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ALCOHOL & TOBACCO CONTROL LAWBOOKLouisiana Laws and Regulations2019-2020 EditionJuana Lombard, CommissionerLast updated January 20207979 Independence Boulevard, Suite 101, Baton Rouge, LA 70806(225) 925-4041

TABLE OF CONTENTTITLE 3. AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY .13PART VI. INDUSTRIAL HEMP-DERIVED CANNABIDIOL PRODUCTS.13§1481. Definitions.13§1482. CBD products; prohibitions; Louisiana Department of Health .13§1483. Permit to sell; office of alcohol and tobacco control.14TITLE 13. COURTS AND JUDICIAL PROCEDURE .16PART XIII. MASTER SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT - REQUIREMENTS FOR TOBACCO PRODUCTMANUFACTURERS . 16§5061. Findings and purpose.16§5062. Definitions.16§5063. Requirements .17PART XIII-A. MASTER SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT - COMPLEMENTARY PROCEDURES.18§5071. Findings and purpose.18§5072. Definitions.18§5073. Certifications; directory; tax stamps .18§5074. Agent for service of process .20§5075. Reporting of information; escrow installments.20§5076. Penalties; other remedies.21§5077. Miscellaneous provisions .22§5078. Bond.23TITLE 14 CRIMINAL CODE . 25CHAPTER 1 CRIMINAL CODE . 25PART I. GENERAL PROVISIONS.25SUBPART A. PRELIMINARY PROVISIONS.25§2. Definitions .25§82. Prostitution; definition; penalties; enhancement .26§83. Soliciting for prostitutes.26§84. Pandering.27§85. Letting premises for prostitution .27§90. Gambling .28§91.6. Unlawful distribution of sample tobacco products, alternative nicotine products, or vapor products to persons underage eighteen; penalty .28§91.8. Unlawful sale, purchase, or possession of tobacco, alternative nicotine product, or vapor product; signs required;penalties .29§93.10. Definitions.30§93.11. Unlawful sales to persons under twenty-one .31§93.12. Purchase and public possession of alcoholic beverages; exceptions; penalties.31§93.13. Unlawful purchase of alcoholic beverages by persons on behalf of persons under twenty-one .31§93.14. Responsibilities of retail dealers not relieved.31§93.15. Alcoholic beverage vaporizer; prohibitions .31§133. Filing or maintaining false public records .31§133.3. Falsification of drug tests .32§333. Misrepresentation of age to obtain alcoholic beverages or gain entry to licensed premises prohibited; penalties.32TITLE 15. CRIMINAL PROCEDURES .33CHAPTER 3-B. REGISTRATION OF SEX OFFENDERS, SEXUALLY VIOLENT PREDATORS, AND CHILDPREDATORS .33Page 2 of 212

§541.1. Posting of the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline; content; languages; notice; civil penalty .33TITLE 26 LIQUORS-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES .35CHAPTER 1. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL LAW .35PART I. GENERAL PROVISIONS.35§1. Title.35§2. Definitions .35§3. Exempt products .36PART II. PERMITS.36§71. Permits required; fees; exception.38§71.1. Class A permit; definitions.38§71.2. Class C Permit; definitions .40§71.3. Microdistillery; retail sales for consumption on or off premises .40§72. Permit for wine and malt beverages .40§73. Restaurant "R" permit; application; fees .40§73.1. Limitations on issuance of permits .41§74. Local license and permit fees .42§75. Operation without permit prohibited .42§76. Personal nature of permits; return of permits; necessity of display; penalties .42§77. Notice of application for retail dealer's permit.43§78. Content of application for permit; commissioner power as ex officio notary.43§79. Submission of applications; delay.43§80. Qualifications of applicants for permits .44§81. Location of business limited.46§82. Issuance of wholesale permit .46§83. Interposed persons.47§84. Misstatement or suppression of fact in application .47§85. Combination of manufacturer, wholesale, and retail business prohibited; exceptions.47§85.1. Repealed by Acts 2015, No. 62, §2.47§85.2. Museum permit; requirements; authorizations; circumstances.47§86. Authority of commissioner and local authorities to withhold permit .48§87. Procedure for determination to issue or withhold permit.48§88. Renewal of permit .48§89. Form of application for renewal of permit.48§90. Acts prohibited on licensed premises; suspension or revocation of permits .48§91. Additional causes for suspension or revocation of permits; fines.51§92. Proper petitioners in action by commissioner to suspend or revoke permit .51§93. Procedure for suspending or revoking permit.51§94. Cause necessary to withholding, suspending, or revoking of permit .52§95. Convictions by court not essential to with-holding, suspending, or revoking permits .52§96. Revocation and suspensions not exclusive penalty .52§97. Status of premises after revocation of permit.52§98. Notice of hearing by commissioner .52§99. Place of hearing.53§99.1. Participation in hearing by video conference .53§100. By whom conducted; record; briefs .53§101. Contempt at hearings; penalty .53§102. Procedure when permittee or applicant fails to appear at hearing; continuances.53§103. Basis for determination by commissioner to suspend or to revoke permit .53§104. Costs of hearings .53§105. Decisions to withhold, suspend, or revoke permits final unless appealed and reversed .53§106. Appeals to courts .53§107. Summary proceedings on appeal .54§108. Interference by courts prohibited .54Page 3 of 212

PART III. REGULATORY PROVISIONS.54§141. Export of beverages controlled by commissioner .54§142. Distribution through wholesalers only .

ALCOHOL & TOBACCO CONTROL LAWBOOK Louisiana Laws and Regulations 2019-2020 Edition Juana Lombard, Commissioner Last updated January 2020 7979

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