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MTS 810 & 858 Material Testing SystemsVersatile, multipurposeservohydraulic testing systemsfor static and dynamic testsl

MTS 810 & 858 Test SystemsMeeting the Full Spectrum of Testing NeedsSuperior Testing and Global Support for all EnvironmentsTest engineers worldwide rely on MTS Material Testing Systems and unrivaled global support to achieveoutstanding results for both static and dynamic material and component testing. Renowned for theirunmatched accuracy, flexibility, high performance, and innovative standard features, these systems provide for years of superior testing for all types of test and lab environments. With a large selection of fullyfatigue-rated MTS load units, control technology and accessories to choose from, tightly integrated systemscan be easily configured to meet an extremely wide array of test requirements.Unmatched Accuracy An integral actuator design, stiff,low-mass crossheads, and specialforce transducers deliver superioraxial and lateral stiffness. Precision-machined columns andactuator rods, and laser-guidedfactory alignment ensure unprecedented alignment accuracy. Highly accurate MTS load cellsexhibit low hysteresis and longterm stability. Linear Variable DifferentialTransducers mounted co-axiallywith actuators deliver preciseactuator position measurement.High Performance Lightweight crossheads and stiffcomponents reduce load framedeflections and increase performance envelopes. Extremely low friction actuatorsand high response servovalvesensure superior test control. Close-coupled accumulatorsenable high frequency servovalve response, resulting in lowdistortion and reduced line noise. Hydraulic service manifolds provide smooth ramping of systempressure to ensure precise controlduring system start-up.FlexibilityInnovative Features Five-port servovalves ensure thatpressure changes – low-to-high,high-to-low, and rapid shutoff are made under system control toguarantee smooth transitions. Local hydraulic station controlintegral with actuator-mountedmanifold provides unmatchedconvenience and First-on/Last-offmanagement of hydraulic power. Off-Low-Slow-High pressurecontrol provides true bumplessstart and protects specimens. Force-limited stroke control forspecimen insertion protects bothoperators and specimens.MTS load units perform bothhighly accurate monotonic testsand dynamic test applications. Flexible test spaces, hydrauliclifts and locks, and convenientlyplaced controls facilitate easycrosshead positioning. MTS servovalves are available ina wide variety of force and flowcapacities. 810 systems can accommodate upto two servovalves - port shut-offsallow operation of one or bothvalves. MTS load units require no specialmounting or foundation. MTS Proven Control SolutionsFlexTest SE & GT Digital servocontrollers from MTS make up apowerful array of reliable, flexibleand easy-to-use controllers designedto address the full spectrum ofmaterial and component testingneeds. These systems employ robustVME-based MTS hardware and provide the pricing flexibility to accommodate a broad range of budgets.An array of MTS material testingsoftware perform test definition,test execution, and report generation for virtually all types of materialtests, including tension, bending, andcompression testing, fatigue lifestudies, and fracture growth studies.MTS software programs include: MTS’s MultiPurpose TestWare for flexibility to meet the demandsof quickly changing test requirements in your standard and nonstandard testing applications. MTS TestWorks to perform all ofyour tensile, flex, compressionand peel/tear tests, we well ascomplicated non-standard tests. MTS Fatigue and Fracture TestingSoftware for general-purpose andmaterial-specific testing applications.Material Testing Continuum5 kN(1 kip)Force RangeRange of AvailablePerformanceSpecimen SizeTest Type2100 kN(22 kip)858ModeratePlastics250 kN(55 kip)HighElastomersSubsizedTension BendCompression AluminumStandard500 kN(110 kip)Very HighCompositesSteelMediumSuper AlloysLarge Durability High Cycle Fatigue Low Cycle FatigueCreep Fatigue Crack Growth Fracture Toughness810Material Strength25 kN( 5.5 kip)

Versatile, Configurable 810The 810 Material Testing System delivers a broadarray of testing capabilities for both low and highforce static and dynamic testing. By selecting froma variety of force capacities, servovalve flow ratings,pump capacities, software, and accessories, thefloor-standing 810 system can easily be configuredto meet your specific material or component testing needs. The versatile 810 system features: Force ranges from 25 kN(5.5 kip) to 500 kN (110 kip)A wide performance range see Performance Curves onpages 20–23The ability to test materialsranging in strength fromplastics to aluminum, composites and steelA large test space to accommodate standard, mediumand large size specimens,grips, fixtures and environmental subsystemThe capability to performa wide variety of test typesfrom tensile to high cyclefatigue, fracture mechanics,and durability of componentsFull Featured, Compact 858The 858 Material Testing System is a cost-effectivechoice for low force static and dynamic testingapplications. Designed to preserve valuable floorspace, the 858 load unit can fit conveniently on anexisting laboratory bench, or sit on its own portable,custom cart. While extremely compact, the 858system provides a broad range of test enhancingfeatures, including: Force ranges from 5 kN (1.1 kip) to 25 kN (5.5 kip)A moderate performance range - see PerformanceCurves on pages 24–27The ability to test lower strength materialsranging from plastics to aluminumAccommodation of subsized to standard specimensThe capability to perform tension, compression,bend and fatigue tests; specialized tests forbiomedical and biomechanical testing; anddurability testing on small componentsWide column spacing to accommodate largerfixtures, environmental chambers and furnaces3

The Flexibility to PerformA Full Spectrum of Material or Component TestsFatigue TestingEnvironmental TestingMTS FlexTest material testing systems provide high stiffness, precision-aligned load frames with integral actuators.When the FlexTest system is coupled with MTS patentedgrips for consistent loading, and alignment fixtures forminimizing specimen bending strain, the system is ideallysuited for fatigue testing.Integrated solutions with MTS designed grips, fixtures, chambers and extensometers fulfill your testingrequirements over a wide range of temperatures. Thisintegrated solution gives assurance that you can putyour focus on successful results.Test ExamplesConstant Amplitude, Variable Amplitude, Block Loading,Low Cycle Fatigue, and High Cycle FatigueStandardsASTM E606, ASTM E466,ISO 1099, ISO 12106Typical Configuration FlexTest 810 MaterialTest System 646 or 647 Multi-PurposeAxial Wedge Grips 634.11/31 Axial Extensometer Basic or MultiPurposeTestWare testing software Cyclic Fatigue TestWare testing softwareMonotonic TestingYour monotonic testing needs can be performed with precision and ease on a FlexTest material testing system equippedwith the industry leading TestWorks Application Software.TestWorks provides powerful capabilities with simplifiedoperation and complete reporting of your test results.Test ExamplesTensile, Compression, Bend, Stress RelaxationStandardsASTM E8, E9, E21, ISO 6892Typical Configuration FlexTest 810 or 858 MaterialTesting System TestWorks ApplicationSoftware or MultiPurposeTestware Variety of Mechanically andHydraulically Actuated Grips Fixtures Extensometers4Test ExamplesFatigue Testing ofComposite materialsStandardsASTM D3479, D6115Typical Configuration FlexTest 810 MaterialTesting System MTS Model 651 Chamber MTS Model 647 AllTemp Grips MultiPurpose Testware orCyclic Fatigue TestWare Adaptive CompensationFracture TestingMTS provides the most complete Linear Elastic andElastic-Plastic Fracture Toughness solutions. In additionto KIc , J-Integral, and CTOD fracture criteria software,MTS provides Fatigue Crack Propagation solutions. MTSFracture Mechanics Application software improves theaccuracy of your testing while still being easy and flexibleto use. Predefined test templates provide the capabilityof testing to various ASTM, ISO and British test standards.Run-time graphical displays allow for monitoring the testsin progress and in order to react to events as they occur.Test ExamplesFracture Toughness,Fatigue Crack Growth,Crack Propagation, KIc, JIcStandardsASTM E399, E647, B645,E1820, ISO 12737, 12108,12135Typical Configuration FlexTest 810 or 858Material Test System 640 grips or 642 BendFixture 632.02 and 632.03 Clip-On Displacement Gages Fracture Toughness or Fatigue Crack Growth TestApplication Software Crack Length Monitor Application Software MultiPurpose TestWare

Component TestingBiomedical TestingMTS material testing systems have flexible test spaceand a wide range of performance packed in a durableframe powered by a controller with a suite of advancedcontrol algorithms suitable for a variety of componenttests. FlexTest testing systems are software driven withMTS MultiPurpose TestWare, providing a powerful andsimple process to easily run complex component tests.MTS 858 material testing systems are designedwith many features to provide high performanceat the low forces needed for biomedical testing,including very low friction actuators. These cleanand powerful systems are available with a widerange of specialized grips, fixtures and environments to test biomedical materials and products.Test ExamplesDurability, Strength and Physical Properties ofComponents and AssembliesTest ExamplesHip Stem Fatigue, Dental Implant Wear, BoneScrew FatigueStandardsVarious Industry and Corporate Standards; ASTM, ISO,FDA and DIN StandardsTypical Configuration FlexTest 810 or 858 MaterialTesting System MultiPurpose TestWare TestWorks Application Software Adaptive Compensation andCalculations Software Specialized FixturesStandardsASTM F1440, F2118Typical Configuration 858 Material TestingSystem MTS Model 658 BioEnvironmental Chamber Corrosion Resistant PullRods and Fixtures MultiPurpose TestWareThermal MechanicalFatigue TestingHigh Temperature TestingSuper alloys, ceramics, and advanced materials needadvanced testing equipment. MTS has industry provengrips, furnaces, and extensometers to elevate the capability of your FlexTest material testing system to meet thedemands of high temperature testing.Test ExamplesElevated TemperatureFatigue, TensileStandardsASTM E8, E606, ISO 783TypicalConfiguration FlexTest 810 MaterialTesting System MTS Model 653 MTS Model 647.10Grips with watercooled wedges MTS Model 632.53Extensometer Cyclic Fatigue Application SoftwareThermal Mechanical Fatigue (TMF) Toolkit TestApplication Software, an original toolkit createdby MTS, simplifies the set up and running of TMFtests without sacrificing flexibility. With real-timeplots you can monitor both thermal mechanicalwave shapes and advanced properties such asstrain hardening or softening as a function ofcycles. The MTS Toolkit includes automatedpost-test analysis to assist you in creating testsummaries and reports.StandardsASTM E606, E2368, ISO T6164Typical Configuration FlexTest 810 MaterialTesting System MTS Model 646 Grips MTS Model 632.53Extensometer Induction Heater Air Cooling System MultiPurpose TestWarewith TMF Toolkit TestApplication Software5

Additional MTS Testing CapabilitiesAxial Torsion TestingMTS 809 Axial Torsion Materials Testing Systems provideextremely stiff, high natural frequency load frames with integralaxial and torsional actuators. Axial Torsion loading of tubularspecimens has proven to be a valuable method for investigatingmaterial response to both static and fatigue multi-axial stresses.The MTS 858 A/T offers similar capabilities for lower force applications. These systems are ideally suited for small components,Biomedical applications, and lower strength materials.Typical Configuration FlexTest 858 or 809 Axial-Torsional Material Test System MTS Model 646 or 647 Axial-Torsional Wedge Grips Two-Channel Controller MTS Model 632.68 or 632.80 Extensometer MultiPurpose TestWarePlanar Biaxial TestingMTS capabilities include Planar Biaxial TestingSystems. These systems are utilized when it isdesired to investigate true in-plane stress statesof materials, or biaxial loading of design elements.System features include high load axis stiffnessfor low stored energy and integral actuatorswith high lateral stiffness to minimize buckling.Powerful features in the FlexTest control software make centroid control easy to implement.Typical Configuration Bi-Axial Test Frame MTS Model 647 HydraulicWedge Grips Four-ChannelController Centroid ControlAlgorithm MultiPurposeTestWareHigh Force TestingMTS high force testing systems arerigid, 4-column testing unitsdesigned especially for preciseapplication of high-force/high-displacement loads and fatiguecycles. Load frames are availableto accommodate a wide variety ofspecimens, components or fullscale test articles, and force capacities range from 100 to 3,000 tons orhigher. Grips, fixtures, and transducers are available for large sizespecimens to complete the testsystem.Typical Configuration MTS Model 311 High ForceLoad Frame (up to 3000 tons) MTS Model 647 Grips(up to 1200 kN) MultiPurpose TestWare orTestWorks6

High Frequency TestingMTS 1000 Hz high-cycle fatigue test systems provideaccurate and reliable accelerated fatigue testing. Thesystems maintain a high waveform fidelity whilerunning at high frequency, as well as highly accuratecontrol made possible with an MTS high responsevoice coil servovalve and AdapTrac control software.Typical Configuration 1000 Hz High-Cycle Fatigue Test System MTS Model 318.50S Load Frame High Performance Actuator with 25 kN, /- 25.4 mm Low-mass grips and fixtures High-flow voice coil servovalve MultiPurpose TestWare withAdapTrac SoftwareElastomer TestingElastomer test systems meet the high frequency,high precision testing requirements of automotiveand material industries. The standard configurationfeatures a frequency range of 0.01 to 1000 Hz, with /-10 kN force and displacements of /-20 mm.Designed for measuring dynamic properties suchas K*, phase, E*, tan delta, energy, and dampingcoefficients over its wide frequency range.Typical Configuration 1000 Hz High Frequency Elastomer Test System Specially designed Model 831.50 Load Frame(up to 10 kN) FlexTest GT Controller (48 kHz acquisition rate) MTS Model 505.07 SilentFlo Hydraulic PowerUnit MTS Model 793.3x Elastomer ApplicationSoftwareHigh Rate TestingHigh rate systems provide robust load frameswith high performance servohydraulic controls;high-speed data acquisition; and TestWorks software to provide operator interface, test analysisand reporting. These systems provide reliableresults for automotive crash worthiness testing,forging simulation and other high strain rate,or high penetration rate testing needs.Typical Configuration MTS Model 819.1x LoadFrame (up to 100 kN) High-flowvoice coilservovalve Low MassGrips7

Components of the 810 SystemDLoad Unit AssemblyA complete load frame assembly requires theselection of the frame, actuator size, actuatorrod/load cell thread, and hydraulic service manifold. The servovalve(s) and other options areselected separately.The 810 system employs MTS Model 318 loadunit assemblies that are force rated up to 500 kN.This floor mounted frame has high axial and lateralstiffness that improves test accuracy and systemperformance. This load frame is available in a variety of sizes and can be easily configured for manydifferent applications. Please see PerformanceCurves on page 20 for more details.Crosshead mounted load cell provides an accurate force reading for measurement and control.The displacement transducer is integral to theactuator for position measurement and control.Other options such as crosshead mounted actuators, actuator antirotate, hydrostatic bearing actuators, and air isolator pads are available with the318. Integral actuator design shortens the forcetrain providing higher lateral stiffness. Low friction actuator ensures the best possible test controland resolution.There are two hydraulic service manifold optionsfor the 318 Load Units. The 298.11 providesOFF/ON pressure control while the 298.12 hasOFF/LOW/HIGH pressure control with a controlledpressure transition to and from high pressure.AGCHBEFSpecifications by Frame ConfigurationLoad unit specificationsModelForce capacity (maximum)Available actuator ratingsVertical test space* (A)Working height (B)Column spacing (C)Column diameter (D)Base width (E)Base depth (F)Diagonal Clearance (G)Overall Height (H)Stiffness†Weight318.10318.25318.50100 kN (22 kip)15, 25, 50, 100 kN(3.3, 5.5, 11, 22 kip)1308 mm (51.5 in)889 mm (35 in)250 kN (55 kip)100, 250 kN(22, 55 kip)1625 mm (64 in)889 mm (35 in)500 kN (110 kip)250, 500 kN(55, 100 kip)2108 mm (83 in)889 mm (35 in)533 mm64 mm864 mm610 mm2718 mm2540 mm2.6 x 10 8 N/m500 kg(21 in)635 mm(2.5 in)76 mm(34 in)1003 mm(24 in)762 mm(107 in)3251 mm(100 in)3023 mm6(1.5 x 10 lb/in) 4.3 x 10 8 N/m(1100 lb)910 kg(25 in)762 mm(3 in)102 mm(39.5 in)1245 mm(30 in)914 mm(128 in)3835 mm(119 in)3581 mm6(2.4 x 10 lb/in) 7.5 x 10 8 N/m(2000 lb)1770 kg*Test space is the maximum distance between the load cell and the actuator with the actuator fully retracted.Optional extended height versions available, add 300 mm (12 inches) to pertinent each load unit’s full fatigue rating with its crosshead raised 1270 mm (50 in.) above the base plate.†Determined8(30 in)(4 in)(49 in)(36 in)(151 in)(141 in)(4.3 x 1 106 lb/in)(3900 lb)

ColumnsCrosshead Designed for a high naturalfrequency.High stiffness for precise displacement measurement andincreased dynamic performance. Alignment fixture(optional) Grips and fixtures(optional)The largest variety of hydraulicand mechanical grips andloading fixtures are availablefrom MTS.Precise load train alignment in minutes.Force transducers Grip controls(optional) Solid steel for high stiffness and chrome plated forlong life and easy cleaning.Precision machining maintains load unit alignmentover their entire length.Strain gage design is accurate for both static anddynamic testing.Many force ratings are available to meet yourspecific needs.Load unit control moduleProvide fingertip control ofhydraulic grips and clampingpressure. Puts control of the hydraulic lifts and locks for repositioning the crosshead at a convenient location.Emergency stop shuts off hydraulics.Isolator pads Dampen external vibrations.Hydraulic lifts and locks Allow easy repositioning of the crosshead and fastcrosshead locking/unlocking.Options for MTS 318Load Unit Assemblies Hydraulic actuator Integrally mounted in the base plate to shortenthe force train for increased stiffness, better sideload capability, and more accurate test results.Available in a variety of force ratings and strokelengths.Includes a co-axially mounted displacementtransducer for precision displacement control andmeasurement.Actuator manifold Air bag vibration isolatorsAlignment adjustment fixturesExtended length columnsActuator stroke lengthsTest area guardCrosshead actuator mountingHydrostatic actuator bearingsActuator anti-rotateLow force load transducersLow force actuator/high stiffness load unit combinationsActuator rod bellowsProvides mounting for up to two servovalves ofequal or different sizes.Mounted on the actuator for the highest possibleresponse and most accurate test control.Available with close coupled accumulators thathelp minimize hydraulic pressure fluctuations forimproved test control and data accuracy.9

Components of the 858 SystemDThe 858 employs a MTS Model 359 load unit that isfatigue-rated at 25 kN (5.5 kip). This freestanding loadunit can be operated at frequencies up to 30 Hz withouthaving to secure it to the lab bench or the optional cartthat is available from MTS.The 359 load unit features a generous horiz

ASTM E8, E606, ISO 783 Typical Configuration FlexTest 810 Material Testing System MTS Model 653 MTS Model 647.10 Grips with water-cooled wedges MTS Model 632.53 Extensometer Cyclic Fatigue Application Software Biomedical Testing MTS 858 material testing systems ar

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