IEC 60335-2-15 Safety Of Household And Similar Electrical .

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Test Report issued under the responsibility of:TEST REPORTIEC 60335-2-15Safety of household and similar electrical appliancesPart 2: Particular requirements for appliances for heating liquidsReport Number. . :28111130 001Date of issue . :2018-01-17Total number of pages .78Applicant’s name . :START-UP s.r.l.sAddress . :via Carletto, 15 – 41013 Castelfranco Emilia (MO) – ItalyTest specification:Standard . :IEC 60335-2-15:2002 (Fifth edition) A1:2005 A2:2008 inconjunction with IEC 60335-1:2010 (Fifth Edition)Test procedure . :LVDNon-standard testmethod .:N/ATest Report Form No. :IEC60335 2 15ITest Report Form(s) Originator. :IMQ S.p.A.Master TRF . :Dated 2012-03Copyright 2012 Worldwide System for Conformity Testing and Certification of ElectrotechnicalEquipment and Components (IECEE), Geneva, Switzerland. All rights reserved.This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part for non-commercial purposes as long as the IECEE is acknowledged ascopyright owner and source of the material. IECEE takes no responsibility for and will not assume liability for damages resulting fromthe reader's interpretation of the reproduced material due to its placement and context.If this Test Report Form is used by non-IECEE members, the IECEE/IEC logo and the reference to the CBScheme procedure shall be removed.This report is not valid as a CB Test Report unless signed by an approved CB Testing Laboratory andappended to a CB Test Certificate issued by an NCB in accordance with IECEE 02.Test item description . :Electric lunch box (food warmer)Trade Mark . :(Spice)Manufacturer . :START-UP s.r.l.s (see name and address of factory on page 5)Model/Type reference . :Amarillo Inox SPP013Ratings . :230V 50Hz 40W Class II

Page 2 of 78Report No.28111130 001Testing procedure and testing location:CB Testing Laboratory:Testing location/ address . : TÜV RHEINLAND ITALIA S.r.l.Via E. Mattei, 3 - 20010 Pogliano Milanese (MI) - ItalyAssociated CB Laboratory:Testing location/ address . :Tested by (name signature) .:Andrea Lovati(Tester)Approved by (name signature) .:Giovanni Molteni(Reviewer)Testing procedure: TMPTesting location/ address . :Tested by (name signature) .:Approved by (name signature) .:Testing procedure: WMTTesting location/ address . :Tested by (name signature) .:Witnessed by (name signature).:Approved by (name signature) .:Testing procedure: SMTTesting location/ address . :Tested by (name signature) .:Approved by (name signature) .:Supervised by (name signature) :Testing procedure: RMTTesting location/ address . :Tested by (name signature) .:Approved by (name signature) .:Supervised by (name signature) :TRF No. IEC60335 2 15I

Page 3 of 78Report No.28111130 001List of Attachments (including a total number of pages in each attachment):ANNEX 1: requirements of standard IEC 60335-1:2010/AMD1:2013 (12 pages)ANNEX 2: European deviations (9 pages)ANNEX 3: photo documentation (12 pages)Summary of testing:According to the manufacturer’s request, the present test report is concerning partial tests regarding thespecified appliance (see Test Item Description on the first page) and covers assessment of the followingclauses in order to verify the compliance with the LVD Directive 2014/35/EU:§7 Marking and instructions§8 Protection against access to live parts§10 Power input§11 Heating (only for what concerning the temperature of heating element and wooden walls of cabinet)§13 Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature§15 Moisture resistance§16 Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature§19 Abnormal operation§23 Internal wirings§24 Components§25 Supply connection and external flexible cordsTests performed (name of test and test clause):§7 Marking and instructions§8 Protection against access to live parts§10 Power input§11 Heating (only for what concerning thetemperature of heating element and wooden wallsof cabinet)§13 Leakage current and electric strength atoperating temperature§15 Moisture resistance§16 Leakage current and electric strength atoperating temperature§19 Abnormal operation§23 Internal wirings§24 Components§25 Supply connection and external flexible cordsTesting location:TÜV RHEINLAND ITALIA S.r.l.Via E. Mattei, 3 - 20010 Pogliano Milanese (MI) ItalySummary of compliance with National DifferencesList of countries addressed: N/AThe product fulfils the requirements of the following standards (only clauses above listed), with theexception of the non-conformities indicated into the present test report:- IEC 60335 2 15:2002 (Fifth edition) A1:2005 A2:2008 in conjunction with IEC 60335-1:2010 (FifthEdition) A1:2013- EN 60335-2-15:2002 A1:2005 A2:2008 A11:2012 in conjunction with EN 60335-1:2012 A11:2014The product has already been tested and found to comply with the above standards (see test reportno.LVD1406057, dated 2014-06-13, issued by Shenzhen Timeway Testing Laboratories).TRF No. IEC60335 2 15I

Page 4 of 78Report No.28111130 001Copy of marking plateThe artwork below may be only a draft. The use of certification marks on a product must beauthorized by the respective NCBs that own these marks.TRF No. IEC60335 2 15I

Page 5 of 78Report No.28111130 001Test item particulars . :Classification of installation and use . : portable appliance; Class IISupply Connection. : appliance inlet (cord set provided)Possible test case verdicts:- test case does not apply to the test object .: N/A- test object does meet the requirement .: P (Pass)- test object does not meet the requirement .: F (Fail)- test case not checked .: N/CTesting .:Date of receipt of test item .: 2017-12-05 (storage no. 170685; items sampled andsent by applicant)Date (s) of performance of tests .: 2018-01-15 up to 2018-01-16General remarks:The test results presented in this report relate only to the object tested.This report shall not be reproduced, except in full, without the written approval of the Issuing testinglaboratory."(see Enclosure #)" refers to additional information appended to the report."(see appended table)" refers to a table appended to the report.Throughout this report acomma /point is used as the decimal separator.The uncertainties for the tests and measurements and those listed in TÜV RHEINLAND ITALIA OperationalInstruction IO BSP 239 028 REV.01Manufacturer’s Declaration per sub-clause 6.2.5 of IECEE 02:The application for obtaining a CB Test Certificateincludes more than one factory location and adeclaration from the Manufacturer stating that thesample(s) submitted for evaluation is (are)representative of the products from each factoryhas been provided. :YesNot applicableWhen differences exist; they shall be identified in the General product information section.Name and address of factory (ies) . : Zhongshan Zhongxin Ornaments & Gifts FactoryShunjing Building, Rd.2 Donghai, Dongfeng Town,Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China, 528425General product information:The appliance is an electric lunch box, designed to warm food.It’s provided with appliance inlet and cord set (class II) for the connection to the supply mains, two PTC heatingelements and a signal lamp.TRF No. IEC60335 2 15I

Page 6 of 78Report No. 28111130 001IEC 60335-2-15ClauseRequirement - Test5GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR THE TESTSResult - RemarkVerdictTests performed according to clause 5, e.g. natureof supply, sequence of testing, etc.P5.2See Note 101 (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)P5.3The test of 19.101 is made after other tests(IEC 60335-2-15:2002)N/A5.101Induction rice cookers, tested as motor-operatedappliances (IEC 60335-2-15/A2:2008)N/A6CLASSIFICATION6.1Protection against electric shock:Class 0, 0I, I, II, III. .:Class IIP6.2Protection against harmful ingress of waterIPX0PWash boilers and livestock feed boilers shall be atleast IPX3 (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)N/A7MARKING AND INSTRUCTIONS7.1Rated voltage or voltage range (V). . :230PSymbol for nature of supply, or. .: PRated frequency (Hz) . .:50PRated power input (W), or . .:40PRated current (A) . .:Manufacturer's or responsible vendor's name,trademark or identification mark . .:N/ATrademark:P(Spice)Responsible vendor:START-UP s.r.l.sModel or type reference. .:Amarillo Inox SPP013Symbol IEC 60417-5172, for class II appliancesIP number, other than IPX0 . .:PP(IPX0)N/ASymbol IEC 60417-5180, for class III appliances,unlessN/Athe appliance is operated by batteries onlyN/ASymbol IEC 60417-5036, for the enclosure ofelectrically-operated water valves in external hosesets for connection of an appliance to the watermains, if the working voltage exceeds extra-lowvoltageN/ATRF No. IEC60335 2 15I

Page 7 of 78Report No. 28111130 001IEC 60335-2-15Clause7. - TestResult - RemarkVerdictAppliances intended to be partially immersed inwater for cleaning, marked with the maximum levelof immersion and with the substance of thefollowing: "Do not immerse beyond this level"(IEC 60335-2-15:2002)N/AFor kettles : level mark or other means whichindicate the rated capacity (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)N/AUnless they cannot be filled beyond their ratedcapacity (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)N/AMark outside of the kettle if the level is not selfevident (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)N/AMarking on the appliance of the closed position ofthe lid of pressure cooker, if it is not obvious(IEC 60335-2-15:2002)N/AIdentification mark and model or type reference ofstand for cordless kettles (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)N/AWarning for stationary appliances for multiplesupplyN/AWarning placed in vicinity of terminal coverN/ARange of rated values marked with the lower andupper limits separated by a hyphenN/ADifferent rated values marked with the valuesseparated by an oblique strokeN/AAppliances adjustable for different rated voltages,the voltage setting is clearly discernibleN/ARequirement met if frequent changes are notrequired and the rated voltage to which theappliance is to be adjusted is determined from awiring diagramN/AAppliances with more than one rated voltage or oneor more rated voltage ranges, marked with ratedinput or rated current for each rated voltage orrange, unlessN/Athe power input is related to the arithmetic meanvalue of the rated voltage rangeN/ARelation between marking for upper and lower limitsof rated power input or rated current and voltage isclearN/ACorrect symbols usedFSymbol for nature of supply placed next to ratedvoltagePTRF No. IEC60335 2 15I

Page 8 of 78Report No. 28111130 001IEC 60335-2-15Clause7.77.8Requirement - TestResult - RemarkVerdictSymbol for class II appliances placed unlikely to beconfused with other markingPUnits of physical quantities and their symbolsaccording to international standardized systemPConnection diagram fixed to appliances to beconnected to more than two supply conductors andappliances for multiple supply, unlessN/Acorrect mode of connection is obviousN/AExcept for type Z attachment, terminals for connection to the supply mains indicatedas follows:- marking of terminals exclusively for the neutralconductor (letter N)N/A- marking of protective earthing terminals (symbolIEC 60417-5019)N/A- marking not placed on removable partsN/A7.9Marking or placing of switches which may cause ahazardno switchesN/A7.10Indications of switches on stationary appliances and no switchescontrols on all appliances by use of figures, lettersor other visual means . .:N/AThis applies also to switches which are part of acontrolN/AIf figures are used, the off position indicated by thefigure 0N/AThe figure 0 indicates only OFF position, unless noconfusion with the OFF positionN/A7.11Indication for direction of adjustment of controlsno controlsN/A7.12Instructions for safe use providedPDetails concerning precautions during usermaintenancePThe instructions state that:- the appliance is not to be used by persons(including children) with reduced physical, sensoryor mental capabilities, or lack of experience andknowledge, unless they have been givensupervision or instruction- children being supervised not to play with theapplianceTRF No. IEC60335 2 15Imodified according to ENstandardsPP

Page 9 of 78Report No. 28111130 001IEC 60335-2-15ClauseRequirement - TestResult - RemarkVerdictFor a part of class III construction supplied from adetachable power supply unit, the instructions statethat the appliance is only to be used with the unitprovidedN/AInstructions for class III appliances state that it mustonly be supplied at SELV, unlessN/Ait is a battery-operated appliance, the battery beingcharged outside the applianceN/AAppliance incorporating an appliance inlet and intended to be immersed forcleaning, instructions include the following : (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)- the connector must be remove before cleaningappliance not intended to beimmersed for cleaning- the appliance inlet must be dried before theappliance is used againThe instructions for use for appliances intended tobe used with a connector incorporating athermostat, state that only the appropriateconnector must be used (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)N/AN/Ano connector incorporatingthermostatN/AUnless, kettles are constructed so that a hazard cannot arise from boiling waterbeing ejected, the instructions for use include the following: (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)- if the kettle is overfilled, boiling water may beejectedN/AThe instructions for use for kettles filled through a lid aperture which is situatedbelow the handle, include the substance of the following: (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)- Warning: "Position the lid so that steam is directedaway from the handle"N/A- Warning: "Do not remove the lid while the water isboiling"N/AInstructions for cordless kettles state that the kettleis only to be used with the stand provided(IEC 60335-2-15:2002)N/AIf the kettle and stand of cordless kettles can be lifted together by gripping thehandle of the kettle, the instructions for use include the substance of the following:(IEC 60335-2-15:2002)- "Caution - Ensure that the kettle is switched offbefore removing it from its stand"N/AInstructions for feeding bottle heaters:- state that the food should not be heated for toolong a periodN/A- state how to check that the correct foodtemperature has not been exceededN/ATRF No. IEC60335 2 15I

Page 10 of 78Report No. 28111130 001IEC 60335-2-15ClauseRequirement - TestResult - RemarkThe instructions for use for appliances normallycleaned after use and not intended to be immersedin water for cleaning, state that the appliance mustnot be immersed (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)VerdictPInstruction for pressure cooker : (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)- state that the ducts in the pressure regulatorallowing the escape of steam should be checkedregularly to ensure that they are not blockedN/A- give details of how to open the container safely,andN/A- state that the container must not be opened untilthe pressure has decreased sufficientlyN/AThe instructions for use for egg boilers provided with a pricking device contain thesubstance of the following : (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)- Caution: "Avoid injuries from the egg pricker"N/AInstructions for espresso coffee-makers incorporating a pressurized reservoir filledby the user: (IEC 60335-2-15:2002)- contain information for the safe refilling of thewater reservoir and the substance of the following:(IEC 60335-2-15/A1:2005)N/A- WARNING: The filling aperture must not beopened during useN/AThe instructions including the substance of the following : (IEC 60335-2-15/A2:2008)This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications as: staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and otherworking environmentsP- farm housesP- by clients in hotels, motels and other residentialtype environmentsP- bed and breakfast type environmentsPSufficient details for installation suppliedN/AFor an appliance intended to be permanentlyconnected to the water mains and not connected bya hose-set, this is statedN/AStationary appliances not fitted with means fordisconnection from the supply mains having acontact separation in all poles that provide fulldisconnection under overvoltage category III, theinstructions state that means for disconnectionmust be incorporated in the fixed wiring inaccordance with the wiring rulesN/ATRF No. IEC60335 2 15I

Page 11 of 78Report No. 28111130 001IEC 60335-2-15ClauseRequirement - Test7.12.3Insulation of the fixed wiring in contact with partsexceeding 50 K during clause 11; instructions statethat the fixed wiring must be protected7.12.4Instructions for built-in appliances:Result - RemarkVerdictN/A- dimensions of spaceN/A- dimensions and position of supporting and fixingN/A- minimum distances between parts andsurrounding structureN/A- minimum dimensions of ventilating openings andarrangementN/A- connection to supply mains and interconnection ofseparate componentsN/A- allow disconnection of the appliance afterinstallation, by accessible plug or a switch in thefixed wiring, unlessN/Aa switch complying with 24.3N/AReplacement cord instructions, type X attachmentwith a specially prepared cordN/AReplacement cord instructions, type Y attachmentN/AReplacement cord instructions, type Z attachmentN/A7.12.6Caution in the instructions for appliancesincorporating a non-self-resetting thermal cut-outthat is reset by disconnection of the supply mains, ifthis cut-out is required to comply with the standardN/A7.12.7Instructions for fixed appliances stating how theappliance is to be fixedN/A7.12.8Instructions for appliances connected to the water mains:7.12.5- max. inlet water pressure (Pa) :N/A- min. inlet water pressure, if necessary (Pa) :N/AInstructions concerning new and old hose-sets forappliances connected to the water mains bydetachable hose-setsN/AIT – EN – ES – FR – D7.13Instructions and other texts in an official language7.14Marking clearly legible and durable, rubbing test asspecifiedP7.15Markings on a main partPMarking clearly discernible from the outside, ifnecessary after removal of a coverN/ATRF No. IEC60335 2 15IP

Page 12 of 78Report No. 28111130 001IEC 60335-2-15ClauseRequirement - TestResult - RemarkVerdictFor portable appliances, cover can be removed oropened without a toolN/AFor stationary appliances, name, trademark oridentification mark and model or type referencevisible after installationN/AFor fixed appliances, name, trademark oridentification mark and model or type referencevisible after installation according to the instructionsN/AIndications for switches and controls placed on ornear the components. Marking not on parts whichcan be positioned or repositioned in such a way thatthe marking is misleadingN/A7.16Marking of a possible replaceable thermal link orfuse link clearly visible with regard

evident (IEC 60335-2-15:2002) N/A Marking on the appliance of the closed position of the lid of pressure cooker, if it is not obvious (IEC 60335-2-15:2002) N/A Identification mark and model or type reference of stand for cordless