City Wide Sewer Rehabilitation Program

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“You CAN Compete with the Private Sector”Sector”The City of Lawton, OK.City Wide Sewer RehabilitationProgram“You Can Compete with the Private Sector! ”Jerry Ihler, P.E. Public WorksDirector/City EngineerRusty Whisenhunt, AssistantDirector of SewerSewer Rehab &CollectionsThe City of LawtonOklahomaLawton / Fort SillPopulation: 97,2651

HistoryEPA Administrative Order - September, 1994Ø Reasons:ØØ Noncompliance with NPDES Permit.Ø Unauthorized Overflows from the Sewer Collection System.SSO’’s - They have to Go!SSOHistoryØSSO Contributing factorsØ Concrete PipeØ 70% of collection systemØ Proximity of pipe manufacturing plantsØ Effects of H2 S GasØConsent Order Agreement (May 1995)Ø ParticipantsØØØOklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ)EPACity of LawtonØTo Perform SSES2

The SSESØ SSES was performed to identifyØ Necessary RepairsØ Required ExpansionsØ GoalsØ Eliminate Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs)Ø Reduce Inflow/InfiltrationØ Improve Pipe Carrying CapacityØ Scope of workØ 37 Flow metersThree (3) Drainage BasinsØ Physical inspection6,094 manholes & 400 milesof sewerlineØ T.V. inspection (CCTV)111,000 L.F. televisedØ System modeling10” and larger –approximately 100 milesØ Smoke testing1,614,000 L.F. based onFlow MonitoringØ Rehabilitation/Expansion recommendations with costsCost Summary(1996 DOLLARS)ItemManhole RehabMainline RehabExpansion/UpgradeWet Weather FacilityQuantityEstimated Cost1,625 ea. 698,000191,000 L.F. 18,986,00092,500 L.F. 20,700,00015 MGD 1-ea. 2,250,000Sub-Total Construction 42,634,000Engineering / InspectionLS 4,466,000ContingenciesLS 5,460,000Sub-Total(Eng./Contingencies) 9,926,000City Maintenance RehabLS 7,500,000Admin of Private Service Rehab LS 680,000Flow Monitor AssessmentLS 510,000Estimated Grand Total 61,250,000Program ScheduleØCity of Lawton requested three construction phasesØØØØPhase I - Includes the first 10 sub- basins ( NuMuCreek Basin) andthe first 7 expansion/upgrade projects.Phase II - Address the 14 sub-basins (Wolf Creek Basin) and 10expansion/upgrade projects.Phase III - Address the 14 sub-basins (Cache Creek Basin) and 9expansion/upgrade projects.Proposal was approved in September 1997.3

Sub--Basin Location MapSubREHABILITATION SCHEDULENUMU BASIN1998 – 2005WOLF BASIN2005 – 2012CACHE BASIN2012 – 2019Expansion/Upgrade ProjectsThe SSESConclusion of StudynØ System Rehabilitation Recommendations:Ø The City must reduce the wet weather inflow by 25% to 30%Ø Areas that the City must focus on to achieve reduction:Ø Public MainlinesØ Private Service LinesØ ManholesØ Only defects that contribute to system overflows were scheduled forrepair (later expanded to include additional high maintenance sewermains).Ø The City should clean and inspect 400,000 linear feet of line pe r year.Ø 1,625 manholes were identified for some type of rehab work.Ø 191,000 linear feet of mainline segments were identified for rehab.Ø 2,109 private service lines were identified for rehab.Ø 92,500 linear feet of expansion/upgrade projects were identified (26projects).Ø 1- (15) million gallon wet weather facility constructed at WWTP fo r wetweather flows.4

How is the City of Lawton going to meet this task?Mayor/Council Requested Staff ProposalsIn-House vs Private SectorProposal ForDesign/Construction DivisionsØ Benefits for In -House Design/ConstructionØ Phase I savings of 2.6 millionØ Cost Savings would come through:Ø Omitting costly contract modifications (i.e. change orders,amendments)Ø Design-Build projects should save timeØ Established relationships with other utility ownersØ Working knowledge of existing systemØ No profitPhase I Sewer Rehabilitation Program Cost Comparisons19961996ContractFiscal ProgramContractConstructionYearYearOther CostsCosts1996ContractTotal Costs98-9999-0000-0101-0202-0303-0404-05 3,221,000 2,450,000 2,649,000 2,648,000 4,648,000 2,981,000 3,311,000 604,000 503,275 570,150 575,125 991,100 670,500 748,650 2,617,000 2,007,975 2,211,300 2,271,475 4,121,700 2,683,125 3,059,000 3,221,000 2,511,250 2,781,450 2,846,600 5,112,800 3,353,625 3,807,650 592,500 491,488 558,075 562,763 978,450 657,563 735,425 17,587,000 21,908,000 4,662,800 18,971,575 23,634,375 4,576,264Totals1234567 604,000 491,000 543,000 535,000 901,000 596,000 651,000 4,321,000 2,617,000 1,959,000 2,106,000 2,113,000 3,747,000 2,385,000 2,660,000InflatedContractOther ractTotal CostsInflatedIn-HouseOther CostsInflatedIn-HouseConstructionCosts 4,687,156 1,613,441 2,023,748 2,137,417 1,661,560 1,951,454 2,253,626InflatedIn-HouseTotal Costs 5,279,656 2,104,929 2,581,823 2,700,180 2,640,010 2,609,017 2,989,051 16,328,402 20,904,666* The 1996 numbers represent those provided in the Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES) prepared by Biggs and Mathews, Inc. (SSES Consultant)and which were submitted to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ). As a result, the ODEQ issued a consent order to constructPhase I of the Sewer Rehabilitation Program. It should be noted that the 1996 numbers do not incorporate an inflation factor for any of the Program Years.* The Contract and In-House Costs include a 2 1/2% per year inflation factor.* Other Costs consist of Engineering, Inspection, Flow Monitoring, Private Service Line Administration, etc.5

FundingnnCapital Improvements Program (CIP) 5,507,359Oklahoma Water Resources Board SRF Loans 15,397,307Total Funding 20,904,666Repayment of SRF Loans: Utility Bill - 2.35/mo. for 20 yearsBuilding the Construction DivisionØ First steps in building the construction divisionØØØØØStaffingSelect construction technologiesMaterial and Equipment specs had to be written and approvedBidding procedures had to be followedEquipment purchasedProposal for Construction Division(September 1998)Sewer Construction DivisionAssistant DirectorofSewerSSTD Civil EngineerConstruction Inspector(2 employees)CAD Technician(1 employee)Construction echnician(1 employee)Large Line Crew(6 employees)Small Line Crew(6 employees)Manhole Rehab /CleanupCrew(3 employees)Pipe BurstingCrew(6 employees)Auto Mechanic II(1 employee)6

Building the Construction DivisionØ Evaluation of Available TechnologiesØØØØØCIPP (1.0%)Fold and Form / Slip lining (1.0%)Directional Bore (8%)Pipe Bursting (54%)Conventional Open-trench (36%)Building the Construction DivisionØ Equipment PurchasingØ Based on TechnologyØ Pipe BurstingØ Pneumatic BurstingEquipmentØ Electro FusionØØFusion tapping saddlesFusion collarsØ Material PurchasingØ Selection of materialsØ HDPE, PVC, FITTINGS,AGGREGATE, Etc.Ø Write Specs., Bid, andAward ContractsØ Yearly contracts to allowpurchasing as neededØ Butt Fusion of HDPE pipeØ Directional BoringØ ConventionalØ SpecificationsØ BidsØ Delivery (60 day max delivery)The City of Lawton, Sewer Construction Division isReady to Begin Construction.Construction7

ConstructionØCouncil approved In-House Construction Program.(September 1998)ØØØØØØEquipment started arriving. (January 1999)Crew personnel started coming onboard. (February 1999)Small line crew started laying pipe. (March 11, 1999)Large line crew started laying pipe. (March 19, 1999)Pipebursting started installation of pipe. (April 19, 1999)Fully Operational in 6-month time frame.ConstructionConstruction3800 L.F. of 36” PVCExpansion/Upgrade Project - Bishop Road Interceptor (Large Line Crew)8

Construction(Siphon Construction)Expansion/Upgrade Project - Bishop Road InterceptorConstructionExpansion/Upgrade Project - Bishop Road Interceptor (Completed)ConstructionSetting trench box at NW 24 th & Gore – 21” PVC pipefor the 24th Street Upgrade9

ConstructionDirectional boring used for air impact pipe burstingfor the Arlington Avenue ProjectConstructionAir impactor for theArlington Avenue Project12” HDPE pipeConstructionSub-Basin 316 - Pipebursting Winch8” HDPE pipe(NW 42nd & Lindy)10

ConstructionInstalled in 6-weeks(2400 L.F. of 30” HDPE)HDPE Pipe Fusion Equipment - Large Diameter Pipe (30” – 42”)Construction(2400 L.F. of 30” HDPE)HDPE Pipe Fusion Equipment - Large Diameter Pipe (30”)ConstructionExpansion/Upgrade - Large LinePipebursting (30”)11

ConstructionDirectional Bore Equipment In ActionBetween NW 25th Street and NW 26 th Street (North of Gore Blvd.)Sub-Basin 203 (pipe bursting)SW 21s t Street (South of GoreBlvd.)SW 21s t Street (South of GoreBlvd.)NW Morford Avenue (North of Gore Blvd.)Sheridan Road Upgrade Project – Phase I (open trench)12

Sub-Basin 316 –Phase IIWet Weather Facility (map)Wet Weather Facility13

Manhole RehabilitationQuadex/Strong SealAluminalinerEquipment ( 3,000,000)nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn½ ton pickup1 ton flat bed truck6 wheel dump truck10 wheel dump truck580L Case backhoe, 4WD, extd/hoeLB75 New Holland, 4WD, e x t d/hoe230 John Deere large trackhoe120 John Deere mid size trackhoe80 John Deere mid size trackhoe50 John Deere mini track hoe624 John Deere front end loaderJohn Deere skid steer loaderMcElroy TracStar butt-fusion welderTrimble GPS – RTK survey systemClose- Circuit TV inspection van663631111122111nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnElectro fusion machine (fusion fittings) 2Evanco tandem axle trailer 10 & 20 ton 41620 Directional bore machine135 & 65hp – 26 ” concrete saw2Manhole form system3(sets)Manhole rehab machine1Assorted trench shields and boxes56” trailer mounted pump27, 8 & 16” pneumatic bursting hammer 18” pneumatic bursting hammer17” pneumatic bursting hammer1Pipeline laser510 & 12 ton TT winch2Tool trailer4750 cfm air compressor1The City of LawtonChallenges.14

ChallengesIncreased Footage ( 7000 ft/yr)Ø PurchasingØØ Strict Purchasing ProceduresØ Impacted Construction SchedulingØ FinancingØ GrantsØ OWRB Revolving FundsØ Record Keeping/AccountingØ Inflation of MaterialsChallengesØ Rehabilitation Footage VariationsØ Maintaining projected footagesØ Equipment malfunctionsØ Additional footageØ Unidentified defective lines exceed the4,100 feet expected from SSES reportØ Phase I Footage Production (24,600ft/year)Phase IChallengesMaterial Costs - InflationMaterial Cost Comparison1999 vs 20058" PVC pipeVendorMidstate Utility1999 Cost 1.65 per footVendorCurrent CostOklahoma Contractors 3.50 per foot8" Poly pipeOklahoma Winwater 2.77 per footOklahoma Winwater 4.77 per footDifferenceIncrease % 1.85112% 2.0072%1 1/2 crusher run#57 rockDoleseDolese 3.25 per ton 4.80 per tonDoleseDolese 5.25 per ton 6.00 per ton 2.00 1.2062%25%Concrete (cu yd)Southwest Ready Mix 52.5 per cu ydSouthwest Ready Mix 74 per cu yd 21.5041%Rock HaulingLawton Transit Mix 1.95 per tonBeall Trucking 4.50 per ton 2.55131%DieselLow Bid 0.65 per gallonLow Bid 2.15 per gallon 1.50230%CURRENT PRICES UPDATED: 01 July 2005Budgeted Inflation Rate Was 2.5% per year for total of 7.5% from start of programActual CPI rate average was 3.82% per year for total of 27.72% from start of program15

ChallengesØ Personnel/StaffingØØØØØTurnoverSkilled workersMaintaining full crewsEmployee motivationAvailable work forceChallengesØØØWeatherØ Bad Weather DaysUtility EasementsØ Poorly Maintained byProperty OwnersØ EncroachmentsØ BuildingsØ FencesUtilitiesØ SBC (SWBT)Ø CenterPoint Energy(ARKLA/Reliant Energy)Ø AEP (PSO)Ø CATV (Cablevision)Ø WaterlinesEasementBefore.Fields & Dunning Addition (between Oak andMaple)EasementAfter.APPROXIMATE LOCATIONS16

The City of LawtonEngineering/ConstructionCosts.Engineering, Construction,and Other CostsAccumulated Costs to Complete Phase I:Ø Original In -House (1997-2005) 20,904,666.00Ø Projected (1997/2005) 19,002,103.00Ø Emergency Liner Project (04/05) 867,715.00Savings over Contracted SSES Projections:Ø Total Savings In-House 1,034,848.00Ø Original Budgeted Savings 2,600,000.00TOTAL SAVINGS PHASE I 3,634,848.00The City of LawtonParticipantsResults 17

SSO Reduction – Phase IResults-Phase IØØInflow/Infiltration (I&I) has been reduced anddocumented by flow monitoring of NuMuCreek Basin.Total I&I reduction of 40%, which exceededour goal of 25 to 30%.Contract Cost Comparison18

Phase ILines Completed214,000 L.F ResultsRehabilitation FootagesProposed Sewer Rehabilitation Footage Installation SchedulePhase 1Footages by YearSSES** Original SSES /PHASE 2 & 3Revised SSESConsent Order Projects 42028,70926,36230023,569YEARAdditional MaintenanceActual InstalledIdentified ,68626,255200516,13818,042Total to date151,51318,895162,59049,586214,080** Includes 4100 L.F. of maintenance identified lines (estimated at 375,00 per year)Actual footage installed plus proposed installation will produce 214,080 Total line Constructed In Phase 1Results19

Private Service InspectionsUpdated: July 1st 2005Private Service Inspection status, 2nd QTR, 2005Sub-BasinInspectionsMadeDefects FoundNonSSESSSESDefects S258114473701364368Non-Compliance % CompleteSSESNonSSESSSESCache Creek Basin001%001%Numu Creek 00%00100%00100%00100%Wolf Creek Basin00100%00100%00NoteWorking, inspected with Carver Street Upgrade (Phase CompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteSquaw Creek Basin CompleteComplete (Phase II)94%The City of LawtonGoals for Phase IIGoalsRemain ahead of DEQ required scheduleØ Maintain a full staff for Sewer ConstructioncrewsØ Reduce turnoverØ Train crew members in all aspects ofsewer constructionØ Improve the condition of the sewer collectionsystem for the Citizens of LawtonØ Continue to provide cost savings to theCitizens of LawtonØ20

GoalsØIncreased ProductionØØPhase II Footage Total ProductionØØProduction will increase 5,800 ft/year above SSES30,400 ft/yearPhase II In-House Estimated Construction CostØ 29 MillionTask Schedule – Phase IIProject TaskDateComplete Phase I DesignOctober 1, 2003Begin Flow Monitoring Assessment Phase IAugust 1, 2004Begin Phase II DesignOctober 1, 2004Complete Construction / Rehabilitation Phase IJuly 1, 2005Begin Construction / Rehabilitation Phase IIJuly 1, 2005Complete Flow Monitoring Assessment Phase IJanuary 1, 2006Submit a Proposal for Schedule for Phase IIIJanuary 1, 2011Complete Phase II DesignJuly 1, 2011Begin Flow Monitoring Assessment Phase IIJanuary 1, 2012Complete Construction / Rehabilitation Phase IIJuly 1, 2012Complete Flow Monitoring Assessment Phase IIJanuary 1, 2013Expansion/Upgrade Schedule – Phase II21

ContactsØSewer Systems Technical Division,Public Works/Engineering2100 Southwest 6th Street(580) 581-3324ØØØJerry Ihler, P.E. Public Works Director/CityEngineerRusty Whisenhunt, Assistant Director of SewerRehabilitation & CollectionsRoger L. Bridges, P.E. SSTD Civil EngineerQuestions?End of Presentation22

n LB75 New Holland, 4WD, extd/hoe 1 n 230 John Deere large trackhoe 1 n 120 John Deere mid size trackhoe 1 n 80 John Deere mid size trackhoe 1 n 50 John Deere mini track hoe 1 n 624 John Deere front end loader 2 n John Deere skid steer loader 2 n McElroy TracStar butt-fusion welder 1 n

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