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StandardsBooksJournals and SoftwareTrainingLaboratory QA ProgramsASTM INTERNATIONALHelping our world work betterStandardsCatalog2016www.astm.orgHighlights in this issue:24 Book ofStandards2 Building Codes9 Online Training6 MNL 43 - 3rd13 ProficiencyTesting

What’s Newfrom ASTM InternationalASTM Compass Your Portal for Standards,Testing, Learning & MoreASTM Training and E-learningGive your entire staff instant access to all theASTM content you need, including: standards,training, engineering publications, translationsand more.ͽ Train at your siteͽ Train at our locationsͽ Train onlineChart a new course for your staff and build asubscription to meet your needs and you’llimprove productivity with:ONLINE TRAINING AVAILABLEͽ Easy access to the standards you chooseͽ Tools for adding notes, images andattachments to standardsͽ Instant access to training via theASTM Learning Management Systemͽ Color-coded highlights to identify changesto standardsͽ Access to thousands of papers and books inthe ASTM Digital Libraryͽ Translated SoonASTM SpecBuilderDevelop your internal specifications,test methods and procedures using thisonline collaboration tool.ͽ Upload draft documents and filesͽ Create task groups to develop yourspecificationsͽ Discuss and share comments withinyour groupͽ Track discussions and use ballotingsystem to vote on revisionsͽ Reference and hyperlink pertinentASTM StandardsFor more tel 1.610.832.9585Get practical, hands-on training on thestandards that most impact your industry fromthe experts who developed those standards.Petroleum Lab Technician Seriesͽ Ethanolͽ Aviation Fuelͽ Fuel Oilͽ Biodieselͽ Motor Gasolineͽ Crude OilConstruction Materials Technician Seriesͽ Aggregate Base Testingͽ Aggregate Testingͽ Cement Testingͽ Concrete Field Testingͽ Concrete Strength Testingͽ Self-Consolidating Concrete TestingEnvironmental and Property Seriesͽ E1527 Phase 1 EnvironmentalSite Assessmentsͽ E2600 Vapor Encroachmentͽ Property Condition AssessmentsPrinciples of Metalluryͽ Failure Analysis of Metalsͽ Metallurgy of Precipitation Strengtheningͽ Metallurgy of Steelͽ Metallurgy of Steel Through Hardeningͽ Metallurgy of Steel Case Hardeningͽ Metallurgy of Steel Heat Treatingͽ Corrosion of Metalsͽ Chemistry of Corrosionͽ Uniform Corrosionͽ Galvanic Corrosionͽ Tensile Testingͽ Hardness more tel 1.877.909.ASTMASTM ProficiencyTesting ProgramsEvaluate and improve your laboratory’sperformance by participating in ASTM’sProficiency Testing Programs – proven SQAtools.ͽ Choose from 40 programs coveringpetroleum, metals, plastics, textiles, thermalanalysis and moreͽ Compare your methods and procedures toother labs worldwideͽ Satisfy regulators and accreditation ASTM ProductsASTM Compass, p. 2Asbestos Control: Surveys, Assessment,Abatement, and Maintenance, 3rd Edition, p. 3ASTM Standards for Sustainabilityin Buildings, p. 3ASTM Standards on Renewable Energy, p. 4Technical Aspects of Phase I/II EnvironmentalSite Assessment, p. 6Pesticide Formulation and Delivery Systems,34th Volume, Translating Basic Science intoProducts, p. 6Evaluation of Existing and New SensorTEchnologies for Fatigue, Fracture andMEchanical Testing, p. 6ASTM Standards on Environmental SiteAssessment Process, p. 7

ASTM Standards Catalog2016Save50%when you buy theentire set (a savingsof more than 10,000)Save25%when you buy theentire sectionIn this issue2New Publications Now Available24Annual Book of ASTM Standards13Proficiency Testing Programs42Complete Set and Section Prices14ASTM Training and E-Learning44Membership Information16Journals from ASTM International47Ordering Information/Separate Standards18ASTM Standards Online48Order Form20Summary of Pricing and Availability

2ASTM InternationalPublications, Products & ServicesASTMCompass Building andConstructionOnlineOnlineNew EditionHeavily RevisedASTM Compass ASTM Standards inBuilding CodesManual 49Your Portal for Standards, Testing,Learning & moreASTM Compass gives your entire staff24/7 online access to ALL the ASTMand 3rd party content your organizationneeds, including:Get the tools you need to designand construct buildings that meetthe International Code Council (ICC)requirements. The latest versions of2,000 ASTM construction standards.ͽ Easy access to the standards youchooseͽ Tools for adding notes, images, andattachments to standardsͽ Immediate access to training via theASTM Learning Management Systemͽ Sharing functions to help pass onand preserve corporate knowledgeͽ Color-coded highlighting thatidentifies changes to standardsͽ Access to the thousands of papersand books in the ASTM DigitalLibraryͽ Translated standardsNow includesͽ Federal Green Construction Guidefor Specifiers, International GreenConstruction Code (IgCC), GreenGlobes ͽ American Welding Society: StructuralWelding Code D1.1/D1M:2010ͽ UL Global Standardsͽ National Roofing ContractorsAssociation (NRCA)For more informationor a free tel 1.877.909.ASTMPlus Individual (Single PC) 2,004Stock # BLDGSVCRONLINEBasic Individual (Single PC) 1,670Stock # BLDGSVCSingle Site Access (LAN) 4,249Stock # BLDGSVCXFor multi-user tel 1.877.909.ASTMTo Order tel 1.877.909.ASTM www.astm.orgUser’s Guide to ASTMSpecification C94/C94Mon Ready-Mixed ConcreteEditors: D.G. Daniel, C.L. LoboCo-published by ASTM and NRMCA,this new edition represents a significantre-write of ALL portions of the bookand explains how to apply C94 in a verystraight forward manner. Twenty-twocomprehensive chapters explain everyaspect of ASTM C94, the “referencestandard” for the industry.ASTM C94 covers the complex subjectof ordering, production and deliveryof ready-mixed concrete. There havebeen many changes and improvementsto C94 and many changes in thestandards that are referenced in C94.146 Pages (2014); Hard Cover 8.5” x 11Price 89ISBN 978-0-8031-7054-4Stock # MNL49-2NDeBook ISBN 978-0-8031-7055-1eBook Stock # MNL49-2ND-EB

Standards Catalog 20163New EditionNewASTM Standards forSustainability in BuildingManual 23, 3rd EditionAsbestos CompilationIncludes the new version of ASTME1527-13 Practice for Environmental SiteAssessments: Phase I ESA ProcessGet instant access to 202 ASTMstandards that address sustainabilityor aspects of sustainability relative tobuildings and construction. Includes allof the ASTM standards referenced bythe latest editions of:ͽ Federal Green Construction Guidefor Specifiersͽ International Green ConstructionCode (IgCC)ͽ Green Globes ͽ LEEDͽ ASHRAE 189.1This revised collection includes ASTMstandards referenced in the LEEDsystem, the most globally commongreen building system, and standardsreferenced in ASHRAE 189.1, thealternate to the IgCC. It is pertinentto almost any green rating system orcode that users may come across in themarketplace.1-Year Online Subscription 340Stock # SUSTAINBLDGIncludes Access to Redline, Historical, andWithdrawn Standards.Asbestos Control: Surveys,Assessment, Abatementand Maintenance3rd EditionLearn about the most successfulmethods of preventing harmfuldisturbance and exposure to asbestos.Building surveys, assessment ofasbestos-containing materials,abatement projects and operations andmaintenance programs are discussedwith the context of these ASTMstandards:ͽ D7521 Standard Test Method forDetermination of Asbestos in Soilͽ D7886 Standard Practice forAsbestos Exposure Assessmentsfor Repetitive Maintenance andInstallation Tasksͽ E1368 Standard Practice for VisualInspection of Asbestos AbatementProjectsͽ E2356 Standard Practice forComprehensive Building AsbestosSurveysͽ E2394 Standard Practice forMaintenance, Renovation andRepair of Installed Asbestos CementProductsͽ E1494 Standard Practice forEncapsulation Testing of FriableAsbestos-Containing SurfacingMaterialsOnline only; Price 97eBook ISBN 978-0-8031-7065-0eBook Stock # MNL23-3rd-EBASTM Standards onAsbestos Sampling,Analysis and ManagementAccess the must-have, long-anticipatedasbestos in soil standard (D7521),covering a wide range of situationsfrom natural occurrences of asbestosto the co-mingling of asbestos-ladenbulk building materials in the ground.This new compilation hosts a suite ofasbestos surface methods and includesthe sample collection, analyticalmethodology, and evaluation guidethat continue to impact how thishazard is appraised and controlled invarious settings.ASTM Standards Covered in thisCompilation:ͽ D5755ͽ D5756ͽ D648ͽ D7390ͽ D7521ͽ D7886ͽ E1368ͽ E1494ͽ E2356ͽ E2394Online only; Price 145eBook Stock # ASBESTOSCMPASTM CompassOnline

4ASTM InternationalPublications, Products & ServicesCorrosionDigital LibraryEnergyNewOnlineNew Search FeaturesOnlineASTM Standards Relatedto Corrosion Testing ofMetalsThe ASTM Digital LibraryASTM Standards onRenewable EnergyGet instant access to 226 of the latestASTM standards on the corrosiontesting of metals. This is a vital resourcefor selecting a test to quantify corrosionin uncoated or coated metals.Included in the continuously growingLibrary are:ͽ 8 ASTM Journalsͽ 1,500 eBooksͽ 50,000 Technical Papers andChaptersͽ 50 ASTM Data Seriesͽ Digital Adjunctsͽ Bulletinsͽ Materials Research & StandardsNo library is complete without theASTM Digital LibraryStandards cover:ͽ Corrosion tests for metalsͽ Products with associated corrosiontestsͽ Methods of measuring corrosiondamageͽ Corrosion definitions andterminologyͽ Methods for measuring corrosivecompounds in air, soil, and concreteͽ Mechanical tests for fracture andfatigue that can be adapted tomeasure environmentally-influencedcorrosion and corrosion fatigueͽ Tests for coatings related tocorrosion of the metal underneaththe coatingIn addition, you get:ͽ R0006 Condensed Metric PracticeGuide for Corrosionͽ Cross-index (PDF document) oftitles only for 13 key SAE corrosionstandards, 35 NACE standards, and146 ISO standards.Get instant access to every paperand book.New Taxonomy Improves Search andDiscoveryFinding what you need is easierand faster with an expanded searchrefinements. These refinements reflectthe addition of over 4,000 primarycategories and subcategories, as wellas 45,400 new keywords that helpclassify and index documents moreaccurately.COUNTER CompliantMARC Records AvailableFor more details visit LIBRARY1 Year Online Subscription 340Stock # TESTMETALCMPIncludes Access to Redline, Withdrawn, andHistorical Standards.To Order tel 1.877.909.ASTM www.astm.orgThis collection provides 163 of thelatest ASTM renewable energystandards, all of which play apreeminent role in the conversionof solar and geothermal renewableenergy to directly usable energy forms.It includes 4 key ASTM standards:ͽ E424 Test Methods for Solar EnergyTransmittance and Reflectance(Terrestrial) of Sheet Materialsͽ E927 Specification for SolarSimulation for TerrestrialPhotovoltaic Testingͽ E1036 Test Methods for ElectricalPerformance of NonconcentratorTerrestrial Photovoltaic Modules andArrays Using Reference Cellsͽ E2527 Test Method for ElectricalPerformance of ConcentratorTerrestrial Photovoltaic Modules andSystems Under Natural SunlightTopics cover:ͽ Heating of domestic hot waterͽ Active and passive space heatingand coolingͽ Process heatingͽ Thermal conversion powergenerationͽ Photovoltaic generation of electricityͽ Advanced energy conversion,including wind energy1-Year Online Subscription 199Stock # ENERGYCMPIncludes Access to Redline, Historical, andWithdrawn Standards

Standards Catalog 20165CorrosionEnvironmentNewOnlineOnline and PrintManual 33-2ndASTM StandardsRelated to ISO 14001and the EnvironmentalManagement SystemASTM Standards Relatedto Environmental Sampling5th EditionThe Operations Safety Committee ofthe Silicones Environmental, Health andSafety Council (SEHSC) has compiledthis manual to provide guidance on howto safely handle chlorosilanes whenresponding to fires, leaks and/or spillsinvolving chlorosilanes. You’ll accesstechniques that have been used bytrained and knowledgeable emergencyresponse teams.Ten key ASTM standards address theneeds of anyone following or using ISO14001—Environmental ManagementSystems (EMS)—Requirements withGuidance for Use. These 10 specificstandards help the user follow the“Plan-Do-Check-Act” frameworkrecognized in ISO 14001, as well asother risk management standards,such as ANSI Z10. An EMS provides astructured framework to build missioncapability by:Chlorosilane EmergencyResponse Guidelines2nd EditionThe chlorosilanes are divided into fourdistinct classes:ͽ SEHSC-001 (ERG Guide 139): Anychlorsilane containing an SiH bond.ͽ SEHSC-002 (ERG Guide 155):Flammable chlorsilanes notcontaining SiH bonds.ͽ SEHSC-003 (ERG Guide 156):Combustible chlorsilanes notcontaining SiH bonds.ͽ SEHSC-004 (ERG Guide 157): Silicontetrachloride.45 pages (2015); Soft Cover 8.5” x 11”Price 77ISBN 978-0-8031-7048-3Stock # MNL33-2ndeBook ISBN 978-0-8031-7049-0eBook Stock# MNL33-2ND-EBͽ Integrating environmentalconsiderations into day-to-dayoperationsͽ Improving overall environmentalperformance and complianceͽ Operating more efficiently andreducing costsͽ Reducing pollution generationͽ Demonstrating improvedperformance to the public1-Year Online Subscription 120Stock # ENVMGTCMPIncludes Access to Historical, Redline, andWithdrawn Standards.This edition features 93 of the latestASTM standards emphasizing theimportance of sampling techniquesused to collect field samples.Topics cover:ͽ Planning for samplingͽ Screening samples in the field toindicate the need for additionalsamplingͽ Interpreting data based on a specificsampling planͽ Various sampling techniques for avariety of environmental mediaͽ Valuable information on differenttypes of sampling equipmentͽ Preservation techniquesͽ QA/QC specificationsGovernment agencies, environmentalprofessionals, biological engineers,health and safety specialists,consultants, contractors, and labpersonnel will find this is an especiallyeffective tool for conducting ormanaging environmental samplingprojects.1-Year Online Subscription 179eBook Stock # SAMPCMPIncludes access to Redlines, Historical, andWithdrawn Standards.900 Pages (2014); Soft Cover 8.5” x 11”Price 199ISBN 978-0-8031-7066-7Stock # SAMP14

6ASTM InternationalPublications, Products & ServicesEnvironmentNewNew EditionNewSTP1579Manual 43, 3rd editionSTP1584Editor: Yasmith BernalAuthors: Zdenek Hejzlar, Julie Kilgore,Norman S. EkePesticide Formulation andDelivery Systems: 34thVolume, Translating BasicScience into ProductsAccess a range of technical knowledgeon the following pesticide topics:ͽ Growth Regulator Herbicidesͽ Laboratory and Field Studies ofC8910ͽ Green Chemistry Approachesͽ Volatility of Pesticide Formulationsͽ REACH Registration ProcessThis compilation includes 10 peerreviewed papers that were presentedat a symposium held October 22-24,2013 in Jacksonville, FL.180 pages (2015); Price 60ISBN 978-0-8031-7603-4Stock # STP1579eBook Stock# STP1579-EBeBook ISBN 978-0-8031-7604-1ISSN 1040-1695Technical Aspects ofPhase I/II EnvironmentalSite Assessments3rd EditionExplore standards E1527 and E1903,including the 2013 changes to standardE1527 explanation of the relationshipbetween the U.S. EPA’s All AppropriateInquiries regulation (AA1) and ASTME1527.An excellent resource for buyers,engineers, consultants, regulators,owners, attorneys, lenders, brownfieldgrantees, real estate brokers,appraisers, and economic developmentagencies.Also included are these helpful,standard-specific forms that can becopied, downloaded and reused:ͽͽͽͽUser Responsibility StatementProperty ReconnaissanceOwner Interview QuestionnairePhase 1 – Environmental SiteAssessment Project ManagementChecklistͽ Building Remit Reviewͽ Client/User/Owner Questionnaireͽ ASTM 1527 Appendix X3 UserQuestionnaire148 Pages (2015); Price: 155ISBN 978-0-8031-7043-8Stock # MNL43-3RDeBook ISBN 978-0-8031-7061-2eBook Stock # MNL43-3RD-EBTo Order tel 1.877.909.ASTM www.astm.orgThe Evaluation ofExisting & New SensorTechnologies for Fatigue,Fracture and MechanicalTesting: 4th VolumeEditors: Jidong Kang, David Jablonski,David DudzinskiGet 11 rigorously peer-reviewedpapers containing expert knowledgeon sensor technologies for fatigue,fracture and mechanical testing withthis compilation. These papers werepresented at a symposium held May7-8, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.The symposium was sponsoredby ASTM International CommitteeE08 on Fatigue and Fracture andSubcommittee E08.03 on AdvancedApparatus and Techniques.212 pages (2015); Price 70ISBN 978-0-8031-7613-3Stock # STP1584eBook ISBN 978-0-8031-7614-0eBook Stock# STP1584-EB

Standards Catalog 20167UpdatedOnline or PrintASTM Standards onEnvironmental SiteAssessment ProcessIncludes the latest versions ofE1527-13 and E1528-14Get instant access to 42 of the latestASTM guides, practices, and testmethods on the Phase I and PhaseII environmental site assessmentprocess. Covering routine proceduresand terminology for evaluating a site,this compilation guides in detectingenvironmental contamination by:ͽ Conceptualizing subsurface andcontaminant conditions to focussubsurface investigationsͽ Selecting drilling and soil samplingtechniquesͽ Classifying and describing soilsͽ Designing and installinggroundwater monitoring wellsͽ Sampling and monitoringgroundwaterͽ Baseline surveysͽ Soil gas monitoringThis is a vital resource forenvironmental professionals, bankers,owners of commercial real estate,consulting firms, and universities.1 Year Online Subscription 249Stock # SITEASSESSCMPIncludes Access to Redline, Withdrawn andHistorical Standards400 Pages (2014); Soft Cover 8.5” x 11”Price 290ISBN 978-0-8031-7042-1Stock # SITEASSESS14OnlineSTP1580Bearing SteelTechnologies: 10thVolume, Advances in SteelTechnology for RollingBearingsYou’ll gain unique insights on rollingbearing steel technologies with thiscollection of 31 papers from symposiumpresentations. A sample of topics:ͽ Advances in Bearing SteelSteelmaking and Processingͽ Steel Cleanliness Knowledge andRelationships with Rolling BearingFunctional Propertiesͽ New Bearing Steels for ImprovedFunctional PropertiesThis publication introduces revisedideas on bearing steel steelmakingand industries micro cleanlinessspecification requirements, ratingmethods and limits for re-melt bearingsteels.This resource adds to the legacyof ASTM International’s support tothe bearing steel industry, the latestSpecial Technical Publication in a longline of predecessors, between 1974and 2013 (STP 575, 771, 987, 1195, 1327,1395, 1419, 1524 and 1548).620 pages (2015); Soft Cover 6x9Price 150ISBN 978-0-8031-7605-8Stock # STP1580eBook ISBN 978-0-8031-7606-5eBook Stock# STP1580-EBISSN 2160-2050ASTM Standards onMechanical TestingThis one-of-a-kind compilationprovides 23 ASTM standards thatinclude test methods E10 for BrinellHardness of Metallic Materials andE18 for Rockwell Hardness of MetallicMaterials and all of their referencedspecifications, test methods,and practices.You also get Research Reports fromthree interlaboratory studies:ͽ RR:E28-1021 Conducted by 14labs which tested six materials toestablish precision statement of testmethod E18ͽ RR:E28-1022 Conducted for E18 torepresent the change in the precisionstatement from the use of steel ballsto carbide balls for all scales that usea ball indenterͽ RR:E28-1023 Conducted to establisha precision statement for E10, BrinellHardness of Metallic Materials1-Year Online Subscription 198Stock # MECHTESTCMPIncludes Access to Redlines Withdrawn, andHistorical Standards.EnvironmentMechanicalTesting

8ASTM InternationalPublications, Products & ServicesMedicaland SurgicalMetalsNew EditionOnline and PrintBone Graft Substitutesand Bone RegenerativeEngineering: 2nd EditionASTM Standards for FenceMaterials and Products13th EditionSTP1543Editors: Cato T. Laurencin, Tao JiangGet the latest fencing and fencingrelated standards used in the

ASTM INTERNATIONAL Helping our world work better Standards Catalog 2016 Highlights in this issue: 24 ook of B Standards 2 uilding Codes B 9 nline TrainingO 6 MNL 43 - 3rd 13 Proficiency Testing Standards Books Journals and Software Training Laboratory QA Programs. What’s New from ASTM International ASTM Compass Your Portal for Standards, Testing, Learning & More Give your .

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JIS G3459, JIS G3463. GOST 9940, GOST 9941 Nickel Alloy Pipe Specification: ASTM B111, ASTM B161, ASTM B163, ASTM B165, ASTM B167, ASTM B338, ASTM B407, ASTM B423, ASTM B444, ASTM B619, ASTM B622, ASTM B626, ASTM B668, ASTM B677, ASTM B829 or Standards stipulated in the technical agreement. Add:No.3, Jiangnan Road, Jiangnan Industrial Park, Songyang, Zhejiang Province, China Cell: 86-159 .

ASTM D 1056 ASTM D 1056 ASTM D 412 ASTM D 412 ASTM E 162 ASTM E 662 SMP-800- C ASTM E 595 ASTM E 595 ASTM E 595 Rogers Internal ASTM D 746 ASTM D 150 ASTM D 149 ASTM D 495 ASTM D 257 ASTM C 518 Flame Resistance Flame Spread Index (Is) Smoke Density (Ds) Toxic Gas Emissions Rating Total Mass Loss Collected Volatile Condensible Materials (CVCM) Water

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ASTM D638 TAS201 ASTM F476 TL-144 International Accreditation ASTM C1167 ASTM E773 ASTM E783 ASTM E987 ASTM E1105 ASTM E1886 Certificate of Accreditation Services Inc. TAS203 ASTM B117 ASTM C39 UL 580 UL 1897 ASTM G154 ASTM D635 ASTM G85 ASTM D790 TAS201 TAS202

Jan 14, 2016 · ASTM D 86, ASTM D 93B, ASTM D 95, ASTM D 156, ASTM D 445, ASTM D 1298, ASTM D 1500, ASTM D 2624, ASTM D 4052, ASTM D 4176, ASTM D 4294, ASTM D 1250-04 and ASTM D 7797 vii. IP 170 viii. Legal Notice No. 78 of 15th July, 2005 ix. The Standards Act Cap 496, Laws o