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CNC Turning Center With 2 Spindles, 2 Turrets And 1 Y-axis .

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CNC Turning Center with 2 Spindles, 2 Turrets and 1 Y-axis SlideMiyano Evolution LineBNJ

What could not be donecan be doneX-axis movement is added to the traditional self loading mechanism which the main spindle is fixedand the opposed sub spindle can move to the Z-axis direction to receive the workpiece.Wide space appears immediately after the back working turret is indexed at the concave position,then sub spindle passes.The state-of-art technology of starting full capacity machining immediately after turret indexcompletion reduces idle time and make it possible to do complete machining including eccentricmachining and multiple machining, which other machines cannot do.

Simultaneous machiningby main and back-workingturretsSimultaneous machining of work pieces on theL-spindle with the main turret and work on theR-spindle with the back working turret is the keyto high efficiency.Simultaneous, overlappingmachining for the front andback operationsOverlapping control, which enables the R-spindleto precisely follow the movement of the mainturret, reduces machining time for operationssuch as turning operation and combinedmachining with the Double sided revolving tool.Off-center machining on theR-spindleThe off-center collet on the R-spindle enablesoff-center machining including combinedmachining such as crank machining which othermachines are not capable of.Combined machining on theY-axisThe Y-axis function of the main turret enablesside milling which previously required bothC-axis and end milling. This also enables largediameter threading and machining of workpieces with large pockets and bosses whichwere previously difficult to machine.

Machining at full capacity starts immediately afterindexing the back working turret and the entireoperation is completed in a single process as a result ofcombined machining.Cranks and off-center bushes can also be machined.Machining at full capacity starts immediately after indexing the back working turretThe backworking turret has two concave sections.gain access to rearward facing tools mounted on theImmediately after this turret is indexed to a concavemain turret and/or to collect the workpiece from the Lsection, clearance is created to allow the R spindle tospindle. This new innovation results in reduced idle times.YX1Back working turretZ1Turret position duringR-spindle advancementIndexing forretractionMain turretZ2R-spindleL-SpindleX2Off-center machining by X-axis shiftThe off-center collet is installed in the R spindle and the Roff. The workpiece is fully parted off by using an end millspindle is shifted horizontally in the X-axis direction by theto allow the operation to begin. Off-center machining onoff-center dimension. Then the chuck centers of the L andparts such as cranks, bushes can begin on the R spindle.R spindle are aligned. The R spindle traverses to the leftDouble off-center machining can also be carried outand chucks the workpiece that has been partially partedmanually. Reference of off-center amountR-spindle stops.Off-centeramountCenter ofL-spindleCenter ofR-spindleX-axis shiftamount4D-d 241- d2R-spindle collet chuckMax.φ41L-spindle stops.Off-center work amount Max diameter of colletDEndmillMax. bar work diameter: 51 Cut-off with endmillOff-center amount: e R-spindle shift amount Examples of Machining

A wide variety of combined machining with revolving tools Basic combined machining Large Diameter Helical Threading Milling of large pockets and bosses(Option)In addition to conventional crossdrilling, tapping and face tapping onthe main spindle's center axis, a Y-axisallows for off-center drilling, tapping,and milling.Linear and circular interpolation makes itpossible to machine large OD pockets andbosses on the Y-Z plane.Planetary tapZEndmillEndmillingZZYYXYXX Contour Milling Contouring milling Off-center machining High precision millingCombining the C-, X-, and Z-axesmakes it possible to do contour millingwith simultaneous 3-axis control.One side is machined off-center by contour milling andthe other side is machined off-center on the off-centerchuck. Double off-center machining can be performedon the machine.Accurate positioning by the C-axis and highprecision combined machining by the Y-axisallow for a wider range of machining.EndmillingOD cutting toolZZEndmillingZYXXXOff-centerThe L/R-spindles and tool spindles enable stable machiningDouble row roller bearing and angular L-spindle R-spindleSpindle headstockcontact ball bearing used for the frontSpindle quillbearing and double row roller bearing usedSpindlefor the back bearing are mounted in theStationarycollet chuckStationarycollet chuckquill housing for both L and R axes. Thismakes it possible to achieve sufficientMax. colletdiameterφ42mmrigidity, heat control, and flexible thermaldistortion qualities to facilitate theInner coolantproduction of high precision parts. ToolUltra high precisiondouble row roller bearingspindles are driven by a tough AC servoAutomatic work ejectorUltra high precisionangular contact ball bearingmotor to achieve stable machining andoverload protection.1.0100.55Continual machining areaContinuous machining areaN.m01,0002,0003,0004,000Tool spindle speed6,000 r/min.520.0501100.5kgf. m5N. m10.05.030 minutes ratingContinuous rating1.00.5kW60 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 r/min.1,269 Spindle kW3.7kW30 minutes ratingContinuous rating5.01.00.5Spindle motor output1011kW100 82.5N.m7.5kW.56.3N mSpindle torque200 R-spindle Power DiagramSpindle motor output20Overload detection : 20 Nm20kgf.m L-spindle Power DiagramSpindle torqueSpindle torque402.01.7Ultra high precisiondouble row roller bearingUltra high precisionangular contact ball bearing Torque Diagram of Tool Spindle4.0Max. chucking lengthfrom the chuck faceto the chuck bottom65mmkW60 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 r/min.1,269 Spindle speedUnusable range of ejector

A tooling system that is ideal for bar work machiningand abundant options for a wide tooling zone.Tooling systemSince this model employs the same tooling system as thecommonly used for round bar, hexangular bar and squareABX series, the tool holders are completely compatible.bar. The back working turret is a turret for back sideIdeal tooling is achieved by selecting the most appropriatemachining. The OD cutting tool is directly mounted on thetool holders. When the bar feeder is not attached to theturret as a wedge and the ID cutting tool is mounted onmachine, a pull out finger chuck is available, which isthe holder.Cut-off toolholder LCut-off toolholder RDouble plane & turning toolholder Square 20, Dia. 25Double turningtool holder LDouble turningtool holder RDouble turning toolDouble turning toolholder F with stopper holder R Dia.25 mmplate Dia.25 mmMounting method of 2 guide pinsTurning & plane holderDia.25 mmTurning toolholder ATurning toolholder BTurning tool holder C Pull out fingerwith stopper plateSingle plain headDia.25Double plainhead Dia.25 mmPlain holder ADia.20 mmX-spindle unitDouble plain head CDia.25 mmWedge clampY-Double plain headDia.25 mmPlain holder BDia.40 mmNutMain turretDouble plainhead B Dia.25 mmNutSpindle unitBack working turretNutZ double side spindle unitTooling area503φ25Main 16DIN177Eφ130φ120DIN173E68787525Z2-axis Slide Stroke700703588StationarycolletR spindle3516530100Max.30 80AA104101X2-axis Slide StrokeColletH-S1611-axisSlideXStrokeTravel1 ionarycollet4059 51 20Spindle centerBNJ-42S2BNJ-42SY2Back workingturretBBTurret length: 320Max.6023L-spindle550φ53Main turretY-axis slide Stroke 40BNJ-34S2BNJ-34SY240246Z1-axis Slide Stroke46 76(3")3.550Type of machine929065

Various options Parts catchers and parts conveyors Cut-off confirmationParts catcher & Parts conveyor is the requirement for barThis is a function to confirmwork machining.that cut-off of the workpiece is completed andthe R-spindle can traversewith low thrust to theretract position for cut-offconfirmation and programskip. The safety and reliability of this function makesit easier to avoid mechanical troubles.Cut-off toolL-spindle rotationR-spindle rotationR-spindle retractsConfirmation of cut-off,program skip position commandCut-off positionRetract with low thrust Chip conveyorThis chip conveyorNC SPECIFICATIONSis a universal hingeMIYANO-FANUCtype. It enables highprecision machining bysmoothly carrying outlarge volumes of chipsand eliminating chip Simultaneously controlledaxesheat generated during Min. input increment Min. output increment Parts program storagecapacityprolonged machining.A chip conveyor is theindispensable for prolonged operation. Please consult with Spindle functionus when using special work piece materials for machining. Rapid traverse rate Cutting feed rate Cutting feed rate override Interpolation Threading Canned Cycle Work coordinate setting Revolving toolsThe standard toolingis a simple setupconsistingofanX-spindle unit and aZ-spindle unit. The Tool selection and workcoordinate system selectionrigid tapping function Tool wear offset(optional) is used for Direct input of tool positions Input/Output interface Automatic operationtapping. The tappingcollet is mounted onlyin special situations.Drill breakage isdetected by the swingcylinder.The machine stopswhen breakage isdetected, secondcanSpindle speed S4 digits direct specify,Constant cutting speed control(G96)X1,X2, axis:18m/min. (708ipm) , Z1,Z2,axis:20m/min.(787ipm) Y-axis 12m/min.(472ipm)F3.4 digit direct specify0 〜150% (10% steps)G01, G02, G03G32, G92G90, G92, G94Automatic setting, 64 sets by the geometry offsetfunctionTool selection 1 〜 64 can be done by the first twodigit of the T-4 digit code.Tool wear selection 1 〜 64 sets can be done by thelast two digit of the T-4 digit code.Measured value can be directly key inRS-232C, PC Card Slot.Single/Continuous cycle operation.Single block operation, Block delete,Machine lock, Dry run, Optional block skip. Others10.4" Color LCD, 800 storage parts programs, Decimal point inputManual pulse generator, Memory protect, AC digital servoPolar coordinate interpolation, Programmable data input(G10)Cs-axis control(L/R Spindle) Basic OptionsChamfering/Corner R control, Tool nose R compensation, Background editingRun hour/Parts count display, Synchronous mixing feed functionMultiple repetitive canned cycle(G70 〜 G76), Drilling canned cycleContinuous threading, Tool life management systemContinuous multi-lead thread cutting, Rigid tapping function(Spindle / Revolving Tools)Cylindrical interpolation, Custom macro B NC Additional FunctionManual retrace function, Macro executer, Additional parts program storage (1Mbyte) NC OptionsHelical interpolation Tool-breakdetection for drillaccident4axes / 2 paths, X1,Z1,Y1,Cs1,A1(Rev. tools) / X2,Z2, Cs20.001mm, 0.0001 inch, 0.001 deg.X-axis:0.0005mm, Z-axis: 0.001mm512 kb, 1,280m (4,200 feet)Tape lengthbeprotected.7

MACHINE SPECIFICATIONSItemsModel hining Capacity & Chucking SystemMax. Bar CapacityL-spindleΦ 34mm (1.34”Dia.)Φ 42mm (1.65”Dia.)Φ 34mm (1.34”Dia.)Φ 42mm (1.65”Dia.)Φ 51mm (2”Dia.)R-spindleΦ 34mm (1.34”Dia.)Φ 42mm (1.65”Dia.)Φ 34mm (1.34”Dia.)Φ 42mm (1.65”Dia.)Φ 42mm (1.65”Dia.)Type of Collet ionaryStationaryStandard Turning Length100mm100mm100mm100mm100mmSize of Power ChuckL/R-spindle5”/ 4”5”/ 4”5”/ 4”5”/ 4”6”/ 5”SpindleSpindle NoseL/R-spindleSp. Flat/Sp. FlatSp. Flat/Sp. FlatSp. Flat/Sp. FlatSp. Flat/Sp. FlatA2-6/Sp. Flat60 〜 6,000min-180 〜 7,000min-160 〜 6,000min-150 〜 5,000min-1Spindle Speed RangeL-spindle80 〜 7,000min-1R-spindle67 〜 5,000min-167 〜 5,000min-167 〜 5,000min-167 〜 5,000min-167 〜 5,000min-1Spindle Motor (30min./Cont.)L-spindle7.5/5.5 kW11/7.5 kW7.5/5.5 kW11/7.5 kW11/7.5 kWR-spindle5.5/3.7 kW5.5/3.7 kW5.5/3.7 kW5.5/3.7 kW5.5/3.7 kWR-SP Slide StrokeX270 mm70 mm70 mm70 mm70 mmZ2525 mm525 mm525 mm525 mm525 mmMain TurretType of Turret Station12 Station12 Station12 Station12 Station12 StationTurret Indexing ./1st.0.25sec./1st.Turret Indexing MethodsAC Servo & Curvic C.AC Servo & Curvic C.AC Servo & Curvic C.AC Servo & Curvic C.AC Servo & Curvic C.Slide StrokeX1165 mm165 mm165 mm165 mm165 mmZ1246 mm246 mm246 mm246 mm246 mmY1---- 40 mm 40 mm 40 mmBack-working TurretType of Turret Station6 Station6 Station6 Station6 Station6 StationTurret Indexing t.0.2sec./1st.Turret Indexing MethodsAC Servo & Curvic C.AC Servo & Curvic C.AC Servo & Curvic C.AC Servo & Curvic C.AC Servo & Curvic C.Revolving Tools (Main Turret / Option)No. of Revolving Tools Station121212121260 〜 6,000min-160 〜 6,000min-160 〜 6,000min-160 〜 6,000min-1Tool Speed Range60 〜 6,000min-1Tool Motor2.5 kW2.5 kW2.5 kW2.5 kW2.5 kWMachining CapacityDrill/TapΦ 13mm/M8xP1.25Φ 13mm/M8xP1.25Φ 13mm/M8xP1.25Φ 13mm/M8xP1.25Φ 13mm/M8xP1.25Machine DimensionsMachine Height1,720mm (67.7”)1,720mm (67.7”)1,720mm (67.7”)1,720mm (67.7”)1,720mm (67.7”)Floor Space2,780mm x 1,536mm2,780mm x 1,536mm2,780mm x 1,536mm2,780mm x 1,536mm2,780mm x 1,536mm(109.5”x 60.5”)(109.5”x 60.5”)(109.5”x 60.5”)(109.5”x 60.5”)(109.5”x 60.5”)Machine Weight5,500kg (12,125Lbs.)5,500kg (12,125Lbs.)5,500kg (12,125Lbs.)5,500kg (12,125Lbs.)5,500kg (12,125Lbs.)OthersSplash Guard Interlock, Coolant, Pneumatic Unit, Machine Light, Regular Hand Tools Kits & BoxOptionsCollet Chuck System, Power Chuck System, Cut-off Confirmation, High Pressure Coolant, Revolving Tools and Drive Unit, Work Ejector, R-spindle Inner Coolant and air blowSpindle Brake System(L&R-spindle), Air Blow, Parts Catcher and Parts Conveyor, Coolant Level Switch, Drill Breakage Detector, Chip Conveyor, Chip Box, R-spindle Through Parts CarrierMagazine Bar Feeder, Signal Tower(3 steps)[Japanese patent No.4090748]The specifications are subject to change without notice, Standard equipment package may vary by region.Machines in photos may not look exactly the same as the actual products.EXTERNAL VIEW(Miyano Company)Shirakawa worksKitakami worksKitakami worksJAPANCITIZEN MACHINERY MIYANO CO.,LTD.TEL.81-248-44-3050 FAX.81-248-44-3051SOUTH ASIACITIZEN MACHINERY ASIA CO.,LTD.TEL.66 - 35 -721- 833 FAX.66 - 35 -721- 835CITIZEN CHINA PRECISION MACHINERY CO.,LTD.TEL.86-533-6150560 FAX.86-533-6161379CHINA500 Akazawa, Yabuki-machi, Nishishirakawa-gun, Fukushima-ken 969-0206, Japan69 Moo 1 Phaholyothin Road, Sanubtube, Wang Noi, Ayutthaya 13170, THAILAND366,HENGTONG ROAD OF ZHOUCUN, ZIBO, SHANDONG, P.R.CHINAEUROPE-Germany CITIZEN MACHINERY EUROPE GmbHMettinger Strasse 11, D-73728 Esslingen, korozawa worksTEL.49-711-3906-100 FAX.49-711-3906-106EUROPE-UKCITIZEN MACHINERY UK LTD.TEL.44-1923-691500 FAX.44-1923-691599AMERICAMARUBENI CITIZEN-CINCOM INC.TEL.1- 201- 818- 0100 FAX.1- 201- 818 -18771 Park Avenue, Bushey, WD23 2DA, UK40 Boroline Road Allendale, NJ 07401, U.S.A.All specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This product is an export control item subject to the foreign exchange and foreign trade act. Thus, before exporting this product, or taking it overseas, contact yourCITIZEN machine dealer. Please inform your CITIZEN machine dealer in advance of your intention to re-sell, export or relocate this products. For the avoidance of doubt products includes whole or part, replica or copy, technologiesand software. In the event of export, proof of approval to export by government or regulatory authority must be evidenced to CITIZEN. You can operate the machines after the confirmation of CITIZEN.CITIZEN is a registered trademark of Citizen Holdings Co., Japan.PRINTED IN JAPAN MAY.2010 1-1-30AO

NC SPECIFICATIONS MIYANO-FANUC Various options Parts catchers and parts conveyors Parts catcher & Parts conveyor is the requirement for bar work machining. Cut-off confirmation This is a function to confirm that cut-off of the work piece is completed and the R-spindle can tra