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DEMaxDrawbarForce (lbs.)MaxClampingForce 9ROY-42067ROY-42069ROY-42071ROY-42061ROY-42063 1,166.20 1,303.40 1,372.00 1,528.80 1,646.40 1,685.60 1,450.40 1,528.80 1,675.80 1,489.60 1,617.005C16C3JCNC ACCU-LENGTH COLLET CHUCKSTOOL STORAGECCOOLANT/FLUIDSBDEBURRINGAPRECISION TOOLSThreadedNoseMACHINERYCap.CUTTING TOOLSSpindleTHREADING/GROOVINGColletTypeCARBIDE INSERTSFEATURES: A simple, low-cost method for utilizing colletson all CNC lathes and turning centers. Pullback design. 0.0003" TIR guaranteed. Body hardened to Rc61-63 for rigidity Accepts 5C,16C & 3J collets and tooling.DRILL CHUCKSFor 5C,16C & 3J ColletsTAP HOLDERSCNC PULLBACK COLLET CHUCKSCOLLET HOLDERSCollet Chuck Applications:Bar feeding/Bar pulling Slug work Small diameter work less than 3”Twin or subspindle machines Delicate thin-walled partsHigh RPM applications Parts that require extra tool clearance for machiningSTRAIGHT SHANK Gripping force is spread over the entire circumference of theworkpiece instead of being concentrated at just three points. Jobs can be run at higher RPMs because collet chucks are notas vulnerable to the negative effects of centrifugal force. Collet chucks offer better tool clearance and easier access to workpeice. Collet changeover time is usually faster than changing chuck jaws. No boring of jaws is required. Collet chucks usually have much less mass than 3 jaw chucks, reducing wearon machine tool spindle bearings and allowing for quicker starts and stops. Collets are readily available.VISE JAWSCollet chucks can be easily installed on almost any CNC lathe, whether it is new or old.They can be interchanged with 3 jaw chucks or installed permanently, dependingon the jobs required. Here are some other advantages of a collet chuck:VISE ACCESSORIESWHY BUY A COLLET CHUCK?LIVE CENTERSATABLE OF CONTENTSLATHE CHUCKSCOLLET CHUCKSFor 5C, 16C & 3J ColletsFEATURES: Exclusive Accu-Length system eliminates part pullback. Guaranteed max. closing sleeve runout relative tomounting recess is 0.00025". Patented floating collet retainer improves concentricity. Accepts all standard 5C and 16C accessories & tooling. Ideal for sub-spindle applications. Collet wrench and oiler included with chuck.ColletType5C16C3JSpindleTypeCap.ABCDEMax DrawbarForce (lbs)Max ClampingForce Y-42342ROY-42344ROY-42346ROY-42348 4,037.60 4,223.80 4,419.80 4,576.60 4,713.80 4,576.60 4,713.80 4,880.40Call Us Or Visit Our Website For Our Complete Selection!2019-20 MASTER CATALOG87

CHUCK JAWSLATHE WORKHOLDINGTABLE OF CONTENTSCNC PULLBACK COLLET CHUCKSAMADE IN THE** ** ** ** ** ** ****************USAFor 16C, 3J & 5C Collets 5C collets readily available. 16C collet chucks are populardue to their capacity (1.625”). 5C and 16C systems availablewith step chuck capability. Step chuck capacities rangefrom 2” to 6” in ce16C (Utilizes standard 16C collets)VISE JAWSMACHINE VISESRETENTION KNOBSER, DA, TG COLLETSTAP HOLDERSTOOLHOLDERSCOLLET CHUCKSA5-16CA2-56.2506.4503.4001.625ATS-1650-B05 1 7 1,590.005C (Utilizes standard 5C collets)A5-5CBA2-55.0006.4502.1801.062ATS-5050-B01 1,290.00A5-5CAA2-53.5006.4502.1801.062ATS-5050-B03 1,290.00A6-5C1A2-65.000 (1)7.4502.2501.062ATS-5060A-A05 1 1,390.00AB-5C1A2-86.000 (1)9.4502.2501.062ATS-5080A-A14 1,490.00AB-5CA2-86.0009.4502.1801.062ATS-5080A-A13 1,590.003J (Utilizes standard 3J collets)WARNING: Do not use manual jaw chucks, fixture mountingplates or face plates on ATS 5C threaded nose. Cast iron stepchuck closers are not recommended for speeds greater than 4000RPM or draw bar forces over 5,000 lbs.A5-3JA2-55.7506.4503.4001.750ATS-3050-B07 1,390.00A6-3JA2-66.0007.4504.0001.750ATS-3060A-D03 1,490.00A8-3JA2-86.0009.4505.3701.750ATS-3080A-F17 1,790.00(1) - Non Threaded NoseS/C - Step Chuck CapabilityLOW PROFILE TRUE LENGTH COLLET CHUCKSMADE IN THE** ** ** ** ** ** ****************For 5C, 16C & 3J Collets Adjustable feature for T.I.R. and concentricity. Fixed collet position increases linear precision. Ideal for secondary operations, sub-spindleapplications and part transfers. Small body design provides for greater toolclearance, Z-axis travel and Price5C (Utilizes standard 5C collets)750AG05-50 A5-5CTLA2-55.7406.4502.5001.062ATS-750AG0550 3,630.50750AG5-60 A6-5CTLA2-65.7507.4502.5001.062ATS-750AG560 3,990.00750AG05-80 A8-5CTLA2-87.0008.4502.5001.062ATS-750AG0580 4,090.00TAPS & REAMERSTURNING & BORINGENDMILLS, DRILLSABRASIVESMRO & SAFETYFLAT STOCK/DRILL RODMEASURING TOOLSINDEXABLE DRILLS16C (Utilizes standard 16C collets)716AK40-60 A6-16CTLA67.0007.0003.2501.625ATS-716AK4060 4,290.00716AK40-80 A8-16CTLA87.7508.4503.2501.625ATS-716AK4080 4,390.003J (Utilizes standard 3J collets)730AH05-60 A6-3JTLA2-66.5007.0003.2501.750ATS-730AH0560 4,390.00730AH05-80 A8-3JTLA2-87.2508.4503.2501.750ATS-730AH0580 TS-43080A-E15ATS-43080A-K05 3,390.00 3,390.00 3,590.00 3,690.00 3,690.00 4,090.00 4,090.00 4,190.00CNC PULLBACK COLLET CHUCKSMADE IN THE** ** ** ** ** ** ****************USAFor “S” Style Collets “S” style is common in automaticscrew and turret type machines. Utilizes standard “S” style colletpads-see page S-30A2-6A2-6A2-6A2-6A2-8A2-6A2-8A2-8H - HardingeUNIVERSAL COLLET ADAPTER16C, 3J & 2J to 5C AdaptersAllows you to use 5C collets on your 16C, 3J or 2J 4504.4004.4005.0005.7505.7505.7505.7505.750HS - Hardinge (Short)MADE IN THE** ** ** ** ** ** ****************USA Available to adapt 5C collets for usein 16C, 3J & 2J collet chucks Manufactured from 1144 Steel TIR 0.0005 Made in the USADDescriptionPart Number16C to 5C AdapterVIC-16CTO5C3J to 5C AdapterVIC-3JTO5C2J to 5C AdapterVIC-2JTO5CCall Us Today For All Of Your Machine Tool Needs!882019-20 MASTER CATALOGPrice 219.00

MaxRPMPartNumberPriceS-20 MasterS-26 MasterS-26 MasterS-30 5.755.576.256.256.537.457.459.459.4517 lbs21 lbs42 lbs53 116 3,596.60 3,861.20 4,018.00 4,165.00CNC ACCU-LENGTH COLLET CHUCKSFor “S” Style Collets Exclusive Accu-Length system eliminates part pullback Guaranteed max. closing sleeve runout relative tomounting recess is 0.00025" Patented floating collet retainer improves concentricity. Ideal for sub-spindle applications Collet wrench and oiler included with chuck Master collet included on S-Type collet chucksColletTypeS-20S-26S-30MADE IN THE** ** ** ** ** ** ****************USASpindleTypeCapacityABCDEMax DrawbarForce (lbs)Max ClampingForce 00ROY-42360ROY-42362ROY-42364ROY-42368ROY-42370 5,076.40 5,448.80 5,595.80 6,095.60 6,095.60MASTER JAW COLLET SYSTEMUse 5C Or 16C Collets On Your 3 Jaw ChuckConvert Your CNC Lathe Chuck Into APrecision-Length Collet System!NEWITEM!MADE IN THE** ** ** ** ** ** ****************USAThe Master Jaw System is available for 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch CNC powerchucks. A cost effective and efficient alternative to a standard collet chuckthat eliminates the need to remove your chuck from the machine. This systemprovides a positive stop-dead length for repeatable part lengths. Installation isas fast and easy as installing a set of soft jaws. The ability to go from workingwith standard jaws to running collets in just minutes will sky rocket your shop’sproductivity. A TIR runout average of .0008 – .0015 in. can be expected aboveyour collet’s factory tolerances and is dependent on the condition of your chuckand the quality of your collets. This amazing system is completely made in theUSA from high grade materials. The collet housing is made from US heat treated4140 alloy steel and the jaws are US 1018 CR steel that can be case hardened.The system comes with a black oxide finish.Fits Chuck gChuckThru-HolePart NumberPriceEachTOOL STORAGEMax GrippingForce(Lbs.)COOLANT/FLUIDSMax DrawbarForce (Lbs.)DEBURRINGChuckWeightPRECISION TOOLSCMACHINERYBCUTTING TOOLSATHREADING/GROOVINGCap.CARBIDE INSERTSSpindleDRILL CHUCKSColletTypeTAP HOLDERSUSACOLLET HOLDERSMADE IN THE** ** ** ** ** ** ****************STRAIGHT SHANK Simply change collet pads to hold differentpart diameters Collet pads also available-see pages 64 S-Type collet chucks include master collet,wrench, mounting hardware and custommachined drawtube adapterVISE JAWSFor S-Style ColletsVISE ACCESSORIESCNC PULLBACK COLLET CHUCKSLIVE CENTERSATABLE OF CONTENTSLATHE CHUCKS“S” STYLE COLLET CHUCKSFor 5C Collets Available for 6”, 8”, 10” & 12” CNC lathe chucks Allows you to use your 5C or 16C collets Easy Installation! As fast and simple aschanging over a set of soft jaws Quick changeover to differentstock sizes & shapes Eliminates the need to bore soft jaws TIR runout average of .0008 – .0015” Saves you time and money! MADE IN THE USAMASTER JAW SYSTEMIncludes:-1 set of 3 master jaws-1 collet sleeve-1 anti-backlash plug-Setup instructionsKitagawa B206, Strong N206,6”0.4720.78745mmED-MJSK6LA 783.75Samchully HS066”0.4720.78746mmED-MJSK6HA 783.75 783.75Kitagawa B208, Strong N208,Samchully HS088”Kitagawa B210, Strong N21010”Samchully HS10Kit B212, Strong N212,Samchully 0LA 783.7510”0.6301.18177mmED-MJSK10HA 783.7512”0.8271.18191mmED-MJSK12LA 855.00Kitagawa a B208, Strong N208,Samchully HS088”0.5510.98452mmED-MJSK8LA-16 812.25Kitagawa B210, Strong N21010”0.6301.18175mmED-MJSK10LA-16 812.25Samchully HS1010”0.6301.18177mmED-MJSK10HA-16 812.251.5mm x 60 For 16C Collets1.5mm x 60 *Additional systems available, allow 7-10 working days to manufacture. Please call for more information.Call Us Or Visit Our Website For Our Complete Selection!2019-20 MASTER CATALOG89

LATHE WORKHOLDINGCHUCK JAWSMACHINE VISESTABLE OF CONTENTSAQUICK-GRIP COLLET CHUCKS10-SECOND COLLET CHANGES! 10-Second Collet Changes! A unique hook and groove designfor securing collets is used instead of traditional threads Widest Collet Gripping Range! Royal Quick-Grip collets havea .062” gripping range ( /-0.031”), allowing them to accommodateundersized and oversized bar stock Ultra-Compact Design-Quick-grip CNC collet chucks havesmaller nose diameters than other quick-change collet chucks forsuperior tool clearance Royal Quick-Grip collet chucks are balanced by design for high-speedoperation, and can often be run at higher speeds than conventional3-jaw chucks because they are less affected by centrifugal force Extremely Accurate-Runout on the closing angle is guaranteed tobe within 0.0002” TIR Quick-Grip collet chucks can also utilize MicroCentric andHainbuch Quick-change collets Available in Accu-Length or Pullback styles Made in the USAVISE JAWSER, DA, TG COLLETSTAP HOLDERSRETENTION KNOBSTOOLHOLDERSTURNING & BORINGTAPS & REAMERSINDEXABLE DRILLSENDMILLS, DRILLSABRASIVESMEASURING TOOLSFLAT STOCK/DRILL RODMRO & SAFETYQUICK-GRIP COLLET CHUCKSExclusive “Bolt & Go” Mounting AdvantageOn All Royal Collet Chucks!Many Royal chuck models mount directly to the lathe spindlewithout the need for an adapter plate, However, for models thatdo use a plate, a precision-ground tapered fit between the plate’smale pilot and chuck body’s female recess ensures a consistent,near-perfect fit without the need for any adjustment. Knock 30minutes off your setup time with Royal bolt & Go !QUICK-GRIP ACCU-LENGTH CNC COLLET CHUCKSRoyal Accu-Length CNC collet chucksincorporate dead-length operation to eliminatepart pullback. With this design, a tapered sleevepushes forward over the collet to compress it,resulting in precise z-axis 4,1606,000ROY-44055 4,1606,000ROY-44053 23,6006,000ROY-44065 23,6006,000ROY-44067 23,6006,000ROY-44068 NumberPrice7,86514,1606,000ROY-44020 1,999.20QUICK-GRIP PULL-TO-A-STOPCNC COLLET CHUCKSRoyal Pullback CNC collet chucks provide asimple, low-cost method for utilizing Quick-Grip collets on all CNC lathes and turning centers Traditional pullback design-collet is pulledinto chuck to close, pushed out to open No collet stop capability-this chuck style istypically used only on jobs where holdingprecise axial position is not critical 0.0002” TIR accuracy on closing angle Compact dimensions for superior /84.114.357.451.504.38137,86514,1606,000ROY-44022 18,2056,000ROY-44028 18,2056,000ROY-44030 18,2056,000ROY-44032 2,812.60Please See Following Page For Quick-Grip Collets And AccessoriesCall Us Today For All Of Your Machine Tool Needs!902019-20 MASTER CATALOG

OY-44350ROY-44351ROY-44352-QG-65 Collets 287.14 ROY-44336ROY-44337ROY-44338ROY-44339ROY-44340-TOOL erratedBorePRECISION 7/1615/321/217/329/1619/325/821/32DiameterCUTTING DE INSERTSDiameterDRILL CHUCKSSerratedBoreTAP HOLDERSSmoothBoreCOLLET HOLDERSDiameterSTRAIGHT SHANKQG-42 Collets 234.22 EachVISE JAWSRoyal Quick-Grip ColletsAre Fully Compatible WithMicroCentric & Hainbuch Quick-Change Collets!VISE ACCESSORIESQUICK-GRIP COLLETS For use with Royal Quick-Grip Collet Chucks Precision ground to nominal size, with a gripping range of /- .031”.For example, a 1/2” collet can hold any part ranging in size from 0.531”diameter down to 0.469” diameter Extremely accurate-total system accuracy (chuck and collet) of 0.0004”TIR or better Available with smooth or serrated ID. Hex, square and custom sizesalso available, please call Vulcanized rubber between collet segments provide excellent sealingprotection against coolant penetrationLIVE CENTERSATABLE OF CONTENTSLATHE CHUCKSQUICK-GRIP COLLETSCOLLET INSTALLATION TOOL Easy to use tool enables collets to be changed in seconds Simply insert the steel pins into the collet face holes andsqueeze main trigger to collapse collet Once collet is positioned within the chuck, squeeze thetrigger lock to expand and release Heavy -duty construction for durabilityCollet SeriesQG-42QG-65Part NumberROY-44097ROY-44098Price 550.00 539.00Call Us Or Visit Our Website For Our Complete Selection!2019-20 MASTER CATALOG91

CHUCK JAWS Designed for use with 5C collets High quality forged steel body For turning, facing, boring, grindingand milling operations on center lathesand grinding machines Key operated scroll provides uniform,distortion-free clamping Scroll and pinions are hardened andground for precision and long lifeFor Mounting With Adapter Plate6,000 RPM, 0.0004” T.I.R.Low Profile & Lightweight Design!5C Collet Chucks-5” DiameterSpindlePart NumberPricePlain BackBI-7862-0501 487.80D1-4BI-7862-0511 868.50D1-5BI-7862-0512 869.40Plain Back TL*BI-7862-0503 984.60RETENTION KNOBSER, DA, TG COLLETSTAP HOLDERSTURNING & BORINGINDEXABLE DRILLSPart NumberPriceA-6BI-7877-056 219.60A-8BI-7877-058 218.70D1-4BI-7878-054F 218.70D1-5BI-7878-055F 218.70D1-6BI-7878-056F 218.702-3/16-10BI-7922-053 123.30With Fine Adjustment-For Mounting With Adapter Plate6,000 RPM, 0.0004” T.I.R. Designed for use with 5C collets High quality forged steel body For turning, facing, boring, grindingand milling operations on center lathesand grinding machines Key operated scrol

CNC PULLBACK COLLET CHUCKS For 16C, 3J & 5C Collets Description Spindle OAL A B C Cap. Part Number Price 16C 5C and 16C systems available (Utilizes standard 16C collets) A5-16C A2-5 6.250 6.450 3.400 1.625 ATS-1650-B05 1,390.00 A6-16C A2-6 6.250 7.450 4.000 1.625 ATS-1660A-D01 1,490

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LATHE CHUCKS - INDEPENDENT CHUCKS Key bar chucks DURO-T 3005 Lathe chucks ZG-ZS 3022 Lathe chucks ZGU-ZSU 3040 Lathe chucks ZGF 3057 Lathe chucks ZGD 3065 Lathe chucks ZG Hi-Tru 3073 Lathe chucks KRF 3078 Lathe chucks EG-ES 3082 Jaw cutting attachment 3093 Steel adapter plates 3094 .

Royal Pullback CNC Collet Chucks provide a simple, low-cost method for utilizing collets on all CNC lathes and turning centers. S-Type Master Collets On chuck models that use an S-type master collet, the customer simply changes collet pads to hold different part diameters. Royal includes a master collet

G4034 Collet Closer-5-Figure 8. Rotating collet in spindle to engage with adjusting hub. 2. Place the collet in the collet adapter, so the collet threads are exposed out of the back end of the collet adapter as shown in Figure 7. Figure 7. Collet in collet adapter. 3. Hold the adjusting hub with your left ha


ROYAL CNC COLLET CHUCKS RP_2017_Master_Cat_643.qxp_Catalog 12/14/16 2:30 PM Page 3. 4 ROYAL QUICK-GRIP CNC COLLET CHUCKS TEL: 1-800-645-4174 . The rigidity of this design is also significantly lower due to the limited point-contact provided by the screws against

DHP Collet Chuck First Operation Collet Chuck Klamp DHP collet chucks are suitable for collets which have a /-0.5mm gripping range. Allowing the collet chuck to handle rough and unfinished bar, preparing it for a high accuracy second operation. Pull Back Action The Collet pulled into the chuck to close and pushed out to open

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