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Gary Smalley And Dr. John Trent’s Personality Inventory

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Gary Smalley and Dr. John Trent’s Personality InventoryLLikes AuthorityTakes veEnjoys ChallengesProblem SolverProductiveBoldPurposeful, Goal DrivenDecision MakerAdventurousStrong WilledIndependent, Self-ReliantControllingPersistentAction OrientedOEnthusiasticTakes RisksVisionaryMotivatorEnergeticVery VerbalPromoterFriendly, Mixes EasilyEnjoys PopularityFun-lovingLikes VarietySpontaneousEnjoys ChangeCreative – New IdeasGroup OrientedOptimisticInitiatorInfectious LaughterInspirational“Let’s Do It Now!”Total:“Trust Me! It’ll Work Out!”Total:GBSensitive FeelingsLoyalCalm, Even KeelNon-demandingAvoids ConfrontationsEnjoys RoutineDislikes ChangeWarm and RelationalGives InIndecisiveDry tTolerantGood ListenerPeace MakerEnjoys cisePersistentScheduledSensitive“Let’s Keep Things the Way They Are!”Total:Total:Smalley Personality Inventory“How Was It Done in the Past?”Page 1

Personality Strengths Survey ChartLOGB40403535303025252020151510105500Smalley Personality InventoryPage 2

L – The LionEMOTIONSWORKFRIENDSThe Lion’s StrengthsThe Lion’s WeaknessesBorn LeaderDynamic and ActiveMust Correct WrongsStrong-Willed and DecisiveUnemotionalNot Easily DiscouragedIndependent and Self-SufficientExudes ConfidenceCan Run AnythingBossyImpatientQuick-TemperedCan’t RelaxToo ImpetuousEnjoys Controversy and ArgumentsWon’t Give Up When LosingComes On Too StrongInflexibleIs Not ComplimentaryDislikes Tears and EmotionIs UnsympatheticGoal OrientedSees the Whole PictureOrganizes WellSeeks Practical SolutionsMoves Quickly to ActionDelegates WorkMakes the GoalStimulates ActivityThrives on OppositionLittle Tolerance for MistakesDoesn’t Analyze DetailsBored by TriviaMay Make Rash DecisionsMay be Rude or TactlessManipulates PeopleDemanding of OthersEnd Justifies the MeansWork May Become Their GodDemands Loyalty in the RanksHas Little Need for FriendsWill Work for Group ActivityWill Lead and OrganizeIs Usually RightExcels in EmergenciesTends to Use PeopleDominates OthersDecides for OthersKnows EverythingCan Do Everything BetterIs Too IndependentPossessive of Friends and MateCan’t Say, “I’m Sorry”May Be Right, but UnpopularSmalley Personality InventoryPage 3

O – The OtterEMOTIONSWORKFRIENDSThe Otter’s StrengthsThe Otter’s WeaknessesAppealing PersonalityTalkative, Story TellerLife of the PartyGood Sense of HumorMemory for ColorPhysically Holds onto ListenerEmotional and DemonstrativeCheerful and Bubbling OverCuriousGood on StageWide-Eyed and InnocentLives in the PresentChangeable DispositionSincere at HeartAlways a ChildCompulsive TalkerExaggerates and ElaboratesDwells on TriviaCan’t Remember NamesScares Others OffToo Happy for SomeHas Restless EnergyEgotisticalBlusters and ComplainsNaïve, Gets Taken InHas Loud Voice and LaughControlled by CircumstancesGets Angry EasilySeems Phony to SomeNever Grows UpVolunteers for JobsThinks Up New ActivitiesLooks Great on the SurfaceCreative and ColorfulHas Energy and EnthusiasmStarts in a Flashy WayInspires Others to JoinCharms Others to WorkWould Rather TalkForgets ObligationsDoesn’t Follow ThroughConfidence Fades FastUndisciplinedPriorities Out of OrderDecides by FeelingsEasily DistractedWastes Time TalkingMakes Friends EasilyLoves PeopleThrives on ComplimentsSeems ExcitingEnvied by OthersDoesn’t Hold GrudgesApologizes QuicklyPrevents Dull MomentsLikes Spontaneous ActivitiesHates to be AloneNeeds to be Center StageWants to be PopularLooks for CreditDominates ConversationsInterrupts and Doesn’t ListenAnswers for OthersFickle and ForgetfulMakes ExcusesRepeats StoriesSmalley Personality InventoryPage 4

B – The BeaverEMOTIONSWORKFRIENDSThe Beaver’s StrengthsThe Beaver’s WeaknessesDeep and ThoughtfulAnalyticalSerious and PurposefulTalented and CreativeArtistic or MusicalPhilosophical and PoeticAppreciative of BeautySensitive to bers the NegativeMoody and DepressedEnjoys Being HurtHas False HumilityOff In Another WorldLow Self ImageHas selective hearingSelf-CenteredToo IntrospectiveGuilt FeelingPersecution ComplexTends to HypochondriaVolunteers for JobsThinks Up New ActivitiesLooks Great on the SurfaceCreative and ColorfulHas Energy and EnthusiasmStarts in a Flashy WayInspires Others to JoinCharms Others to WorkNot People OrientedDepressed Over ImperfectionsChooses Difficult WorkHesitant To Start ProjectsSpends Too Much Time PlanningPrefers Analysis To WorkSelf-DeprecatingHard To PleaseStandards Often Too HighDeep Need For ApprovalMakes Friends EasilyLoves PeopleThrives on ComplimentsSeems ExcitingEnvied by OthersDoesn’t Hold GrudgesApologizes QuicklyPrevents Dull MomentsLikes Spontaneous ActivitiesThrough OthersInsecure SociallyWithdrawn And RemoteCritical Of OthersHolds Back AffectionDislikes Those In OppositionSuspicious Of PeopleAntagonistic And VengefulUnforgivingFull Of ContradictionsSkeptical Of ComplimentsSmalley Personality InventoryPage 5

G – The Golden RetrieverEMOTIONSWORKFRIENDSThe Golden Retriever’s StrengthsThe Golden Retriever’s WeaknessesLow-Key PersonalityEasy Going and RelaxedCalm, Cool, and CollectedPatient, Well-BalancedConsistent LifeQuiet, but WittySympathetic and KindKeeps Emotions HiddenHappily Reconciled to LifeAll-Purpose PersonUnenthusiasticFearful and WorriedIndecisiveAvoids ResponsibilityQuiet Will of IronSelfishToo Shy and ReticentToo CompromisingSelf-RighteousCompetent and SteadyPeaceful and AgreeableHas Administrative AbilityMediates ProblemsAvoids ConflictsGood Under PressureFinds the Easy WayNot Goal-OrientedLacks Self-MotivationHard to get MovingResents being PushedLazy and CarelessDiscourages OthersWould Rather WatchEasy to get Along WithPleasant and EnjoyableInoffensiveGood ListenerDry Sense of HumorEnjoys Watching PeopleHas Many FriendsHas Compassion and ConcernDampens EnthusiasmStays UninvolvedIs Not ExcitingIndifferent to PlansJudges OthersSarcastic and TeasingResists ChangeSmalley Personality InventoryPage 6

PERSONALITY TYPE SUMMARYStyleLOGBBasicTendenciesFast PacedTask-OrientedFast PacedPeople-OrientedSlow PacedPeople-OrientedSlow PacedTask-OrientedGreatestStrengthsDecisive ActionTakes ChargeGets ngInvolvedEnthusiasticEmotionalOptimisticGood CommunicatorPatientEasy GoingTeam PlayerCalming iledHigh lessImpatientStubborn, BluntDisorganizedNot Detail-OrientedUnrealisticIndecisiveOver AccommodatingToo PassiveToo CriticalPerfectionisticOverly SensitiveCommunicationOne WayDirectBottom LinePositiveInspiringPersuasiveTwo WayBest ListenerEmpathetic FeedbackDiplomaticGood ListenerProvides DetailsFearsLoss of ControlBeing Taken Advantage ofClose ScrutinyFixed EnvironmentLoss of Social ApprovalAudit of TimeLoss of Financial orEmotional SecuritySudden ChangeCriticism of Work orPerformanceMaking MistakesAutocraticAggressiveDemandingAttacks(But May Avoid idsIgnoresPlans StrategyCritical, Blunt, ForcefulDirectDelegates‘Get it Done’Questions Status Open Door Policy’PatientTraditionalTeam istDecisionMakingQuick: Result-FocusedVery Few FactsImpulsive:Whether It ‘Feels’ RightRelational:Trust in OthersReluctant:Needs a Lot of ect AnswersMore EmpathyBetter Control of TimeFun ActivitiesSocial RecognitionFreedom from DetailsTo Be More ObjectiveStatus Quo/SecurityTime to Adjust to Change,Conflict Free EnvironmentOrder SequenceDefined ResponsibilityTime to DoQuality WorkPersonal SupportNo SurprisesAppreciation of SelfWantsNew/Varied ActivityCredit for AccomplishmentsPower/PositionTo Be FirstTo Be ConvincingFavorable EnvironmentSocial ApprovalFamily’s ApprovalDemonstrated SincerityReassuranceTo Be AppreciatedLimited ExposureQualityPrivacyAccuracyRecoveryPhysical ActivitySocial TimeNothing TimePrivate TimeOrientationResults:Shapes ExistingEnvironment byOvercoming OppositionPeople:Shapes ExistingEnvironment by Workingthrough PeopleProjects:Does His/Her PartCooperates with Othersto Get the Job DoneTasks: Works withExisting Circumstancesto PromoteQuality/ServiceUnderPressureWork StyleKey:L – LionO – OtterSmalley Personality InventoryG – Golden RetrieverB - BeaverPage 7

Smalley Personality Inventory Page 6 G – The Golden Retriever The Golden Retriever’s Strengths The Golden Retriever’s Weaknesses Low-Key Personality Easy Going and Relaxed Calm, Cool, and Collected Patient, Well-Balanced Consistent Life Quiet, but Witty Sympathetic and Kind Keeps Emot