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2HAL LEONARD GUITAR METHODHAL LEONARDGUITAR METHODThe #1 selling guitar method in the world, the HalLeonard Guitar Method has been respected fornearly 30 years for its solid educational pacingcombined with playing music while learning.These 2nd editions retain the original editions’integrity while making the books even better suitedto the needs of today’s contemporary students.Each title features all new engravings, excellentsongs, thorough instruction including riffs andlicks, and more. The book/CD packs feature allnew recordings complete with demonstrationsand play-along tracks.THE AUTHORSWILL SCHMIDWill Schmid has gained the reputation as anoutstanding guitar teacher and performerthroughout the United States. He received his BAfrom Luther College and his PhD from theEastman School of Music. In addition to thebest-selling Hal Leonard Guitar Method, Dr.Schmid is the author of over 30 other books forguitar and banjo. He presents guitar workshopsthroughout the United States, Europe, Canada,and Australia. He is the former president of theMusic Educators National Conference (MENC)and a Professor of Music at the University ofWisconsin – Milwaukee.GREG KOCHGreg Koch is a successful bandleader, studiomusician, author, magazine contributor, clinicianand recording artist. He’s won many awards,including the prestigious Bluesbreaker GuitarShowdown, and is a recording guitarist for SteveVai’s Favored Nations label.To order, callHAL LEONARD GUITARMETHOD BOOK 1 –2ND EDITIONThe Hal Leonard Guitar Method is designed foranyone just learning to play acoustic or electric guitar.It is based on years of teaching guitar students of allages, and it also reflects some of the best guitarteaching ideas from around the world. Book 1provides beginning instruction which includes tuning;playing position; musical symbols; notes in firstposition; the C, G, G7, D, D7, A7, and Em chords;rhythms through eighth notes; strumming and picking; and 100 great songs, riffs, and examples. Addedfeatures are a chord chart and a selection of wellknown songs, including “Ode to Joy,” “Rocking’Robin,” “Greensleeves,” “Give My Regards toBroadway,” and “Time Is on My Side.”00699010 Book . 6.9500699027 Book/CD Pack . 9.9500699026 Book/Cassette Pack –1st Ed. . 7.9500697364 Spanish – Book 1. 5.9500697365 Spanish – Book/CD . 9.9500697357 French – Book . 5.9500697360 French – Book/CD . 9.9500697328 Chinese – Book. 5.9500697327 Chinese – Book/CD . 9.95HAL LEONARD GUITARMETHOD BOOK 2 –2ND EDITIONBook 2 continues the instruction started in Book 1and covers: Am, Dm, A, E, F and B7 chords; powerchords; finger-style guitar; syncopations, dottedrhythms, and triplets; Carter style solos; bass runs;pentatonic scales; improvising; tablature; 92 greatsongs, riffs and examples; notes in first and secondposition; and more! The CD includes 57 full-bandtracks for demonstration or play-along.00699020 Book . 6.9500697313 Book/CD Pack . 9.9500697358 French – Book . 5.9500697361 French – Book/CD . 9.9500697366 Spanish – Book . 5.9500697367 Spanish – Book/CD . 9.9500697334 Chinese – Book. 4.9500697335 Chinese – Book/CD . 8.95HAL LEONARD GUITARMETHOD BOOK 3 –2ND EDITIONBook 3 covers: The major, minor, pentatonic, andchromatic scales; sixteenth notes; barre chords; dropD tuning; movable scales; notes in fifth position;slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and string bends; chordconstruction; gear; 89 great songs, riffs, andexamples; and more! The CD Includes 60 full-bandtracks for demonstration or play along.00699030 Book . 6.9500697316 Book/CD Pack . 9.9500697359 French – Book . 5.9500697362 French – Book/CD . 9.9500697368 Spanish – Book . 5.9500697369 Spanish – Book/CD . 9.951-800-637-2852 or visit www.musicdispatch.com

3HAL LEONARD GUITAR METHODDVDHAL LEONARD GUITARMETHOD DVDFOR THE BEGINNING ELECTRIC OR ACOUSTIC GUITARISTThe world-famous Hal Leonard Guitar Method hastaught millions of people to play. Now learning will beeven easier, thanks to this great DVD! Designed foranyone just learning to play electric or acoustic guitar, itcovers: tuning, identifying the parts of the guitar, readingboth standard notation and tablature, playing chords,strumming and picking, improvising basic rock solosand lots more. It features great camera angles, helpfulon-screen music, guitar diagrams, hand-position closeups, and the navigational freedom that only a DVDcan provide, so you can go straight to the topics youwant! You’ll learn to play the songs: Let It Be WildThing Twist and Shout, as well as the famous intro riffsto: Smoke on the Water Day Tripper Sunshine ofYour Love. The DVD corresponds with all the books andsupplements in the Hal Leonard Guitar Method, andfeatures exclusive DVD Bonus Lessons covering chordprogressions, songs, licks and jam tracks!00697318 DVD . 19.95VIDEOHAL LEONARD GUITARMETHOD VIDEOFOR THE BEGINNING ELECTRIC OR ACOUSTIC GUITARISTNow learning will be even easier, thanks to this greatnew method video! Designed for anyone just learningto play electric or acoustic guitar, it covers: tuning upand parts of the guitar, reading both standardnotation and tablature, playing chords, strummingand picking, improvising basic rock solos and lotsmore, with helpful on-screen music, guitar diagrams,and hand-position close-ups. Viewers will learn toplay the songs: Let It Be Wild Thing and Twist andShout, as well as the famous intro riffs to: Smoke onthe Water Day Tripper and Sunshine of Your Love.Corresponds with books and supplements in the HalLeonard Guitar Method. 55 minutes.00320159 Video . 14.95COMPLETE EDITIONCOMPLETE EDITION – 2ND EDITIONBooks 1, 2, and 3 bound together in aneasy-to-use spiral binding.00699040 Book. 14.9500697342 Book/3-CD Pack . 22.95BEGINNER’S PACKHAL LEONARD GUITARMETHOD BEGINNER’S PACKThis value-priced pack contains everything abeginning electric or acoustic guitarist needs to getstarted! It includes the Second Edition of the Level 1book/CD pack in the world-famous Hal LeonardGuitar Method, as well as the method’s correlatingDVD. This 30 value is yours for only 24.95.00697341 Level 1 Book/CD Packand DVD . 24.95To order, callSUPPLEMENTAL REFERENCEARPEGGIO FINDERArpeggio Finder for Guitar isan extensive reference guide toover 1,300 arpeggio shapes. It’sessential for absolute beginnersor those who need to brush upon their skills. Twenty-eightdifferent qualities are coveredfor each key, and each quality ispresented in four differentshapes. Open strings are used when possible, but mostof the shapes are moveable, and therefore easilytransposed to any key. The shapes are shown first with asixth-string root, then with a fifth-string root. There area few shapes built off the fourth string as well. Most ofthe arpeggios (besides the extensions) span two fulloctaves. A fingerboard chart of the guitar neck isprovided for reference.00697352 6" x 9" . 5.9500697351 9" x 12" . 6.95INCREDIBLE CHORDFINDERAN EASY-TO-USE GUIDE TO OVER1,100 GUITAR CHORDSA complete guide diagrammingover 1,100 guitar chords intheir most common voicings.The book is arranged chromatically and each chord isillustrated in three ways forthree levels of difficulty: the easiest form of the chords forthe beginner and the more difficult versions forintermediate and advanced players. Note names of eachstring are indicated on each chord diagram to let theplayer know what notes are being played in the chord.00697200 6" x 9" . 5.9500697208 9" x 12" . 6.9500697215 French Edition (6" x 9"). 5.9500697210 Spanish Edition (6" x 9") . 5.95INCREDIBLE SCALEFINDERAN EASY-TO-USE GUIDE TOOVER 1,300 GUITAR SCALESLearn to use the entire fretboard with the IncredibleScale Finder! This book contains more than 1,300 scalediagrams for the most important 17 scale types, includingmajor and minor scales, pentatonics, the seven majormodes, diminished, melodic minor, harmonic minor,and more – in all 12 keys! Basic scale theory is alsopresented to help you apply these colorful sounds inyour own music.00695568 6" x 9" Edition. 5.9500695490 9" x 12" Edition. 6.951-800-637-2852 or visit www.musicdispatch.com

4HAL LEONARD GUITAR METHODSUPPLEMENTAL SONGBOOKSEASY POP MELODIESRIFFS & LICKSEASY POP RHYTHMSLEAD LICKSOVER 200 LICKS IN ALL STYLESPlay the melody to your favorite hits from the Beatles,Elton John, Elvis Presley, the Police, Nirvana, andmore! The songs are presented in order of difficulty,beginning with simple three- and four-string melodiesand ending with songs that contain many notes,including all six strings. The accompanying CDfeatures every song recorded by a full band, so youcan hear how each song sounds and then play alongwhen you’re ready.Strum along with your favorite hits from the Beatles,the Rolling Stones, the Eagles, Eric Clapton, andmore! The songs are presented in order of difficulty,beginning with simple three- and four-note chordsand ending with songs that contain many chords,including seventh chords and barre chords. Theaccompanying CD features every song recorded by afull band, so you can hear how each song sounds andthen play along when you’re ready.EASY POP MELODIES –2ND EDITIONEASY POP RHYTHMSCorrelates with Book 120 songs, including: All My Loving I Shot the Sheriff Imagine Maggie May My Heart Will Go On Smells Like Teen Spirit Walk Don’t Run We WillRock You and more.00697281 Book. 6.9500697268 Book/CD Pack . 14.95MORE EASY POP MELODIES –2ND EDITIONCorrelates with Book 120 songs in all: Closer to Free Gloria Hurts SoGood Iris Jambalaya (On the Bayou) Let Her Cry Love Me Do No Woman No Cry Surfin’ U.S.A. That’ll Be the Day Twist and Shout WonderfulTonight and more.00697336 Book. 6.9500697309 Book/CD Pack . 14.95MORE EASY POP RHYTHMSCorrelates with Book 220 top songs, including: California Girls Come AsYou Are Fields of Gold Hey Jude Oye Como Va Pride and Joy We Are the Champions and more.00697280 Book. 6.9500697269 Book/CD Pack . 14.95Correlates with Book 2Play the chord progressions of 20 pop and rocksongs, including: Building a Mystery Fire and Rain Get Back La Bamba Louie, Louie Time for Meto Fly What I Like About You Wild Thing andmore.00697338 Book. 6.9500697322 Book/CD Pack . 14.95EVEN MORE EASYPOP MELODIES – 2ND EDITIONEVEN MORE EASY POP RHYTHMSCorrelates with Book 320 songs students will love to play, including: AnotherOne Bites the Dust Change the World Crazy Crazy Train Do Wah Diddy Diddy Good Vibrations Heart Shaped Box Heartache Tonight Lucy inthe Sky with Diamonds Tequila Yesterday Y.M.C.A. You May Be Right and more.00699154 Book. 6.9500697270 Book/CD Pack . 14.95To order, callby Greg KochAre you tired of playing the same licks over and overagain? Or maybe you just don’t know what to playduring your solo? Lead Licks is a unique bookdesigned to increase your improvising vocabulary bytaking a short phrase, or “lick,” and morphing it intodifferent styles! This book/CD pack covers rock, blues,jazz, country, and “outside” styles. It gives you major,minor and dominant 7th licks (12 of each!) plus aspecial “exotic” section. You’ll have a lick for nearlyany musical situation. The CD includes each lickplayed at full speed and at a slower practice tempo.00697345 Book/CD Pack . 9.95Correlates with Book 320 great songs, including: Angie Crazy Little ThingCalled Love Dreams (Everything I Do) I Do It forYou Give a Little Bit Give Me One Reason I Won'tBack Down The Man Who Sold the World One Love Respect Revolution and more.00697340 Book. 6.9500697323 Book/CD Pack . 14.95RHYTHM RIFFSOVER 200 RIFFS IN ALL STYLESby Greg KochAre you tired of playing the same riffs over and overagain? Or maybe you just don’t know what to playother than strumming open chords? Rhythm Riffsgives you the tools to increase your accompanimentvocabulary. This book/CD pack covers rock, blues,jazz, country, and “outside” styles. It gives you major,minor and dominant 7th riffs (12 of each!) plus aspecial “exotic” section. You’ll have a riff for nearlyany musical situation. The CD includes each riffplayed at full speed and at a slower practice tempo.00697346 Book/CD Pack . 9.951-800-637-2852 or visit www.musicdispatch.com

5HAL LEONARD GUITAR METHODACOUSTIC GUITARMETHODA COMPLETE GUIDE WITH STEP-BY-STEPLESSONS & 45 GREAT ACOUSTIC SONGSThe Hal Leonard Acoustic Guitar Method uses realsongs to teach you the basics of acoustic guitar in thestyles of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton,John Mellencamp, Jim Croce, Indigo Girls, RobertJohnson, and many others. Lessons include:strumming; fingerpicking; using a Capo; opentunings; folk, country and bluegrass styles; acousticblues; acoustic rock; and much more. Songs include:Angie Barely Breathing Behind Blue Eyes Building a Mystery Change the World Dust in theWind Fast Car Jack and Diane Maggie May Name You’ve Got a Friend Yesterday and more.00697347 Book/CD Pack . 14.95BLUES GUITARCOUNTRY GUITARby Greg KochThe Hal Leonard Blues Guitar Method is your completeguide to learning blues guitar. This book uses real bluessongs to teach you the basics of rhythm and lead bluesguitar in the style of B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BuddyGuy, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, and many others.Lessons include: 12-bar blues; chords, scales and licks;vibrato and string bending; riffs, turnarounds, and boogie patterns; hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides; standardnotation and tablature; and much more! 20 songs,including: Boom Boom Born Under a Bad Sign Double Trouble Dust My Broom Killing Floor RockMe Baby (They Call It) Stormy Monday Sweet HomeChicago and more.00697326 Book/CD Pack 9" x 12". 14.9500697344 Book/CD Pack 6" x 9" . 14.95by Greg KochThe Hal Leonard Country Guitar Method is yourcomplete guide to learning country guitar. This bookuses real country songs to teach you the basics ofrhythm and lead country guitar in the style of ChetAtkins, James Burton, Albert Lee, Merle Travis, andmany others. Lessons include: Chords, Scales andLicks; Common Progressions and Riffs; Carter Styleand Travis Picking; Steel Licks, String Bending andVibrato; Standard Notation and Tablature; and muchmore! Songs include: Any Time Cold, Cold Heart Could I Have This Dance Crying My Heart Out OverYou Detroit City Don’t Take Your Guns to Town Green Green Grass of Home I Fall to Pieces I Walkthe Line I’m Not Ready Yet Paper Roses SatinSheets Under the Double Eagle Walking the FloorOver You Wild Wood Flower Yakety Sax YourCheatin’ Heart.00697337 Book/CD Pack . 14.95SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTIONMUSICTHEORY FORGUITARISTSEVERYTHING YOUEVER WANTED TO KNOWBUT WERE AFRAID TO ASKROCK GUITARJAZZ GUITARby Michael MuellerThe Hal Leonard Rock Guitar Method is your complete guide to learning rock guitar. This book uses realrock songs to teach you the basics of rhythm and leadrock guitar in the style of Eric Clapton, the Beatles, theRolling Stones, and many others. Lessons includepower chords, riffs, scales, licks, string bending, vibrato, hammer-ons and pull-offs, and slides, to name a few.Each chapter concludes with a jam session, whichenables you to jam along to such rock classics as “WildThing,” “Crossroads,” and “Takin’ Care of Business,”and others! 70 songs included in all, featuring:American Woman Bohemian Rhapsody Crazy Train Hey Joe Iron Man Layla Semi-Charmed Life Sultans of Swing and more.00697319 Book/CD Pack 9" x 12". 14.9500697343 Book/CD Pack 6" x 9". 14.95by Jeff SchroedlThe Hal Leonard Jazz Guitar Method is yourcomplete guide to learning jazz guitar. This book usesreal jazz songs to teach you the basics ofaccompanying and improvising jazz guitar in the styleof Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Tal Farlow, CharlieChristian, Jim Hall, and many others. Topics includeseventh chords, extended chords, altered chords,comping styles, quartal voicings, multi-purposevoicings, reading chord charts, common chordprogressions, tritone substitution, and more! Songsinclude: Satin Doll Take the “A” Train Billie’sBounce Impressions Bluesette My One and OnlyLove Desafinado Autumn Leaves Watch WhatHappens Tenor Madness Oleo Song for MyFather and more. The CD includes 99 tracks fordemonstration and play-along.00695359 Book/CD Pack . 14.95by Tom KolbGuitarists of all levels willfind a wealth of practicalmusic knowledge in thisspecial book and CD package. Veteran guitarist andauthor Tom Kolb dispels the mysteries of music theoryusing plain and simple terms and diagrams. Theaccompanying CD provides 94 tracks of musicexamples, scales, modes, chords, ear training, andmuch more!00695790 Book/CD Pack . 17.95Order Today!1-800-637-2852www.musicdispatch.com

6FASTTRACK MUSIC INSTRUCTION CDIncludedFastTrack is (you guessed it!) a quick way forbeginners to learn to play an instrument.Skeptical of method books? (Yeah, we thinkthey’re kind of boring, too.) That’s why FastTrackis different from the rest: user-friendly, withplenty of cool songs, and a lot more fun! Thesebooks teach you what you need to know to getplaying right away, but also the fun stuff you wantto know. Plus, the last section for most of theFastTrack method books for different instruments is the same so that players can form a bandand jam together! How cool is that?!SONGBOOK CONTENTSAll packs include a great play-along CD withprofessional-sounding back-up band.Songbook 1 – Level 1 includes: Brown EyedGirl Great Balls of Fire I Want to Hold YourHand Oh, Pretty Woman Piano Man WildThing Wonderful Tonight You Really Got Me.Songbook 2 – Level 1 includes 8 songs: EvilWays Gimme Some Lovin’ Gloria Have ITold You Lately Jailhouse Rock Time Is on MySide Twist and Shout Walk Don’t

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05/02/2002: Complete revision of entire document. 07/03/2002: Final revision of policies after multiple month review process by EMS Dispatch QI Group. . medical dispatch provider and qualified emergency medical dispatch personnel. EMD Services include priority medical dispatch of EMS resources, pre-arrival instructions and post-dispatch

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219 CLASSICAL GUITAR HAL LEONARD 2009-2010 CLASSICAL MUSIC CATALOG 220 Guitar Instruction 222 Solo Guitar Literature by Composer 238 Solo Guitar Collections 240 Guitar Duos 242 Guitar Ensembles 243 Guitar with Various Instruments 247 Voice and Guitar 247 Mandolin 248 Dulcimer 248 Lute 76164 6 Classical_Guitar: 6/18/09 4:02 PM Page 219

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around the drum. 4) Insert one bass drum spur (5) (leg) on each side and hand tighten them with the T-handle located on the bracket. 1) Bass Drum 2) Bass Drum Hoops 3) Bass Drum Heads a. Front b. Back 4) Bass Drum Tension Rods & Claw Hooks 5) Bass Drum Spur 6) Bass Drum Pedal 7) Bass Drum Beater 8) Floor Tom 9) Floor Tom Key Rods 10) Floor Tom .

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