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Answer keysLEVEL 6PENGUIN READERSTeacher Support ProgrammeThe MoonstoneBook imednarrativedeformedwillsmearThe Moonstone is a huge yellow diamond fromIndia.1868It was the first detective novel in English.The story is told by a number of different people.John HerncastleGabriel BetteredgeFranklin BlakeThree IndiansRosanna SpearmanFranklin BlakeRachel VerinderGodfrey AblewhiteLady VerinderIt is a very famous, ancient, huge yellow diamond.Ancient Indian writings say that it was originallyplaced in the forehead of the Hindu God of theMoon. In the eleventh century a temple was builtfor the Moon-God and three priests were orderedto guard the diamond until the end of time. A cursewas put on any person who stole the diamond, andwhen it was stolen in the eighteenth century by aMuslim leader, he and his children all had greatmisfortunes.Because they want to get the Moonstone back.When they talk about ‘It’, they are referring to thediamond.Colonel Herncastle came to Lady Verinder’s housetwo years ago to wish his niece a happy birthday.Lady Verinder refused to see him and he said,‘I shall remember my niece’s birthday in future.’Obviously, he was very angry, and by giving theMoonstone to Rachel on her birthday, he almostcertainly intended to pass the curse on to her.Because he has been followed by an Indian man inthe last few days. When he hears about the threeIndians who have visited Lady Verinder’s house,he fears that they are the three Indian priests whoguard the diamond and that they have come to getit back.c Pearson Education Limited 2008e Penelope says she thinks it is because Rosanna hasfallen hopelessly in love with Franklin.f Because Franklin had a debt that needed paying.g Because he has recently given up smoking.h Because she is so fascinated by it. It is as large as abird’s egg and is a deep yellow that sucks your eyesinto it.5 a Franklin is a very attractive man and is a lot of fun,but he spends a lot of money and has debts. Heand Rachel have known each other since they werechildren and are very good friends. Rachel is angrywhen she learns about his debts and about a womanhe knew on the Continent, but the next day sheforgives him. Penelope tells her father that Franklinhas asked Rachel to marry him and that Rachel hasneither accepted nor refused the offer.b Godfrey Ablewhite is Rachel’s cousin. He is tall andvery good-looking, and popular with women. Hedoes a lot of work for charity and is an excellentpublic speaker. Betteredge thinks that Rachel loveshim. However, Penelope tells her father that Racheland Godfrey went for a walk in the garden and thatit was clear from their conversation afterwards thatGodfrey had asked Rachel to marry him and thatshe refused.c Rosanna is not very attractive in appearance and shehas a deformed shoulder. She used to be a thief, butLady Verinder trusted her enough to employ her asa servant. She is hardworking and polite, but theservants don’t like her because she doesn’t talk muchor try to make friends. She seems to fall in love withFranklin as soon as she sees him and starts actingstrangely. Betteredge feels pity for her and is kind toher.6 –7 Open answers8 a dressb Penelopec Indiansd sitting-roome 3 a.m.f anyoneg dressh firei cloth, dressThe Moonstone - Answer keys of 5

Answer keysLEVEL 6PENGUIN READERSTeacher Support ProgrammeThe Moonstone9a Dr Candy, Mr Murthwaite and Miss Clack.Dr Candy is from Fritzinghall and is a pleasant manwho likes jokes and knows a lot about medicine.Mr Murthwaite is an explorer, is tall and watchespeople carefully.Miss Clack is a distant cousin of Rachel’s and is oneof Godfrey Ablewhite’s charity friends. She is veryreligious but is wearing a low-cut dress and likesalcohol.b Because the paint didn’t dry until 3 a.m. on thenight the diamond was stolen, which means thatthe person who made the smear could be the personwho stole the diamond. Penelope has told Cuff thatat midnight the paint had no smear on it. The paintsmear looks as if it was made by a dress, whichmeans the diamond could have been stolen by awoman.c She behaves very strangely. She is very shocked bythe loss of the diamond and shuts herself in herbedroom and refuses to talk to SuperintendentSeegrave. She comes out of her room to speak toFranklin, then loudly tells Seegrave that no onewill ever find the diamond. She locks herself inher room, where she can be heard crying. WhenSergeant Cuff arrives the next day, she says, ‘I knownothing,’ then returns to her room. She refuses toallow him to search her wardrobe.10–12 Open answers13 a 6 b 4 c 1 d 7 e 3 f 5 g 214 a Cuff says this when Franklin finds him lyingasleep on three chairs in front of Rachel’s rooms.Cuff explains that he expects Rosanna to try andcommunicate with Rachel and tell her that she hassuccessfully hidden something. Cuff thinks thatRachel has stolen her own diamond, hoping thatRosanna will be suspected.b Penelope says this to her father about Rosanna.Rosanna has heard Franklin say, ‘I take no interestin Rosanna Spearman,’ and she is very hurt.c A fisherman says this to Cuff after he has discoveredthat Rosanna has killed herself by walking into theShivering Sand.d Lady Verinder shouts this at Cuff when she hearsthe news about Rosanna’s death.c Pearson Education Limited 2008e Cuff says this when saying goodbye to Betteredgeafter Lady Verinder has dismissed him and givenhim a cheque for his work. He makes threepredictions about events concerning theMoonstone.f Franklin says this to Betteredge on receiving aletter from Lady Verinder saying that Rachelcertainly knows something about the Moonstone’sdisappearance and is in a state of nervousexcitement. She says that she is taking Rachel toLondon and that it is better if Franklin doesn’t seeher.g Limping Lucy says this to Betteredge when shearrives with a letter from Rosanna to Franklin.Lucy believes that because Rosanna had learnt thatFranklin did not love her she decided to kill herself.15 Cuff thinks that Rachel is hiding the diamond becauseshe has debts and has pawned the diamond to payfor them. He believes this because of Rachel’s strangebehaviour after the theft of the diamond. He alsobelieves that because Rachel knew about Rosanna’spast, she knew she could make people believe that theMoonstone had been stolen by Rosanna. Cuff believedthat Rachel asked Rosanna to help her pawn the stone.16–17 Open answers18 a 3 b 3 c 7 d 7 e 3 f 3 g 7 h 7i 319 a Godfrey receives a letter asking him to go to thehouse of a woman who wants to give money tocharity. When Godfrey arrives, an Englishman takeshim to a room at the back of the house. As Godfreylooks at a book, a brown-skinned man attacks himfrom behind. Another man joins him and Godfreyis tied to a chair and his eyes are bandaged. He issearched, and the men then leave, taking nothingfrom him. Godfrey is discovered later by the ownersof the house.b Rachel asks Godfrey questions about the attack andhe tells her that he had never met Mr Luker untilhe passed him in the bank.Rachel says that the newspapers are connecting thetheft of the diamond with the attacks on Godfreyand Mr Luker and that the object in the bank is theMoonstone. She says that some people are sayingthat Godfrey pawned the Moonstone to Luker butthat she knows for certain that he is innocent andthat she has been unfair to him.The Moonstone - Answer keys of 5

Answer keysLEVEL 6PENGUIN READERSTeacher Support ProgrammeThe Moonstonec Miss Clack tells Mr Bruff that Sergeant Cuffsuspects Rachel took the Moonstone. Cuff saysthat he knows Rachel well and that it is impossibleshe stole it, but when Miss Clack explains Cuff ’sreasons for believing this, Mr Bruff is puzzled. MissClack also tells him that Franklin Blake was in thehouse when the diamond disappeared but Mr Bruffgives her good reasons why Franklin could not havestolen the diamond. He says that the only fact weknow is that the Moonstone is in London and thatMr Luker or his banker has it.20 We know that the Moonstone came to Londonbecause Mr Luker was attacked by dark-skinnedmen who took nothing from him but a receipt for anextremely valuable object that he had put in the bank.Cuff had predicted that there would be news aboutMr Luker, who he described as a money-lender. It isclear, therefore, that the men who attacked Mr Lukerwere the Indians and that the object in the bank is theMoonstone.21–22 Open answers23 a friendship marriageb gets better diesc Miss Clack the Ablewhitesd not happy happye Mrs Mrf loved her needed moneyg the diamond a loanh Bruff Murthwaite24 a Godfrey ask Rachel to marry him and she agrees,but after moving to Brighton she tells Godfrey thatshe has changed her mind. Godfrey tells Miss Clackthat he is not upset and will concentrate on hischarity work. We then learn from Mr Bruff that hehad told Rachel what to tell Godfrey: that she hadproof that his motive for asking her to marry himwas financial and that therefore she cannot marryhim. Godfrey accepts this without getting upset,which confirms Mr Bruff ’s belief that Godfreyneeded a large sum of money very quickly.b Mr Bruff tells Rachel that he suspects Godfrey’smarriage offer has financial motives. He is presentduring the conversation with the Ablewhites andinvites Rachel to come and stay with him. InLondon he is visited by one of the three Indians,who ask him for a loan. Mr Bruff refuses but thec Pearson Education Limited 2008Indian then asks, ‘How long would you have givenme to pay it back?’ Mr Bruff answers, ‘A year,’realizing that the Indian’s visit was an excuse forthis question. Soon afterwards, Luker visits himand tells him that the Indian had visited him andasked the same question. Bruff then meets MrMurthwaite who explains why the Indians haveacted in the way they have.25 Because it is clear that Godfrey went to see Luker, amoney-lender, at the end of June in order to pawnthe Moonstone for a large sum of money. Since theIndians stole the receipt for the Moonstone, theyknow that Mr Luker put the Moonstone in the bank.They also now know that one usually has a year torepay a loan and that therefore Godfrey will repay themoney near the end of June 1849. Luker will thentake the Moonstone out of the bank in order to returnit to Godfrey, and this is when the Indians can hope toobtain it.26–28 Open answers29 a 6 b 5 c 4 d 2 e 7 f 1 g 330 a It gives directions on how to find a particular rockat the Shivering Sand and how to find the chainbeneath it and pull up the case that Rosanna hid.b Because the nightgown has a smear of paint on itand Franklin remembers that Sergeant Cuff saidthat if you found the ‘dress with the stain’, youwould know who took the diamond. But Franklinhas no memory of taking the diamond.c She was cleaning his room the day after theMoonstone was stolen. She saw that his nightgownhad a smear of paint on it.d Because she loved Franklin and she wanted to beable to prove to him that she had saved him byhiding the nightgown.e There must be proof that Franklin wore thenightgown when it was smeared.f He says that Franklin must find the thief who tookthe diamond.g When Franklin met him at the birthday party,Dr Candy was very lively, but now his face is thinand grey and he is obviously very ill.31–33 Open answers34 a Franklin’s b opium c experimentd innocent e drops f sailorg Godfrey Ablewhite h mechanicThe Moonstone - Answer keys of 5

Answer keysPENGUIN READERSTeacher Support ProgrammeLEVEL 6The Moonstone35 a At Rachel’s dinner party, Franklin had been rudeabout medicine. In order to teach Franklin a lessonabout the power of drugs, Dr Candy gave Franklina dose of opium that night without Franklinknowing about it. If Dr Candy hadn’t become illthat night he would have returned the next day andexplained what he had done. Rachel would haverealized why Franklin had taken the diamond andthe truth would have been revealed.b Ezra Jennings knows this because when he was veryill, Dr Candy talked a lot, and Jennings made notesof what he said. When Franklin tells Jennings thathe took the diamond without knowing it, Jenningssuspects the truth. Jennings is able to put DrCandy’s words together to reveal the fact that thedoctor had given Franklin opium.c Because under the influence of opium, Franklinfinds the diamond but then drops it and becomesvery sleepy. So the group do not learn whathappened to the diamond after Franklin took it.d The ‘mechanic’ kills Godfrey and takes theMoonstone. Mr Murthwaite then discovers thata new temple of the Moon-God is being builtin Banares. Three priests have arrived in the cityand announced that ‘The Eye of the Moon hasreturned.’e It is clear that the Indians have been followingGodfrey for some time and they knew that hehad disguised himself as a sailor when he went tothe bank to get the Moonstone from Luker. Theyemploy a man dressed like a mechanic to followGodfrey, kill him, take the Moonstone and return itto them.36–47 Open answersDiscussion activities key1 Open answers2 See introduction for answers3–6 Open answers7 a Betteridge looks after the servants in LadyVerinder’s house.b They are brother and sister. But because LadyVerinder knows how Hardcastle stole the diamondshe does not want to see him.c Rachel is Hardcastle’s niece.d They are cousins.e Rosanna is second housemaid in Lady Verinder’shouse. Rosanna had been imprisoned for theft andLady Verinder had taken Rosanna into her houseafter Rosanna came out of prison.c Pearson Education Limited 20088–10 Open answers11 a Perhaps because he is trying to give up smoking.b Probably because he asked Rachel to marry him andshe refused.c Perhaps it is the effect of the diamond.d Because he says that ‘medicine is like a blind man inthe dark’.e Because the house was locked up and the huntingdogs were loose in the garden.f Open answerg Because she said to him, ‘They’ll never find thediamond, will they sir? Or the person who took it.I’ll make sure of that.’h Open answer12–17 Open answers18 Suggested answerMr Bruff says these words to Miss Clack. He believesthat Rachel is innocent because he knows her verywell. He says she is ‘wild, stubborn and secretive – butshe’s as honest and true as steel.’ Miss Clack tells himabout Rachel’s declaration that Godfrey Ablewhiteis innocent. Because it is clear that Rachel knowssomething about the theft, Mr Bruff believes this tobe true. Finally, Mr Bruff knows that although MrFranklin has debts, his lenders know that his father isrich and are prepared to wait. Also, Rachel has toldFranklin that she loves him. So why should Franklinsteal the jewel if he is going to marry Rachel?19–29 Open answers30 Suggested answersCandy has changed a lot due to his illness. He forgetsthings, why he does things, he is in constant pain.31 Open answers32 Suggested answers:Jennings suggests that Franklin should steal thediamond, unconsciously, in a trance, for a secondtime, in the presence of witnesses. Then he mayremember what he did with the diamond after he leftRachel’s room. Open answers33–38 Open answersActivity worksheets key12aiai610410bjbj3 c 1 d 8 e 5 f 7 g 2 h 492 c 7 d 3 e 1 f 5 g 9 h 86The Moonstone - Answer keys of 5

Answer keysPENGUIN READERSTeacher Support ProgrammeLEVEL 6The Moonstone3abcdeaaaeabcFalse. Rachel does not allow him to search hers.TrueTrueFalse. She buys cloth to make a dress or a gown.False. Rosanna does.45 b 3 c 2 d 7 e 6 f 4 g 15cloth b gown c smear d Rosanna e pawn6niece b bank c tied d innocentheart disease f books7Rachel to Godfrey when Godfrey proposes.Samuel to Miss Rachel when he finds her mother.Godfrey to Miss Clack after his engagement isbroken.d Godfrey’s father to Rachel after he learns she hasbroken the engagement with his son.e Mr Bruff to the Indian who visits him asking for aloan.8 a Because Mr Bruff told her that Ablewhite hadfinancial motives for marrying her. He needs a largesum of money quickly.b Because he wants to know how long a moneylender gives someone to pay money back.c Because the Indians will try and get hold of thediamond when Luker removes it from the bank.d Because his father has died.e Because it contains the paintstained nightgownwith his name on it.f In Franklin’s room.g That Franklin was with Rachel between midnightand 3 a.m.h Because she loved Franklin. She believed he hadstolen the jewel. She wanted to prove to him thatshe had saved him.9 a money b Franklin c Rachel d Moonstonee Franklin’s f Luker g inherits h paysi recovers j death10–11 Open answers2 abcdefghij3 a4 ad5 a6 abcdeProgress test key1 abcdeJohn HardcastleRachel VerinderFranklin BlakeRosanna SpearmanGabriel Betteridgef7 ac Pearson Education Limited 2008aunt and nephewservant and managercousinsdaughter and fatherpolice officer and London detectiveBetteridge looks after the servants in Lady Verinder’ and sisterRachel is Hardcastle’s niece.They are cousins.Rosanna is second housemaid in Lady Verinder’shouse.False b False c True d False e TrueMiss Clack b Mr Godfrey c Miss RachelMr Godfrey e Miss Clack2 b 2 c 1 d 1 e 1‘She’ is Rachel. ‘Him’ is Franklin. ‘There’ is thehouse in Yorkshire. Rachel has heard from Jenningsabout Dr Candy’s words and now believes thatFranklin is innocent. She wants to be present in thehouse for the opium experiment.‘He’ is Franklin. ‘It’ is the Moonstone. In an opiumtrance, Franklin has gone to Rachel’s sitting room,and removed the moonstone. Then he dropped it.‘I’ is Franklin, who is narrating this section of thestory. ‘He’ is Luker. Luker has gone to the bank tocollect the moonstone, and Franklin has gone to thebank with Bruff to observe Luker. They are certainhe will pass the jewel to someone as he leaves thebank.‘I’ is Gooseberry, a boy who works for Bruff.Gooseberry had seen Luker pass something to thetall man with the beard in the bank. The boyfollowed the man to an eating house and then to apub.‘Him’ is a mechanic who followed the man with thebeard. Gooseberry saw him talking to an Indian.When the man with the beard went to his room inthe pub, he found the mechanic there, pretending tobe drunk. The landlord threw him out.‘He’ is Ablewhite. He saw Franklin take the stone ina trance. The next morning Rachel says nothing andFranklin realises nothing. So Ablewhite realizes hecan steal the diamond.3 b 5 c 1 d 2 e 4The Moonstone - Answer keys of 5

The Moonstone c Pearson Education Limited 2008 The Moonstone - Answer keys of 5 Answer keys LEVEL 6 PENGUIN READERS Teacher Support Programme Book key 1 a quicksand b opium c exclaimed d narrative e deformed f will g smear 2 a The Moonstone is a huge yellow diamond from India. b 1868 c It was the first detective novel in Engl

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