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Stateside Code Update ReportFebruary 2019National Elevator Industry, Inc.CurrentASME A17.1and A17.7CodeStateVersionsSummary and BackgroundASME A17.1 Alabama auto-adopts the latest version of ASME codes six months after itsAL(2016)publication date without the need for additional rulemaking.ASME A17.7(2007)ASME A17.1 The Department has proposed to adopt ASME A17.1 2016. The rule willAK(2013)also adopt ASME A18.1 2017 relative to platform lifts and stairwayASME A17.7 chairlifts; ASME A17.2 2017 relative to the guide for inspection of(2007)elevators, escalators and moving walks; and ASME A17.6 2017 relative toelevator suspension, compensation and governor systems.Current Rule Development StatusASME A17.1 (2016) became effective 7/31/2017.UpcomingActionNothingScheduledNotice of the rule was published through the Alaska Online Public Notice System. Comments were Nothingdue 11/23/2018. Staff will review any comments received. Once approved, the final rule will beScheduledpublished with an effective date.ContactJames Dye, Jr.334-324-8701Agency NameElevator SafetyReview BoardCitation490-2-2-.03Regulatory IDAL50637Al Nagel907-269-4925Department of Laborand WorkforceDevelopmentTitle 8 AACAK39893Larry Griese(602) 542-1642Industrial Commission Not yetavailableAZ13249Ron BakerCode EnforcementManager(501) 682-4531Elevator Safety BoardAR19889Department ofTitle 8, ArticleIndustrial Relations,45Occupational Safetyand Health StandardsBoardCA12718ASME A17.1 (2013) remains in effect.Proposed ti-ces/N-otice-s/ 1144-77-AZARNotice of Proposed ti-ces/N-otice-s/Vie-w.asp-x?id -19170-1ASME A17.1 Staff reported that there are no plans to adopt any new codes. According to ASME A17.1 (2007) remains in effect.staff, the Commission is interested in adopting a newer version of A17.1 in(2007)ASME A17.7 the future. However, due to a moratorium on rulemakings in the state, thefurtherance of this adoption is on hold. Staff reported that they do not(excluded)anticipate a status change anytime soon.ASME A17.1 The Board is discussing amendment to adopt ASME A17.1 (2013) or move(2007)to ASME A17.1 (2016).ASME A17.7(2007)NothingScheduledAccording to staff, the discussion of A17.1 (2013) is still in progress but has been pushed back as Nothingthe Board considers other initiatives. It is possible the Board may consider A17.1 (2016) instead, scheduledhowever no decisions have been made and staff have not had time to work on the ruledevelopment. There is no timeline for when the rule will be proposed, but Staff expect to beginworking on this after the legislative session that starts in January 2019.A17.1 (2007) remains in effect.Greg TiptonChief Elevator 519-1665CAASME A17.1 The Department is looking at adopting ASME A17.1 (2013), however staff(2004)are unable to provide a specific schedule on the rule proposal.ASME A17.7(none)ASME A17.1 (2004) remains in effect.NothingScheduledPage 1 of 13Dan Barker(619) 767-2050

StateCA, LosAngelesCurrentASME A17.1and A17.7CodeVersionsASME A17.1(2004)ASME A17.7(none)Stateside Code Update ReportFebruary 2019Summary and BackgroundCurrent Rule Development StatusThe Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (Department), through ASME A17.1 (2004) remains in effect.its Board of Building and Safety Commissioners (Board), adopted anordinance, effective 1/2/2014, to revise certain provisions in the MunicipalCode regarding buildings codes and referenced standards. Included is aMaster Ordinance for building code revisions, as well as separateElectrical, Mechanical, Residential and Plumbing Code ordinances. TheMaster Ordinance and Electrical Code Ordinance mention elevators, andthe proposed revisions are minor.UpcomingActionNothingScheduledContactCora Johnson(213) 482-0472Agency NameCitationDepartment of Building ASME A17.1and Safety2004NothingScheduledGreg Johnson303-318-8536Department of Laborand Employment,Division of Oil andPublic Safety7 CCR 1101-8 CO33929NothingScheduledJenna Padula(860) 713-5868Department of PublicSafety, Office of theState BuildingInspector, Bureau ofElevatorsN/ARegulatory IDL17382Specifically, the Master Ordinance strikes references in the Municipal Codeto ASME A17.1 and replaces them with references to the California Codeof Regulations, Title 8, Division 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter 6, Elevator SafetyOrders. Substantively, this means that the City of Los Angeles wouldcontinue to follow the same version of the ASME elevator code that isenforced by the State of California, ASME A17.1 (2004).In addition, the Master Ordinance contains a new provision concerningThe Division of Oil and Public Safety (Division) adopted ASME A17.1(2013) and A17.7 (2007) by reference.Stakeholder outreach will bescheduled once the Division decides to initiate a code update/review. Thisis likely to take place in February or March 2019.COASME A17.1(2013)A17.7(2007)CTASME A17.1 The Department adopted A17.1 (2013), A17.6 (2010), A17.7 (2007), andNotice of the final rule was published in the Connecticut eRegulations System. The final rule is(2013)other codes.effective 1/3/2018.ASME17.7(2007)Notice of Final l/-Searc-h/get-Docum-ent?g-uid o stateElevator Regulation occurs at the local level.building codeor elevatorcodeASME A17.1 (2013) remains in effect. .Page 2 of 13CT50640

StateD.C.CurrentASME A17.1and A17.7CodeVersionsASME A17.1(2010)ASME A17.7(excluded)Stateside Code Update ReportFebruary 2019Summary and BackgroundThe Board has proposed the 2015 International Code Council Codes (ICodes). The proposed rule includes the adoption of the following codes:2015 International Building Code, 2015 Internatioanl Residential Code,2015 International Mechanical Code, 2015 International Plumbing Code,2015 International Property Maintance Code, 2015 International Fire Code,2013 Energy Standard for Buildings, 2015 International EnergyConservation Code, 2015 International Existing Building Code, 2015International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, and 2014 National ElectricalCode (NFPA 70). The Board has made state specific changes throughoutthe code and to Chapter 30 addressing Elevators and Conveying Systems.Current Rule Development StatusThe Board published notice of the code proposals. Comments were due 11/12/2018. Staff areinternally reviewing the rule and any comments received. Once a final rule package is completed,staff will file the rule for publication in the DC Register.UpcomingActionNothingScheduledContactJill Stern(202) 442-8944Agency NameConstruction CodesCoordinating BoardCitationDCMR 12Regulatory 9Mo Madani850-487-1824Department ofBusiness andProfessionalRegulationNothingScheduledCurtis Jenkins404-656-2393Office of Safety FireCommissioner andSafety FireCommissionerChapter 120-3- GA1213225NothingScheduledJulius Dacanay(808) 586-9141Department of Laborand IndustrialRelationsnot yetavailableASME A17.1 (2010) remains in effect.Notice of the proposed rules: (scroll through the es/ 1-4&-;Issu-eID 7-30FLGAASME A17.1(2013)ASME A17.7(2007)The Commission is discussing the development of the seventh edition ofthe Florida Building Code. The seventh edition of the Florida Building Codewill be based on model codes, including the International Building Code(2018), International Residential Code (2018), International ExistingBuilding Code (2018), International Mechanical Code (2018), InternationalPlumbing Code (2018), International Fuel Gas Code (2018), InternationalEnergy Efficiency Code (2018), and National Electrical Code (2017). TheCommission will adopt state-specific amendments to these model codes.The Commission released tracking charts summarizing the outcomes from the 10/8/2018Commission meeting. The public was able to submit proposed state-specific amendments(modifications) to the model codes from 11/2/2018 to 12/15/2018.ASME A17.1(2013)ASME A17.7(2007)The Safety Fire Commissioner has authority to adopt rules concerningelevators. The Office has decided to update to A17.1 (2016). Staff reportedthat the Office also intends to update A17.2 and A17.3. Staff reported thatthe code update should be effective 7/1/2018.Although Staff previously reported that the Office intended for the rules to be published asproposed in fall 2018, Staff reported in October 2018 that "nothing is looking to be done until afterthe election and possibly the swearing in of [a] new Commissioner and Staff." Staff previouslyreported that there will be a thirty day comment period before a public hearing is held. Followingthe comment period and public hearing, the Commissioner will adopt the rules. Staff previouslyreported that the rules will most likely go final 30 days after the public hearing, and that Staffintended the rules to be final in fall 2018.The code development work plan includes the following schedule: 1) the proposed state-specificamendments will be posted online 1/2/2019, 2) comments will be accepted until 2/18/2019, 3)tracking charts and reports on the proposed state-specific amendments will be posted online3/1/2019, 4) the proposed state-specific amendments will be considered by Technical AdvisoryCommittees (TACs) 3/18/2019 to 3/21/2018, 5) the TACs' recommendations will be posted onlineracking Charts and Detailed Reports:4/12/2019, 6) comments will be accepted until 6/14/2019, 7) tracking charts and reports on -de/20-20 Co-de De-velop-me proposed state-specific amendments and comments will be posted online 6/21/2019, 8) thent/-2020 -Code -Devel-opmen-t Pro-cess.-htmcomments will be considered by the TACs 7/8/2019 to 7/12/2019, 9) the TACs' recommendationswill be considered by the Commission 8/12/2019 to 8/13/2019, 10) a draft Florida Building CodeProposed Code Modifications:will be posted online 9/19/2019, 11) rule development workshops will be held 2/4/2020 andhttps-://fl-orida-build-ing.o-rg/cm-/cm d-efaul-t.asp-x4/7/2020, 12) an integrated draft Florida Building Code will be posted online 4/20/2020, and 13) afinal rule hearing will be held 6/8/2020. The Commission intends to adopt the Florida BuildingNotice of Rule Development Workshop:Code effective ot-ice F-iles.-asp?I-D 209-01965ASME A17.1(2013) remains in effect.Notice of Rule not-ice F-iles.-asp?I-D 204-48490-FL36703ASME A17.1 (2013) remains in effect.HIASME A17.1(2010)ASME A17.7(2007)Staff reported that the Division is not currently considering the adoption of ASME A17.1 (2010) remains in standards but might begin discussions as early as 2019. Staffmentioned that at that time, they might consider the adoption of the ASMEA17.1 (2013). It is less likely but possible that they will consider the ASMEA 17.1 (2016).Page 3 of 13HI137597

StateIDCurrentASME A17.1and A17.7CodeVersionsASME A17.1(2016) ASMEA17.7 (2007)Stateside Code Update ReportFebruary 2019UpcomingActionNothingScheduledContactGary Barnes208-332-8974Agency NameDivision of BuildingSafetyCitationRegulatory IDDOCKET NO. ID3446707-0402-1701ASME A17.1 (2013) remains in effect.Robert Capuani, Director of the Elevator Safety Division, was unable todiscuss the particular codes under discussion. He reported that rules toincorporate the adoption of updated standards will be proposed shortly.Proposed rules will be posted to the Office of State Fire Marshal webpageonce language is agreed upon. Following this meeting, if the code changesare approved by the Board, they will be filed with JCAR for formalpublication in the Illinois Register.NothingScheduledBob Capuani(312) 814-8734Elevator SafetyReview Board225 ILCS312/35; 41 Ill.Adm. Code1000.60The Chicago City Council passed an ordinance to update building codeASME A17.1 (2016) is in effect.requirements and make technical corrections for elevators and otherconveying devices. Among other changes, the ordinance revises theMunicipal Code of Chicago to insert new Title 14C, Conveyance DeviceCode. The ordinance adopts by reference A17.1 (2016), A17.3 (2015),A17.7 (2007), and A18.1 (2014) with modifications, effective 3/28/2018. Ifdifferences occur between a provision modified by the Conveyance DeviceCode and a provision adopted without modification, the modified provisionshall control.NothingScheduledBob Fahlstrom(312) 743-9093Department ofBuildingsC120022NothingScheduledMara Snyder (317) 2335341Fire Prevention andBuilding SafetyCommissionIN50641Summary and BackgroundThe Division adopted a rule to adopt ASME A17.1 (2016), ASME A17.2(2014), ASME A17.3 (2015), ASME A17.5 (2014), ASME A17.7 (2007),ASME QE-1 (2013), and other standards.Current Rule Development StatusASME A17.1 (2016) is in effect.Notice of Final Rules (pdf p. 0-18/05-.pdfFinal rre-nt/07-/0704-02.pd-f-ILASME A17.1(2013)ASME A17.7(2007)IL, Chicago ASME A17.1(2016)ASME A17.7(2007)IL36284Text of a-chmen-ts/20-153 O-2018--974(-2).pd-fINASME A17.1(2007)ASME A17.7(2007)The Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission (Commission) adopts A17.1 (2007) remains in effect.the code of building and fire safety laws that affect all buildings classifiedas Class 1 or Class 2 structures in the state. The Elevator Committee isdiscussing adopting A17.1 (2016).Page 4 of 13

StateIACurrentASME A17.1and A17.7CodeVersionsASME A17.1(2016)ASME A17.7(2007)Stateside Code Update ReportFebruary 2019Summary and BackgroundCurrent Rule Development StatusThe Department adopted amendments to update the elevator safety rules. ASME A17.1 (2016) is in effect.The amendments include updates to the ASME codes and requirements forsafety tests of wind turbine tower elevators. Specifically, the Departmentadopted a new rule section to adopt the following ASME codes forinstallations on or after January 24, 2018: (1) ASME A17.1 (2016), ASMEA17.8 (2016), ASME A17.7 (2012), and ASME A18.1 (2014) exceptChapters 4, 5, 6, and 7.UpcomingActionNothingScheduledContactKathy Uehling(515) 281-5915Agency NameCitationElevator Safety BoardRegulatory IDIA34575NothingscheduledBrenda McNorton(785) 296-3401State Fire Marshal'sOfficeKS20719NothingscheduledDawn Bellis(502) 573-0365Department ofHousing, Buildings andConstructionKY22311Notice of the final c/-3742C-.pdfKSState FireCode (IBC2006)ASME A17.7(none)The Office has withdrawn the adoption of the 2012 International BuildingIBC 2006 remains in effect.Code (IBC) and is now considering the adoption of the 2018 IBC.Thediscussion regarding the 2018 codes is in the early phases and no timelineis available. Staff expect the proposal will include the same exclusions toChapter 30 and 35, but do not have any drafts available for review at thistime.KYASME A17.1 Staff reported the Department will eventually propose amendments to the Staff confirmed that A17.1 (2010) is adopted and enforced in the state, but in practice some(2010) ASME elevator code, but the timeline for that is uncertain, possibly in 2018. Staff elements of the A17.1 (2013) code are in use due to references in the newest versions of the IBCA17.7 (2007) confirmed that A17.1 (2010) is adopted and enforced in the state due tothat the state adopted.references in the version of the IBC that the state adopted.Housing, Buildings and Construction Advisory Committee x-LAASME A17.1(2013)ASME A17.7(2007)The Office of the State Fire Marshal operates within the Department ofStaff reported that the office is not currently discussing the adoption of new codes.Public Safety and Corrections in Louisiana. The Office adopts regulationsregarding the fire code, including references to elevator regulations. Other ASME A17.1 (2013) remains in effect.state agencies (especially the the LSUCCC ) are responsible foradministering the code. The Office of the State Fire Marshal enforcesNFPA 1 and NFPA 101, as well as the life safety and egress portions of theIBC, such as Chapters 9 and 10.NothingScheduledFelicia Cooper(225) 925-4911State UniformConstruction CodeCouncilLA33881MEASME A17.1(2013)ASME A17.7(excluded)The Department of Professional and Financial Regulation adopted ASME ASME A17.1 (2013) remains in effect.A17.1 (2013), ASME A17.6 (2010), ASME A18.1 (2014), and ASME A90.1(2009) effective 12/1/2015. The Department excluded adoption of ASMEA17.1, Section 1.2.1.(c), which references A17.7.NothingScheduledHolly Doherty(207) 624-8615Department ofProfessional andFinancial RegulationME28886Page 5 of 13

StateMDCurrentASME A17.1and A17.7CodeVersionsASME A17.1(2016)ASME A17.7(2007)Stateside Code Update ReportFebruary 2019UpcomingActionNothingscheduledSummary and BackgroundCurrent Rule Development StatusThe Department adopted amendments to adopt the ASME A17.1 2013 and ASME A17.1 (2016) remains in effect.2016, Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators. The action also repealsthe incorporation by reference of ASME A17.2-2007 and ASME A17.22010, Guide for Inspection of Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Walks, anonmandatory guide. The Department also incorporated by reference theANSI/ASSE A10.4, Personnel Hoists and Employee Elevators onConstruction and Demolition Sites to include the updated versions from2007 and 2016.Notice of the Final Rule - 15-/Asse-mbled-.htm#- Toc5-19585-402-Page 6 of 13ContactJenny Baker(410) 767-2241Agency NameDepartment of Labor,Licensing, andRegulationCitationn/aRegulatory IDMD50665

StateMACurrentASME A17.1and A17.7CodeVersionsASME A17.1(2013) ASMEA17.7 (none)Stateside Code Update ReportFebruary 2019Summary and BackgroundCurrent Rule Development StatusThe Board adopted amendments to the rules addressing elevator safety.The final rules were published. The effective date of the rules is 6/1/2018.The amendments adopt A17.1 (2013) and A18.1 (2014). The amendmentsdo not adopt certain referenced standards within A17.1, including A17.2,A17.3, or A17.7. The rulemaking package also includes (1) updates to allrecently available national model codes; (2) the addition of chaptersgoverning personnel hoists and employee elevators on construction anddemolition sites, safety requirements for material hoists, and safetystandards for platform lifts and stairway chairlifts; and (3) the removal of thechapter governing standards for existing regulated equipment andmodernizing the rules.UpcomingActionNothingscheduledContactRuthy Barros617-727-3200Agency NameBoard of ElevatorRegulationsCitation524 CMRRegulatory IDMA12133Final cmrMIASME A17.1 Staff stated that the Board does not expect to begin the rulemaking process ASME A17.1 (2010) remains in effect.(2010)to update A17.1 until 2019.ASME A17.7(2007)NothingscheduledDave Stenrose(517) 241-9337Department of Labor R408.7003 et MI36301and Economic Growth seq.; MichiganElevator SafetyBoard GeneralRules(SOAHR#2008-005 LG)MNASME A17.1(2010)ASME A17.7(2007)NothingScheduledBill Reinke651-284-5873Division ofConstruction Codesand LicensingMSASME A17.1 The Department adopted A17.1 (2016) effective August 2017.(2016)ASME A17.7(2007)NothingscheduledGary Brewer(601) 359-9497Insurance Department Title 19, Part 8, MS34005Chapter 1The Department has begun to discuss the adoption of the 2018 I-Codes.Notice of a public comment period on possible amendments to the I-Codes, including elevatorThe Department adopts new codes every six years. The Constructionprovisions, was published in the Minnesota Register. Comments will be accepted until furtherCodes Advisory Council is responsible for maki

February 2019 State Current ASME A17.1 and A17.7 Code Versions Summary and Background Current Rule Development Status Upcoming Action Contact Agency Name Citation Regulatory ID AL ASME A17.1 (2016) ASME A17.7 (2007) Alabama auto-adopts the latest version of ASME codes six months after its publication date without the need for additional rulemaking. ASME A17.1 (2016) became effective 7/31/2017 .

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