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Rome International Schooltextbooks and equipment 2016/17Grade 12 – IB DPN.B: As IB DP is a two year course, all books will be required for use in both Grade 12 and 13.Grade 12 students should purchase all the books and equipment for their choice of subjects and levels.Please note that there are some texts for Higher and Standard Level combined and some texts for HigherLevel only. Other texts may be recommended for purchase during the course.IB Diploma Programme students will need the following general equipment: large A4 ring-binder folders (one for each subject and Theory of Knowledge);a supply of lined paper (with margin);pens, pencils, ruler, highlighters etc.;a computer (with internet access) and printer at home;a graphic calculator: Casio FX-9750GII or FX-9860GII Graphic Display Calculator;an English dictionary and thesaurus.In addition the following texts and equipment will need to be purchased, depending on the choice ofsubject in each group:THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE – All studentsTITLETheory of Knowledge for the IB DiplomaPUBLISHERCambridge University PressISBN NUMBER9781107612112CAS – All studentsTITLECreativity, Activity, Service (CAS) for the IB DiplomaPUBLISHERCambridge University Press1ISBN NUMBER9781107560345

GROUP ONEPlease note that in the case of English and Italian literature, especially translated texts, it is important thatthe specified edition is purchased (see ISBN number).ENGLISH A Language and Literature (HL and SL):TITLEEnglish Language and Literature for the IB DiplomaThe Great GatsbyHeart of DarknessThe OutsiderWaiting for GodotRobert Frost. Selected PoemsHL ONLY:TITLEHamlet (Cambridge School Shakespeare)A Doll’s HousePUBLISHERCambridge University PressPenguinPenguinPenguinFaber & FaberOxford University PressISBN ge University PressMethuen DramaISBN NUMBER97811076154899781408106020PUBLISHERISBN 88221598789788805071296ITALIAN A Literature :TITLELa morte a VeneziaLa MetamorfosiNovelle [Luigi Pirandello]Antologia della Divina CommediaLa coscienza di ZenoGli indifferentiIl giardino dei Finzi ContiniL'Europa degli scrittori 3B. 1900-1945: modernità e crisiTrame e intrecci A. Narrativa e testi non letterariHL La Nuova ItaliaGarzantiBompianiFeltrinelliLa Nuova ItaliaSEIPUBLISHERAdelphiGarzantiEinaudiISBN SHERJoint Publishing (H.K.)ISBN NUMBER9789620433641The Writers PublishingHouseHubei Education Press9787506365437Beijing October Literatureand Art Publishing House9787530211113CHINESE A Language (HL and SL):TITLE国际文凭大学预科项目中文 A语言与文学课程学习指导 - IB Diploma Programme.Chinese A Language & Literature Course. Study Guide(Simplified characters)活着 - To Live哈克贝利费恩历险记 - Adventures of Huckleberry9787535194152Finn撒哈拉的故事 - The Stories of the Sahara2

目送 - MusongGuangxi Normal UniversityPressPeople's LiteraturePublishing HouseHunan Literature and ArtPublishing HouseOxford University Press彷徨 - Wandering雷雨 日出 - Thunderstorm, SunrisePocket Oxford Chinese 780198005940GROUP TWOITALIAN B:HL ONLY:TITLEPUBLISHERTwo literary works to be agreed with the teacher at the beginning of the school yearSL and HL:TITLEPUBLISHERNuova grammatica pratica della lingua italianaAlma EdizioniAB INITIO:TITLEPUBLISHERAmici. [Students’Book]Oxford University PressAmici. WorkbookOxford University PressNuova grammatica pratica della lingua italianaAlma EdizioniISBN NUMBERISBN NUMBER9788861822474ISBN SH B (HL and SL):TITLEEnglish B. Course CompanionHL ONLY:TITLEOf Mice and MenThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-timePUBLISHEROxford University PressISBN NUMBER9780199129683PUBLISHERPenguinVintageISBN NUMBER97801410235719780099450252PUBLISHERNelson ThornesISBN NUMBER9780748757800Oxford University Press9780198390060OSC9781907374395Oxford University Press9780198614227PUBLISHEROxford University PressISBN NUMBER9780198614227FRENCH B:HL and SL:TITLEAdvanced French VocabularyYEAR 12 onlyFrench B. Course CompanionYEAR 12 onlyIB French B. Standard & Higher LevelYEAR 12 onlyOxford Hachette French Dictionary(or any other dictionary)AB INITIO:TITLEOxford Hachette French Dictionary(or any other dictionary)3

CHINESE AB INITIO:TITLEPUBLISHERISBN NUMBERTo be agreed with the teacher in September, according to the student’s previous knowledgePocket Oxford Chinese dictionaryOxford University Press9780198005940SPANISH B (HL and SL):TITLEYEAR 12:Mañana. Para Usar Como Complemento del ProgramaDel Diploma Del BI: Español Lengua BYEAR 12:Gramática Básica del Estudiante de EspañolYEAR 12:Oxford School Spanish Dictionary(or any other dictionary)YEAR 13:Spanish B. For the IB DiplomaYEAR 13:Spanish B. Course CompanionHL ONLY:TITLECrónica de una Muerte AnunciadaLa casa de Bernarda AlbaPUBLISHERISBN NUMBERCambridge University Press9781107568587Difusión9788484437260Oxford University Press9780192757067Oxford University Press9780198389132Oxford University Press9780198389163PUBLISHERDebolsilloEspasaISBN NUMBER97884975924379788467044027GROUP THREEECONOMICS (HL and SL):TITLEEconomics. Course CompanionEconomics. Developed Specifically for the IB DiplomaPUBLISHEROxford University PressPearson EducationISBN NUMBER97801983900089780435089986PUBLISHEROxford University PressCambridge University PressISBN NUMBER97801983101749780521189347Pearson RCambridge University PressISBN NUMBER9781107640207Cambridge University Press9781107608849Cambridge University Press9781107684898HISTORY (HL and SL):TITLEConflict and Intervention. Course CompanionHistory for the IB Diploma. Authoritarian and SingleParty StatesThe Cold War: Superpower Tensions and RivalriesThe Dictators. Hitler's Germany, Stalin's RussiaHL ONLY:TITLEInterwar Years: Conflict and Cooperation 1919–39.History for the IB DiplomaUnification and Consolidation of Germany and Italy1815–90. History for the IB DiplomaImperial Russia, Revolutions and the Emergence of theSoviet State 1853–1924. History for the IB Diploma.4

PHILOSOPHY (SL and HL)TITLEPhilosophy: Being Human. Course CompanionOn Liberty and Other WritingsMoral Philosophy. A guide to Ethical TheoryHL ONLY:TITLEAn Introduction to Political PhilosophyPUBLISHEROxford University PressCambridge University PressHodder EducationISBN SHEROxford University PressISBN NUMBER9780199658015GROUP FOURBIOLOGY (SL only):TITLEPearson Baccalaureate Standard Level BiologyBiology. Standard Level (optional)PUBLISHERPearson EducationOSCISBN NUMBER97814479590459781907374982PUBLISHERPearson EducationOSCISBN NUMBER97814479590079781907374968PUBLISHERPearson EducationISBN NUMBER9781447959069PUBLISHERPearson EducationISBN NUMBER9781447959755PUBLISHERCambridge University PressISBN NUMBER9781107628199Cambridge University Press9781107495753BIOLOGY (HL only):TITLEPearson Baccalaureate Higher Level BiologyBiology. Higher Level (optional)CHEMISTRY (SL only):TITLEPearson Baccalaureate Standard Level ChemistryCHEMISTRY (HL only):TITLEPearson Baccalaureate Higher Level ChemistryPHYSICS (HL and SL): TITLEPhysics for the IB DiplomaPhysics for the IB Diploma. Exam Preparation Guide(optional)5

GROUP FIVEIt is essential that students possess either a Casio FX-9750GII or the FX-9860GII Graphic Display Calculator.Students who do not already have one should order their calculator in July to make sure they have itbefore the start of the course. They should begin to familiarize themselves with their calculator beforeterm starts. This may be purchased on-line or through a supplies store.MATHEMATICS SL:TITLEMathematics Standard Level for the IB DiplomaPUBLISHERCambridge University PressISBN NUMBER9781107613065TITLEPUBLISHERMathematics Higher Level for the IB DiplomaCambridge University PressYEAR 13 ONLY:Mathematics Higher Level. Topic 9 - Option: Calculus for Cambridge University Pressthe IB DiplomaISBN NUMBER9781107661738MATHEMATICS HL:9781107632899MATHS STUDIES:TITLEPUBLISHERMathematical Studies. Standard level for the IB Diploma Cambridge University PressISBN NUMBER9781107691407GROUP SIXVISUAL ARTS (HL and SL):Visual Arts students will need the following equipment:- an A4 and A3 hardback sketchbook;- set of Acrylic paints;- size 2, 4 and 6 round mock sable brushes;- size 4, 6 and 8 flat hogs hair brushes;- at least a 2B,4B and 6B pencil and a putty rubber;- one other dry colour medium such as chalk pastels or oil pastels or colour pencils.TITLEThe Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art TermsHow to Write Art HistoryArt. The Whole StoryFoundations of Art and DesignPUBLISHEROxford University PressLaurence KingThames & HudsonLaurence King6ISBN 56695787

Pearson Baccalaureate Standard Level Biology Pearson Education 9781447959045 Biology. Standard Level (optional) OSC 9781907374982 BIOLOGY (HL only): TITLE PUBLISHER ISBN NUMBER Pearson Baccalaureate Higher Level Biology Pearson Education 9781447959007 Biology. Higher Level

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