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Department Of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR)

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Department of Scientific &Industrial Research (DSIR)Technology Promotion, Development andUtilization (TPDU)Sunder Singh, B.G.Scientist F/DSIRbgs@nic.inS&T POLICY 2003Seek to achieve synergy betweenindustry & scientific research To encourage transfer of know-how generated byscientists & technologists to industry throughflexible mechanisms for financial returns Investments by industry in education / researchand R&D, either in-house or through outsourcing Technology Promotion, Development and Utilization1

DSIR - Vision to encourage industry to increase their sharein country’s R&D expenditure support a larger cross section of small andmedium industrial units to develop state-ofthe art globally competitive technologies ofhigh commercial potential catalyze faster commercialization of lab-scaleR&D enhance the share of technology intensiveexports in overall exports,DSIR - Vision strengthen industrial consultancy & technologymanagement capabilities and establish user friendlyinformation network to facilitate scientific &industrial research in the country. It also provides a link between scientific laboratoriesand industrial establishments for transfer oftechnologies through National Research DevelopmentCorporation (NRDC) and facilitates investment inR&D through Central Electronics Limited (CEL)2

Other Matters Matters . Matters relating to International R&D collaborationinvolving industrial companies and industrial R&Dcentres.International Cooperation/Collaboration agreements withother countries relating to industrial R&D with theconcurrence of the Ministry of External Affairs.Matters concerning domestic technology, particularly thepromotion of ventures involving the commercialisation ofsuch technologies other than those under the Departmentof Science and Technology.Technology.Matters relating to Technology Trade including exports ofTechnology and Technical Consultancy Services, in closecooperation with the Ministry of Commerce.Matters relating to technical, engineering andmanagement consultancy organisations and services.TechnologyPromotionDevelopment nternationalInstitutionNRDCCELAPCTT /UNESCAP3

Technology Promotion Development &Utilization Programme - TPDUTwo distinct roles Promotion of Technology Development,Management, Transfer, Trade andInformation Facilitation of R&D in industries, Scientific &Industrial Research Organization etc.5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI7Technology Promotion, Developmentand Utilization ProgrammesComponents Industrial R&D Promotion Programme Technology Development and InnovationProgramme Technology Management Programme International Technology Transfer Programme Consultancy Promotion Programme Industrial R&D and Technology InformationFacilitation Programme5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI84

Industrial R&D Promotion Recognition & Registration of In-houseR&D Units, Scientific & Industrial ResearchOrganizations (SIROs) & Public FundedResearch Institutions Administration of fiscal incentives forfacilitation of Industrial R&DIn-house R&D units : 1205; SIROs : 555; PFRI : 570; AnnualNational Conference; National Awards 11; Other FiscalIncentives : 750 Annual5/7/20079CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAIRECOGNITION FOR SCIENTIFICSCIENTIFIC& INDUSTRIALINDUSTRIAL RESEARCH(SIROs)SIROs) Launched in 1988 Eligible For Customs Duty ExemptionNotification No. 51/96 Dated 23.7.1996 Excise Duty Waiver Notification No 10/97Dated 1.3.1997 Doner as well as SIRO get IT rebate U/S35(i)(ii)/(Iii)5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI105

Fiscal Incentives and Support Measures¾ Write Off of Revenue Expenditure on R&D (Section 35(1)(i) of IT Act) Write Off of Capital Expenditure on R&D in the year theexp. is incurred (Section 35(1) (iv) of IT Act)¾ IT exemption @ 125% on donations made to approved SIROs (Section 35(1)(ii) & 35(1)(iii) of IT Act)Weighted Tax deduction @ 125% for sponsored research(Section 35(2AA) of IT Act)¾ Weighted Tax deduction @ 150% on R&D expenditure tocompanies engaged in the business of biotechnology ormanufacture or production of drugs, pharma, electronicequipment, computers,, etc in Govt approved inin-houseR&D centres Accelerated Depreciation Allowance on Plant andMachinery Based on Indigenous Technology (Rule 5(2)of IT Rules)5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI11Fiscal Incentives and Support Measures(Contd.)¾ Customs Duty Exemption for Public Funded R&Dinstitutions and privately funded SIROs , both forCapital equipment and Consumables needed for R&D(Notification No, 50/96 Cus) Excise Duty Exemption to Public Funded R&DInstitutions and SIROs (Notification No. 51/96-Cus and10/97-Excise)¾ Price Control Exemption on indigenous R&D based BulkDrugs Custom duty exemption on imports made for R&Dprojects funded by Government in industry¾ Excise duty exemption for 3 on Goods designed anddeveloped by a wholly owned Indian Company andpatented in any two countries amongst India, USA,Japan and ony one country of European Union.5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI126

Technology Development &DemonstrationUnique Support : To industries in private & publicsector To undertake R&D on productsand processes (up toprototype/pilot stage) as pertheir own perception of marketneeds.SIR Investment 40% ; Payback in 5 yrs aftercommercialization @6% interest5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI13Objectives Supporting Industry for Technologyabsorption, development anddemonstration Building indigenous capabilities fordevelopment and commercialization ofcontemporary products and process ofhigh impact Involvement of national researchorganizations in joint projects withindustry5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI147

ActivitiesProduct/ Process simulation Studies,Research/ Engg. ConsultancyPilot Plant/ PrototypesDedicated Online Test EquipmentRaw materials/ Component for TrialsTesting and EvaluationConsumables and Field TrialsInitial Patenting5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI15Type Of Projects SupportedDevelopment and Demonstration of newor Improved Product or ProcessTechnologiesAbsorption and Upgradation of ImportedTechnologyPriority technology Dev. Projects ofpublic sectorLab scale/ bench scale technologiesdeveloped by national laboratories/institutions5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI168

Type Of Projects SupportedConsortium projects fordevelopment of technologies ofcommon interestUpgradation/ improvement inthe products/process developed5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI17Who can Submit Proposals In-house R&D Units of anIndustry Joint projects by industry andResearch Institutions Research labs/ Institutions forTech. Development for use bycluster of Industry’s5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI189

EXTENTOF SUPPORTÖMainly a Catalytic SupportÖCovers Generally about 40% of theProject CostÖRelease to be made in Installmentsduring the Project Tenure Depending onthe Requirements of the Project5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI19Technopreneur Promotion (TePP)Unique Support To individual innovators for proving theirconcepts & ideas into working prototypes /models. Started on : 15th August, 1998 Joint initiative of DSIR & DST (TIFAC)DSIR Grant-in-aid support upto Rs.5 lakhs5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI2010

TECHNOPRENEUR PROMOTIONPROGRAMME (TePP)Any Indian Citizen having an Original Idea/Invention/Know-how can applyProposals from Individual Innovators toconvert An Original Idea/Invention/Knowhow and develop Working Prototypes/ProcessesProposals can be made by Individuals orJointly with Sponsoring Organisations5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI21TECHNOPRENEUR PROMOTIONPROGRAMME (TePP)TePP SUPPORT INCLUDESFinancial Support for PrototypeDevelopmentPatent Support and GuidanceScientific/Technical ConsultancyFabrication AssistanceMarket InformationNetworking with ResearchLaboratories/Institutions5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI2211

INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGYTRANSFER PROGRAMMEBroad Objective :Promotion of international technology transfer and trade includingexport of technologies, projects, services and technology intensiveproducts.Specific Objectives:9To compile information on exportable technologies and technologyintensive projects, products & services available with Indian industryand R&D establishments9To create awareness about our technology export capabilities amongpotential foreign buyers or collaborators9Support capability building of industries and R&D establishments fortechnology intensive exportsINTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGYTRANSFER PROGRAMME9Support research and analytical studies aimed at providing inputs tothe government for technology export related policy formulation9Promoting and supporting Institutional Mechanisms to catalyzeinternational technology transfer and trade9To facilitate signing of MoUs / Agreements on High TechnologyCooperation and Trade between Indian and foreign industrial units12

Technology Management“To enhance knowledge and skills in the efficientmanagement and transfer of technology”Promotional Measures Curriculum development and teaching toolsEnhancing knowledge base, research and analysis(Auto ancillaries, isabgol, nanotechnology etc.) intechnology issuesAwareness building, training, capability enhancementand networking (IIMC, IITB, CDC, IITD, etc.)Technology identification for rural/tribal development(Handloom, Spice processing etc.)Provide assistance in building technology strengthsFocused activities for SMEs/entrepreneursTechnology Management Resource Centres5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI25TMP - Proposals Industry and Industry Associations,Consultancy Organizations, ResearchInstitutions, Universities & AcademicInstitutions, Stae and CentralGovernment5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI2613

TMP - Coverage Analytical Technology Status andDevelopment Studies for a product/Process/Sector of Industry Research Studies on Specific Issues inTech. Transfer, Tech & InnovationManagement Case Studies covering differentsectors/processes generally for a particularmanufacturing unit, R&D organization Studies on Technology and InnovationManagement Issues Centre for Technologyand Innovation5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Funding27mangement and Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAIPromotion and Support toConsultancy Services“to promote and strengthen theconsultancy services in the countryin various areas “5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI2814

PSCS :Objectives Consultancy servicesoooooowithin the country for the establishment of new enterprises,improving the performance of the existing units Infrastructuredevelopmentfor acquisition or import of technologiesfor export of projects, technologies and services and settingup Joint Ventures abroad, etc.for development and transfer of technologies from R&Dinstitutes and strengthening linkages of R&D system withindustry.for new and emerging areas of national interest.Other areas as may be identified including special efforts forconsultancies for SMEs and tiny sector.5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI29Promotion and Support to ConsultancyServicesPromotional Measures Consultancy Development Centre (CDC) Technical Consultancy Development Programmein Asia & the Pacific (TCDPAP) Studies on Capabilities, export potential etc. Training5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI3015

Promotion and Support to ConsultancyServices Activities¾Strengthening consultancycapabilities 5/7/2007Support R&D efforts of consultancy organisations andconsultancy efforts of national R&D organisations.Support for pilot studies, infrastructural facilities, etc forcommercialisation of indigenous know-how.Support for studies related to assessment of Nationalconsultancy capabilities in various sectors / fields.Support for skill Upgradation, training, quality management,etc to consultants.Support for developing consultancy capabilities in emergingand newer areas including IPR, Bio-Technology, newmaterials, etc.Consultancy for Venture CapitalCII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI31Promotion and Support to ConsultancyServices Activities¾ Development of Consultancy for SMEsPromote and support the availability of consultancy services to tinyand small & medium sector.Supporting the setting up of consultancy clinics and design &engineering services facilities in specific sectors particularly forSMEs.Supporting the setting up of Consultancy ParksSupport for consultancy for commercialisation of technologies fromR&D, and academic institutions for multiple licensing for SMEs.Training programmes etc.5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI3216

Promotion and Support to ConsultancyServicesActivities¾Documentation of experiences /information dissemination, etc Providing incentives to consultancy promotion agencies andconsulting firms to document their useful experiences in majorprojects, particularly abroad.Support to prepare publicity material, such as video films, Web sitesdirectories, brochures, etc. particularly for exports.Build up linkages with various institutions/organisations within thecountry and abroad.Support for organizing and participation in training programmes,workshops, seminars and trade fairs etc in India and abroad. 5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI33Promotion and Support to ConsultancyServicesActivities¾International cooperation & export ofconsultancy services Support TCDPAP and other international programmes & activities.Promote international cooperationSupport for studies related to consultancy export potential fromIndia aiming at assessment of potential and consultancy needs ofother developing countries to meet those needs.Support to consultancy needs for export promotion etc.Enhance the capabilities and supporting the activities related toaccelerated technology transfer, particularly in the context ofTechnical Co-operation among Developing Countries (TCDC). 5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI3417

Technology Information Facilitation“Togenerate endogenous capacitiesfor the development and utilizationof digital information resources tofacilitate accelerated S&Tresearch”5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI35Specific Objectives Develop appropriate endogenous informationcapacities to support R&D activities Support the production of local content and topromote documentation and use of indigenousknowledge Promote information and knowledgenetworking at local, regional and nationallevels to facilitate flow and sharing ofinformation resources Map the national S&T productivity in relationto the international S&T Productivity Support education, training and R&D in digitalcontent development and utilization Promote national and internationalcooperation in related areas5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI3618

Strategy Concentrate on facilitation ofIndian content on S&T Avoid Duplication of Efforts Minimum Overlapping Maximum Utilization of ExistingFacilities Utilize Internet Technology5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI37Area of projects Local Content and indigenous knowledge base in English & Indian Languages Information support facilities for Industrycluster National websites/portal Facilities of universal access and sharing ofinformation through VIS Documentation of community knowledge/folk knowledge5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI3819

Modus Operandi for Approval In-House Scrutiny Scrutiny by Outside Experts and, ifnecessary, Field Visits Promising Projects Further Consideredby ‘Technical Advisory Committee’ beforeDepartment’s Final Approval MOU between DSIR and ParticipatingAgencies5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI39Activities [Achievements] Promotion of content development [8]National Websites/Servers [4]Indian Digital Library of Theses and R&D Publications[1]Documentation of Traditional Knowledge & FolkWisdom [8]Virtual Systems [1]Open Archives Initiative [1]Surveys, R&D Studies and Skill development [6] Number of Proposals Supported: 29 5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI4020

Technology Development & UtilisationProgramme for Women (TDUPW) Objectives Promoting the adoption of newtechnologies by women Awareness creation and training of womenin various technologies Technological Upgradation of tiny, smalland medium enterprises run by womenentrepreneurs Showcasing of appropriate technologiesand organizing demonstration programmesfor the benefit of women5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI41Projects Eligible (TDUPW)¾ Projects which are relevant to thebetterment of women ; Studies/ surveys for the assessment ofinformation needs of women in different walks oflife Documentation and content development on thefollowing aspects: Women’s rights and legal provisions Technologies useful for subsistence production,personal care and community managementincluding food processing, water conservation,waste disposal, maintenance of health andhygiene, etc CII TNTDP Technology, Funding5/7/200742and Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI21

Projects Eligible (TDUPW) Best practices in promoting economicactivities by women Contribution of women innovators/entrepreneurs Documentation of women scientists/Technologists working in variousScientific laboratories Technologies and products beneficial towomen Establishing Consultancy Cells forknowledgeon5/7/2007 imparting technicalCII TNTDP Technology,Funding43and Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAIadoption of latest technologiesProjects Eligible (TDUPW) Awareness creation and training ofwomen in information and computertechnologies Case studies of successful R&Dprofessionals, industrialists, businesswomen, women activists in differentfields, employed professionals, etc5/7/2007CII TNTDP Technology, Fundingand Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI4422

Institutions Eligible for Assistance Institutions receiving annual recurring grantsfrom the Central or State Governmentagencies including the Council of Scientificand Industrial Research, Indian Universities,Academic institutions, R&D institutions,Public Sector Undertakings, etc. Institutions registered as professionalsocieties under the Societies RegistrationAct. Institutions incorporated under section 25 ofthe Companies Act, Professional & industry AssociationsCII TNTDP Technology, Funding 5/7/2007Trusts registeredunder Indian Trusts Act, 45and Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI23

6 5/7/2007 CII_TNTDP Technology, Funding and Marketing for SMEs, CHENNAI 11 Fiscal Incentives and Support Measures ¾Write Off of Revenue Expenditure on R&DRevenue Expenditure on R&D (Section 35(1) (i) of IT Act) Write Off of Capital Expenditure on R&DCapital Expenditure on R&Din the