Spray Systems, Chain Lubrication And Specialty Systems

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Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 1Spray Systems,Chain Lubrication andSpecialty SystemsProduct Catalogue / Second Edition 2005Productivity is key in today's globaleconomy. Proper lubrication increasesuptime and makes maintenanceroutines simple.

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 2Lincoln Company ProfileOur ExperienceLincoln was established in 1910and is the long-standing worldleader in grease lubricationsys-tems and equipment. Decadesof business experience haveprovided us with a high level ofexpertise and know-how withinthe lubrication system industry.As a pioneer in the industry, wewill continue being a trendsetterconfidently providing ourcustomers with the best lubricationsystem solutions in both price andquality.Our ServiceOur customer service includesthe consulting, engineering andplanning of customer-orientedsystems for all applications,the manufacturing of standardcomponents such as pumps,metering devices or controlequipment, the installation andstart up of lubrication systemson site in all parts of the world,as well as the customer training,and after-market service.Our QualityOur certified Quality ManagementSystem according to DIN EN ISO9001, our expertise, consultingqualities and inventiveness, leadthe way for future customer-oriented, economical and intelligentsolutions.Our ProductLincoln lubrication systemsreduce friction and wear; thereby,decreasing maintenance costs,improving productivity, ensuringa higher level of safety andcontribution to the environment.2Our Environmental ManagementSystemOur Environmental ManagementSystem according to DIN EN ISO14001 and EMAS, is an integralpart of our company philosophythat reflects Lincoln’s futureorientation.Our MottoKeep in motion –Bleiben Sie mit uns in Bewegung!

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 3Table of ContentsSpray Systems and Special SystemsSchematic Spray System4-5SchematicSAF Pumps6-7ExampleSpray NozzlesAccessories89 - 10Accessories, Mounting Plates,Lubricant Filters, Pressure ReliefEOS10 - 11Single-line Oil System for Lubrication ofSlow Moving ChainsContact Lubrication12Quicklub13Progressive System for Grease or Oil - forSlow Moving, Small ChainsCentro-MaticPMA 2 Solenoid Pump1415 - 16Orsco17Cobra Chain Lubricator18CRL 10119Oil Circulation Systems20Supply Systems21Index22Part No.515-30955-1515-31224-1515-31225-1515-31252-23

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 4Spray Lubrication SystemsSchematic Spray System4

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 5Applications Pinion lubrication gearsIndustriesCement, mills, pulp and paperSpray systems use compressedair to spray the lubricant deliveredby the pump on parts slidingagainst one another or rollingacross one another.Common Components Pumps215 electric pump*Capabilities Controlled nozzles provide100% monitoring of air-flowand lubricant supply asopposed to air pressure andlubricant flow Repeatability of spray pattern Complete air control possibilityto reduce consumption* see Progressive &Multi-line catalogue** not covered in this catalogue –ask your Lincoln representativefor details SAF andLubrigun pneumatic pumps Ejectors(mini pneumatic pump)**Nozzles HSA wide-angle spray nozzles5

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 6SAF PumpsThese pneumatic barrel pumps,SAF1-YL with one outlet andSAF2-YL with two outlets aredesigned for use in spraysystems for the supply of adhesivelubricants (NLGI 0 and 00).SAF pumps are placed directlyinto 200 liter drums. They do notrequire a follower plate, thus thesupply of lubricant is possibleeven if the drum is severelydented. With the aid of an optionalstand and winch unit, it is easy toexchange barrels.SAF Pump with Stand and Winch(Drum Supplied by Lubricant Supplier)SAF1-YLModelsPart criptionSAF1-YNSAF1-YLSAF2-YNSAF2-YLNumber of Outlets1122Lubricant Output/Stroke1,1 cm31,1 cm32 x 1,1 cm32 x 1,1 cm3Low-levelnoyesnoyesTechnical Datamaximum operating pressuredriving pressureair inlet connectionpneumatic drive ratiosound levellubricant outletdrum typedimensions (L x W x H)300 bar (4350 psi)minimum 4 bar (58 psi) maximum 10 bar (145 psi)1/4 NPT female40:1 70 dB(A)G 1/4 f (BSPP)for 200 l lidded barrels acc. to DIN 6644610 x 610 x 985 mm (24 x 24 x 38.8 in)Note: A 3/2 way air solenoid valve is required.AccessoriesPart No.615-26739-1Descriptionstand with winch for SAF1 (1 pinion drive) withair maintenance unit (FLR), pressure relief valve, air hoses and lubricant hoses615-26740-1stand with winch for SAF2 (2 pinion drive) withair maintenance unit (FLR), 2 pressure relief valves, air hoses and lubricant hoses515-30955-1overpressure valve (120 bar) manifold with pressure gauge6

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 7Example:Stand with Winch for SAF2Dimensions (L x W x H): 950 x 700 x 2200 mm (37.4 x 27.6 x 86.6 in)Item DesignationABCDEcompressed air from compressorcompressed air to pumpcompressed air to spray unitlubricant from pumplubricant to spray unitItem Designation12345678maintenance unitpressure relief device HSA-TD21stand with winchlow-pressure hose OD 16 x 1040 mm with 20 mm studhigh-pressure hose OD 6 x 1540 mm with 10 mm studlow-pressure hose OD 13 x 1040 mm with 15 mm studhigh-pressure hose OD 8 x 1040 mm with 10 mm studhigh-pressure hose OD 8 x 1540 mm with 10 mm stud7

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 8Spray NozzlesLincoln spray nozzles aredesigned for the spraying ofadhesive lubricants on pinions andopen gears. The nozzles areavailable in several versions thatcover a wide range of applicationsand functional features. TheSDLKR series are the onlynozzles that can monitor both theflow of air and lubricant within thenozzle. The economically pricedSD series can be monitoredexternally by means of aprogressive metering device andthe air can be controlled withHSA-TD2an air solenoid valve. Completemounting plates are available foreasy alignment.HSA-TD26Nozzle Selection Guide & Part NumbersMounting StylUncontrolled NozzleControlled Nozzleswith MonitoringLimit SwitchProximity Switch(15-250 VAC)(15-250 ENpart no. 615-27519-2 part no. 615-27518-2 part no. ESGSDLHKR-ENGpart no. 615-27583-2 part no. 615-27585-2 part no. 615-27586-2Without Monitoringmounting platesinglemounted nozzle(for brackets)HSA-TD2SDpart no. 615-25677-2HSA-TD2SDpart no. 615-25677-2Technical Datalubricant outputspray surface coveragemounting distanceair pressureair requirementoperatingpressureconnectionsHSA-TD25, 26, 27connectionsHSA-TD2, 28, 29, 300.2 – 20 cm3 (0.0122 – 1.22 in3 ) per minuteapprox. 150 mm (6.0 in) wide and 80 mm (3.3 in) high150 – 200 mm (6 – 8 in) from nozzle to application pointuncontrolled nozzle: 3 bar (43 psi), controlled nozzle: 6 bar (87 psi)approx. 200 Nl/min (free air) for uncontrolled nozzlemax. 40 Nl/min (free air) for controlled nozzlemax. 200 bar (2900 psi) for uncontrolled nozzlemax. 120 bar (1740 psi) for controlled nozzleair:G 1/4 female (BSPP)G 1/4 female (BSPP)lubricant:gM12fastening:air:8 mm tubing or hose studlubricant:6 mm tubing or hose studfastening:8.5 mm dia.Note: Air inlet is marked as "L” and lubricant inlet is marked as "S”.Tightening torque for controlled nozzles 20 Nm, electric monitoring signal 20 ms.DimensionsModelnozzle SDnozzle SDLMKR-ENnozzle SDLMKR-ESnozzle SDLMNR8Height50 mm (2.0 in)110 mm (4.3 in)110 mm (4.3 in)110 mm (4.3 in)Length87 mm (3.4 in)140 mm (5.5 in)185 mm (7.3 in)140 mm (5.5 in)Depth20 mm45 mm45 mm45 mm(0.8(1.8(1.8(1.8in)in)in)in)

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 9Bracket Mounting,Accessories, Mounting PlatesBracket Mounting (Bracket 515-31224-1) of SD NozzlesBracket Mounting (Bracket 515-31225-1) of SDLH NozzlesMounting Plates with SDLM Nozzles9

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 10Accessories, Lubricant Filters,Pressure Relief UnitCompressed Air Block for 3 NozzlesLubricant Filter UnitPressure Relief Valve with Pressure GaugeModelsPart -25681-1628-25530-4515-31252-2Descriptionbracket for nozzles Type SDbracket for nozzles Type SDLH.air block for 2 nozzlesair inlet: R 3/8 f (BSPT)air block for 3 nozzlesair block for 4 nozzlesair outlets: for 8 mm tube or hose studlubricant filter unit with pressure gauge and 120 bar (1740 psi) pressure relief valvepressure relief unit, 120 bar (1740 psi) with pressure gaugethreaded connections: G1/4 female (BSPP)EOSSingle-line Oil SystemThe required metered quantity ofoil can be adjusted to properlymatch the working condition, thesize and length of the chain. Themetering range selection of 0.1,0.3, 0.4 or 0.5 ccm providesversatility to ensure thatrequirements are met.EOS is the reliable and mosteconomical solution for the oillubrication of chains. Thesystem is a direct operating,electrically driven, single-linecentralized lubrication system.The system is ideal formachines with chain drives and12/24 VDC power supply - e.g.agricultural equipment such asbalers. A typical industrialapplication is for packagingmachine such as palletizers.Single-line Oil SystemThe EOS metering elementssupply the required oil quantity intime-controlled intervals tobrushes which evenly apply theoil to the chain.10EOS ControllerFor machines without a controller,e.g. balers in the agriculturalindustry, Lincoln offers a 12/24VDC controller. The run time isfixed at 4 seconds and the pausetime is adjustable from 1 to 100minutes. The controller enables asimple retrofit installment of theEOS oil lubrication system.

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 11EOS Single-line Oil Systemsfor the lubrication ofSlow Moving ChainsModelPart -1307-19543-1112-35255-4112-35255-3DescriptionPump EOP-12Pump EOP-24Motor12 VDC24 VDC3Metering element EOE, complete. 0.1 cm3Metering element EOE, complete. 0.3 cm3Metering element EOE, complete. 0.4 cm3Metering element EOE, complete. 0.5 cmDivider bar, doubleDivider bar, tripleDivider bar, quatrupleBracket for Divider barsTube, PA12 HL 8.0 x 1.0, blackTube, PA12 HL 4.0 x 0.65, blackTechnical DataReservoir SizeDimensions (L x W x H)Power supplyMax. currentMax. Operating pressureTheoretical output at 4 barOperating temperatureFactory settinf*Suitable oils**5l180 x 205 x 302 mm12 or 24 VDCat 12 VDC 5 A / at 24 VDC 2.5 Aapprox 4 bar0.5 l/min0 to 40 Cmax run time 4 sec with a pause of 30 secmineral oil SAE OW-40EMVacc. To DIN VDE 879/2: 1999 03 and acc. To EN ISO 14982: 1998Metering elementsColour RingOutput / strokewhiteredgreenblue0.1 cm30.3 cm30.4 cm30.5 cm3Note: Please verify applications involving parameter variances with Lincoln GmbH before commissioning.* With an increase in the number of lube lines – the run time and the pause time of the electrically drivengear pump must be increased.** The following oils may not be used in the EOS: used oil, gear oil, glucose oil and plant oil.EOT Controller 12/24 VDCPart No.12/24 VDC-15/ 20 %DescriptionController 12 VDCController 24 VDCSee technical manual for detailsTechnical DataPower supplyTolerancePower ratingOperating temperature12/24 VDC-15/ 20 %max. 0,65 kW-20 C to 60 C11

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 12Contact Lubricationwith Guide BlocksThe contact lubrication comprises2 polymer-plastic blocks betweenwhich the chain runs. The guideblocks fit exactly to the size andtype of chain (roller chainsaccording. to DIN 8187).The upper block has channels thatdirect the lubricant to the chain.The lubricant is distributed alongthe length of the block allowing itto penetrate the chain.This system offers essentialadvantages - the worst of the dirton the chain is cleaned off, thechain is guided and supplied withcontinuous lubricant. The contactlubrication has an extraordinarylong life thanks to highly wearresistant plastics that are veryrobust and insensitive tocontamination and knocks.The system has been designedespecially for chains in palletconveyor systems, e.g. in thefood and beverage industry.Pallet systems for return goodsare particularly exposed to a highgrade of contamination: woodchips, broken glass, and in thewinter, ice particles stick to thechain and result in prematurewear.Other applications for a contactlubrication system are passengeror freight elevators as well asescalators.ApplicationsContact lubrication is ideal forslow and fast moving chains (up toa max. of 40 m/min). All types oflubricant - from low viscosity oil tolubrication greases can be used.Lincoln centralized lubricationsystems provide the optimumlubricant supply.Guide Blocks & MountingContact LubricationSelectionof AvailableGuideBlocks for fürSingleRoller ChainsAuswahl vonlieferbarenGleitschienenEinfach-RollkettenChain SizeKettengröße3/4” x 7/16”DIN ISOISO Nr.No.DIN12 B-11” x 17 mm16 B-11 1/4” x 3/4”20 B-11 1/2” x 1”24 ben*Lower**unten**Part 703-1compl. 200 RK-1F1 1/4x 3/412SGleitschienekpl. 200RK-1F1/4 x 3/4 2S 526-32708-1compl. 200 RK-1F1 1/4x 3/41 1/4 x 3/4Gleitschienekpl. 200RK-1F526-32707-1compl.200RK-1F11/2x1 2SGleitschiene kpl. 200 RK-1F1 1/2 x 1 2S526-32706-1compl. 200 RK-1F1 1/2x1 1 1/2 x 1Gleitschienekpl. 200RK-1F526-32705-1Guide Block DescriptionBezeichnungcompl. 200 RK-1F3/4RK-1Fx 7/16 3/42S x 7/16 2SGleitschienekpl. 200compl.200RK-1F3/4x7/16Gleitschiene kpl. 200 RK-1F 3/4 x 7/16compl.200 RK-1F1" xRK-1F17 mm1”2SGleitschienekpl. 200x 17 mm 2Scompl. 200 RK-1F1" xRK-1F17 mm1” x 17 mmGleitschienekpl. 200Selectionof AvailableGuideBlocks for fürDoubleRoller ChainsAuswahl nSizeKettengröße3/4” x 7/16”DIN ISOISO No.Nr.DIN12 B-22 1/2” x 1 1/2” 40 ben*Lower**unten**GuideBlock DescriptionBezeichnungcompl.200 RK-2F3/4RK-2Fx 7/16 3/43S x 7/16 3SGleitschienekpl. 200compl.200 RK-2F3/4RK-2Fx 7/16 3/4 x 7/16Gleitschienekpl. 200compl.200 RK-2F2 1/2x 1 1/23Sx 1 1/2 3SGleitschienekpl. 200RK-2F2 1/2compl.200RK-2F21/2x11/23Sx 1 1/2Gleitschiene kpl. 200 RK-2F 2 1/2Sach-Nr.Part No.526-32710-1526-32709-1526-32714-1526-32713-1* with lubricant connections M 6x1 (2S 2 lubricant connections, 3S 3 lubricant connections)** without lubricant connections12

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 13QuicklubProgressive System for Grease orOil for Slow Moving, Small ChainsChain LubricationThe Lincoln brush lubricationin conjunction with theQuicklub 203 pump providesan economical entry-levelchain lubrication system. TheQuicklub range does howeveroffer numerous add-onpossibilities. As a result, itfulfils all expectations for aneasy, maintenance-friendly andhigh quality lubrication system.Brush lubrication not onlylubricates the contact points ofthe links, but rather the entirechain. The pump supplies thelubricant either directly or via aprogressive metering device tothe brushes, which evenly applythe lubricant to the chain. As aresult, high-viscous chain oils andlubricants up to NLGI class 2 canbe easily, economically andreliably applied.Optional system monitoring isoffered with a 203 pumpincorporating the appropriatePCB and correspondingprogressive metering devices.Additional options include lowlevel monitoring.A progressive system can serveup to 100 lubrication points, thusseveral brushes may bepositioned along the chains toensure sufficient lubricant supply.13

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 14Centro-MaticCentralized Lubrication SystemOil Lubrication for slow movingchains The chain speed can be up to6 m/min if brushes are used. For contact-free squirtapplications, the chain speed isdependent on the chain division and the total number ofSL-43 lubricant injectors.The Centro-Matic system is asingle-line system. Oneapplication for a Centro-Maticsystem is the oil lubrication ofchains.The Centro-Matic oil systemoperates intermittently with achange in pressure and pressurerelief.A centralized pump supplies theconnected injectors with oil. Theinjector supplies the meteredquantity of oil under pressure(52-69 bar) and the meteringchamber is filled. After themainline pressure has beenrelieved, the preset quantity of oilfrom the metering piston is forcedin front of the supply piston. TheLincoln “SL” injectors are the keycomponent of a Centro-Maticsystem.The injectors are infinitelyadjustable and they are equippedwith an indicator pin for visualmonitoring. SL-43 injectors, witha pneumatically drivensingle-stroke centralizedlubrication pump, are mostcommonly used for oil lubricationof chains.System Advantages Switching on and off ofindividual chain groups ispossible Exact metering, independentof oil viscosity and flowresistance The high operating pressureof the injector enables accurateoil expulsion Lubricates without compressed air1483667 Single-stroke PumpPneumatic driveAir inlet pressure 2.9 - 3.4 barRatio 20:13Output 7.3 cmReservoir capacity 2 LHeight 470 mm82885 Single-stroke Pump(not shown)As above, exceptReservoir capacity 0.59 LHeight 264 mmNote: Controller andpressure reducer requiredSL-43 InjectorsAdjustable 0.016 to 0.131 cm3Manifolds available with 1 to 4lubricant injectorsWe design each Centro-Maticchain lubrication system fromindividual components to suityour requirements.

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 15PMA 2 Solenoid Pumpwith Squirt NozzlesPMA 2 Pump SystemThe PMA 2 solenoid pump isdesigned for a contact-free oillubrication of chains. The exactmetered quantity of oil issquirted without air (airless),and without producing an oilmist, while the chain is inoperation. The lubricant canalso be directly applied viabrushes or lubrication points.The pump’s fast cycle frequency of5 Hertz enables trouble-freelubrication of fast moving chains. Asingle pump can supply 1 to 6 oilsquirt nozzles.Double-nozzles are also availablewhich further increase the numberof points served by the pump. Themetered quantity of oil per cycle iseither 30 mm3 or 60 mm3The drive magnet is characterizedby its high performance and longduty-cycle, thus enabling areliable operation of the pump inextreme conditions.The pump is available in 24 VDC,120 VAC and 230 VAC versions.An optional proximity switch forthe pump offers a simple methodto electrically monitor the function.Other accessories include a 13 ora 36 litre reservoir for oil. Bothreservoirs are equipped withelectrical low-level control and alarge filling port comprising astrainer.System Advantages & Features Metered oil quantity 30 mm3or 60 mm3 per cycle Available in 24 VDC, 120 VACand 230 VAC versions Optional electrical monitoringvia a proximity switch 1 to 6 outlets that can serveindividual or double nozzles Up to 5 lubrication cycles persecond (depending on thesystem) Airless lubrication – oil mistfree15

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 16PMA 2 Solenoid Pumpwith Squirt NozzlesPMA 2 PumpPMA 2 Pump System3ModelsmmĨOutput (0.0036- StandardVersionsModellewithmit Part ACAnzahl 46242230 VACnoneinnonein24 VDC120 esjayesjanonein3ModelsmmĨOutput (0.0018- StandardVersionsModellewithmit SachnummerPart 4-30-230AC2-.-2-30-230AC-N2-.-1-30-24DCAnzahl ltagespannung230 VAC230 VAC230 VAC24 yesnoneinAccessoriesZubehörSachnummerPart -28685-116BeschreibungDescriptionSpritzdüsefür forRohr6 mmSquirt nozzle6 mmtubeDoppeldüse,geradefür forRohr6 mmDouble-nozzle,straight6 mmtubeDoppeldüse90 ,90ºfürforRohr6 mmDouble-nozzle,6 herLeermeldung(Schwimmerschalter)13 l plastic reservoir withlow-level(float cherLeermeldung(Schwimmerschalter)36 l plastic reservoir withlow-level(float switch)

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 17ORSCOMinimum Quantity Oil Spray SystemThe number and type of injectorpumps are selectable. Thestandard Series 170 system (seephoto) is available with up to 16injector pumps with a choice of3315 mm or 60 mm output perstroke.The list of equipment for eachmodule can be individuallyconfigured from standardcomponents. Please ask us forfurther details.Oil Spray System for Production LinesPump Series VS, Without ReservoirPump Series VSR, 4L Oil ReservoirOil Spray System for ExtremeFast Moving ChainsORSCO spray systems cover theentire oil lubrication range fromslow to fast moving chains. It is,however, especially ideal for thelubrication of extreme fast movingchains or for critical applicationswhere over-lubrication or productcontamination must be avoided.Orsco Spray NozzlesNumerous nozzle types, in variousversions, enable the ORSCOspray system to cover mostapplications.Oil Spray Systems forProduction LinesA further application for theORSCO system is for the oiling ofcomponents such as cylinders,shafts etc. in the production, aswell as tool lubrication in themetal-forming industry.Oil and spray-air are only firstcombined in a special mixingchamber within the nozzle. Thecompressed air acts merely as atransport medium to carry theminute oil quantity to the point oflubrication (not an oil-mistlubrication).Each nozzle is suppliedintermittently (minimum cyclefrequency of 2 Hz) by apneumatically operated injectorpump with a metered amount ofoil (15 mm 3 or 60 mm 3 ).Depending on the injector versionand the cycle frequency, eitheran ultra-fine or a thicker oil film isapplied.The spray nozzles type "SWN" (asshown) with different spraypatterns are used for example inchain lubrication applications.Spray nozzle SWN LP has theconnections on the side, whileSWN IL has the connections at theback. Please inquire for furtherdetailed information.Compact Series PumpsWhen an existing PLC is available,our standard components can beeasily used.The standard series canaccommodate up to 8 injectorpumps - with either 15 mm3 or360 mm per stroke. The modulesare available with or withoutcomponents such as air solenoids,pressure switches, air filter/regulator, etc.VS series without reservoirVSR series with 4 liter oil reservoirSpray Nozzle - SWN LP, side connectionsSpray Nozzle - SWN IP, back connectionsPlease inquire about customtailored lubrication systems(Series 200 & 300) with morethan 16 injector pumps, and/orcustomer specific controllers, orwith additional monitoringfunctions. We will design asystem to your specificationsWhere required, we configure &design each pump assembly toexactly match your needs andspecific application.Lubrication System SeriesThese modules are complete preassembled lubrication systemstations that include a controller,air solenoid valves, air filter, oilreservoir and injector pumps.Standard System Series 17017

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 18Cobra LubricatorSystem Benefits For oil and grease up to NLGIclass 2 Lubrication frequency of1 cycle per second. Supply quantity of 0.2 cm3 to2 cm3 per stroke Lubricant pressure of max.150 bar For chain speeds up to20 m/min Manual Start/Stop or optionalautomated (electro pneumatic) Visual monitoring via indicatorpin No control cabinet required(for the standard version)Applications Mining Steel & iron industry Cement industry Automotive plants Food processing operationsCobra 1XThe enhanced Cobra 1X fromLincoln’s chain lubrication rangeis particularly suitable forconveyor chains and conveyorlines, in which the inner roller andstud of the chain are lubricatedwhile the chain is in operation.The system can supply eitherNLGI class 2 grease or oil.A new drive technology, which isa combination of a pneumaticand mechanical drive, as well asa newly designed lubricationhead, provides two keyadvantages: The load subjected to the chainis substantially lower A higher maximum lubricantpressure of up to 150 barThe newly designed lubricationhead enables an exact meteringfrom 0.2 cm 3 to 2 cm 3 perlubrication cycle, and the adjustingscrew permits infinite meteringadjusting within this range. Visualmonitoring is performed via anindicator pin.For complicated applications withintricate access – we offer acomplete pneumatically controlledCobra 501 unit.Cobra systems can be individuallydesigned to suit your application.Our project & systems engineerswill gladly offer you a customdesigned system to match yourrequirementsMetering and Monitoring UnitTechnical DataMax. lubrication cycle frequencyMax. chain speed1 lube impluse every second400 mm/sThe following information is necessary when requesting a quote for Cobra systems. Number of chains Distance between the chains Deviations of lubricating nipple– horizontally and vertically Position of chain at Cobramounting place Number of lubricating points/chain Does the chain move forwardand backward?18 Speed of chain Pitch of chain Total length of chain/conveyor Type of operation – continuous,interval (pause and run timesneeded) Type of lubricating nipple Temperature in mounting area Compressed air supplypressure Electrical supply Environmental influences –humidity, aggressiveenvironment, etc. Type of lubricant

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 19CRL 101 – Automated Wheel FlangeLubrication for rails and wheels ofcranes and other Rail VehiclesThe Lincoln CRL 101 uses twolubrication rollers for the left andright flank of the crane rail toevenly apply lubricant.Regular lubrication of railsconsiderably increases the lifeexpectancy of the wheels andreduces the wear on the rail itself.This lowers repair costs and moreimportantly, reduces costlydowntime.The system is suitable for alltypes of cranes that operate ona rail profile according to DIN536 Part 1 (size A 45 to A 120).It is especially ideal for harbourcranes, as well as overhead organtry cranes.The lubricant supply to thelubricant rollers is typicallyprovided by a Lincoln multilinepump type 205 and a downstreamprogressive metering device typeSSV6-K. The indicator pin on themetering device can be used tovisual determine if lubricant isevenly flowing.The pump is available in differentratios and with an adjustablepump element, thus enabling theexact matching of output versusrequirement. As a result, in mostcases an electrical control panelfor the pump is not required. Thedrive of the pump is simply run intandem with that of the crane’sdrive.Wheel Flange LubricationThe pump reservoir is available in4, 8 or 30 liter capacity (withoptional low level control).Biodegradable lubricants orlubricant with added solidparticles may be used. Pleasecontact us for queries onapproved lubricants.System Characteristics Reservoir capacity: 4l, 8l or 30l– optional electric level control For crane rail widths from 45 to120mm R 1/4” flexible lubrication lineconnectionSchematic: Wheel Flange Lubrication19

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 20HydrostaticBearing Lubrication (Oil)Applications Hydrostatic and hydrodynamiclubrication of large bearings(Cement kilns) Turbines Steel mills Gears Paper machines Power stationsThe systems may be classifiedinto the following groups: Oil supply systems - hydraulic Lubrication oil supply systems Blocking oil systems (used tomaintain separation points - e.g.different pressures or mediums) Regulation / control oil systemsThe systems differ largelydepending on the requirementsand desired features of thecustomer. Our project engineersare always pleased to provide youwith a tailor-made system to meetyour application.ZPU09ZPU09/09A Pump forHydrostatic Lubricationfor the supply of oils with aviscosity of 20 to 460 cSt.This high pressure centrallubrication pump is designed foruse in hydrostatic lubricationsystems only. It is available withone or two outlets and is suitableModelsNumber of Outlets1MotorPart 80-415,420-480123-phase gear motor, 500 80-415,420-480213-phase gear motor, 500 V3-phase gear motor,3-phase gear motor,multi-range 380-415/420-480 V3-phase gear motor,multi-range 380-415/420-480 V605-28166-1ZPU09/08GT-0001without motorTechnical DataNumber of outletsLubricant outputMax. operating pressureDrive speedReservoir capacityConnection Threads202 x 4 liters/hr. (2 x 1 U.S. gal/hr.)8 liters/hr. (2.1 U.S. gal/hr.)400 bar (5800 psi)60 rpm8 liter (2.1 U.S. gal) 488 in³ 16 Lbs.Pressure line G 3/8 female (BSPP)Filling line G 3/8 female (BSPP)

Spray Leer spanisch 26.3 RZ29.03.200710:14 UhrSeite 21Supply SystemsApplication Bulk supply systems Complete plant systemsWe offer complete plantlubrication supply systems that,from a single source, supply anentire network of systems.Container pumps or, if needed,booster pumps are used to supplysecondary pump stations.Booster pumps are used toassist in pumping lubricants overextremely long distances. Whentube lengths exceed severalhundred meters, booster pumpsare required to

HSA-TD2 HSA-TD27 HSA-TD25 HSA-TD26 SD SDLMNR SDLMKR-ES SDLMKR-EN HSA-TD2 HSA-TD30 HSA-TD28 HSA-TD29 SD SDLHNR-G SDLHKR-ESG SDLHKR-ENG 0.2 – 20 cm3 150 – 200 mm approx. 200 Nl/min max. 40 Nl/min max. 200 bar max. 120 bar HSA-TD25, 26, 27 HSA-TD2, 28, 29, 30 50 mm (2.0 in) 87 mm (3.4 in) 20

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coverage of spray patterns as calculated from the included spray angle of the spray and the distance from the nozzle orifice. Values are based on the assumption that the spray angle remains the same throughout the entire spray distance. In actual practice, the tabulated spray angle

a properly selected spray angle, will tend to make more effective use of the spray as well as help minimize the dis-turbance effects of wind/draft condi-tions on the water spray patterns. Spray Patterns. The Design Spray Profiles for the nozzle spray angles of 65 to 180 degrees

and an LCD unit. The oil mist lubrication sensor IP receives data input from eight oil mist lubrication sensors. The communication IP transmits oil mist lubrication sensor data and pump control data to the master computer. C. Oil Mist Lubrication Sensor . In An ATMEGA8 [6] was used as a processor for the oil mist lubrication sensor.Author: Cheol-Hong Moon

protect against bearing contamination or lubrication loss. Yoke Roller Lubrication Hole with Annular groove McGill CAMROL Yoke roller bearings include a lubrication hole to provide a passage for lubrication to the rolling elements from the yoke roller bore. The customer supplied shaft must provide axial lubrication path to supply bearing.

Manual and Automated Grease and Oil Centralized Lubrication Systems Single Line, Series Progressive, Dual Line, Chain Spray Systems, High Speed Spindle Lubrication Systems, Remote Grease Blocks, etc. Lubrication System Components Hose Reels, Pumps and Pu

Spray Booth Installation: G-03 July 1, 2020 1 Spray Booth Installation SCOPE A spray booth is a mechanically ventilated appliance provided to enclose or accommodate a spraying operation, to confine and limit the escape of spray, vapor and residue, and exhausting it safely. Spray booths