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Master of Laws (LL.M.) inIntellectual Property (withspecialization in Patent Lawand Design Law)Jointly organized byAnkara University,World Intellectual PropertyOrganizationand theTurkish Patent and Trademark Office

Master of Laws (LLM) inIntellectual PropertyAbout the programMind your creativity!Are you developing software for personal computers or smartphones? Are you a composer, a painter, an author, or anindustrial designer? Are you working in an academicenvironment or in R&D, journalism, or publication industries?Have you recently developed an idea that you think nobodyhas thought about before? Are you planning to launch a newbusiness and aiming at using IP as part of your businessstrategy? Are you interested in obtaining in-depth knowledgeabout the rights of a creative and innovative person?Then, this program is tailored for you!Following the first-ever graduate program onintellectual property rights in Turkey, MSc onIntellectual Property Rights, Technology Policies,and Innovation Management, Ankara Universityis now offering a new graduate degree onintellectual property. Jointly organized by theWorld Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office(TURKPATENT) and Ankara University’s LLM inIntellectual Property (with specialization inPatent Law and Design Law) aims at reachingout to candidates who would like to criticallyexamine the rights of inventors, creators anddesigners working in government, research anddevelopment institutions and in the industry.The interdisciplinary courses at AnkaraUniversity’s LLM in Intellectual Propertyprogram are conducted in English and areparticularly designed for graduates of thefaculties of business management,economics, engineering, humanities, lawand sciences.

Master of Laws (LLM) inIntellectual PropertyPartnersAnkara UniversityAnkara University is the oldest university of the TurkishRepublic. The history and mission of Ankara University isintertwined with that of the young state founded byAtatürk. The establishment of the Turkish Republic wasmuch more than just a change in government. It was also agreat social transformation based on modern science,contemporary democratic values and institutions. Read moreabout Ankara University at Intellectual Property OrganizationThe World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the globalforum for intellectual property policy, services, information andcooperation. A specialized agency of the United Nations, WIPO assistsits 193 member states in developing a balanced international IP systemthat enables innovation and creativity for the benefit of all. It helpsgovernments, businesses and society realize the benefits of IP; providesglobal services to protect IP across borders and to resolve disputes. Itdelivers capacity-building programs to enable all countries to use IP foreconomic, social and cultural development.The WIPO Academy is the center of excellence of IP education and training forWIPO member states, in particular developing countries, least-developedcountries (LDCs) and countries in transition. The Academy works to help buildhuman capacity in IP, which is essential to innovation. Read more about theWIPO Academy at Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT)TURKPATENT is an active and modern public institution responsible foradministration of industrial property rights under the Ministry of Science,Industry and Technology. TURKPATENT has performed successfully in guidingand counseling role the development and implementation of new projects aswell as it has fulfilled the activities for motivating the existing potential bymeans of cooperating with universities, industrialists, SMEs and entrepreneursconstituting the stakeholders of the industrial property system.Read more about TURKPATENT at

Master of Laws (LLM) inIntellectual PropertyAcademic StaffWIPO ExpertsIn the 2020-2021 academic year, Prof. Uma Suthersanen (Queen Mary,University of London, United Kingdom (UK), Dr. Enrico Bonadio (City Universityof London, UK) and Prof. Irini Stamatoudi (University of Nicosia, Cyprus) joinedus as WIPO experts and shared their knowledge on the international aspectsof IP, Patent Law, Design Law and Copyright Law.Uma Suthersanen, LLB (Hons) (Singapore),LLM (London), PhD (London)Chair in Global Intellectual Property Law and Director, LLM inIntellectual Property Law programme, Queen Mary University ofLondon.Areas of interest: global intellectual property law & policy;international and comparative design law; international andcomparative copyright law; innovation and utility modelregimes.Enrico Bonadio, PhD (PhD University of Florence, 2007)Reader in Intellectual Property LawProgramme Director, LLM International Business Law (distancelearning) City University of London, UKAreas of interest: international intellectual property law andpolicy; intellectual property and public interests; protection ofbiotechnological inventions; copyright and art.Irini Stamatoudi, LLB (Athens), LLM (Leicester), PhD (Leicester)Professor, University of Nicosia, CyprusAreas of interest: European Union copyright law, Internationalcopyright law, new technologies and cultural property law.

Master of Laws (LLM) inIntellectual PropertyAcademic StaffAnkara UniversityAnkara University contributes to the program by its faculty, as well as visitinglecturers and IP professional from other institutions.Selin Özden Merhacı, PhD (Ankara University, 2012)Assistant Professor of Law, Ankara UniversityAreas of Interest: IP Law, Technology Transfer and LicensingAgreements, Comparative Law, European Contract and TortLaw.Zehra Özkan, PhD (Ankara University, 2014)Assistant Professor of Law, Ankara UniversityAreas of Interest: IP Law, International Copyright Law,Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights,Comparative Law, European Contract and Tort Law.Hasan Kadir Yılmaztekin, PhDHead of Department (Judge), Department of Foreign Relations,Justice Academy of Turkey (LLB (Hons) (Ankara, 2003), LLM(Exeter, 2012), PhD (Exeter, 2017)Areas of Interest: EU, UK and Turkish copyright and design law;IP and emerging technologies (AI, videogames, responsibilitiesof intermediaries on the Internet), international protection oftraditional knowledge, cultural expressions and geographicalindications, human rights aspects of copyright law, thecapabilities approach to IP law.

Master of Laws (LLM) inIntellectual PropertyAcademic StaffTURKPATENT ExpertsThe Turkish Patent and Trademark Office experts also take part in the program andcontribute the course content by giving lectures on practical implementation.Students will have the chance to observe experts at TURKPATENT’s headquartersas on-the-job training.Habip Asan, PhDPresident of TURKPATENT (PhD Texas Tech University, 1993)Areas of Interest: Patent, utility model and designs law, IPcommercialization, patent ownership in universities.Elif Betül Akın, LLM (Munich), PhDHead of Re-Examination and Evaluation Department andBoards of Appeal of TURKPATENT(LL.M Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC), PhDHacettepe University, 2006)Areas of Interest: IP Law, trademark law, geographicalindications; trademark, design and patent appeals andprocedures.Ayşe Göksu Kaya Özsan, PhDUnit Leader of Biotechnology Team, TURKPATENT (PhDHacettepe University, 2017)Areas of Interest: Patent, utility model and designs law,search and examination.Guest Speakers fromEuropean Patent Office

Master of Laws (LLM) inIntellectual PropertyProgram StructureLLM in Intellectual Property is designed into two semesters.2021-2022 Academic Year(From September 2021 to July 2022)Winter 2021(September to December)Spring 2022(February to July)WIPO Distance Learning Courses(3 courses)Ankara University in–residence courses(7 courses and research project)All courses will be conducted in English.Winter 2021 (September to December)The Winter Semester consists of 3 courses offered by the WIPO Academy. These courses will beconducted through WIPO’s distance learning program. Detailed description of the courses willbe provided by the WIPO Academy before the start of the semester. General Course on Intellectual PropertyPatentsTrademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical IndicationsSpring 2022 (February to June)Ankara University will offer several in-residence courses in the Spring Semester. Detaileddescription of courses will be provided by the lecturers before the courses start. Introduction to Intellectual Property and Research Methodology: InterdisciplinaryApproachesAdvanced Patent Law: Substantive and ProceduralAdvanced Design Law: Substantive and ProceduralAdvanced TrademarksInternational Copyright LawGeographical Indications and Traditional KnowledgeValuation and Commercialization of Intellectual Property RightsIP Skills Building TrainingAnkara University will provide assistance and guidance to all students during the registrationweek of the Winter Semester, to ensure that the course load can be taken in one academicyear.Research Project (May to July)The program will be completed with a capstone research project. This project will give thestudents the opportunity to apply the knowledge gathered throughout the LLM program to aparticular issue from their own professional background.

Master of Laws (LLM) inIntellectual PropertyApplication forAdmission ProcedureThe application period lasts from 12 April 2021 to 12 July 2021. Applications willbe processed online. If your application meets our admissions criteria, you will becontacted to schedule an online interview.Websites for ALL applications:WIPO - institutions/Applicants with Turkish nationality and/or self-sponsored applicants should applyboth through the WIPO Academy website, at the link above, and through theAnkara University Graduate School of Social Sciences website( The exact dates for the latter will be announcedon the Graduate School of Social Sciences website in June.Application Documents and Requirements:-Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university (open to all disciplines)-Transcript (min. GPA: 2.00 / 4.00)-Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL iBT: 78/ Cambridge English: Advanced(CAE): Score B, Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE): Score C, or Pearson Test ofEnglish Academic (PTE Academic): Score 67, Turkish Foreign Language Exam –YDS or YÖKDİL: 65). Applicants from the countries English is (one of) the officiallanguages, are exempt from the language requirement.-One reference letter-Curriculum Vitae-Statement of purpose (maximum one page)-ALES score (min. 55, applicable only for applicants with Turkish nationality)-Passing the written entrance exam which will be held by Ankara University inAnkara (applicable only for applicants with Turkish nationality)Successful applicants are required to send the application documents in hardcopy to Ankara University, upon request following the selection period.

Master of Laws (LLM) inIntellectual PropertyFees and ScholarshipsFeesThe tuition fee for 2021-2022 Academic Year is 3000 EUR.Each academic year, the tuition is calculated based on the total amount ofcredits you will take (approx. 100 EUR per credit).Students are required to take 30 credits in two semesters.ScholarshipsScholarships are available to international applicants and applicants withTurkish nationality. WIPO and Republic of Turkey will offer scholarships for upto 10 international students. WIPO and Republic of Turkey funding includestuition fees, accommodation, travel costs and subsistence allowance forinternational students.The “Türkiye Scholarship” program administered by the Presidency for TurksAbroad and Related Communities1 (YTB) on behalf of Republic of Turkeyrequires that the “awarded” students register at a link that will be providedto them by YTB after selection.Ankara University also offers scholarships. These scholarships cover tuition feesonly for applicants with Turkish nationality. Students who are awarded with ascholarship from Ankara University may be required to submit a graduate thesis.Additional time and academic supervision to prepare the thesis will be provided.Applicants seeking a scholarship from Ankara University should apply throughthe Ankara University’s Graduate School of Social Sciences and attend thewritten entrance exam, which will be held by Ankara University in August.Supporting Partner1YTB (Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities) is a Turkish public institution withthe task to coordinate the activities for Turks living abroad, related communities and internationalscholarship students studying in Turkey, and develop the services and activities carried out in thesefields it has undertaken.

Master of Laws (LLM) inIntellectual PropertyImportant datesApplication (for all Applicants)All applicants should register through the WIPO Academy demic institutions/Application period: 12 April – 12 July 2021Interviews: end of July 2021Notification of results: August 2021 (International students will be notifiedby WIPO Academy).All the necessary documents should be sent to the university on demandincluding the English exam score.Application (for Applicants with Turkish Nationality and/or Self-SponsoredApplicants)In addition to registration through the WIPO Academy’s website, all applicantswith Turkish nationality and/or self-sponsored applicants should refer to onlineapplication facility which will be available on the Ankara University Graduate Schoolof Social Sciences website ( in June/July 2021.The applicants should attend a written examination in Ankara in August 2021.The exact dates for application and examination will be announced on the GraduateSchool of Social Sciences website. Successful applicants with Turkish nationalityand/or self-sponsored students will be notified by Ankara University.For more information, please visit the Ankara University Intellectual andIndustrial Property Rights Center website ( 2021 (WIPO Distance Learning courses)Winter courses start: September 2021Spring 2022 (Residential Phase at Ankara University)Registration: February 2022Spring courses start: February 2022Spring courses end: May 2022Graduation: 30 June 2022Ankara University is closed on:29 October 2021: Republic Day holiday1 January 2022: New Year’s Day holiday23 April 2022: National Sovereignty and Children's Day holiday1 May 2022: Labor and Solidarity Day holiday2-4 May 2022: Feast of Ramadan holiday19 May 2022: Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day holiday

Master of Laws (LLM) inIntellectual PropertyProgram CoordinatorsProgram s/academic institutions/Ankara University direct all your email correspondence tollm.ankarau@wipo.intAnkara UniversitySelin ÖZDEN MERHACI, PhDKoray GÜVENTel: 90 312 5955232Fax: 90 312 3637719 AcademyMartha CHIKOWORETel: 41 22 3389111Fax: 41 22 3381417 Patent and Trademark OfficeAyşe Göksu KAYA ÖZSAN, PhDTel: 90 312 3031591Fax: 90 312 3031220

Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Policies, and Innovation Management, Ankara University is now offering a new graduate degree on intellectual property. Jointly organized by the . Introduction to Intellectual Property and

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