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Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3TMElectronic measuring systemwith Vision2 X3 SoftwareShown with handEye , a freewireless software applicationfor iOS and AndroidTM

CAR-O-TRONIC VISION2 X3The most advanced, easy-to-usePowerful and accurateMeasuring Slide with Remote ControlThe Car-O-Tronic Vision2 electronic measuring systemfor collision damage repair is the most powerful systemavailable. The sensor-equipped measuring slide with abuilt-in versatile remote control and protective rubber“bumper-zones” delivers real-time data three times persecond to the advanced and easy-to-use Vision2 X3software. Photo-based, and backed by Car-O-Data, theworld’s most comprehensive vehicle database, it allowsyou to accurately and quickly target measuring points.The Measuring Slide communicates wirelessly with theCar-O-Tronic Vision2 X3 software. Through sensors ineach joint and a measuring head underneath, it deliversreal-time measuring data three times per second. Thebuilt-in, versatile remote control lets the operator almosteffortlessly manage the entire measuring process withouthaving to be at the computer.Easy to learn and useThe system is simple to learn and use with automaticcentering and measuring abilities, few measurementsteps, user-friendly menus and access to the uniqueInfocenter. Document the entire repair processin pictures with text and e-mail files to insurancecompanies directly from within the software.The unit's two keyboards are easy to use. Press the bullseye button on the end for automatic measurement of theentire vehicle. Use the keyboard on the side to browsethrough monitor menus while keeping and eye on thePC monitor or handEye.“Plug-in” slot for fast and easymounting of measuring partsIntegrated versatileremote control“Plug-in” socket forErgonomic rubberexternal devicesgrip for easy transportTotally Compatible with Any BenchAdapter kits make the system fully compatible withalmost any alignment bench. Car-O-Tronic is easy tomove because of its small size. Analysis and diagnosisof damage can be accomplished even before raisingthe vehicle on the repair bench. You save time and keepbench systems free.2Car-O-Tronic with Vision2 X3 software handles standard, aswell as absolute and comparative, measuring. The sensors ineach joint deliver real-time data three times per second

CAR-O-TRONIC VISION2 X3measuring system on the marketMeasuring BridgeFeatures and BenefitsThe measuring slidemounts and moves on theMeasuring Bridge, whichhas microscopic markingsin its rails to enable themeasuring head beneaththe slide to determine itshorizontal position.Smart LED lamp shinesgreen when you are ontarget and red whenyou're notRubber “Bumper Zones” aroundkey areas protect the MeasuringSlide as well as vehicles Wireless — no targets, sensors or lasers Compatible — with nearly any frame system Use with Car-O-Data — database for over15,000 cars, trucks and SUVs Integrated remote control — puts the workat your fingertips Measuring Parts included — reach anyplace under the vehicle HMP adaptor included — for upper bodymeasuring Sensors in each joint — deliver real-timedata 3 times per second Precise, 3D measurements — for all underand upper- body locations Photo-based images — offer easy pointidentification Suspension diagnosis Worldwide VIN decoding — easy to findcorrect vehicle in databaseHardware & AccessoriesCar-O-Tronic Measuring SlideHigh Measuring Point AdapterMeasuring Bridge in several lengthsMeasuring PartsChanging batterypacks is easy – justeject and reload!PC Cabinet (Optional)Monitor Cover (Optional)Support Stand (Optional)Adapter Kits (Optional)3

CAR-O-TRONIC VISION2 X3Optional HardwareHigh Measuring Point AdapterPC CabinetUpper-body measuring is simple and accurate with theHigh-Measuring Point Adapter.The protective PC Cabinet offers easy access to yourcomputer, monitor and printer. The Measuring Slidestores together with the High-Measuring Point Adapter inside the cabinet.Compartment for theHigh-Measuring Point Adapterand Measuring SlidePrinter bay andkeyboard trayhandEye Wireless mobile software application foriOS and AndroidConvenientcompartment forPC and accessoriesProtective rubber“Bumper-Zones”handEye is a totally new, innovative application thatworks with the Vision2 software. It makes measuringeasier and faster than ever before by communicatingwith the PC via wireless network technology therebyeliminating the need to move back and forth to the PCscreen. The information is now in your hand!handEye can be equipped with a magnet onthe back so you easily can attach it to the car tokeep both your hands free. The ergonomics, highperformance and precision of handEye makes it anefficient tool for any body shop!Get handEyeat the App Storefor iOS, Apple4Get handEye atGoogle Playfor androidSupportStandWith the M802optional supportstand, analysisand diagnosiscan be performedeven before liftingthe vehicle on the repair bench, thus saving time andfreeing your bench systems.

CAR-O-TRONIC VISION2 X3CAR-O-DATAThe world's largest vehicle measurement databaseVirtually every vehicle on the road today can be found in Car-O-Liner’s vehicleinformation database which contains measurements for more than 15,000 vehicles.Car-O-Data is seamlessly integrated withVision2 software and consistently provides access tocurrent and reliable data. With all crucial references atyour fingertips it is certain to be a profitable addition toyour business!New and updated vehicle models are continuouslymeasured by our international team of trainedmeasuring engineers. All measurements are made inclose cooperation with vehicle manufacturers aroundthe world.The Car-O-Data Index – accessible from theInfoCenter menu – lets you update your vehicle databasein an instant over the Internet. Every day new interim datasheets and reference data for numerous new and oldervehicle makes and models are available for download.1-year subscription to Car-O-Data availableCar-O-Tronic is delivered with a 14-day trial subscription toCar-O-Data. One-year subscriptions may be purchased.Subscribers have instant access to updated vehicle dataand software via the Internet* or quarterly via DVD.Increase both repair quality and profits. Withour comprehensive measuring data you will see animmediate improvement in the quality your techniciansput into every repair. Our measuring specificationsincrease the productivity and the efficiency of the work –twin prerequisites for your profitable business.Stay current with continuous updatesvia the Internet-based Car-O-Data* orreceive quarterly vehicle data updateson DVD.Car-O-Data Database SubscriptionCar-O-Data providesthousands of detailedimages and data.Click on Setup to findCar-O-Data's detailedclamping informationCar-O-Data includesinfo on the use of ourEVO 1-2-3 Anchoringand Holding system Vehicle database covering over 15,000 models Seamless integration with Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3software Continuous instant access to the program updatesand the latest vehicle measurements throughinternet downoad. Quarterly updates are availablevia DVD.5* Requires internet connection

CAR-O-TRONIC VISION2 X3Vision2 X3 SoftwareAdvanced software guides the entire repair processNow 20% fasterthan before!Vision2 is part of the Visionsystem, Car-O-Liner’s state-of-theart measuring software that guidesthe entire repair process and performs automatic centering, measuring and documentation.The brand new Vision2 interface,with super user-friendly graphics, isso easy to use that technicians cannow measure damaged vehicles20% faster than when using previousversions of Vision software.Photo-based Vision2 is integratedwith Car-O-Data, the world s largestvehicle database, making it easy tofind all the vehicle information youneed when connected to the internet.With over 15,000 measured vehiclesit’s even easier to find correctmeasuring points — now with 3Dpresentation!All these features working togethercontribute to reduced cycle timesand create accurate and efficientalignment work.Super-fast results with only three measuring steps:1Start measuring by registeringa work order and entering carmake and model.Upper Body Point-to-Pointmeasuring on vehicles includingFull Frames, Light Trucks andSUV’s. Suspension Check Diagnosis tofind bent suspension parts duringthe repair process Surface Damage Diagnosis Worldwide VIN decoding systemintegrates seamlessly with theworld s largest vehicle dimensiondatabase. Multimedia support for EVO auniversal system for anchoring,fixturing and holding.6Conduct automatic centeringand measuring of the vehicleat the same time.It is easy to get started. Simply start theVision2 software and choose to eitherCreate New Work Order or Open ExistingWork Order.Just press the bull’s-eye shapedbutton for automatic measuring. TheASP (Automatic Search Point) functiondisplays photos of the measuringpoints automatically on-screen as theMeasuring Slide moves from point topoint.Submit customer data and insuranceinformation under the Customer and/or Insurance tab.In Absolute and Comparativemeasuring modes it is possible todescribe, with photos and in text,how the different points have beenmeasured.After submitting the general vehiclespecifications you receive all thecrucial information required –where to put the clamps, what extraequipment you may need andmuch more!When measuring during alignmentyou can easily zoom in on specificdetails for maximum control.Special functions in Vision2 X3 2

CAR-O-TRONIC VISION2 X3i3Print out the measuringresults and you are finished!1The Infocenter is always accessible and provides almost unlimitedpossibilities for updating vehicle data, news, support and interactivetraining.2Under the Documentation tab you will beable to create documents verifying thatthe vehicle is restored to pre-accidentcondition. Choose from 15 alternativedocuments.34Clamping information clearly showspart numbers for easy identification1Vehicle InfoUnder the Vehicle tab you'll find information such as a photo of thechosen vehicle, the vehicle's datasheet number and the wheelbase.Vision2 has extensive features fordocumentation. These documents mayinclude photos and can be printed,exported or e-mailed to insurancecompanies and customers.2Set-Up3Measuring AccessoriesInformation regarding which clamps to use and where to attach them.may be found under the Setup tab. Diagrams help you to find thecorrect equipment and position.Under this tab is information regarding accessories.4EVOEasily discern which EVO anchoring and holding equipment to useby clicking on the EVO tab. Illustrations clearly show the proper EVOequipment to choose.The Vision2 software system requirements are: Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Professional or newer Internet (recommended)Use the Viewer to choose the photosyou want to attach to your e-mail. For more detailed system requirements please contact For complete instructions and additional information such as vehicle setup and vehicle measuring, suitable adapters, accessories, clamp charts,etc., see the Vision2 X3 Instruction Manual.*Requires Internet Commection7

Car-O-Liner is the leading global provider of high-quality,technologically-advanced collision repair equipment to theautomotive aftermarket. For more than 40 years, we havesupplied the industry with innovative solutions, technicaldevelopment, training and customer support.According to our customers, Car-O-Liner’s collision repairequipment is the best made, the easiest to learn and use,and includes everything needed to reduce cycle timesand increase profits. With Car-O-Liner equipment in yourshop, your customers - the vehicle owners and insurancecompanies - will experience safet y and completesatisfaction from your work.Willingness to changeCar-O-Liner est le leader reconnu sur le marché grâceà la distribution de ses produits de haute qualité et deson service après-vente exceptionnel.Winning spiritcar-o-liner.comCar-O-Liner Company 29900 Anthony DriveWixom, MI 48393-3609 Tel: 1 248 624 5900 1 800 521 info@car-o-liner.com70002Car-O-Liner is recognized for its leadership in themarketplacehigh qualityIntegrity by continuously deliveringInnovativeproducts and exceptional customer service. Car-O-Liner 2015-04Car-O-Liner’s headquarters are located in Gothenburg,Sweden. Subsidiaries are located in Sweden, Norway, theUSA, the UK, France, Germany, India, Singapore and China,and distributors can be found in more than 70 countries.

70002 Car-O-Liner 2015-04 Car-O-Liner is recognized for its leadership in the marketplace by continuously delivering high quality products and exceptional customer service. Car-O-Liner is the leading global provider of high-quality, technologically-advanced collision repair equipment to the automotive aftermarket.

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Car-O-Tronic, Vision2 Software and Car-O-Data. Car-O-Tronic is the measuring hardware, Vision2 Software is the measuring software. Car-O-Data is a database containing Car-O-Liner DataSheets, photo DataSheets and indexes for most vehicles. Car-O-Data is available through an online subscription or a DVD subscription which is updated 4 times a year.

CAR-O-DATA. 4. The vast majority of vehicles on the road today can be found in Car-O-Liner's database. Your . Car-O-Tronic. is delivered with a 14-day trial . Car-O-Data Vision2. subscription. Car-O-Data. is available with different subscription periods and database. 4. Check all options with our distributors. SOFTWARE PART. NO. Vision2 X1 .

CAR-O-DATA Covering nearly all new and updated vehicles – presently more than 16,500 models in total – Car-O-Data consistently provides access to current and reliable measurement data. With Car-O-Liner data service, Car-O-Data you receive immediate through the Internet, up-to-date information about new and updated vehicles that are .

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