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Credit to Kickstart YourSouthern New HampshireUniversity DegreeIf you have stopped out of college, the Alternative Credit ProjectTM (ACP) providesa pool of online courses that Southern New Hampshire University will accepttowards your degree (up to 90 ACP credits). A national program of the AmericanCouncil on Education, supported by a generous grant from the Bill & MelindaGates Foundation, the ACP is designed to help adults finish what they started - atwo- or four-year degree, or a post-secondary certificate.All ACE credit recommendations are eligible for evaluation for credit at SNHU. Ifyou don't see your course on this list, contact us to learn about our ACEevaluation process.

ContentsBusiness. 2Accounting . 2Finance . 2General Business . 2Human Resources . 2Law & Ethics . 2Management. 2Marketing . 2Critical Thinking, Writing & Communication . 3Communication. 3Critical Thinking. 3English Composition. 3Foreign Language . 3Spanish . 3Humanities . 3Arts . 3History . 3Philosophy . 4Religion . 4Mathematical Concepts . 4Algebra . 4Calculus . 4Statistics . 4Science . 5Anatomy and Physiology. 5Biology. 5Chemistry . 5Environmental Science. 5Physics . 5Social and Behavioral Science . 6Anthropology . 6Economics . 6Political Science. 6Psychology . 6Sociology . 6Student Development . 6Technology . 7Computer Science . 7Information Systems . 7Page 1

BusinessAccountingCourse TitleAccounting IAccounting IAccounting IIAccounting IIIntroduction to Financial AccountingManagerial AccountingPrinciples of Accounting 1Principles of Accounting 32ACPE-0133SNHU CourseACC-201 Financial AccountingACC-201 Financial AccountingACC-202 Managerial AccountingACC-202 Managerial AccountingACC-201 Financial AccountingACC-202 Managerial AccountingACC-ELE Accounting ElectiveACC-ELE Accounting ElectiveFinanceCourse TitleIntroduction to FinanceProviderPearsonACPIDACPE-0112SNHU CourseFIN-320 Principles of FinanceGeneral BusinessCourse TitleIntroduction to BusinessIntroduction to BusinessIntroduction to BusinessOrganizational BehaviorOrganizational -0120ACPE-0121Human ResourcesCourse TitleHuman Resource ManagementHuman Resource ManagementLaw & EthicsCourse TitleBusiness EthicsBusiness LawBusiness LawBusiness Law and EthicsManagementCourse TitlePrinciples of ManagementPrinciples of ManagementProject ManagementBusiness ManagementPrinciples of ManagementMarketingCourse TitlePrinciples of 35ACPE-0122ACPIDACPE-0126SNHU CourseBUS-ELE Business ElectiveBUS-ELE Business ElectiveBUS-ELE Business ElectiveOL-342 Organizational BehaviorOL-342 Organizational BehaviorSNHU CourseOL-211 Human Resource ManagementOL-211 Human Resource ManagementSNHU CourseBUS-ELE Business ElectiveBUS-206 Business Law IBUS-206 Business Law IBUS-206 Business Law ISNHU CourseOL-215 Principles of ManagementOL-215 Principles of ManagementQSO-340 Project ManagementOL-ELE Organizational Leadership ElectiveOL-215 Principles of ManagementSNHU CourseMKT-113 Introduction to MarketingPage 2

Principles of MarketingPrinciples of MarketingSaylorEd4OnlineACPE-0127ACPE-0134MKT-113 Introduction to MarketingMKT-113 Introduction to MarketingCritical Thinking, Writing & CommunicationCommunicationCourse TitleCorporate CommunicationBusiness CommunicationIntroduction to erlineACPIDACPE-0006ACPE-0009ACPE-0010SNHU CourseOL-ELE Organizational Leadership ElectiveENG-220 Business CommunicationCOM-212 Public SpeakingCritical ThinkingCourse TitleCritical ThinkingIntroduction to -0074SNHU CoursePHL-111 Introduction to Critical ThinkingLIT-100 Introduction to LiteratureEnglish CompositionCourse TitleEnglish Composition IEnglish Composition IIEnglish Composition IEnglish Composition IEnglish Composition IEnglish Composition 0024ACPE-0003ACPE-0025ACPE-0026SNHU CourseENG-122 English Composition IENG-123 English Composition IIENG-122 English Composition IENG-122 English Composition IENG-122 English Composition IENG-123 English Composition 30ACPE-0129SNHU CourseLSP-ELE Spanish ElectiveLSP-111 Beginning Spanish IProviderSophiaACPIDACPE-0105SNHU CourseFAS-ELE Fine Arts ElectiveCourse TitleWestern Civilization IProviderStraighterlineACPIDACPE-0083U.S. History IIStraighterlineACPE-0070SNHU CourseHIS-109 Western Civilization I:Prehistory to RenaissanceHIS-114 United States History II: 1865PresentForeign LanguageSpanishCourse TitleSpanish IISpanish IHumanitiesArtsCourse TitleIntroduction to Art HistoryHistoryPage 3

Western Civilization IIStraighterlineACPE-0084American History IIPearsonACPE-0050American History IU.S. History IPearsonStraighterlineACPE-0049ACPE-0069HIS-110 Western Civilization Since1500HIS-114 United States History II: 1865PresentHIS-ELE History ElectiveHIS-ELE History 2ACPE-0073SNHU CoursePHL-210 Introduction to PhilosophyPHL-ELE Philosophy ACPE-0061SNHU CoursePHL-ELE Philosophy ElectivePHL-ELE Philosophy ElectiveCourse TitleCollege AlgebraProviderStraighterlineACPIDACPE-0018College AlgebraPearsonACPE-0033Linear Differential EquationsCollege AlgebraedXSaylorACPE-0137ACPE-0016SNHU CourseMAT-136 Introduction to QuantitativeAnalysisMAT-136 Introduction to QuantitativeAnalysisMAT-ELE Mathematics ElectiveMAT-136 Introduction to QuantitativeAnalysisCollege AlgebraIntroduction to Differential EquationsNonlinear Differential Equations: Orderand urse TitleCalculus IProviderSaylorACPIDACPE-0015Pre-CalculusGeneral Calculus eral Calculus PE-0032PhilosophyCourse TitleIntroduction to PhilosophyEthicsReligionCourse TitleIntroduction to ReligionApproaches to Studying ReligionsMathematical ConceptsAlgebraMAT-ELE Mathematics ElectiveMAT-ELE Mathematics ElectiveCalculusSNHU CourseMAT-225 Calculus I: Single-VariableCalculusMAT-140 PrecalculusMAT-225 Calculus I: Single-VariableCalculusMAT-211 Applied Calculus IIStatisticsCourse TitleIntroduction to StatisticsSNHU CoursePage 4

Introduction to 4MAT-240 Applied StatisticsMAT-240 Applied StatisticsCourse TitleAnatomy and Physiology I LabProviderStraighterlineACPIDACPE-0092Anatomy and Physiology IIStraighterlineACPE-0093Anatomy and PhysiologyPearsonACPE-0090Introduction to NutritionAnatomy and Physiology tomy and PhysiologyEd4OnlineACPE-0089Anatomy and Physiology II LabStraighterlineACPE-0094SNHU CourseBIO-205L Human Anatomy andPhysiology I LabBIO-211 Human Anatomy andPhysiology IIBIO-205 Human Anatomy andPhysiology IIHP-220 Applied NutritionBIO-205 Human Anatomy andPhysiology IBIO-205 Human Anatomy andPhysiology IBIO-211L Human Anatomy andPhysiology II terlineStraighterlineACPE-0012ACPE-0011Course TitleGeneral Chemistry LabProviderStraighterlineACPIDACPE-0037General ChemistryGeneral U CourseCHM-101L Fundamentals of ChemistryLabCHM-101 Fundamentals of ChemistryCHM-101 Fundamentals of 20ACPE-0027SNHU CourseENV-101 Environmental ScienceENV-101 Environmental ScienceProviderACPIDSNHU CourseScienceAnatomy and PhysiologyBiologyCourse TitleIntroduction to BiologyMicrobiology LabMicrobiologyIntroduction to Molecular and CellularBiologyIntroduction to Biology LabIntroduction to BiologySNHU CourseBIO-101 Principles of BiologyBIO-ELE Biology ElectiveBIO-212 MicrobiologyBIO-ELE Biology ElectiveBIO-101/BIO-101L Principles ofBiology/LabChemistryEnvironmental ScienceCourse TitleEnvironmental ScienceIntroduction to Environmental SciencePhysicsCourse TitlePage 5

Physics: Introduction toElectromagnetismGeneral PhysicsGeneral Physics LabIntroduction to PhysicsPhysics: Introduction to MechanicsSaylorACPE-0007EE-220 101 Principles of PhysicsPHY-101L Principles of Physics LabProviderStraighterlineACPIDACPE-0079SNHU CourseATH-101 The Human Experience:Introduction to -0067ACPE-0068ACPE-0047ACPE-0045ACPE-0044SNHU CourseECO-201 MicroeconomicsECO-202 MacroeconomicsECO-201 MicroeconomicsECO-202 SNHU E-0058ACPE-0055SNHU CoursePSY-ELE Psychology ElectiveProviderStraighterlineACPIDACPE-0080SNHU CourseSOC-112 Introduction to SociologyProviderACPIDSNHU CourseEG-ELE Engineering ElectiveSocial and Behavioral ScienceAnthropologyCourse TitleCultural AnthropologyEconomicsCourse roeconomicsMicroeconomicsMacroeconomicsPolitical ScienceCourse TitleAmerican GovernmentAmerican GovernmentIntroduction to Comparative PoliticsAmerican GovernmentPOL-210 American PoliticsPOL-ELE Political Science ElectivePOL-210 American PoliticsPsychologyCourse TitleIntroduction to PsychologyIntroduction to PsychologyIntro to PsychologyAging and SocietyAbnormal PsychologyPSY-ELE Psychology ElectivePSY-ELE Psychology ElectivePSY-215 Abnormal PsychologySociologyCourse TitleIntroduction to SociologyStudent DevelopmentCourse TitlePage 6

Student SuccessStraighterlineACPE-0064OL-ELE Organizational LeadershipElectiveOL-ELE Organizational LeadershipElectiveOL-ELE Organizational LeadershipElectiveStudent SuccessPearsonACPE-0054Professional and Career DACPE-0100SNHU CourseIT-ELE Information Technology ElectiveProviderPearsonACPIDACPE-0109SNHU CourseBUS-ELE Business ElectiveEd4OnlineACPE-0118BUS-ELE Business ElectiveTechnologyComputer ScienceCourse TitleComputer BasicsInformation SystemsCourse TitleIntroduction to Business InformationSystemsManaging Information SystemsPage 7

Principles of Marketing Pearson ACPE-0126 MKT -113 Introduction to Marketing . Page 3 . Principles of Marketing Saylor ACPE-0127 MKT-113 Introduction to Marketing Principles of Marketing Ed4Online ACPE-0134 MKT-113 Introduction to

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required to have the Credit Card Credit permission to access the Apply Credit Card Credit. The patient transactions that appear in the Credit Card Credit page are limited to charges with a credit card payment. This can be any credit card payment type, not just Auto CC. To apply a credit card credit: 1.

What you need to know about Credit Suisse credit cards You can use your Credit Suisse credit card to obtain goods and services without cash in Switzerland and abroad, and make payments at a later date. Credit Suisse offers a variety of credit cards that allow you to pay conveniently and securely anywhere in the world. Credit Suisse credit cards .

What is Credit Building? And what it's not CREDIT BUILDING The act of making on-time regular payments on a financial product such as an installment loan or a credit card that is reported by the creditor to the major credit bureaus. CREDIT BUILDING Credit repair CREDIT BUILDING Credit remediation/debt management alone CREDIT BUILDING .

business credit using real and useable credit. BUSINESS CREDIT BUILDING, STEP 3: Obtaining Vendor Credit A business credit report can be started much the same as a consumer report, with small credit cards. The business can use these cards, commonly referred to as "vendor credit," to help build an initial credit profile. Building your .

{ik} INTERVIEW KICKSTART Must-Learn Topics for Coding Interviews D Basic math Relevant parts of discrete math pertaining to combinatorics D Algebra (linear and quadratic equations, arithmetic, and geometric series) D Combinatorics Recursive mathematical functions D Proofs by mathematical induction D Decrease and conquer Asymptotic analysis D Basic data structures

and repair your credit history. Objectives After completing this module, you will be able to: Define credit Explain why credit is important Describe the purpose of a credit report and how it is used Order a copy of your credit report Read and analyze your credit report to determine if you are ready to apply for credit

CHAPTER 2 Analyzing Transactions PE 2-1A 1. Debit and credit entries (c), normal debit balance 2. Credit entries only (b), normal credit balance 3. Credit entries only (b), normal credit balance 4. Debit entries only (a), normal debit balance 5. Credit entries only (b), normal credit balance 6. Debit and credit entries (c), normal credit balance