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IslamversusCivilizationThe Great War of the 21st CenturyRichard HobbsRepublican Men’s Club20 October 201520Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization1

SpecialHandlingand Taxincluded 2020Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization2


Part IWhat Is the Challengeto World ation4

What is Islam? Trilogy Abrogation Law of Muhammad(sharia)Incompatible with democracy JihadJihad is a continuous and never ending strugglewaged on all fronts including political, economicsocial, psychological, domestic, moral, spiritual.- Brigadier S.K Malik, The Koranic Concept of Power Dhimmitude20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization5

The objective of jihad is toreestablish the caliphate and imposethe Law of Muhammad, sharia law,throughout the world so that Islam isthe only ideology in the world.20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization6

Radical MuslimPracticing Muslim – wants to kill youModerate MuslimNon-practicing Muslim - wants aradical Muslim to kill youThe most dangerousMINO – Muslim in Name OnlyGo along – acquiescent – irrelevantRemember peace-loving Germans, Russians, Chinese, etc.20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization7


The Cult ofMuhammad20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization9

Appendix A – Muhammad Cartoon ContestOur aim was the khanzaar [pig] Pamela Geller and to show her that wedon’t care what land she hides in or what sky shields her, we will send allour Lions to achieve her slaughter.- DaeshThere is no “clash between civilizations; it is a clash between civilizationand barbarism” we say the future must not belong to Islam.- Geert Wilders20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization10

How Did It Spread?Islam, this theology of an immoralArab, is a dead thing. Possibly itmight have suited the tribes ofnomads in the desert. It was no goodfor a modern progressive state.- Mustafa Kemal Ataturk20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization11

LogoYusuf al-QaradawiCreed of the Muslim BrotherhoodAllah is our objective.The Prophet is our leader.The Koran is our law.Jihad is our way.Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization12

The World according to Daesh(also known as ISIL, ISIS, IS)20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization13


Is Reformation Possible?Is it possible to change a pig’s ear into a silk purse?20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization15

The Islamic world is making enemies of thewhole world. We need a religious revolution.- President Abdel Fatah al-Sisiat Al-Azhar20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization16

[Our] founders brought to their task acommitment to anchor the youngrepublic in modernity. They instituteduniversal education, gender equality andseparation of religion and state.- President Beji Caid Essebsi20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization17

Obstacles to Reformation No central authority – different sects Blasphemy ApostasyThe call for secularism among Muslims isatheism and rejection of Islam and isdownright apostasy.- Yusuf al-Qaradawi20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization18

Islam on theMarchTerror is psychological warfare and fear is apowerful weapon20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization19

The New Caliphate20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization20

The Muslim Invasion of Europe - EurabiaEurope is sliding into dhimmitude as its JudeoChristian values are replaced by Islam20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization21

Islam in AmericaOrganizations, people, mosques,prisons, White House, Congress,government, academia, stealthjihad (OIC, UN Resolution 16/18)Play on the ignorance of Americans and their respectfor religions. Keep up the mantra that Islam is areligion of peace.20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization22

The ProblemWrong EnemyWrong TacticsWrong GoalWrong StrategyOur Islamic heritage is a minefield of these deviant ideas Theproblem of us Arabs is that we are not being honest withourselves All the books of Islamic heritage, without exception,from all Islamic sects and denominations, have enough ISISideology to turn your hair white.-20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilizationKuwaiti researcher23

It is clear that salam(peace) is not the basisof the word Islam.Allah has revealedIslam to be the religionof the sword . thereligion of fighting.- Abu Bakr al-BaghdadiDabiq, Feb 201520Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization24

DenialWhoever says ISIS has no connection to Islam is a liar.ISIS is Islam; Islam is ISIS.- Sister Hatune Dogan Apologists ConcessionsConcessions can be permitted to the point where theyshow complete contempt for US laws and total disrespect forauthority.Freedom of speech is ourmain guard against tyranny.Fear of Islamic extremismhas led some world leaders tosacrifice liberty hoping for abit of security.20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization25


Part IIWhat CanCivilization Do?20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization27

The World Needs a StrategyA civilization fights to preserve itself or it dies.- Andrew McCarthy20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization28

Identify the EnemyMuhammad The False ProphetThe Cult of Perpetual OutrageMuhammadans believe that expansion through war is notaggression, but a fulfillment of the Koranic command tospread Muhammadism as a way to peace.20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization29

Options ReformationInternational Conference RemovalIdeological WarPsychological WarfareEpochal War20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization30

Europe – The Most Immediate ThreatThe major quandary: can Europe survive without having toresort to brutality (forced deportations and resettlements)which would be against their values? That is an enormousmoral question, but it probably will have to be addressed tosave Europe.20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization31

The conflict will continue; there are no solutions,but there are decisions – “and all of the choices willbe bad.” He [George Friedman] then makes theprescient statement: “What has to be done will bedone.” [He won’t state it but the allusion is to massdeportations and forced resettlements.]Immigration not terrorism (is) the Trojan Horsewhich has penetrated the West and transformedEurope into Eurabia.- Oriana Fallaci20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization32

European Options Stop Muhammadan Immigration Require Assimilation or Deport Enforce Sedition/Treason Laws Deport Non-Citizens Clean Out the No-Go Zones Clean Out the Prisons/Mosques Revoke No Gun Laws and Arm the People Renounce Islam or Lose Citizenship20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization33

“Refugee” CrisisHijra – Hegira – MigrationAnyone who emigrates for the cause of Allah willfind on the earth many a refuge and abundance.And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant toAllah and His Messenger and then death overtakeshim – his reward from Allah is sure. Allah is mostforgiving and merciful.Koran, sura 4, verse 100Europe’s choice is to remain the historic Europe orto descend into the gutter of Muhammadism.20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization34

AmericaIslam is a slow terminal cancer, which metastasizes,and takes over . Like cancer, excision may be theonly cure.- Dr. Mark Christian20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization35

NihadAwadFounderCAIRSiraj WahhajsupportsviolentjihadAre these two real Americans?20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization36

Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any otherfaith, but to become dominant. The Koranshould be the highest authority in America,and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.- Omar Ahmad, cofounder andlongtime board chairman CAIR, 1998If only Muslims were clever politically, theycould take over the United States and replaceits constitutional government with a caliphate.- Siraj Wahhaj20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization37

US Options Education about Muhammadism (Islam) International SceneUrge al-Sisi and Essebsi to call for an internationalcongress or conferenceWithdraw US support for UN Resolution 16/18 Islam is Not a ReligionConsider Communist Control Act of 1954 Ban Muslim Brotherhood/Islamic OrganizationsRevoke 501(C)(3) exemptions20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization38

Additional Options Investigate and prosecute subversive individuals Ban Muslim immigration Stop concessions Investigate all mosques – close those preachingjihad and sharia Clean out prisons – ban all imams Ban Muslims from government, law enforcement,and military20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization39

Strip citizenship from those who went to MiddleEast to fight Consider requiring swear allegiance to US Open carryEnforce our laws: 18 U.S. Code Chapter 15 –Treason, Sedition and Subversive ActivitiesIt has a section “§2385 Advocating Overthrow ofGovernment,” which goes into more detail aboutconspiring to overthrow our government.20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization40

Key question: should Muhammadans be asked torenounce Islam? If they refuse, should they bedeported if they are not citizens and should they losetheir citizenship if they are citizens?20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization41

ConclusionModern versus ancient Egypt – Is this progress?20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization42

Daesh burning 4 Shia alive Aug 201520Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization43


Is this what you want for your wife, daughter, or Mother?We will never rid the world of the scourge ofMuhammadism until it is stripped of its protectiveshield of religion and addressed as it really is – atotalitarian ideology with a façade of religion.20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization45

It is time for the West to wake up and stop toleratingthe intolerable!20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization46

Islam is a religion of “peace” andMuslims will kill you to prove it.- Paris DispersicoThe barbarians are at thegate – and some are alreadyinside!Wake Up America!20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization47

Growth of Islamic State During theISIS Wars 2014-2047Joseph V. Micallef Huffington Post 21 Aug 201520Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization48

Middle East20Oct2015RMCIslamvsCivilization49

Civilization The Great War of the 21st Century Richard Hobbs Republican Men’s Club 20 October 2015 20Oct#2015 RMC#Islam#vs#Civilization 1. 20Oct#2015 RMC#Islam#vs#Civilization 2 Special 20 Handling and Tax included. 20Oct#2015 RMC#Islam#vs#Civilization 3. 20Oct#2015 RMC#Islam#vs#

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DISCOURSE ON COLONIALISM . by Aime Cesaire . A civilization that proves incapable of solving the problems it creates is a decadent civilization. A civilization that chooses . to . close its eyes to its most crucial problems is a stricken civilization. A civilization that uses its principles for trickery and deceit is a dying civilization.

The Indus Valley Civilization Civilization began in India around 2500 B.C., about 1000 years after the start of civilization in Sumer. The first Indian civilization arose on the northern plain in the valley of the Indus River. Historians call that civilization the Indus Valley, civilization.

only for culture, while civilization uses the term tahdhib. The word civilization is often associated with culture, even many western writers identify the "culture" and "civilization" of Islam. Often times Islamic civilization is associated with Arab civilization, although actually between Arabic and Islam can still be distinguished.

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1.Culture is by definition smaller than a civilization. 2.Culture can grow and exist without residing in a formal civilization whereas a civilization will never grow and exist without the element of culture. 3.Culture can be tangible or intangible whereas civilization is something that is more tangible because it is what you see as a whole

civilization and culture. Before any discussion on clash of civilizations, it is important to understand the essential features of western civilization. Many American and European universities have (at least they used to have till a few years ago) courses on Western civilization. Most of these courses state that Western civilization has

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Aliens Love Underpants We have provided here six aliens, 12 kinds of underpants in sets for collecting and smaller versions that can be stuck on two big dice. We have also provided “Mum” cards. Some possible ways to play in addition to pairs or bingo. Please send your suggestions to add to these. 1. For up to four players. Each player becomes an alien and has a card with a flying saucer .