn5, and2019,staff hostedan ,titled “Operation Full Steam Ahead” toand researchers to get the information theywelcome visitors into the newly reopenedneed from the collection. The University ofEngineRoomhasandgrantedThird Deck.In honorof theNorth Texasthe shipdigitizationPagePage 46services to create high-quality scans of theship’s historic photograph collection. Thesescans are also uploaded to the Portal to Texasship’s104 years, staff offered free admissionHistory ( souvenir piece whereof shipanyonesteel lineonopeningday.AsDarwinterested can browse through the images. Anew batchof photoswillperformedbe added toThePorHarris,a TEXASveteran,theribbontal ng9 am, therewerealreadyalso working on establishing a partnershipone hundred individuals anxiously waitingwith the Texas Archive of the Moving Image totoboard the shipand experiencethe spaces.professionallydigitizethe ship’s 1931LanniVisitorsenjoyeda wideof educationalfilm, whichis theonlyvarietyremainingfilm thatportrays lifeduringaboard theduring heractiveofferingstheshipevent,includingservice. Once digitized,this filmbycanbe Texasplacecomplimentarytours providedFirstonlineforeasyviewingforanyonewhois inVolunteers, 1940s music performed by Mariaterested.Thorne, and opportunities to interact e LoneLiving HistoryThe ship’s interpreter, Sarah Faulkner, hasCrew. If you haven’t been aboard the shipbeen selected to undergo Master Interpretersincethesespacesreopenedin sIencourageyouto visitsoon.We’d tolovetoProgram thisyear.She willcontinuesharesome of youher aboard!interpretive wisdom with thewelcomeship’s docents by presenting interpretivetrainings on Second Saturdays out at the ship.Sarah will also hone her interpretive skillsduring her Master Interpreter Training bycompleting three projects that will benefit theship. These projects will include creating thematic travelling trunks that teachers cancheck out and use in their classrooms, and anactivity booklet for children to use when theyvisit. This activity booklet will engage kids inthe ship’s story, and possibly dovetail withthe audio tour for kids.2016 is looking like an exciting year, and wecertainly have our work cut out for us! We areall looking forward to this labor of love, andwelcome anyone who is interested in helpingout.Darwin Harris

Vernon Lee GrahamRalph L. ErtmanGeorge E Carlson, Robert PlantVictor L. Afflerbach EM-2 U.S. Navy, Veteran WWII (deceased)Edwin C. Hartensteiner, Sr.Ray HargroveGeorge LaBelle USN WWI & WWII USS NevadaJohn Allen AmmeLT Wesley WinklerCDR Raymond Miller USC.L. Wagner/ Jack AdamsChester Cole, survivor USS ASTORIIThomas TrottRobert Cantrell FeamsRADM Robert M. Moore, USN (Ret.)Clyde Calvin SmithBailey SalmonArthur Loukas, Vet. WWIIPresident George H.W. BushFrank G Tinker Jr.Paul McLaughlinDavid Lee DeanEdward M. Ownby Sr.Norman Nossaman PFC 1953-1955Page 7

One Riverway,Riverway, Suite 2200OneHouston, TexasTexas 77056Houston,Membership ApplicationI am pleased to support the USS TEXAS with my membership in theBattleship TEXAS Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization.Individual 35.00NameFamily 45.00AddressSupporting 150.00Benefactor 500.00CorporateUSS TEXAS VeteranCityState 2,000.00PhoneFax 10.00EmailZipCheck here to receive your Dreadnought by email.Membership BenefitsIndividual. 35 Entry level membership entitles Member to receive afree subscription to the BTF quarterly e-mail newsletter “The Dreadnought”and a free subscription to TPWD’s bi-weekly e-mail newsletter “The BattleReport” (if you provide your e-mail address).Family. 45 Everything above, plus invitations to San Jacinto Siteactivities and special events.Supporting 150 Everything above, plus one (1) Hard Hat Tour.Benefactor. 500 Everything above, plus two (2) Hard Hat ToursCorporate. 2,000 Everything above, plus publication of your firm’s namein “The Dreadnought” and at special events held aboard the TEXAS.USS TEXAS Veterans. 10 Benefits the same as for Individual Member.Mail to:BATTLESHIP TEXAS FOUNDATIONOne RiverwaySuite 2200Houston, Texas 77056Phone 713-827-9620

t-shirts, the San Jacinto and Battleship TEXAS holiday ornament, a Battleship TEXAS bracelet, a Battleship TEXAS hat, and a flash drive that contained their videos and pictures with Santa. It also contained videos and articles on Battleship TEXAS. The shirts provided were designed with the help of one of our sponsors, Tactical Tees.

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.