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WHITE PAPERSPARTAN.casinoW I N N I N GI SA L Lv0.1Gaming Sitespartan-casino.comBrand new features include Staking on MetaMask, TrustWallet, and My Ether Wallet. Halving of the IRON Coinevery 12 months and much more.



01INTRODUCTIONIn 2017, the global gambling industry was valued at 533 billion – a figure that has since continued to grow with future predictions, putting projected growth at 1 trillion by the year 2021.As the online gambling marketing continues to experience consistent growth, spurred on bythe emergence of new technologies and the increased accessibility of the internet, onlinecasinos are coming out on top as the fastest growing iGaming segment.However, as lucrative as the online casino market is, it remains highlydynamic and competitive with many players expecting new, moreexciting experiences, a more user-friendly betting process and fairerodds of winning.The internet has brought many new solutions for the online casino market andsignificantly improved the technology they use. Now, is stepping into the domain of blockchain-based live dealer casino gaming witha model that enables the next generation of immersive and interactive livedealer gambling and betting applications. By building on top of the existing blockchains, our smart contracts will be able to be deployedin a peer-to-peer environment with completefairness, transparency, and expands on what has already been achieved in the online casinodomain thanks to the penetration of newtechnological innovations. By combining a blockchain network withlive dealer functionality, our teamis bringing something revolutionary to the market that will changeeveryone’s expectations of howseamless, user-focused, fair, andfast applications and gamblingcan be.

02GLOBAL ONLINE GAMBLING MARKETGlobal online gaming revenues came in at 43 billion in 2017,and online combined). By 2022, the global online gamingmarket will be worth 65 billion. With over 6 million adultsgambling or gaming around the world, and estimates ofgreater than 10 million for 2020, the gaming marketis growing rapidly, with the online segment of themarket expected to accelerate faster than that oftraditional casinos.Further expansion in the coming years willbe driven by increasing wealth as well asconsumers’ adapting to the “new normal” ofsocial distancing and lockdowns that has themturning to online forms of entertainment.According to Google Trends, gambling hasmoved online since lockdown began withsearch interest in online casinos currently at anall-time high. The emergence of the blockchainand the increased accessibility of the internetare two factors that have come out as possiblesolutions to the increasingly rigid regulatorycontrol of the sector.The adoption of cryptocurrencies is a decisivefactor in the growth of online gambling, asit provides ease of access to the online andmobile gaming worlds with full anonymity andcontrol of earnings.

03PROBLEMSDespite the significant growth of the online gambling industry, online casinos continue to struggle with several ongoing issues that have made some countries reluctantto legalize online gambling. As a result, many potential users are deterred from gambling due to problems with trust, security, and reliability.At present, all aspects of online gambling and betting from RNGs (random number generators),user account management to market access rules for developers, can be explained with thecurrent centralized model and lack of trust.Problems for Players:Withheld bonusesAccount restrictions due to locationHidden fees for opening an accountWithdrawal restrictionsLimits and slow processing speed of payoutsRisk of fraudProblems for Service Providers:High entry fees for the game developersHigh costs of running an online casinoOperations overheads such as integrating paymentsystems and user account balance managementSlow server running speed and frequent downtimeeventsLack of transparency and credibilityLack of support for blockchain services/protocolsThere are many other problems with traditionaland online casinos. Limited game selection, lackof transparency of random number generation,the player’s experience. Without blockchainbased intervention, there can be no sustainablemodel for online gaming.

04SPARTAN.CASINO SOLUTIONSThe Spartan team is currently developing a new and improvedgambling industry and solve all aforementioned issues. We willimplement and run a blockchain-based ecosystem with its own setof smart contracts and custom live dealer games to meet onlinegambling requirements. The ultimate goal of isto remove the risks inherent in the current system by making itdecentralized, transparent, and trustworthy.By creating a new system and a set of smartcontracts on top of the Binance smart chain,we will create the network thatgoverns the operating model of the wholeecosystem. This model will not only allow usto transfer and record players’ results on theBINANCE SMART CHAIN but also enable nearinstant payments and a consistent cash flowthrough the Proof of Stake (POS) of tokens.05STRONG is not only built on soundtechnology, but it is also supported by ateam of extraordinary people. Our parentcompany, Precision Leads Media based in thedigital advertising across the globe, acrossreturn investments in the digital and onlinemarketplace.Our goal is to disrupt the online gamblingenvironment by making it fun, immersive,transparent, and fair for everyone with ahouse that always shares. will be built on top of a unique online gambling technologyblockchain to power a unique ecosystem for players. The protocol has beenserver-free, decentralized betting and gambling applications.The platform runs on top ofthe Binance Smart Chain and its protocolsto support a new generation of third-partycasino applications compatible with all of theBinance Smart Chain smart contracts to delivera wide range of fair game content from anopen-developer and others with custom features to meettheir specific needs and requirements. Theultimate goal of is to remove therisks inherent in the current system by makingit decentralized, transparent, and trustworthy foreveryone involved.We are positioning as the linkThe team is currently developingfully implement and run a blockchain-basedplatform with its own set of protocols and smartcontracts, where players can access live dealerthe inevitable modernization of the gamblingindustry. will be a frontrunnerfor how players interact with live dealer gamesand will redefine what consumers expect whengambling online.

Blockchain technology will enable us to position as a hyperconnectedplatform for the gambling industry that creates the most secure and user-focused environmentfor players through the most reputable and acknowledged technology.Target MarketsRestricted MarketsOur target markets for online gamblingwill be worldwide.Various forms of online gambling arelegally permitted (or in some cases notprohibited) by most countries all over theworld. For ease of reference, below is alist of countries where online gambling isexpressly prohibited.However, we will capture most targetplayers and interest from the currentrobust markets like Asia, NorthAmerica, South America and Europe.With the declining land-based casinosin the current environment, we hopeto present an interesting and viablesolution to these target markets.As of 2019, between Las Vegas andMacau, the overall revenue is 34billion USD which could be a target foronline casinos.(Countries not listed below, have no legalrestrictions on the operation of onlinegambling platforms and casinos):Most Middle Eastern and African countries(except the United Arab Emirates),Pakistan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Bhutan, andCambodia.Jurisdictions and LicensesCURAÇAOJurisdiction: The Curaçao eGaming Commission governs internet gambling for casinosbased in the Caribbean.Types of Licenses:teractive eGaming, including casinos, sports betting, exchanges, lottery, and games of skilland chance. There are forms of such a license, which are the:Master license, which enables its holders to grant sublicenses to anyone.Sublicense, which comes with all the benefits of a master license other than being ableto lease out sublicenses.However, the master license holder is responsible for all activities of all sublicense holders.Licensing Authority: Curaçao eGamingGaming Commission: Curaçao eGamingOther Remarks: This is a popular jurisdiction owing to the low taxes and the fast pace ofacquiring a license. Details about this jurisdiction can be found here.We are also looking at other jurisdictions to expand our global outreach.


07SPARTAN.CASINO PLATFORM 1.0With a strong team of marketing, casino and sportsbook professionals, is ideally positioned to become a regulated blockchaingambling platform worldwide through years of experience and a proventrack record.As a new generation platform for exclusivelive dealer games hosted on the blockchain, will incorporate a robustprotocol for trustless and decentralized casinogaming on top of the Binance Smart ChainIt will act as the first plug-and-playA combination of visually appealing graphicdesign, innovative blockchain technologyplatform will create a multisensory experiencefor users. The focus will be on live dealergames that create a unique, realistic, andimmersive experience. Regular updates of theplayers anywhere in the world.We are positioning as thelink between traditional online casinosand the inevitable modernization of thegambling industry through the adoption ofblockchain technology. willbe a frontrunner for how players interact withlive dealers and games, redefining whatconsumers will expect when playing gamesonline.the options for players who want to enjoyonline gambling with live dealers. All gameswill be governed by the network principles, providing a source of safe andpredictable income to token holders throughthe automatic POS mechanism.

08LIVE DEALER GAMESThe live dealer feature is unique to and creates a new standard for onlinegaming platforms as a whole. It will create a realcasino atmosphere for players while blockchaintechnology will provide top-notch safety andtransparency protocols. Players will see thecroupiers deal their cards or spin the roulette wheel,all in real-time. An integrated live chat will bringtogether the online community of dealers andplayers, creating a space to chat, share strategy,and then jump right back into the game together.A combination of multiple global feedsand expert knowledge of the gameinterface will deliver the most realisticand authentic experience in theavailable live dealer games.The use of a live operational model with streamingcameras is a first for the sector. It provides awhole new level of interaction with the dealers.By capturing the whole scene of the table andthe dealer’s actions, players will enjoy a morerealistic experience. An automated card or gameresult recognition system will assess the result andtransmit it to the player’s interface. This techniquecan be applied in Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette,and Sic Bo to add new a new layer of depth to theonline gaming experience.

09SPARTAN.CASINO PLATFORM 2.0The platform will initially open with a simpleselection of games run on an BINANCEsmart contract. Binance smart contractsare proven to be fair and cannot be cheatedupon. With our unique encryption technology,game results will not be changed by anymeans.We will subsequently expand the selectionplatform to include poker games, RNGgames, slot machines, and sports bookies.The focus will be on live dealer games thatcreate a unique, realistic, and immersiveexperience. Regular updates of the gamesoptions for players who want to enjoy onlinegambling with live will be launched with abrowser-based interface that does not requireaccess and play all games from any PC,Notebook, tablet, Windows phone, or Androidphone. The blockchain-based gamblingplatform will be made available as a desktopversion which simply needs to be opened in abrowser of the user’s choice. From the desktopversion HTLM5, players have access to thesocial functions of the platform, can interactwith other players, and interact with dealers inthe live games.refine’s layout and functionalityby expanding on the features that are wellreceived by the community and rolling outgames they want to play.To further strengthen the user-centricity of theplatform, we will have various social functionsthat promote user engagement. Users can enjoya chat system, friend system, and chat rooms.There are also forums with options for connecting,tips. These features will create the basis for anonline gaming community on

11SPARTAN.CASINO NETWORKBy adopting a user-first approach with an emphasis on live dealergames and blockchain technology, taps into awhole new segment of cryptocurrency participants who previouslyhave not been able to play online games nor subscribe to services.The development allows us to tap into new markets and increase ourcustomer base profoundly.The network is designed from theground up to both utilize and work on top of theBinance Smart Chain. Our system leveragesthe blockchain for transaction ledgers andother components to remain recorded andimmutable within the blockchain whereasspecific code resides outside of it. Theexpected scale of the platform,according to the number of our potential users,represents millions of players.As a next-generation ecosystem, creates acompletely trusted and decentralized blockchain iGamingoperation mode and improves the existing Ethereumblockchain. By building on top of existing frameworksof the blockchain assets protocols, our platform will beable to be deployed in a peer-to-peer environmentwith complete fairness, transparency, and visibility.We believe is revolutionary and willchange everyone’s expectations of how fair and fastapplications and online gambling can be.After IEO, will fully implement and runan online platform supported by an BINANCE (BSC)smart contract framework. It will focus on playersperfect and healthy gaming ecosystem.With the act of creating a new platform basedon the Binance protocol and custom featuresto meet online gambling requirements, will remove the risks inherent inthe current system by making it decentralized,transparent, and trustless.

Mining GamesOne unique feature of the platformis the games that allow users to mine IRON coinswhile playing. Initially, the platform will start with asimple dice game and then continuously expandthe game selection.The initial dice game is designed to have asimple interface and straightforward bettingmechanism. Users set a bet value by scrollingor clicking on the screen. The algorithm willproduce a random number between 0 and 96.The player will then check a numbered dialto find the number that was produced. If thenumber falls in the yellow portion of the dial,then the player wins and can claim theirpayout. If the number falls in the orange-redportion of the dial, then the player loses. Thegame becomes active only if the playerhas a positive amount of IRON coins intheir smart contract.12RANDOM NUMBER GENERATORThe Binance Smart Chain allows for smart contracts to berun that can be preprogrammed to support a randomnumber generator. The blockchaincombines the generation of the randomnumber with its block structure/consensus modeand will reserve thecorresponding datafield in the blockto generate therandom number.

13SPORTSBOOKThe Sportsbook will utilize the protocoldeveloped by, leaders in the sector with an establishedreputation. We will deploy the protocol on the platform 2.0.The protocolprovides the necessaryinfrastructure for game developersto host Dapps on the network. It is not just bringing freedom andflexibility through the use of decentralized systemsin online gaming to create the best iGamingblockchain network. With the addition of expandedfunctionality through the protocol,we are implementing an exchange of assetsthrough cross-chain consensus and protocols ofgames, allowing third-party developers to deploymany applications on the chain.These can extend the games pool of and result in an improved and moreimmersive player experience.Our aim is to create a sustainable model thatbenefits all parties involved in the online gaming14GAMES AND PRODUCTSLIVE SPORTS BETTINGE-SPORTSLIVE DEALER TABLE GAMESVIRTUAL SLOTSMINING GAMESVR GAMESSolidity Smart ContractsInterPlanetary File System (IPFS)Standardized Data Structuresfor Team and Event InformationDevelopment KITEvent Listing and OracleManagement Appbusiness process. generates morerevenue for developers than the previous model;services to their players.Players can get a wide variety of more transparentand safe games from independent gamedevelopers.The protocol still requires a feesystem, but the distribution of fees is a hardcodedreward system for all the participants describedfurther. There are no hidden fees.


15THE IRON COINFundraising and the use of IRON coins will help finance platformdevelopment and marketing so we can focus on improvingthe online gambling ecosystem. Our goal is to create ablockchain-based gambling platform that is accessiblefor leveraging the benefits of blockchain-basedbetting and gambling.A reward mechanism is in place to incentivizestaking as early as possible and as much aspossible. Additionally, every 12 months, there willbe halving of the token, whichwill keep inflation under control by decreasingthe issuance rate of new tokens coming intocirculation and will keep the price of the tokencompetitive.IRON coins are BEP-20 tokens that can be earnedin some games on throughthe Proof of Play mechanism. Blockchaintechnology allows players the completefreedom to transfer their IRON coins token will be traded on severaldecentralized exchanges. Players do not needhardware to mine tokens. OurProof of Play algorithm allows users to minetokens on by playing certaingames on the platform or by viewing ads.

16PROOF OF STAKEWe are deploying a Proof of Stake mechanismthat will be executed over three phases. Phase 1is about staking BNB and IRON via anBINANCE SMART CHAIN to achieve necessaryeconomic deterrence against potential economicattacks.This represents a service of securing the launchof the network which willbe rewarded in a roughly similar fashion asmainnet staking. During this phase, this complexprocess will be safely automated via MetaMaskon your desktop and in your Trust Wallet andMyEtherWallet on your mobile devices.Here are the important required steps:Deposit BNB in a wallet that youcan

chapter 04 table of contents contents chapter introduction 4 global online gambling market 5 problems 6 solutions 7 strong leadership 7 opportunities 8 platform 1.0 11 live dealer games 12 platform 2.0 13 mvp 13 network 14 random number generator 15 sportsbook 16

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