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Strategic Improvement Plan 2021-2024Hinton Public School 2167Page 1 of 8Hinton Public School (2167) -2021-2024Printed on: 24 March, 2021

School vision and contextSchool vision statementSchool contextHigh AspirationsHinton Public School is a TP2 rural school located at the junction of the Hunter andPaterson Rivers on the traditional land of the Worimi Nation. It proudly serves thecommunities of Hinton and Wallalong.Align with DoeConsultationIn 2021, the school enrolment was 100 with approximately 3:2 ratio of boys to girls and sixstudents who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander.Our school has four permanent teachers including a teaching Principal and various parttime and specialist support teachers and support staff. All teaching staff meet theprofessional requirements for teaching in NSW Public Schools.Hinton Public School's average Family Occupation and Educational Index (FOEI) is 86,indicating that the school is less disadvantaged than the state average (100). It has strongcommunity support and a high rate of parent participation both inside and outside theclassroom.Students, through an active school parliament are actively engaged in the direction,decision making and organisation of events. Students are provided with and activelyencouraged to participate in a wide variety of quality academic, cultural, leadership,environmental and sporting programs.Hinton Public School belongs to the Maitland Learning Community.ADD - high level areas for improvement - link with Sit Analysis (exec summary of)Page 2 of 8Hinton Public School (2167) -2021-2024Printed on: 24 March, 2021

Strategic Direction 1: Student growth and attainmentPurposeInitiativesSuccess criteria for this strategic directionHinton Public School will develop and implement anintegrated approach to quality teaching, curriculumplanning and delivery, and assessment that promoteslearning excellence and responsiveness in meeting theneeds of all students.Curriculum ProvisionInitiative 1 - Curriculum ProvisionImprovement measuresTarget year: 2022Increase the percentage of students in the top two bandsof reading in NAPLAN from the baseline of 42.86% to45.8%.Target year: 2022Increase the percentage of students in the top two bandsof numeracy in NAPLAN from the baseline of 33.33% to37.1%.Target year: 2024Increase the percentage of students achieving at or aboveexpected growth in reading and numeracy, to be equal orabove state average.Measured as an average over the 4 years for school andstate averages.The school's curriculum provision and evidence-basedteaching practices provide a high expectations framework,within which all students effectively develop theirknowledge, understanding and skills.The school will regularly monitor and review its curriculumprovision to meet changing requirements of the students(L-Curriculum-Curriculum Provision-S&G). Initiative 2 - Teaching & Learning Programs Teaching & Learning ProgramsTeaching and learning programs describe expectedstudent progression in knowledge, understanding and skilland the assessments that measure them (L-CurriculumT&L Programs-S&G).Teaching and learning programs will be dynamic,show evidence of revisions based on feedback,quality assessment and tracking of student progress(L-Curriculum-T&L Programs-E).Initiative 3 - Differentiation DifferentiationTeachers differentiate curriculum delivery to meet theneeds of students at different levels of achievement,including adjustments to support learning or increasechallenge. Most students can articulate their learning andunderstand what they need to learn next to enablecontinuous improvement (L-Curriculum-DifferentiationS&G).The school's curriculum provision will support highexpectations for student learning. Student learningwill be monitored longitudinally to ensure continuedchallenge and maximum learning (L-Curriculumcurriculum Provision-E).Teaching and learning programs will show evidenceof adjustment to address individual student needs toensure all students are challenged. Staff will involvestudents and parents in planning to support n plan for this strategic directionQuestion - What programs/strategies/initiatives have beenimplemented to improve student outcomes and what hasbeen the impact on student achievement?Data School based formative and sumative assessment External assessments eg NAPLAN, Check In,Phonics Observations Staff and Student FeedbackAnalysis - will be embedded within the initiatives throughprogress and implementation monitoring in addition toannual review.Implications - will inform future directions in relation toPage 3 of 8Hinton Public School (2167) -2021-2024Printed on: 24 March, 2021

Strategic Direction 1: Student growth and attainmentEvaluation plan for this strategic directionstudent growth and attainment.Page 4 of 8Hinton Public School (2167) -2021-2024Printed on: 24 March, 2021

Strategic Direction 2: Excellence in Teaching through data informed practicePurposeAt Hinton Public School, teachers are committed toidentifying, understanding and implementing the mosteffective explicit teaching methods, with the highestpriority given to evidence based teaching strategies.Improvement measuresTarget year: 2024Explicit teaching techniques will be evident in allclassrooms, evidenced by PDF observations and QTRounds.Target year: 2024SEFSAS - Data Skills and Use will show growth from thebaseline of Delivering to Sustaining & GrowingAll staff will use data to inform teaching practice,evidenced by student progression data in teaching andlearning programs.InitiativesSuccess criteria for this strategic directionInitiative 1 - Effective Classroom PracticeEffective Classroom PracticeStaff will be skilled at explicit teaching techniques such asquestioning and assessing to identify students' learningneeds, and use a range of explicit strategies to explainand break down knowledge (Effective ClassroomPractice-Explicit Teaching).Data Skills & UseA whole school approach will ensure the most effectiveevidence-based teaching methods optimise learningprogress for all students, across a full range of abilities.Teachers will employ evidence-based effective strategies.Effective methods will be identified, promoted andmodeled, and students' learning improvement ismonitored, demonstrating growth. (Effective ClassroomPractice-Explicit Teaching).The school will promote and demonstrate professionallearning in data concepts, analysis and use of studentassessment data. Teachers will use data effectively toevaluate student understanding of lesson content (DataSkills & Use-Data Literacy)Initiative 2 - Data Skills & UseStaff will comprehensively gather and analyse studentprogress and achievement data for insights into studentlearning, discussing them collaboratively (Data Skills &Use-Data Analysis).Learning goals for students will be informed by analysis ofinternal and external student progress and achievementdata.Progress towards goals will be monitored through thecollection of quality, valid and reliable data (Data Skills &Use-Data Analysis)Assessments will be used regularly to promote consistentand comparable judgement of student learning, monitorstudent learning progress, and identify skills gaps forimprovement and areas for extension (Data Skills & UseData Use in Teaching).All staff will analyse, interpret and extrapolate data tocollectively inform planning, identify interventions andmodify practice (Data Skills & Use-Data Literacy).Staff will clearly understand, develop and apply a fullrange of assessment strategies in determining teachingdirections, monitoring and assessing student progressand achievement, and reflecting on teaching effectiveness(Data Skills & Use-Data Use in Teaching).Learning & DevelopmentInitiative 3 - Learning & DevelopmentTeachers will engage in professional discussion andcollaborate to improve teaching in their classes or groupsof students. This includes negotiated observations ofteaching practice, with feedback, to improve professionalknowledge and practice.The school will use embedded and explicit systems thatfacilitate professional dialogue, collaboration, classroomobservation, the modelling of effective practice and theprovision of specific and timely feedback between staff(Learning & Development-Collaborative Practice &Feedback).Evaluation plan for this strategic directionQuestions What impact has professional learning had on teachingPage 5 of 8Hinton Public School (2167) -2021-2024Printed on: 24 March, 2021

Strategic Direction 2: Excellence in Teaching through data informed practiceEvaluation plan for this strategic directionpractice?How are teachers using data to inform their teaching?How have teachers skills in data use developed?To what extent is effective classroom practice evident inteaching practice?Data Lesson Observations Teaching & Learning programs with associatedassessment data/practices Staff PDP in addition to school PDF procedures Student growth and assessment dataAnalysis - will be embedded within the initiatives throughprogress and implementation monitoring in addition toannual review.Implications - will inform future directions in relation tostaff development focus' and individual PDP goals.Page 6 of 8Hinton Public School (2167) -2021-2024Printed on: 24 March, 2021

Strategic Direction 3: Excellence in Leadership through strong communication andwellbeing practicesPurposeAt Hinton Public School, staff will model instructionalleadership, support a culture of high expectations andcommunity engagement, develop and implement astrategic approach to well-being practices, resulting insustained and measurable whole school improvementImprovement measuresTarget year: 2024100% of staff will have opportunities to lead and facilitateprofessional learning in school activities related to theSIP.Target year: 2024All staff will have PDP goals identified and addressedthrough lesson observations and Quality TeachingRounds.School structures will be developed, refined andembedded to support staff development towards goals.Target year: 2024Increase the average parent response rate from TellThem From Me surveys from the baseline of 28 per year(average over last 3 years) to 35 (averaged over the SIPtime-frame)Target year: 2024Increase the number of students with attendance of 90%or higher to 85.9% of students from the baseline of75.26%InitiativesSuccess criteria for this strategic directionInitiative 1 - Instructional LeadershipInstructional LeadershipProfessional learning in the school will emphasisedeveloping effective instructional leadership, managementskills and leadership abilities to facilitate whole schoolimprovement and build a strong pipeline of leaders.Staff will maintain a focus on distributed instructionalleadership to sustain a culture of effective, evidencebased teaching and ongoing improvement so that everystudent makes measurable learning progress and gaps instudent achievement decrease (Leading-InstructionalLeadership).High Expectations CultureInitative 2 - High Expectations CultureStaff will ensure that the teacher performance anddevelopment policy is implemented in a culture of highexpectations for every staff member.Staff will develop processes to collaboratively reviewteaching practices to affirm quality.Performance Management & DevelopmentAll staff proactively seek to improve their performance.The school supports collaborative performancedevelopment and efforts to continuously monitorimprovement.Community EngagementStaff will establish and foster a professional learningcommunity which is focused on continuous improvementof teaching and learning (Leading-High ExpectationsCulture).Initative 3 - Performance Management & DevelopmentThe school will demonstrate a high performance culture,with a clear focus on student progress and achievementand a high quality service delivery (Leading-Performancemeasurement and development).Initiative 4 - Community EngagementParents and community members will have theopportunity to engage in a range of school-relatedactivities which help build the school as a cohesiveeducational community.The school will be recognised as excellent and responsiveby its community because it uses best practice to embeda culture of high expectations, and effectively caters forthe range of equity issues at the school (LeadingCommunity Engagement).The school regularly solicits and addresses feedback onschool performance from students, staff, parents and thebroader school community.Evaluation plan for this strategic directionQuestions How successful have the leadership practices been tosupport whole school improvement?To what extent have staff focused on transformationleadership rather than transactional leadership?To what extent does the school implement collaborativeleadership practices?Page 7 of 8Hinton Public School (2167) -2021-2024Printed on: 24 March, 2021

Strategic Direction 3: Excellence in Leadership through strong communication andwellbeing practicesEvaluation plan for this strategic directionHow successful has the focus on strong communicationbeen?What has been the impact of the student wellbeing focus?Data Student improvement data related to schoolinitiatives Tell Them From Me Data Roles & Responsibilities Annual Report Observations Qualitative discussions PLSP data Samples of communication method development Attendance Data Wellbeing processes and practice reviewAnalysis - will be embedded within the initiatives throughprogress and implementation monitoring in addition toannual review.Implications - will inform future directions in relation toschool leadership development and practices includingcommunication and wellbeing.Page 8 of 8Hinton Public School (2167) -2021-2024Printed on: 24 March, 2021

Hinton Public School 2167 Page 1 of 8 Hinton Public School (2167) -2021-2024 Printed on: 24 March, 2021. School vision and context School vision statement School context High Aspirations Align with Doe Consultation Hinton Public School is a T

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A beautifully presented Georgian village house with lovely views & extensive secondary accommodation. Situation. Phoenix House is situated in a delightful setting off a peaceful village lane and backs onto open countryside on the edge of the small, pretty village of Hinton St. George. The village is a thriving community with a church, village shop/post office, an award-winning pub (Lord Poulett Arms), hall and primary school.

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In fact, 500 per case ( 1,000 total) was not the statutory maximum at the time of Hinton's trial. An earlier version of the statute had limited state reimbursement of expenses to one half of the 1,000 statutory cap on attorney's fees, which explains why the judge believed that Hinton was entitled to up to 500 for each of the two murder charges.

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