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Reference manualSIMATICS7-1200/S7-1500Comparison list for programming languagesbased on international m

Comparison list for S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500Reference ManualLegal informationWarning notice systemThis manual includes notices you have to observe to ensure your personal safety and to prevent damage to property. The notices referring to yourpersonal safety are highlighted in the manual by a hazard alert symbol; notices referring only to property damage have no hazard alert symbol.Depending on the degree of danger, warnings are displayed in a descending order as follows.DANGERindicates that death or severe personal injury will result if proper precautions are not taken.WARNINGindicates that death or severe personal injury may result if proper precautions are not taken.CAUTIONindicates that minor personal injury may result if proper precautions are not taken.NOTICEindicates that damage to property may result if proper precautions are not taken.If more than one degree of danger is present, the warning notice representing the highest degree of danger will be used. A notice warning of injuryto persons with a hazard alert symbol may also include a warning relating to property damage.A5E33284667-AFPage 1

Qualified personnelThe product/system described in this documentation may be operated only by personnel qualified for the specific task in accordance with therelevant documentation, in particular its warning notices and safety instructions. Qualified personnel are those who, based on their training andexperience, are capable of identifying risks and avoiding potential hazards when working with these products/systems.Proper use of SIMATIC productsNote the following:WARNINGSiemens products may only be used for the applications described in the catalog and the associated technical documentation. If third-partyproducts and components are used, these have to be recommended or approved by Siemens. Proper transport, storage, installation, assembly,commissioning, operation, and maintenance are required to ensure that the products operate safely and without any problems. The permittedambient conditions must be adhered to. Notes in the respective documentation must be observed.TrademarksAll names identified by are registered trademarks of the Siemens AG. Any other names appearing in this document may be trademarks, the useof which by third parties for their own purposes may breach owners' rights.Disclaimer of liabilityWe have reviewed the contents of this publication to ensure consistency with the hardware and software described. However, since deviationscannot be precluded entirely, we cannot guarantee full consistency. The information in this publication is reviewed regularly and any necessarycorrections are included in subsequent editions.Siemens AGDigital FactoryP.O. Box 48 4890026 NUREMBERGComparison list for S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-150012/2017A5E33284667-AAPage 2

Contents of the comparison list Measuring program runtimes – see below. Load objects to the CPU: Which modifications and which modified blocks you load to the CPU in which operatingmode – next page. Overview, requirements, general conditions and legend for the comparison list (Page 7) Comparison list for S7-300, S7-400 (not H-Systems), S7-1200, S7-1500 including CPU 150xS SoftwareControllers:Which instructions and functions you can use for which controller family – as of Page 8. Instructions for SIMATIC Ident and SIMATIC Energy Suite – appendix.Measuring program runtimesThe runtime of parts of the user program depends on many factors. A listing of runtimes of individual instructions in a table isthus not possible.The RUNTIME (runtime measuring) instruction is used to measure the runtime of the entire program, individual blocks orcommand sequences. The runtime measurement begins with the first call of the RUNTIME instruction and ends with thesecond call.Use an OB priority 15 for runtime measurement. This ensures that "online monitoring" does not falsify the runtime. You canfind more detailed information in the SIMATIC STEP 7 online help. Enter "RUNTIME" in the search and select "S7-1200", "S71500" or "S7-1500T" as validity identifier.Programming examples in SCL:"Common Data".opt.Last Cycle : RUNTIME(#Tag Memory); //Start of the runtime measurement,LReal"speed test FB opt DB"(ON 2: "i1", );//Runtime measurement through RUNTIME"Common Data".opt.Last Cycle : RUNTIME(#Tag Memory); //End of the runtime measurementThe Last Cycle tag contains the time that has passed from the preceding call to the current call of RUNTIME.A5E33284667-AFPage 3

Load objects to the CPUThe table shows which modifications and which modified blocks you can download in which operating mode.Very complex programs can prevent downloading in RUN mode. Solution approaches: Use a memory card with sufficient capacity. Select a CPU with sufficient work memory. Reduce the number of modified used blocks, constants, PLC tags or data types.You can find information about the behavior of the F-CPU for fail-safe blocks in the SIMATIC Safety – Configuring andProgramming manual.Modifications and blocksS7-300S7-400S7-1200S7-1500S7-1200S7-1200V4.0 orV1.0 - 2.1V2.2 - V3.0higherSTOP,Modified properties of hardwareSTOPconstraints inSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOPcomponentsRUNSTOP,Added hardware componentsSTOPconstraints inSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOPRUNNew/revised text listsRUNRUNRUN(alarms)Load number of blocksRUN ( 17)RUN ( 57)RUN ( 21)RUNSTOPRUN ( P(Reset)STOP(Reset)New OBRUNRUNSTOPRUNSTOPSTOPModified OB: Code modifications,modification of commentsRUNRUNRUNRUNSTOPRUNReset work memory (MRES)A5E33284667-AAPage 4

Modifications and blocksS7-300S7-400S7-1500S7-1200V1.0 - 2.1S7-1200V2.2 - V3.0OB with modified properties(e.g. cycle time change)S7-1200V4.0 orhigherSTOPRUNSTOPRUNSTOPSTOPDeleted OBRUNRUNSTOPRUNSTOPSTOPNew FB/FC/DB/PLC data type UNRUNSTOPRUNSTOPSTOPRUN (Init)RUN (Init)STOPSTOPRUN (Init)RUN (Init)RUN (Init)RUN (Init)STOPSTOP----RUNRUN----STOPSTOPRUN (Init)RUN (Init)STOPSTOPRUNRUNRUNRUNSTOPSTOPSTOPAll objectsretentiveSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOPDeleted FB/FC/DB/PLC data type(UDT)Revised FB/FC: Code modification,modification of commentsRevised FB/FC: Interface changeModified DB (no memory reserveconfigured): Name/type of tagsmodified, tags added or deletedModified DB (memory reserveconfigured): New tags addedModified PLC data type(UDT)Modified PLC tags (added, deleted,name or data type changed)Modified retentivity settings (bitmemory address area, DB area)A5E33284667-AFPage 5

Modifications and blocksMotion Control technology objects:Changes to MC Servo cycle clock,change from free-running to cyclical(and vice versa). Changes to thehardware interface of the TOS7-300S7-400S7-1200V4.0 orhigherS7-1500S7-1200V1.0 - 2.1S7-1200V2.2 - V3.0------STOP----(init) means that the CPU overwrites the actual values of the DBs with start values during downloading.Comparison listValidity and general conditions SIMATIC STEP 7 version 15 or higher The contents of the S7-1500 column also apply to SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller CPU 150xS SIMATIC S7-1200 firmware 4.2 or higher. SIMATIC S7-1200 only supports LAD, FBD and SCL. SIMATIC S7-1500 firmware 2.5 or higher STL: Some instructions have to be called via CALL. The special features of the S7-400 H-Systems are not taken into consideration. Some system state lists (SSLs) for SIMATIC S7-300/400 contain similar information such as function calls with theSIMATIC S7-1200/1500.A5E33284667-AAPage 6

Structure of the comparison list Basic instructionsInstructions that you use often, such as bit logic operations, timers, counters, mathematical functions Extended instructionsExtended instructions for more possibilities such as date and time, interrupts, alarms, PROFIenergy Technological instructions (technology)Technological functions, such as PID control, motion control Instructions for communication (communication)Instructions for communication, such as S7 communication, Open User CommunicationLegends ( )nnGrayedoutXyzXyzXyzApplicableApplicable with restrictionsNot required, you can, for example, program with simple commands in SCL.We recommend that you do not use the grayed out instructions in S7-1200 or S7-1500, because theseinstructions are not suitable for symbolic addressing or multiple instances. SIMATIC counters and timers are notrecommended because they do not have multiple instance capability.New instruction as of SIMATIC STEP 7 V14.For this purpose, SIMATIC S7-1200 requires at least firmware 4.2 and SIMATIC S7-1500 at least firmware 2.0.New instruction as of SIMATIC STEP 7 V15.For this purpose, SIMATIC S7-1200 requires at least firmware 4.2 and SIMATIC S7-1500 at least firmware 2.5.Also available as fail-safe instruction in the Safety optional package in LAD and FBD.A5E33284667-AFPage 7

Basic instructionsTechnologyExtended instructionsCommunicationInstructions in the section "Basic instructions"Instruction groupsPageInstruction groupsPageInstruction groupsPageWord logic operations29Bit logic operations9Mathematical functions16Shift and rotate30Safety functions11Move18Load and transfer31Times12Conversion operations22Legacy32Counter operationss13Program control operations25 S7-150014S7-400Comparator operationsS7-12008S7-300General DescriptionLAD/FBDGeneralInsert networkInsert empty boxOpen branchClose branchInsert inputInvert Boolean resultA5E33284877-AA - - NOT -STL(not S7-1200)SCL nnnnnn()nn-o nnNOTPage 8

S7-400S7-1500 ( ) ( ) S7-300S7-1200Basic instructions Extended instructionsDescriptionBit logic operationsTechnologyLAD/FBDCommunicationSTL(not S7-1200)SCLOOX &ORXOR: AND logic operationOR logic operationEXCLUSIVE OR logic operationAssignmentNegate assignmentReset outputSet outputSet bit fieldS7-400: SFC 79 SETReset bit fieldS7-400: SFC 89 RSETSet/reset flip-flopReset/set flip-flopScan operand for positive signal edge & 1 X-( )-[ ]-(/)-[/ ]-(R)-[R]-(S)-[S]SET BFRSnnnnnnnnRESET BFnnnnScan operand for negative signal edge- N - Set operand on positive signal edge Set operand on negative signal edgeA5E33284667-AFSRRS- P --(P)-(N)-NOTnnnn Operand ;FP; Operand ;FN;R TRIGF TRIGnnnnnnnnPage 9

S7-400S7-1200 S7-1500S7-300Basic instructionsTechnologyExtended instructionsDescription Scan Boolean result for positive signal edge Scan Boolean result for negative signal edgeDetect positive signal edgeSCL: Programming with two instructions is more effective: Detect negative signal edgeSCL: Programming with two instructions is more effective: Normally open contact Normally closed contactLAD/FBDP TRIGN TRIGA5E33284667-AASTL(not S7-1200)FPFNR TRIGposFlanke : signal and notlaststate;laststate : signal;negFlanke : not signal and notlaststate;laststate : not signal;CommunicationSCLnnnnF TRIG- - / -nnnnnnnnnnnnPage 10

S7-300S7-400S7-1200S7-1500Basic instructions Extended ionSTL(not S7-1200)SCLSafety functionsOnly Safety: EMERGENCY STOP up to StopCategory 1Only Safety: Two-hand monitoringOnly Safety: Two-hand monitoring with enableOnly Safety: parallel muting with two or fourmuting sensorsOnly Safety: parallel muting with two or fourmuting sensorsOnly Safety: 1oo2 evaluation of two singlechannel encoders combined with a discrepancyanalysisOnly Safety: Feedback monitoringOnly Safety: Protective door monitoring.Only Safety: Acknowledgment for simultaneousreintegration of allF-I/O/channels of the F-I/O of an F-runtimegroup after communication errorsor F-I/O/channel errorsA5E33284667-AFESTOP1TWO HANDTWO H ENMUTINGMUT PEV1oo2DIFDBACKSFDOORACK GLPage 11

S7-1500S7-400S7-1200S7-300Basic instructionsExtended instructionsDescriptionTimes IEC timersGenerate pulseGenerate on-delayGenerate off-delayTime accumulatorTime accumulator (start timer)Reset timerLoad time durationGenerate pulseStart on-delay timerStart off-delay timerSIMATIC timers legacy Assign pulse timer parameters and start Assign extended pulse timer parameters andstart Assign on-delay timer parameters and startAssign retentive on-delay timer parameters and start Assign off-delay timer parameters and TL(not S7-1200)SCLIEC timers are multi-instance capable.TPTPTONTONTOFTOFTONR-(TONR)- -[TONR]nnnn-(RT)-[RT]RESET TIMER-(PT)-[PT]PRESET TIMER-(TP)-[TP]nnTP-(TON)-[TON]SDS ODT-(TOF)-[TOF]SFS OFFDTS PULSES PEXTnnnnS PULSES PEXTS ODTS ODTSnnnnS ODTS ODTSS OFFDTnnS OFFDTPage 12

S7-1500S7-400 S7-1200S7-300Basic instructions Extended instructionsDescriptionStart pulse timerStart extended pulse timerEnable timerLoad timer valueLoad BCD-coded timer valueReset timerStart off-delay timerStart on-delay timerStart retentive on-delay timerCountersIEC counters Count up Count down Count up and downSIMATIC counters legacy Assign parameters and count up Assign parameters and count down Assign parameters and count up/down Set initial counter icationSTL(not S7-1200)SCLSPSDFRLLCRSFSDSSnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnIEC counters are multi-instance capable.CTUCTUCTDCTDCTUDCTUDS CUS CDS CUD-(SC)-[SC]nnnnnnnnS CUS CDS CUDnnPage 13

S7-1500S7-400 S7-1200S7-300Basic instructionsExtended instructionsDescription Count upCount downEnable counterLoad counter valueLoad BCD-coded counter valueReset counterSet counter EqualNot equalGreater than or equalLess than or equalGreater thanLess thanValue within rangeValue outside rangeComparator )-[CU]-[CD]CMP CMP CMP CMP CMP CMP IN RANGEOUT RANGECommunicationSTL(not S7-1200)SCLCUCDFRLLCRSnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I/D/R I/D/R I/D/R I/D/R I/D/R I/D/R nnnnPage 14

S7-1500S7-400S7-1200S7-300Basic instructionsExtended instructionsDescription Check validity Check invalidityVariant Check data type of a VARIANT tagScan data type of an ARRAY element of a VARIANT tagCompare data type for EQUAL with the data type of a tagCompare data type of an ARRAY element for EQUAL with the data type of a tagWith a tag of type DB ANY, compare the datatype of an indirectly addressed DB with a datatype for EQUAL. Identify any data block with DB ANY. You thenhave the option of accessing a data block thatis not yet available during programming.Compare data type for UNEQUAL with the data type of a tagCompare data type of an ARRAY element for UNEQUAL with the data type of a (not S7-1200)- OK - NOT OK -SCLnnnnTypeOfTypeOfElementsEQ Type*)EQ ElemType*)EQ TypeOfDB:*)NE Type*)NE ElemType*)Page 15

S7-1500S7-400S7-1200S7-300Basic instructionsExtended instructionsDescriptionWith a tag of TYPE DB ANY, compare the data type of an indirectly addressed DB with adata type for EQUAL. Check for EQUALS NULL pointer Check for UNEQUALS NULL pointerTechnologyLAD/FBDCommunicationSTL(not S7-1200)SCLNE TypeOfDB:*)IS NULLNOT NULL*)*)*) Application examples for SCL:IF TypeOf(.) INT THEN . // corresponds to EQ TypeIF TypeOfElements(.) INT THEN . // corresponds to EQ ElemTypeIF TypeOfDB(.) INT THEN . // corresponds to EQ TypeOfDBIF . NULL THEN . // corresponds to NOT NULLInstead of " ", you can also use other operators, e.g.: " ".Instead of "INT", you can also use any other data types or data types that you have defined, e.g.: "REAL", "Recipe". Check for ARRAY Compare tag structured data typesMathematical functions Calculate Add Subtract MultiplyA5E33284667-AAIS ARRAYCompTypeCALCULATE(SCL network inLAD/FBD)ADDSUBMULnnnnnn * *Page 16

S7-400S7-1200 S7-1500S7-300Basic instructionsExtended instructionsDescription DivideForm absolute value Safety instruction only for S7-1200/1500 Return remainder of division Create twos complement Create ones complement Increment Decrement Get minimum Get maximum Set limit value Form square Form square root Form natural logarithm Form exponential value Form sine value Form cosine value Form tangent value Form arcsine value Form arccosine TL(not S7-1200)SCLDIVABS/ABS/ABSNEGnnMODNEGI, NEGDINVI, NASINACOSPage 17

S7-400S7-1200 ( ) ( ) S7-1500S7-300Basic instructionsExtended instructionsDescription Form arctangent value Return fraction ExponentiateMove ( ) ( ) Move valueS7-300/400: Only LAD and FBDOnly Safety: Write value indirectly to an F-DBOnly Safety: Read value indirectly from an FDBOnly Safety: Read value from INT F-ArrayOnly Safety: Read value from DINT F-ArrayMove data type from ARRAY of BYTE(Deserialize)Move data type to ARRAY of BYTE (Serialize)Move blockS7-400: SFC 20 BLKMOVMove block not interruptibleS7-400: SFC 81 UBLKMOVMove blockFill blockA5E33284667-AATechnologyCommunicationSTL(not S7-1200)LAD/FBDSCLATANFRACEXPT**FRAC**MOVEMOVE: WR FBDRD FBDRD ARRAY IRD ARRAY DIDeserializeSerializeMOVE BLKUMOVE BLKMOVE BLK VARIANTFILL BLKPage 18

S7-1500S7-400S7-1200S7-300Basic instructionsExtended instructionsDescription Fill block not interruptibleDisassemble a tag bit string data type BYTE, WORD, DWORD or LWORD into individual bits( scatter)Disassemble an ARRAY of BYTE, WORD, DWORD or LWORD into individual bitsMerge all bits from an ARRAY of BOOL, ananonymous STRUCT or a PLC data type exclusively with Boolean elements into a bitstring data type BYTE, WORD, DWORD orLWORD ( gather)Merge individual bits into multiple elements ofan ARRAY of BOOL, an anonymous STRUCT or a PLC data type exclusively with Booleanelements L(not S7-1200)SCLUFILL BLKSCATTERSCATTER BLKGATHERGATHER BLKSWAPPage 19

S7-1500S7-400S7-1200S7-300Basic instructions Extended instructionsDescriptionAttempt assignment of a VARIANT to areference(AssignmentAttempt):With "AssignmentAttempt", you attempt toassign a VARIANT tag to a reference tag. Thedata type of a reference tag is specified at thetime of the declaration, the data type of aVARIANT tag is determined during runtime.ARRAY DBRead from ARRAY data blockWrite to ARRAY data blockRead from ARRAY data block in load memoryWrite to ARRAY data block in load memoryVariantRead out VARIANT tag valueWrite VARIANT tag valueGet number of ARRAY elementsARRAY [*]Read out ARRAY low limitRead out ARRAY high limitA5E33284667-AATechnologyLAD/FBD? CommunicationSTL(not S7-1200)AssignmentAttemptSCL? ToArrayDBLVariantGetVariantPutCountOfElementsLOWER BOUNDUPPER BOUNDPage 20

S7-1500S7-400S7-1200S7-300Basic instructions Extended instructionsDescriptionRead/write accessRecommendation: Symbolic programming.Read data in little endian formatWrite data in little endian formatRead data in big endian formatWrite data in big endian formatRead memory addressRead memory bitWrite memory addressWrite memory bitWrite memory areaLegacyRecommendation: Symbolic programming Move block Move block not interruptible Fill TL(not S7-1200)SCLREAD LITTLEWRITE LITTLEREAD BIGWRITE BIGPEEKPEEK BOOLPOKEPOKE BOOLPOKE BLKBLKMOVUBLKMOVFILLPage 21

S7-1500S7-400S7-1200S7-300Basic instructions Extended instructionsDescription LAD/FBDRead fieldRecommendation: Indexed access to an arrayWrite field Recommendation: Indexed access to an arrayFieldReadConvert value S7-1200/1500: Is carried out implicitly,therefore usually not necessary.Only Safety: Convert da

SIMATIC STEP 7 version 15 or higher The contents of the S7-1500 column also apply to SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller CPU 150xS SIMATIC S7-1200 firmware 4.2 or higher. SIMATIC S7-1200 only supports LAD, FBD and SCL. SIMATIC S7-1500 firmware 2.5 or hi

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Les contenus de la colonne S7-1500 sont également valables pour l'automate logiciel SIMATIC S7-1500 CPU 150xS SIMATIC S7-1200 à partir du firmware 4.2; SIMATIC S7 -1200 ne prend en charge que CONT, LOG et SCL. SIMATIC S7-1500 à partir du firmware 2.5 LIST : Vous devez appeler certaines instructions avec CALL.

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