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ASIAN & MIDDLE EASTERN STUDIESCourse #TitleAMES 107Intro to East Asian CulturesAMES 190SSpecial Topics: Korean Pop MusicInstructorEileen ChowJung-Min Mina Lee**AMES 240SAMES 270TAMES 309AMES 410S; AMES 610SLeo Ching, Shai GinsburgYan LiuCarlos RojasThomas LamarreAMES 438S; AMES 549SAMES 456SAMES 560SAMES 605**AMES 631Games and Culture: Politics, Pleasure and PedagogyVoices in Philosophy: Mandarin TutorialChinese Im/MigrationTrauma and Space in AsiaTechno-Orientalism: Asian/America, (Post) Humanand Science FictionChinese Culture and IdeologyReading the Chinese NovelEast Asian Cultural StudiesNational CinemasCross-listingICS 144MUS 190S-03LIT 440S; POLSCI 440S; ICS 440S; CULVMS 255SGLHLTH 270TAMI 268; RIGHTS 309CULANTH 366S; ICS 410SNayoung Aimee KwonKang LiuCarlos RojasLeo ChingGuo-Juin HongCULANTH; AMI; GSF; LIT; SXL; VMS; IPOLSCI 456SAMES 560SCULANTH 605; LIT 571; ICS 605AMI 632; LIT 632; VMS 632ART HISTORYCourse #ARTHIST 232ARTHIST 378ARTHIST 590S-02ARTHIST 590S-03TitleJapanese Art, 1600-PresentChinese Buddhist ArtSpecial Topics: Unpacking North Korean ArtSpecial Topics: Sculpture in Global TermsInstructorYoung-Ji LeeStanley AbeYoung-Ji LeeStanley AbeCross-listingCHINESECourse #CHINESE 102CHINESE 204CHINESE 205CHINESE 232CHINESE 271TCHINESE 306CHINESE 321SCHINESE 333CHINESE 371STitleFirst-Year Chinese IIIntermediate ChineseIntermed-Mid ChineseIntermed-Chinese for Bilingual LearnersVoices in Philosophy: Chinese TutorialAdvanced Chinese IIBusiness/Interculture in ChinaAdvanced Chinese for Bilingual LearnersClassic Chinese Mod Context IInstructorDepartmental StaffYan Liu, Ya-Chuan ChouChi-Ju Hsieh, Jia YanChi-Ju Hsieh, Jia YanCarolyn LeeChi-Ju HsiehShu Ting HsuShu Ting HsuTianshu HeCross-listingVMS 378AMES 271T

CHINESE 408SCHINESE 450SCHINESE 456Issues in Chinese Lang/Soc IIUnderstanding China & the USTopics in Chinese Culture and SocietyShu ZhangYan LiuKang LiuCULTURALANTHROPOLOGYCourse #**CULANTH 195**CULANTH 210CULANTH 241**CULANTH 520**CULANTH 731STitleComparative Approaches to Global IssuesGlobal CultureMigrant ChinaEco MediaCritical EthnographiesInstructorJessica NamakkalEngseng HoRalph LitzingerRalph LitzingerAnne AllisonCross-listingHIST 103; SOCIOL 195AMES 210; VMS 247AMES 231LIT 522; AMI 522EDUCATIONCourse #EDUC 290S-03**EDUC 309EDUC 393TitleChina & Higher Education AccessGlobal EducationResearch Independent Study on Contemporary ChinaInstructorAdam HollowellStaff InstructorStaff InstructorCross-listingSOCIOL 290S-04InstructorCross-listingECON 379**ECON 613TitleEmerging Markets: Finance, Trade, Institutions andthe World EconomyApplied Econometrics: MicroGiovanni ZanaldaDaniel Yi XuICS 379HISTORYCourse #**HISTORY 201**HISTORY 203**HISTORY 216SHISTORY 220HISTORY 223HISTORY 227HISTORY 514STitleGlobalization And HistoryHistory of Global HealthBetween Moscow, Beijing, DelhiChina Antiquity To 1400Survey of Modern China 1800-PresentEmergence of Modern JapanCulture/Env in Modern ChinaInstructorGiovanni ZanaldaMargaret HumphreysMustafa TunaSucheta MazumdarNicole BarnesDepartmental StaffPrasenjit DuaraCross-listingPUBPOL 236GLHLTH 203ECONOMICSCourse #AMES 136AMES 234AMES 169AMES 531S

**HISTORY 548SGlobal History of MedicineNicole BarnesGSF 584; GLHLTH 548JAPANESECourse #JPN 102JPN 204JPN 306JPN 407STitleElementary JapaneseIntermediate JapaneseAdvanced JapaneseIssues in Japanese Lang/Soc IInstructorNaoko KurokawaAzusa SaitoAzusa SaitoYunchuan ChenCross-listingKOREANCourse #KOREAN 102KOREAN 204KOREAN 306SKOREAN 408STitleElementary KoreanIntermediate KoreanAdvanced KoreanIssues in Korean Lang/Soc IIInstructorBarohny EunEunyoung KimEunyoung KimHae-Young KimCross-listingLINGUISTICSCourse #**LINGUIST 202**LINGUIST 207LINGUIST 390S**LINGUIST 471STitleLanguages of the WorldPsychology of LanguageJapanese Language & SocietyLanguage and PoliticsInstructorDominika BaranRuth DayYunchuan ChenGareth PriceCross-listingLiteratureCourse #**LIT 302S**LIT 450S**LIT 761STitleHashtags, Memes, Digital TribesFoucault in Slow MotionFoundations in Feminist TheoryInstructorNegar MottahedehRey ChowAra WilsonCross-listingISS 302S; GSF 320S; VMS 349S; AMEMUSICCourse #MUSIC 210MUSIC 610-6TitleChinese Music EnsembleChinese Music EnsembleInstructorJennifer Chang, Hsiao-Mei KuJennifer Chang, Hsiao-Mei KuCross-listingAMES 145AMES 610AMES 390SSOCIOL 471S; SES 484SGSF 701S

PHILOSOPHYCourse #PHIL 263TitleChinese PhilosophyInstructorDavid WongCross-listingAMES 275POLITICAL SCIENCECourse #**POLSCI 231D**POLSCI 332**POLSCI 631L**POLSCI 650**POLSCI 721**POLSCI 760**POLSCI 763TitlePolitical Risk AnalysisGames and PoliticsDeductive and Analytical ApproachesPolitical Economy of International RelationsAuthoritarian InstitutionsCore in Security, Peace, & ConflictFoundational Scholarship in International RelationsInstructorEdmund MaleskyEmerson NiouEmerson NiouJoseph GriecoEdmund MaleskyKyle BeardsleyJoseph GriecoCross-listingInstructorCross-listing**PUBPOL 790-04TitleSpecial Topics in International Development Policy:Global ChainsRELIGIONCourse #**RELIGION 120RELIGION 176**RELIGION 281**RELIGION 323SRELIGION 327SRELIGION 780**RELIGION 818TitleBuddhismJapanese ReligionsBeat Generation SpiritualityBuddhist MeditationTibetan BuddhismAmerican Foreign Missions and Chinese ChristianityPioneers in Western ChristianityInstructorRichard JaffeJeffrey NicolaisenDavid N NeedRichard JaffeDavid N NeedXi LianXi LianCross-listingAMES 114AMES 174SLAVIC & EURASIANSTUDIESCourse #TitleInstructorCross-listingPUBLIC POLICYCourse #Gary Gereffi, Lukas BrunAMES 315SAMES 386SWXTIAN 813WXTIAN 818

**SES 373SBetween Moscow, Beijing and Delhi: Narratives ofEurope and AsiaMustafa O TunaICS 373S; HISTORY 216STHEATER STUDIESCourse #**THEATRST 202S**THEATRST 282S**THEATRST 338STitleIntro to Performance StudiesAdaptationGlobalization & TheaterInstructorHye Won KimJody McAuliffeHye Won KimCross-listingInstructorEd TimkeBai GaoMary HovsepianCraig RawlinsCross-listing**SOCIOL 750STitleAdvertising/Society: GlobalTechnology and Organizational EnvironmentsNational, Regional, & Global EconomyOrganizations/ManagementProseminar (Population Studies): Demography &AgingTIBETANCourse #TIBETAN 102TIBETAN 204TIBETAN 302TitleElementary Tibetan IIIntermediate Tibetan IIAdvanced Modern Tibetan IIInstructorDepartmental StaffDepartmental StaffDepartmental StaffSOCIOLOGYCourse #**SOCIOL 160**SOCIOL 344**SOCIOL 345**SOCIOL 355Scott LynchCross-listing

KOREAN 204 Intermediate Korean Eunyoung Kim KOREAN 306S Advanced Korean Eunyoung Kim KOREAN 408S Issues in Korean Lang/Soc II Hae-Young Kim LINGUISTICS Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing **LINGUIST 2

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Many practices from Asian wellness traditions have become widely popular in the West, generating a sizeable global economy around yoga, tai chi, Asian massage traditions, and Asian herbal supplements. In turn, this has led to a surge in research investigation into the health benefits of Asian health and wellness practices. Scientific

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