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FSA ParentInformation SessionHarbordale ElementaryJanuary 27th, 2021

What are the Florida Standard Assessments? The Florida Standards are the content standards thatidentify the expectations for what students enrolled inFlorida schools need to know and be able to do. Theywere fully implemented in grades K–12 in the 2014–2015school year. All public Florida schools teach the Florida Standards.The Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) provideparents and families, teachers, policy makers, and thegeneral public with information regarding how wellstudents are learning the Florida Standards.

Why are the Florida Standard Assessments Important? The FSA is the assessment Florida uses for student and school accountability. The FSA measures student performance in Grades 3-10 in Reading, Writing, Mathand Science. School grades are also determined by FSA scores. Florida has a policy of 3rd grade mandatory retention. Any third grader whoscores a level 1 in the reading FSA (and does not meet alternative promotioncriteria) must be retained. Students in Grades 4-5 must score a Level 2 or higher in reading and math forpromotion to the next grade.

Uncertainty As of today, the FSA exams are projected to still be scheduled at theirregular times However, there is a chance that the State will possibly cancel theseexams like last year We will keep you updated as we know more

Grade Levels assessedThird GradeLanguageArtsMathFourth GradeLanguageArtsMathWritingFifth GradeLanguageArtsMathWritingScience

AgendaTestDesignScheduleTimingTips &ResourcesResults

FSA ScheduleThird GradeFourth GradeFifth GradeLanguage ArtsMath4/6 & 4/75/11 & 5/12Language ArtsMathWriting5/4 & 5/55/11 & 5/124/6Language ArtsMathWritingScience5/4 & 5/55/11 & 5/124/65/18 & 5/19All tests are paper based!

Timing ELA FSA Reading (separate from Writing) Two 80-minute sessions, short stretch break at 40 minutes Two daysWriting – Grades 4 and 5 120 minutes One dayMathematics- Grades 3, 4, and 5 Two 80-minute sessions, short stretch break at 40 minutes Two daysScience- Grade 5 Two 80-minute sessions, short stretch break at 40 minutes Two days

Test Design –Writing & ReadingELA-READING CONTENT CATEGORIESGrades 3-5Approximate percentage of raw score points for each category.Reading Text TypesLiterature - 50%Informational - 50%ELAPERCENTAGE OF POINTS BYDEPTH OF KNOWLEDGE (DOK)* LEVELGrades 3-5DOK Level 1 (Low)10-20%DOK Level 2 (Mod)60-80%DOK Level 3 (High)10-20%Key Ideas and Details15-25%Craft and Structure25-35%Integration ofKnowledge and Ideas20-30%Note: Text-based Writing (G4-5) component is aDOK Level 3 task.Language and Editing15-25%Text-Based Writing(Grades 4-5)Determined eachyearTotal Number of Items56-60*DOK refers to the complexity level of thecognitive process demanded by a test item ratherthan the difficulty of the item.Level 1: Recall and Reproduction, Level 2: Skillsand Concepts, and Level 3: Strategic Thinking

Test Design –Writing ScoringPointsPurpose, Focus and Organization4 possible pointsEvidence and Elaboration4 possible pointsConventions2 possible points4thGradeRubric5thGradeRubricOverall Task Description Students will read a passage about a single topic Passage will consist of informational or literary fiction or nonfiction texts After reading the passage, students will respond by providing information on a topic or take a stanceto support an opinion or argument. Passage Attributes The passages for informative/explanatory prompts should maintain a clear topical connection butmay address diverse concepts/ideas. The passage for opinion/argumentative prompts should present opposing points of view. Each pointof view should be equally represented so that a student can take either side of a position.

Sample Writing Prompt

Writing Tips1.Read the prompt and determine whether it is asking for information/explanation,or an opinion/argument.2.Read the texts, looking for details to support information or opinion/argument.3.Use the Planning Sheet to organize thoughts and details.4.Write and edit response. Make sure it contains: Clearly stated and strongly maintained idea or argument Details from the passages to support idea or argument Variety of sentence types and transitional strategies Clear and effective expression and logical progression of ideas Strong introduction and conclusion Correct spelling and punctuation

Test Design – Reading Majority ELA Item Types aremultiple choice 25-50% of test is composed ofenhanced items which include Multi-SelectSelectable TextMulti-PartTable MatchEditing Task ChoiceGradeNumber ofWords3100-7004100-9005200-1000The length and complexity of textsvaries within each grade-levelassessment. The table suggests anapproximate word count range for atext or text set.

Sample Question TypesSelectable TextMultiple ChoiceMultipartTable Match

Editing Tasks – Language and grammar standards

Sample Passages – 3rd Grade

Sample Passages – 4th Grade

Sample Passages – 5th Grade

Test Design – MathMATH CONTENT CATEGORIESGrades 3-5Approximate percentage of raw score points for each category.Grade345Reporting CategoryPercentof TestOperations, Algebraic Thinking, andNumbers in Base Ten48Numbers and Operations - Fractions17Measurement, Data, and Geometry35Operations and Algebraic Thinking21Numbers and Operations in Base Ten21Numbers and Operations – Fractions25Measurement, Data, and Geometry33Operations, Algebraic Thinking, andFractions39Numbers and Operations in Base Ten28Measurement, Data, and Geometry33Numberof Items60-6460-6460-64MATHPERCENTAGE OF POINTS BYDEPTH OF KNOWLEDGE (DOK)* LEVELGrades 3-5DOK Level 1(Low)10-20%DOK Level 2(Mod)60-80%DOK Level 3(High)10-20%*DOK refers to the complexity level of thecognitive process demanded by a testitem rather than the difficulty of the item.Level 1: Recall and Reproduction, Level 2:Skills and Concepts, and Level 3:Strategic Thinking

Test Design – MathMath Item Types:Multiple Choice Multi-Select Table Match Response Grid Editing Task Choice

Sample Question TypesTable MatchMultiple ChoiceEditing TaskMultiselect

Response Grids

Reference Sheets Grades 4 & 5 Math willreceive reference sheets Grade 4 some formulas will be on thereference sheetGrade 5 some formulas may be includedwith the test itemGrade 3 Math does not receive areference sheet!

Test Design – ScienceGrade 5 students will take the Science assessment based on the Florida NextGeneration Sunshine State Standards.SCIENCE CONTENT CATEGORIESGrade 5Approximate percentage of raw score points for each category.Grade5Reporting CategoryPercentof TestNature of Science17Earth and SpaceScience29Physical Science29Life Science25NumberofQuestions60-66

Test Design – ScienceAll items on the Grade 5 Science test are multiple choice.

Achievement LevelsThe FSA is not scored using a percent-correct or number-correct scoring method. Students correctly answering the moredifficult items receive more credit than students answering less-challenging items.

ScoresHow do these scores effect my child’s future?BCPS Middle Schools that offer magnet programs, innovative programs,or academies usually require a certain GPA and look at FSA test scoresfor admission.Current GradeFSA5th graders3rd Grade FSA Scores4th graders4th grade FSA Scores3rd graders4th Grade FSA Scores* This information is accurate pending any changes regarding testing from the state.

How Can I Help?Preview the set of questions.Read the text twice, carefully. (Don’t forget captions and other text features).Omit the wrong answers. (x or ? at the end of the answer choices.bubble).Verify your answers with proof.Explain your answers using evidence.Infer using prior knowledge and clues.Test your answer. (Does it make sense?)Do not cross out the letter

How Can I Help? Become familiar with the website fsassessments.org. Click on the “students andfamilies” tab for additional information. Have your child take the FSA practice tests. Monitor your child’s progress and regularly communicate with your child’steachers. Read each night with your child and ask questions appropriate to their readinglevel. Encourage your child to go on i-Ready Math and Reading at home. Tell your child how fabulous are. The FSA is just one test. It is important, but itdoes not define your child.

Helpful ResourcesFSA Portalwww.FSAssessments.orgFlorida Department of Education Web Sitehttp://www.fldoe.orgSchool Accountability Reportshttp://schoolgrades.fldoe.orgSCPS Assessment & Accountability Web s/assessment-accountability/

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The FSA measures student performance in Grades 3-10 in Reading, Writing, Math and Science. School grades are also determined by FSA scores. Florida has a policy of 3rd grade mandatory retention. Any third grader who scores a level 1 in the reading FSA (and does not

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Mar 02, 2021 · Students’ Writing FSA score will be embedded into ELA FSA their final ELA FSA score. All 4th and 5th grade students will take the MATH FSA 4th and 5th grade students must score a Level 2 (or higher) in order to meet County Promotion Criteria MATH FSA based

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School-wide same set up as FSA April 27 FSA/EOC training All grade levels trained in room 215 during planning hours (schedule will be the same as BSA and will be sent out) Must be done by April 29 FSA practice test for FSA ELA Reading via LA classes FSA Math/Algebra/Geometry via Math classes 6-10th May 1 and

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(FSA) The FSA test is the newest Florida state standardized test that replaced the reading and writing FCAT. FSA ELA Writing –Grades 4-11 FSA ELA Reading, Language, and Listening – Grades 3-11 Writing Reading Language, Listening One Score Students must be a level 3

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