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CAR-O-DATA T H E W ORL D’ S LARGEST VEH IC L E MEA S U R EMENT DATA B A S ETHE VAST MAJORITY OF VEHICLES ONTHE ROAD TODAY CAN BE FOUND INCAR-O-LINER’S DATABASE. WITH CRUCIALMEASUREMENT REFERENCES AVAILABLEAT YOUR FINGERTIPS, THIS IS GARANTEEDTO BE A PROFITABLE ADDITION TO YOURBUSINESS. NEW AND UPDATED VEHICLEMODELS ARE CONTINUOUSLY MEASUREDBY OUR INTERNATIONAL TEAM OFEXPERIENCED ENGINEERS SUPPORTEDBY VIRTUALLY EVERY MAJOR VEHICLEMANUFACTURER AROUND THE WORLD.Covering nearly all new and updated vehicles – presentlymore than 16,500 models in total – Car-O-Dataconsistently provides access to current and reliablemeasurement data.With Car-O-Liner data service, Car-O-Data you receiveimmediate through the Internet, up-to-date informationabout new and updated vehicles that are continuouslymeasured by our team in cooperation with automotivemanufacturers around the world.DECREASE CYCLE TIMES - INCREASE REPAIR QUALITY ANDPROFITSWith our comprehensive measuring data you will seean immediate improvement in the level of quality yourtechnicians put into every diagnosis, which in turn givesshorter cycle times and raises your workshop’s bottomline.CAR-O-DATA INDEXThe Car-O-Data Index – accessible from the InfoCenter menu – lets you update your vehicle databaseinstantaneously over the Internet. Every day newinterim data sheet and reference data for numerousnew and old vehicle makes and models are available fordownloading.SUBSCRIPITION TO CAR-O-DATA AVAILABLEOne-year exclusive access to Car-O-Data may bepurchased. Download the database via the internet orreceive it on DVD.CAR-O-DATA FEATURES AND BENEFITS WORLD'S LARGEST Database for vehiclemeasurements, currently over 16, 500 vehicles PHOTO BASED making it easy to find the correctmeasuring points LOWER AND UPPER2 body measuring points forfast diagnosis and repair ANIMATED SET-UP/CLAMPING position displayedfor easy and accurate mounting POINT-TO-POINTmeasurements for light trucks and SUVs2 VIN NUMBER SEARCH2 function for fast vehicleidentification HOLDING AND ANCHORING DATA2 gives detailedclamping and set-up information NEW VEHICLE DATA for approximately 300 newvehicles per year for repair of the latest models IMMEDIATE UPDATES of vehicle informationreleased continuously on-line2Available for Vision2 X3A CAR-O-DATA SUBSCRIPTION GIVESYOU THE IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITYOF NEW VEHICLE DATA THROUGH THECAR-O-LINER VISIONWEB (CAR-O-LINER’SCUSTOMER SUPPORT WEB) DIRECT ACCESSTO SUPPORT, TECHNICAL INFORMATION,FORUMS AND THE LATEST VEHICLE DATA,INCLUDING DIMENSIONS AND VEHICLESETUP.VISION WEB FEATURES AND BENEFITS PERSONAL LOGIN gives quick access toCar-O-Liner’s VisionWeb internet site IMMEDIATE CAR-O-DATA updates via Internet,no waiting for the next DVD release FREE UPDATES so your measuring equipmentsoftware always has the latest data SUPPORT for data sheets keeps your workflowmoving

5024 II 03THE DATA YOU NEEDAN Y VEHICL E, ANY TIMEEASY TAB STRUCTUREAll steps are guidedthrough the tabsWORKFLOW PROCESSDon't miss any step withthe intuitive workflowACCESSORIESSpecial measuringadaptorsSETUP INFORMATIONShowing the clampingpointsVEHICLE IDENTIFICATIONThousands of detailed imagesEVO SYSTEMAn detailed guidedsetup processVEHICLE INFORMATIONModel, body code, wheelbase, year and more

VISION2TMP R OCE SS O RIENTAT ED SO FT WA R E INTER FA C ECOMBINETHEMOSTADVANCEDELECTRONIC MEASURING SYSTEMS ON THEMARKET WITH VISION2Car-O-Tronic communicates wirelessly with Vision2,Car-O-Liner’s state-of-the-art measuring software thatguides the entire repair process and performs automaticcentering, measuring and documentation. Choosebetween Vision2 - X1, X2, and X3 according to yourequipment and body shop needs.Photo-based and easy-to-learn Vision2 presents anintuitive workflow that allows for quick and accuratemeasuring. Integrated with Car-O-Data , the world’slargest vehicle database with measurements for over16,500 vehicles, it is super easy to find the correctmeasuring points.Continuous updates via internet ensure that your databasewill always be up-to-date. All these features workingtogether contribute to reduced cycle times and moreefficient diagnosis and repair.VISION 2 - X1 System for lower-body measuringVISION 2 - X2 System for lower and upper body measuring Includes High Measurement Point (HMP) adapterVISION 2 - X3Upper body point-to-point measuring on vehicles,including full frames, light trucks and SUV’s Suspension diagnosis check, to find bentsuspension parts during the repair process Surface damage diagnosis The worldwide VIN decoding system integratesseamlessly with the world’s largest vehicledimension database Multimedia support for EVO universal system foranchoring, fixturing and holdingVISION 2 - POINTX Fully compatible with any alignment system Datasheet Wizard for easy search for vehicledatasheetsWIRELESS COMMUNICATION SPEEDS UP THE PROCESSThrough sensors in each joint and a measuring headunderneath, the measuring slide communicates wirelesslywith Vision2, delivering real-time measuring data threetimes per second.The built-in, versatile remote control lets the operatoralmost effortlessly manage the entire measuring process— without having to be at the computer.

I504 4I 05COMPLETE - FAST - ACCURATE W I T H CAR-O- TRO NIC AND VIS ION2 S OFTWA R ECAR-O-TRONIC M21 VISION2 X1CAR-O-TRONIC M22 VISION2 X2CAR-O-TRONIC M23 VISION2 X3Click in batteriesXXXNo downtime, just click on the other charged batteryPlug in slot/measuring adaptersXXXMore accurate measuresWirelessXXXCable freeSmart LEDXXXMeasuring point location assistantXXQuick upper body diagnosisBuilt-in remote controlXMeasuring procedure from distanceEndless rotationXContinuous 360o movementBENEFITSHARDWARE FEATURESHMP (high measurement point) accessorySOFTWARE FEATURESWork order formXXXKeep a repaired vehicle databaseComplete vehicle index listXXXStructured vehicle search referenceVehicle damage analysisXXXGraphic representation to diagnose vehicle damageASP (automatic search point)XXXReduces incorrect choice of measuring pointsMeasuring during pullingXXXReal time repair monitoring (3 times/sec)Absolute and comparative measuring modeXXXEnhances diagnosis of points on the vehicleDocumentation as print-outsXXXComprehensive printouts as hardcopy documentationGuide and instruction manualXXXAssists in the learning processBackupXXXSafely store a database of repairsVisionWeb supportXXXOnline troubleshootingUpper body measuring modeXXXAllows repair of upper body damagesInfo centerXXXSoftware information databaseRepair infoXXXComplete information on each work orderOnline updatesXXXUp-to-date informationAuto screen resolution adjustmentXXXResolution sets automatically, user friendlyImport/export of work orderXXXSupports several systemshandEyeXXXSmartphone/tablet applicationVehicle and measuring points photo databaseXXXQuick vehicle and measuring point identificationChassis drawingsXXXClearly identify damageXXQuality, process controlEVO 1, 2, 3 support (holding and anchoring)XMultimedia step-by-step setup informationBall joint measuringXQuick wheel suspension diagnosisSuspension checkXReduction of rework, saves timeSurface damage diagnosisXSurface repair estimationVIN DecodingXFast vehicle identificationAnimated setup/clamping informationXDetailed clamping and set-up informationPoint-to-point data, unibody and full frameXFast diagnosis to save timeAutomatic centering

3 EASY STEPS!SU PER FAST RESULT S1Start measuring by registering awork order and entering car makeand model.The software can easily be integrated withother software estimating systems, such asASA Network, CCC, Mitchell, ADP and ACS.Submit customer data and insuranceinformation under the Customer and/or Insurance tab. The Repair Centertab leads you to print-outs and photoswith text for export to other systems,insurance companies, e-mail or printouts.After submitting the general vehiclespecifications you receive all thecrucial information required – whereto put the clamps, what extraequipment you may need and muchmore!2Conduct automatic centering andmeasuring of the vehicle at thesame time.3Just press the bull’s-eye shaped button forautomatic measuring. The ASP functiondisplays photos of the measuring pointsautomatically on-screen as the MeasuringSlide moves from point to point.InAbsoluteandComparativemeasuring modes it is possible todescribe, with photos and in text,how the different points have beenmeasured. (Vision2 X3 only)When measuring during alignmentyou can easily zoom in on specificdetails for maximum control.Print out the measuringresults and you are finished!When the alignment process is completeyou can print out or produce files verifyingthat the vehicle is restored to pre-accidentcondition. Choose from 15 alternativedocuments.Vision2 has extensive features fordocumentation.E-mailphotosof damaged cars to insurancecompanies or estimating systems.Use the Viewer to choose the photosyou want to attach to your e-mail.THE VISION2 SOFTWARE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ARE: Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Professional or newer Internet (recommended) For more detailed system requirements please contact your sales representative. For complete instructions and additional information such as vehicle set up and vehicle measuring, suitable adapters,accessories, clamp charts, etc., see the Vision2 Instruction Manual.

WE CARE ABOUT BODY SHOPSE X CEL L EN CE. INNOVATIO N. PA S S ION.CAR-O-LINER ACADEMYWe are a competence development partner for the automotive industry, our main objective is to improve quality,safety and profitability for body shops.T HE TR AIN INGYOU N E EDRIGHTPERSONRIGHTTIMERIGHTCOURSERIGHTCOMPLEXITYWe enhance our customer’s abilities by identifying the real competence and development needed. Offering solutionsto meet these needs and accelarate the business growth.WE OFFE R TH E SOLUT IONWE IMPLEMENT THETRAININGWE FIX THE ROOT OFTHE PROBLEMSWE MEASURERESULTSCUSTOMER SUPPORTThe Car-O-Liner Group headquarters is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, with subsidiaries located in Norway,Germany, France, United Kingdon, Italy, China, India, United States, Thailand and the Middle East.Wherever you are, Car-O-Liner can provide customers with product information, training, support or datasubscription/renewal.CHINA: 86 10 6789 2123info@car-o-liner.cnFRANCE: 33 1 69 52 7750france@car-o-liner.netINDIA: 91 844 757 0029info.india@car-o-liner.seITALY: 39 059 468 310info.carolineritalia@car-o-liner.seNORWAY: 47 3343 0270info@car-o-liner.noSWEDEN: 46 31 721 1050info@car-o-liner.seGERMANY: 49 (0) 6073 74487-0info.germany@car-o-liner.seMIDDLE EAST/AFRICA: 971 6 566 8702info@caroliner.aeTHAILAND: 66 2 026 32 55info.apac@car-o-liner.seUNITED KINGDOM: 44 1788 574 STATES:1-800 521 9696info@car-o-liner.comFIND A DISTRIBUTOR NEAR YOURely on our professional service teams in over 70 countries to define which Car-O-Liner product suits you best.Please visit our website:

35172 CAR-O-DATA & VISION2 2018-11 BROCHURE (2018) is a trademark of Snap-on Incorporated. All rights reserved.Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. Car-O-Liner reserves the right to modify any content without prior notice.

CAR-O-DATA Covering nearly all new and updated vehicles – presently more than 16,500 models in total – Car-O-Data consistently provides access to current and reliable measurement data. With Car-O-Liner data service, Car-O-Data you receive immediate through the Internet, up-to-date information about new and updated vehicles that are .

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Car-O-Tronic, Vision2 Software and Car-O-Data. Car-O-Tronic is the measuring hardware, Vision2 Software is the measuring software. Car-O-Data is a database containing Car-O-Liner DataSheets, photo DataSheets and indexes for most vehicles. Car-O-Data is available through an online subscription or a DVD subscription which is updated 4 times a year.

CAR-O-DATA. 4. The vast majority of vehicles on the road today can be found in Car-O-Liner's database. Your . Car-O-Tronic. is delivered with a 14-day trial . Car-O-Data Vision2. subscription. Car-O-Data. is available with different subscription periods and database. 4. Check all options with our distributors. SOFTWARE PART. NO. Vision2 X1 .

70002 Car-O-Liner 2015-04 Car-O-Liner is recognized for its leadership in the marketplace by continuously delivering high quality products and exceptional customer service. Car-O-Liner is the leading global provider of high-quality, technologically-advanced collision repair equipment to the automotive aftermarket.

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