Smith Fibercast F-CHEM Piping Systems

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Bulletin No. A1880August 15, 2005Smith FibercastF-CHEM Piping Systems

F-CHEM Piping SystemsUse it for the reasons that have made Smith Fibercast fiberglass piping the material of choice:Corrosion resistance, light weight and ease of installation, long maintenance-free service life.PRODUCTINDUSTRIES SERVED· Water and waste water· Chemical plants· Power plantsF-CHEM custom filamentwound piping systems offer theeconomics of a highly corrosion andabrasion resistant pipe that can bedesigned to incorporate specificphysical and mechanical properties.Smith Fibercast can custom tailorcorrosion resistant barriers, resinsystems, reinforced structuralwalls, joining techniques and evenribbed wall construction for highvacuum or burial conditions. FChem large diameter pipe andfittings can meet the requirementsof your applications.··F-Chem installations worldwidedemonstrate a variety ofapplications and installations.BENEFITS· Light weight for ease ofinstallation· Superior corrosion resistanceFITTINGSEpoxy, vinyl ester orpolyester resins1”-72” diameters in40’ nominal lengths· Pressure ratings to 150 psig· Temperature ratings to 250 F· UV inhibitor for addedultraviolet protection14- 42-inch diameterodor control ductinstalled for thewastewater industry2Fittings for use with F-CHEMpipe are available in a variety ofconfigurations. The fittings aremanufactured by hand fabricationtechniques and/or miteredconstruction.for long service life· High flow, low friction ratios· Lowest Total Cost of Ownership· Ease of repair, modification, andmaintenanceSERVICES & SUPPORTJOINING METHODSSeveral joining methods areavailable including bell & spigot,flanged, “O” ring or butt & wrap.Smith Fibercast offers turnkeydesign and engineering servicesand as well as representatives anddistributors in many parts of theworld. On-site installationtraining and assistance by fieldtechnicians is availableworldwide. Factory fabricationservices and certified regionalfabricators reduce field joints andtotal installed cost.

F-CHEM Piping SystemsWe call our fiberglass reinforced piping systems “time-tested” because they have been proving theirdurability and value in harsh environments and unforgiving applications for decades.When selecting a fiberglass pipingsystem, operating temperature andchemical resistance usually dictate theappropriate resin system.· Epoxyresins perform best in thepresence of caustics, solvents, brines,petroleum products, and certain acids· Vinyl ester resin systems provideoutstanding performance in acid,chlorine, oxidizing-agent applications· Isophthalic (or polyester) resins offer acost-effective option for lowertemperature, less aggressiveapplicationsCondenser water return linesat a large power plant· Premium and fire retardant resins areavailable for specialty applications· Corrosion barriers range from 20 mil to250 mil60-inch diameter lines for cooling,recirculating water &condensed geothermal steam14 - 36-inch odor control ductfor Trinity River Authority,Grand Prairie, TX3

F-CHEM Piping SystemsAVERAGE PHYSICAL PROPERTIES (FOR VINYL ESTER RESIN)Value (psi)Value (MPa)Property@ 75 F@ 175 F(2)9,3002,3251.50E 065,5001,375–@ 24 C@ 79 C64.116.01034237.99.5–Axial Tensile – ASTM D2105Ultimate StressDesign StressModulus of Elasticity(1)Poisson’s Ratio0.330.33Axial Compression – ASTM D695Ultimate StressDesign StressModulus of Elasticity17,9004,4751.40E 0614,7003,6759.00E 05123.030.9965310125.3620514,5001,8001.99E 068,0001,0001.14E ��96.5–Beam Bending – ASTM D2925Ultimate StressDesign StressModulus of Elasticity (long term)(1)Hydrostatic Burst – ASTM D1599Ultimate Hoop Tensile StressHydrostatic Design – ASTM D2992,Procedure B – Hoop Tensile Stress(2)Static 50 YearCoefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion– ASTM D6969.2 x 10-6 in./in./ F (Insulated Pipe)Thermal Conductivity0.11 BTU/(ft)(hr)( F)Specific Gravity (Density)C-1501.7 x 10-6 FeetSurface RoughnessManning’s “n”0.009(1) Consult the factory for Modulus of Elasticity values between 75 F and 175 F.(2) Consult the factory for design recommendations above 175 F.ASTM D2996 DESIGNATION CODES†:RTRP-12EU-3111The scope of ASTM D2996 is limited to 24”and smallerASTM D2310 DESIGNATION CODES†:30” - 72”RTRP 12EU† Mechanical properties cell classificationsshown are minimum. Actual classificationsmay be higher for some sizes.16- 72-inch diameter coolingwater piping installed atFuji Electric, Philippines40.06 W/(m)( C)1.86 (0.067 lb/in.3)Hazen-Williams Flow Factor1” - 24”16.6x10-6 mm/mm C (Insulated Pipe)

F-CHEM Piping SystemsFabrication services are available to reduce field joints and installation costs.F-CHEM LARGE DIAMETER FITTINGSStub Flange90 ElbowFlanged14”-24”Flanged30”-72”Plain End14”-24”45 LateralPlain End30”-72”Reducers45 ElbowTeeCrossJOINING SYSTEMSBell & SpigotButt & WrapA matched taper jointsecured with adhesive.Resists movement, facilitating long runs of pipewithout waiting for theadhesive to cure.Plain-end pipes orpipe and fittings buttedtogether and wrappedwith multiple layers ofresin-saturated mat orwoven roving.FlangedO-Ring Bell & SpigotFactory assembled orshipped loose for assembly in the field.Mechanical, O-ringsealed joint especiallyfor buried applications.Choice of single ordouble O-rings.FABRICATION SERVICESSmith Fibercast can fabricatespecial fittings to meet yourproject requirements and offers aworldwide network of distributorsand certified fabricators.5

F-CHEM Piping SystemsSmith Fibercast is a World Leader in Composite Piping featuring ISO 9001: 2000 quality assurance atboth production facilities.EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONSWith over 90 years combinedexperience, Smith Fibercast has developedfiberglass piping systems to meet theindustry’s needs in a multitude ofapplications.172,000 sq. ft of manufacturingspace in Sand Springs, OKfacilityTo that end, we meet or exceed thefollowing certifications and qualifications:· ASME/ANSI B31.3 Process PipingCodeManufactured in compliance withASTM D2996 and installed incompliance with ASME/ANSI B31.3.· AMERICAN WATER WORKSASSOCIATION (AWWA)Designed in compliance with AWWAM45 for use as pressure pipes for waterdistribution (including services) andtransmission systems for both aboveand below ground installations. SpecifyAWWA M45.· ASTMManufactured and tested in accordancewith ASTM D2310, D2992 and D2996.Fittings meeting ASTM D6041 are availableupon request.· NATIONAL SANITATIONFOUNDATION (NSF)Can be Manufactured to meet ANSI/NSFStandard No. 61 for potable water usage.60-inch cooling waterrecirculation lines6223,000 sq. ft ofmanufacturing space inLittle Rock, AR facility

F-CHEM Piping SystemsTYPICAL F-CHEM APPLICATIONS BY n LinesFoodProcessingPowerPlantPulp &PaperXWater &WastewaterXBallast PipingBrineXChlorine, Wet &Chlorinated WaterXCooling WaterXXXXOily WastewaterXXOdor Control DuctXProcess FluidsXScrubber Supply & ReturnXXXXXXXXSeawater & SaltwaterXXXXXXXXXXXXXSludge & SlurryXVent LinesXWater ServiceXWaste Drain & TreatmentXXXX60-inch epoxy resin pipefor process waste at a refineryin Venezuela7

F-CHEM Piping SystemsSmith Fibercast completes the gamut of piping requirements with a variety of special-purpose systemsoffering unsurpassed performance, longevity and value.Odor control for hydrogen sulfidefumes at waste treatment facilityP.O. Box 968 25 South Main Sand Springs, OK 74063(918) 245-6651 Fax: (918) 245-7566 or Fax: (800) 365-74732700 West 65th Street Little Rock, AR 72209(501) 568-4010 Fax: (501) 568-6836http://www.smithfibercast.comIt is the policy of Smith Fibercast to improve its products continually. In accordance with that policy, theright is reserved to make changes in specifications, descriptions, and illustrative material contained inthis bulletin as conditions warrant. The information contained herein is general in nature and is notintended to express any warranty of any type whatsoever, nor shall any be implied. Trademarks of Varco I/P, Inc. 2005, National Oilwell VarcoPRINTED IN USA, 2.5M, 0805

with ASTM D2310, D2992 and D2996. Fittings meeting ASTM D6041 are available upon request. · NATIONAL SANITATION FOUNDATION (NSF) Can be Manufactured to meet ANSI/NSF Standard No. 61 for potable water usage. F-CHEM Piping Systems Smith Fibercast is a World Leader in Composite Piping featuring ISO 9001: 2000 quality assurance at both production facilities. 60-inch cooling water recirculation .

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