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DOCUMENT RESUMEED 067 114TITLEINSTITUTIONPUB DATENOTEEDRS PRICEDESCRIPTORSIDENTIFIERSLI 003 859Non-Print Media: Cataloging and Classification in theLincoln Public Schools. Manual.Lincoln Public Schools, Nebr.7242p.;(0 References); Includes methodologicalbackground paper by Gwendoline E. BirkyMF- 0.65 HC- 3.29*Audiovisual Aids; *Cataloging; *Classification;Filmstrips; Instructional Materials Centers; *LibraryMaterials; *Library Technical Processes; Manuals;Maps; Microforms; Tape Recordings*Nonprint MediaABSTRACTThere is very little difference in cataloging andclassifying non-print and print media, however non-print requiresconsiderably more time in processing due to the quantity of materialand the individual pieces for which labels and identification numbersmust be supplied. In general non-print media are entered under title.Exceptions to this practice are: (1) books or excerpts from books areentered under the author's name and (2) musical compositions areentered under the name of the composer. For each type of media allitems which are included with the particular media are described.This information may be run in consecutive sequence in the collationor, items which are not uLAially considered a part of the collationare listed as a note. This manual gives illustrations for catalogingeach type of non-print material. A brief (4 page) description of howthe cataloging of non-print materials was set up in the LincolnPublic Schools which was written by Gwendoline E. Birky is appended.(Author/NH)

U S DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH.EDUCATION & WELFAREOFFICE OF EDUCATIONT.iS DOCUMENT HAS BEEN REPRODUCED EXACTLv AS RECEIVED FROMTHE PERSON OR ORGANIZATION OPIGINATiND IT POINTS OF V IEM; OR OPINIONS STATED DO NOT NECESSAR1L1REPRESENT OFFICIAL OFFICE OF EDU'CATION POSITION OR POLIONON PRINT MEDIACataloging and ClassificationMedia ServicesMrs. Clara T. Rottmann, Director of Media ServicesR. Winfield Howland, Supervisor of Instructional Design CenterKenneth V. Anderson, Instructional Media CenterGwendoline E. Birky, Media Processing CenterJaniece M. Holm, Title 19 Instructional Materials CenterMrs. Marguerite Radcliffe, Staff Media CenterLincoln Public Schools1971co1972FILMED FROM BEST AVAILABLE COPY

TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroductionCartridge filmsCassettesChartsFilmstripsFlash cardsGamesKitsMapsMicro formsModelsMotion picturesPhonotapesPicturesRealiaRecordsSlidesSound booksSound cartridge filmsSound filmstripsSound slidesSpecimensStereoscope slidesStudy 62829303132

INTRODUCTIONThere is very little difference in cataloging and classifying nonprint and print media, however we find that non-print requires considerablymore time in processing due to the quantity of material and the individualpieces for which labels and identification numbers must be supplied.In general non-print media are entered under title.Exceptions tothis practice are 1) books or excerpts from books are entered under theauthor's name and 2) musical compositions are entered under the name ofthe composer.For each type of media we attempt to describe all items which are included with the particular media; e.i. number of slides, prints, discs,etc., col. or b&w, size, and teacher and/or student guides or other teachThis information may be run in consecuing aids which may be included.tive sequence in the collation or, items which are not usually considereda part of the collation are listed as a note.When two producers are responsible for the media, both are named inWhen media is received and has the same title entrythe title statement.as material already cataloged but by a different producer we recatalog indicating the producer. This could be handled by cataloging with briefcataloging as is done with books which appear in several editions fromvarious publishers, but usually we do not know that the material will beavailable from different sources when we first catalog it.When media areproduced by a school in our system the card carries the information: Locally produced.The following notes explain some of the practices which have been maderealtive to cataloging certain media.A.Filmstrips.1. Divide sets into single filmstrips when the nature of thecontent does not logically come under one Dewey Decimalclass number.2. Catalog from the title frame of the filmstrip.number of frames and the running time.We omit the3. Check with the Library of Congress cataloges and the Indexto 35mm Educational Filmstrips for notes. Do not take timeto make up notes.Simple notes from the teachers' guidesmay be used. The Elementar y School Librart, edited by MaryGayer is good for notes on certain producers) especiallyWeston Woods.4. Credits are given in the notes providing the person responsible for any part of it is apt to be known because he is aband and/or orchestra conductor; writer; stage, movie, ortelevision personality; etc. This may or may not be a goodpractice since inclusion is determined by the cataloger,who is not always in a position to know how well known certain individuals might be familiar to our users.

5. When cataloging sound filmstrips and slides, if two or morefilmstrips are recorded on one phonodisc or cassette use sideone for the entry.B.Pictures.1. When works of art are entered under the name of the artist,the total number of slides has been omitted so that moremay be added from the particular company as they are purchased.2. Supplied title of [Painting] is not considered a title butonly a descriptive word for the type of work found on theprint.Other descriptors might be: [Print] used for woodblock, stone, etc.[Engraving] [Lithograph][Photograph][Sculpture] etc.3. Pictures as well as slides are first divided into thefollowing categories before cataloging:a.Artists - Name of artistb.Period - Cubismc.Type of art - Pottery, Sculpture, etc.4. When sets of slides or pictures are received which areillustrative of a specific period of art but do not identify the artists, catalog them as a set by period.Example:Cubism.5. For easy location of the picture or slide the accessionnumber is used after the cal] number. See note page 23.C.Records1. Always take the entry from side "1" or "A" of the record.2. Be certain to take the entry off the label on the record sincethe slip case may not carry the same title.3. For sets of records use the series title.1. Musical compositions are entered under composer with a uniformtitle enclosed in brackets at the head of the title so thatall works of the same title may be filed together regardlessof the whims of the producer of the recording.The Lincoln Media Specialists decided to use only one color for allnon-print media because there were not enough color-banded cards to take careof the many forms of non-print and, since we use abbreviated prefixes as apart of the call number multiple colored cards or banded cards seemedredundant. In addition it made the reproduction of non-print catalog cardssimpler by using a single color. Green was the color selected for non-print.The next two pages are illustrative of the cataloging whi,:h iG done forprint and non-print media, thus correlating class numbers and subject headings of all forms of media which are located in the center.4

Catalog cards for the book, Chanticleer and the FoxChanticleer and the foxCooney, Barbara, 1917-821CChaucer, Geoffrey, 1340?-1400Cooney, Barbara, 1917 -821CNun's priest's taleCooney, Barbara, 1917 -821CCanterbury talesCooney, Barbara, 1917 -821CANIMALS--POETRYCooney, Barbara, 1917-821CCooney, Barbara, 1917 -821C821CCooney, Barbara, 1917 -Chanticleer and the fox, by GeoffreyChaucer; adapted and illus. by BarbaraCrowell [01958]Cooney.(K -3)unp. illus.Awarded Caldecott medal, 1959."Adaptation of the 'Nun's Priest's Tale' from theCanterbury Tales". Verse of title page."Chaucer's delightful story of the proud cock andthe sly fox retold for the young reader." TheBooksellerII. Nun'sI. Canterbury tales1. Animals7-Poetrypriest's tale III. Chaucer, Geoffrey, 1340?-1400 IV. t

Catalog cards for the: sound filmstrip, Chanticleer and the FoxSFS821 --Chanticleer and the foxCooney, Barbara, 1917-Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400Cooney, Barbara, 1917CggCNun's priest's taleCooney, Barbara, 1917-SFS82CCanterbury talesCooney, Barbara, 1917-SFS82,CANIMALS--POETRYCooney, Barbara, 1917SFS821CCooney, Barbara, 1917-SFS821CSFS821CCooney, Barbara, 1917Chanticleer and the fox (Sound filmstrip)Weston Woods [n.d.]44 fr. col. and disc:2 s. 7 in.33 1/3 rpm.CriOnal illustrations accompanied by a picture-cuedtext booklet.Correlated with book of same title.Canterbury tales1. Animals--PoetryII. Nun'sIII. Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400 IV. tpriestIs tale

Cartridge filmsCART F533AAir has weight (Cartridge film)McGraw Ln.d.]8 mm,col.2 min. 55 sec.of air)(4-9)(PropertiesWith teaching guide,1. Air2. Atmosphere(1)CART F598.44AAntarctic penguins (Cartridge film)WaltDisney Productionss 1968. Distributed byInternational Communication Films.Super 8 mm. col. 4 min.(Walt Disneynature library)Film notes on cartridge.1. Antarctic regions2. Penguins(-)CART F372.83CCommunity services (Cartridge film)Ealing, 1970. Distributed by Holt.9 loops super 8 mm.col. 4 mineFilm notes on canistersContents.The school.- -The hospiin1.--The fire departmentsThe public library.The post ,office.--PublictransportationsThe'shopping centersThe police department.- -The trash problem.1. Schools 2. Hospitals 3. Fire departments 4. Iihrir5. Postal service 6. Transportation 7. ChoppingI. Thecenters 8. Police 9. Refuse and refuse disposalThe post office 111. Publicpublic library II.) The trash preblem(transportation IV.ies.

CassettesCASFicMMcNutly, FaithWhen a boy wake:, up in the morningRandom, 1962.(Phonotape)(Sights & sounds, unit A)1 cassetteRecorded with this: Red Ridinghood'slittle lamb; by Charlotte Steiner.Correlated with books of the same title.1. Fairy tales 2. Sheep--Stories I. tII. Steiner, Charlotte III. t: Red Ridinghood'slambCASVan Alfen, Curtis371.254Nongradedness--how it looks in the realVworld (Phonotape)Instructional Dynamics,c1970.5 cassettes10 s.15 min. avg.1. Ability grouping in educationgraded schoolsCAS541.22P2. NonPretend you're a molecule.and dance(Phonotape)Troll [n.d.](Let's think about science)1 cassetteTells about atoms and molecules and theirrelationships.1. Molecules 2. Chemistry, physical andtheoretical3. Atoms

ChartsCHART372.62F3Final b sound; Final g sound (Chart)Scott, Foresmang 1967.20 charts. color. 9"x12". and disc:2 s. 7 in. 33 1/3 rpm. [SPI-61413](The first talking alphabet)lith teacher's instruction booklet.1. PhoneticsI.t: Initial g soundC.)CHART526.8LLearning to use a globe, set 1 (Chart)A. J. Nystrom [C1965]30 charts 1 Teacher's guideBy Parmer L. Ewing [and] Marion H. Seibel,1. Globes 2. Maps 3. Maps--Symbols4. Maps--Terminology 5. Maps--Programmedinstruction I. Ewing, Parmer L

FilmstripsFSFicE4Elkin, BenjaminThe loudest noise in the world (Filmstrip)Weston Woods [1964]1 filmstrip col.series 10)(Picture book parade,Correlated wi th a boi;I: of the same ti tle by E.3.r1 jdnli nElkin and a record under Pi cture book parade 11;,,,Original i llustra ti ohs accompanied by picturecuedtext booklet.I.FS301.451BtBlack Odyssey: history of the American Negro(Filmstrip)Anti-Defamation League ofB'nai B'rith [n.d.]2 filmstrips b&wWith discussion guide.Contents: Part I, 16th century to theCivil War.--Part II, The Civil War to thepresent.1. Negroes -- HistoryFS970.4IIndian cultures of the Americas (Filmstrip)Encyclopaedia Britannica, 01963.6 filmstrips col.With th teacher Is guide and reading scripts.Based on The American Heritage book of Indians, by WI]11ar!Brandon.Contentst The Incas, the Mayas, the Aztecs.--I ndians andEskimos of the Northwest.--I ndians of the Northeds t.--Indi insof the Plains. -- Indians of the Southea s 4Indians of theSouthwest.2. Eskimos 3. Incas 4,, Indians of North Ameri c.sI. Brandon, Wi 11 i am I I. The American Merl taqe1 Aztecs5. Mayasbook of IndiansC)

ps , cunt.FS915.38SSaudi Arabia (Filmstrip)Eye Gate,c1956.34fr. color. 35mm.(The countriesof the Near East series, No, 83G) (4Teachers manual.1. Saudi ArabiaDescription and travel2. Saudi ArabiaSocial life and customsFSSaudi Arabia (Filmstrip)915.38Visual Education Consultants End151 filmstripb80,v(Studies in depth)With teacher's guide.1. Saudi Arabia -- Description and travel2. Saudi Arabia--Social life and customs)

Filmstrips, cont,Popular Science puts o.Jt a monthly filmstrip and uses Filmstripof-the-Month Clubs as producer. Therefore the same title mayappear in the master file under two producers.FS512.2SSolving radical equations (Filmstrip)Popular Science Publishing, 1970.1 filmstrip col.(Secondary mathematics)With teaching guide.1. Algegra 2. Equations--Numerical solu-tionsThis is a subsidiary of Popular Science - usually the filmstripis exactly the same (but may vary some). t%e ma ,:e a practice ofcataloging these and redoing the card when the filmstrip shows adifferent distributer, even when it is Popular ScienceFS513.1SSimilar triangles: experiment and deduction(Filmstrip)Club, 1962.Film Strip of-the-Month1 filmstrip col.ics)(High school mathemat-With teaching guide.1. Geometry 2. Triangle)

Flash cardsFLASHCARD428.437Fla shX cards advanced, set X-9 (Flashcard)Educational DevelopmentalLa boratori es 1960.12 cardsDesigned for use in a tachistoscopicdevice,1. Reading, developmental0

GamesGAME973.6D8A simulation of the dirisiveissues of the 1850's and the crisiselection of 1860. (Game)InteractDivisionCo., 1968.Includes: 1 teaching guide.5 booklets.36 student booklets.1. U.S. -- History 2. U.S.-- History -Civil War 3. Political parties - -U.S.4. NegroesGAME301.3EExtinction: the game of ecology (Game)Sinauer Associates, 1970.Various pieces1. Ecology 2. Man -- Influence on nature3. Nature--Influence on environment 4.Adaptation(Biology)14

KitsKIT629.13AAir age education materials for elementaryteachersCessna (Kit)CessnaAircraft Company [n.d.]Includes:7 picture:.1 model pane1 noteboo1 with various hooklels onaircraft and a selected list of resources.1. AirplanesKIT158.2A2. Aer.nautics"3. Airplane ; ; -- ModalsAwareness; insight into people (Kit)Prepared as an Educational Service; byJ.C. Penny [c1967]various piecesIncludes:1 filmstrip col.--1 phonodisc12 in.--5 transparencies b&w.--31 s.activities sheets.--5 case studies.--1 plasticchart.--1 deck of cards.--1 manual.--1 filmstrip commentary.1. Human relationsKIT701R2. Psychology, appliedRembrandt and his Holland (Kit)Scholastic Magazines, 1970.1 teacher guide 8 pictures30 copies(Art and man, vol. 1, no. 2)(b&w 2 sepia)Published under the direction of theNational Gallery of Art.1. Rembrandt, van Rijn, 1606-1669 2. Art,Dutch 3. Composition (Art) I. Art and man)15

10MapsMAP912.9AAustralia and Oceania (Map)DenoyerGeppert, 1967.1 wallmap (rolled) col. 60" x 88".(No. 15021, Wenschow relieflike map)Political and physical.Scale 1: 6,000,000.Credits: Drawn and t rinted by Karl Wenschow.1. Austral i aMapsMAP913.3B:'. Islands of the Pacific - -MapsBible land maps (Map)Aid Associationfor Lutherans, 1966.8 maps.col.19"x25"With teaching guide.Contents: Ancient Bible lands.-Exodous and wanderings of Israel.-Canaan from Joshua to FzIlomon.-0 1 dTestament world after Solomon.-Early ministry of Jesus. -Later Ministry of Jesus.-Journeys of Pauli-Jerusalem atthe time of Christ.2. Palestine -- History4. Bible--GeographyBible -- History of Biblical events--Maps1. Palestine -- Antiquities- -Maps- -Maps- -MapsMAP970.1P3.5.Jerusalem -- History- -MapsPicture map of Indian Americans (Map)Friendship Press, 1955.folded1 map 38" x 50""A decorative map, which may be colored, together with aninsert sheet containing informative notes and pictures to hecut out and pasted on the map."1. Indians of North Aiwri ca16

Micro formsMICROFORMS818.5A11American Spectator, No. 1932May 1937,Vols. 1-4 (Microfilm)3M Co., n,d.1 reel.35mm. negativeMajor contributors: Eugene O'Neill, TheodoreDreiser, Sherwood Anderson, Norman Macleod, Seriousliterary criticism and short stories.1. Literature--History and criticism3. American literatureMICROFORMS978.132, LiteratureConfederate Veteran 1893-1932 (Microfilm)Bell & Howell, n.d.8reels.35mm. negativeCMonthly journal published in Nashville, Tennessee.With index at beginning of each volume.Collection ofbiographical information, reminiscences and photographsof Confederate leaders.1. Confederate States of America--History 2. U.S.- History- -Civil War 3. U.S.--Historyr-Civil War- -Biography 4. U.S.--History--Civil War--Personal narrativesOMICRODavid Hunter Miller Papers (Microfilm)FORMSBell & Howell, n.d.940.3716reels.35mm. negativeDOriginally "My diary at the Conference of Pariswith documents by David Hunter MillerNew York,printed for the author by the Appial Printing Co.,1924.22 vols. with table of contents in each and anIndex at the end of vol. 21.1. Paris Ceace Conference, 1919 2. European War,1914-1918--Peace. 3, League of Nations 4. EuropeanI. Miller,War, 1914-1918--Territorial questionsDavid Hunter, 1875-1961 11. My diary at the Conferenceof Paris

ModelsMODEL550E12Elementary land form models (Model)Hubbard Scientific Co. [1966]1 model. plastic coated. color.3'X3'.With study guide and lab questions.8 removable parts.Models contain over one hundred simplifiedgeographical and geological features.1. Geography2. Geology0MODEL523.2RRotary tellurian (Model)Denoyer-Geppert[nid.]1 model. color. Five-cornered metalbase:26" long, 16" high. earthglobe4 1/2" diameter.Hand operated, lighted model.1. Earth2. Moon3. Solar system4. SunMODELTeeth, enlarged (Model)Nystrom611,314Biological Model Co. AM-123 [n.d.]T5 models. vinyl plastic.color.Aberage size: 2 1/2"x3"x7 1/2".("LifeLike" biology model)With a key In booklet form which Identifies all codedstructures.A set of five models which illustrates a completecombination of tooth typest incisor, canine, and molars.Mount on plastic stands.1. Teeth

Motion picturesMPFicK13Keats, Ezra JackThe snowy day (Motion Picture)WestonWoods [c1964]6 min.sd.col. 16mm.(Picturebook parade)Correlated with a record under Picturebook parade 115, a filmstrip and a book ofthe same title by Ezra J. Keats.Credits: Producers, Morton Schindel,Mel Wittman; director, Mal Wittman.1. Show--MP904.5 FictionI. t[Natural disasters of the world] (Motionpicture)No producer [1950?]8 min.sd.b&w16 mm.Depicts an avalanche in Switzerland, floods in Australiaand U.S., a tornado in Mississippi, and fires in Korea andCalifornia.1. Disasters2. Fires3. Floods4. Tornadoes0MP745.5SSmaller than life (Motion picture)Locally Produced [n.d.]sd. b&w.16 mm.5 min.Edited by Daniel Abbott.1. Models and model makingcraft 3. HobbiesCD2. Handi19

PhonotapesTAPEFicI14I'm listening (Phonotape)TapesUnlimited 3401, 3402, 3403, 3404, 3405,3406 [c1968]6 reels(Read with me:I'm listening)Contents.-Where is the King?-Thursday it rains in Went. The wise witch of Went.-Stood straight the page boy.-Thewicked witch of Went.-Who Boos King question?1. Fairy tales 2. Witches -- FictionI. Pepper, Wilma DellWhere is the king? III. Thursday it rains in Went IV.The wise witch of Went V. Stood straight the page boy VI.The wicked witch of Went VII. Who boos king question?TAPE629.13AAerospace [Lectures] (Phonotape)Locally Produced [n.d.]1 reel. 1 7 /flips.Side It Dr. Seitz describes the planning anddevelopment of the Lunar excursion module. Side 21 Pt. ItDr. Seitz talks about balloon flight.Pt. 2s Judge Lathamdiscurlses the Ed Link oceanographic expermentation1 Aeronautics 2. Moon 3 Space flight 4. Balloons.History 5, OceanographyLunar excursion module II. EdLink oceanographic experimentationTAPE92LINCOLNAbraham Lincoln--a man and a symbol (Phonotape)State University of Iowa (NCAT)1961.1 reel. 15min. 3 3 /4ips.(The worldof ideas III)1. Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-186520

PicturesPIC722.8G15Greek [Architectcre] (Picture)Art Education, 1966.prints. b&w. 22"x28".(Growthin art education)Teachers guide sheet.For library holdings see shef li

classifying non-print and print media, however non-print requires considerably more time in processing due to the quantity of material and the individual pieces for which labels and identification numbers must be supplied. In general non-print media are entered under title. Exceptions t