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Organisme belge d’AccréditationBelgische AccreditatieinstellingBelgische AkkreditierungsstelleBelgian Accreditation BodyBijlage bij accreditatiecertificaatAnnexe au certificat d'accréditationAnnex to the accreditation certificateBeilage zur AkkreditierungszertifikatEA MLA Signatory472-TESTEN ISO/IEC 17025:2017Geldigheidsperiode / Validité /Validity / Gültigkeitsdauer82020-09-11 - 2025-09-10Maureen LoggheVoorzitster van het AccreditatiebureauBELACVersie / Version / Version / FassungLa Présidente du Bureau d'AccréditationChair of the Accreditation BoardDe accreditatie werd uitgereikt aan / L'accréditation est délivrée à /The accreditation is granted to / Die akkreditierung wurde erteilt für:BELACVorsitzende des AkkreditierungsbüroBELACSGS BELGIUM nvNoorderlaan 872030 AntwerpenActiviteitencentra / Sites d'activités / Sites of activities / Standorte mit aktivitäten:Division SGS CEBEC - LaboratoryAccréditationService public fédéral EconomieP.M.E., Classes moyennes et EnergieBd du Roi Albert II 16 - 1000 BruxellesNuméro d’entreprise : 0314.595.348AccreditatieFederale Overheidsdienst EconomieK.M.O., Middenstand en EnergieKoning Albert II-laan 16 – 1000 BrusselOndernemingsnummer : 0314.595.348Internationalelaan 55B1Boulevard International 55B11070 Brussel - Bruxelles 32 2 277 54 34belac@economie.fgov.bewww.belac.be

FIXED SCOPEproduct to be testedParameter determinedReferencestandard nameCables and CordsFire classification of constructionEN NBN 13501-6, only Classproducts and building elements - Part Eca and FCA(*)6: Classification using data fromreaction to fire tests on electric cablesFire classification of construction products and buildingelements - Part 6: Classification using data from reaction tofire tests on electric cablesCables and CordsNon electrical test methods for lowvoltage energy cables, EXCL:Test ofresistance to hot particlesNon electrical test methods for low voltage energy cablesEXCL:Test of resistance to hot particlesCables and CordsTests on electric and optical fibreEN NBN 60332-1-2 and IECcables under fire conditions - Part 1-2: 60695-11-2 and IEC 60332-1Test for vertical flame propagation for 1 (*)a single insulated wire or cable Procedure for 1 kW pre-mixed flameCables and CordsElectric cables: Extended applicationof test results for reaction to fireBiilage/Annexe/Annex/BeilageEN NBN 50396 (*)Tests on electric and optical fibre cables under fireconditions - Part 1-2: Test for vertical flame propagationfor a single insulated wire or cable - Procedure for 1 kWpre-mixed flameCENELEC CLC/TS 50576, only Electric cables - Extended application of test results forClass Eca and FCA (*)reaction to fireBELAC 472-TESTV. 8 - 2/5

Switches, Installation accessories andconnections, Measurement,Controland connection equipment, IT andOffice equipment,Low voltage highPwer equipment, Electronicentertainment equipment, Cables,Lighting and Household equipmentBiilage/Annexe/Annex/BeilageIP1X-IP6x AND IPX1 - IPX8IEC EN 60529Degree of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) IP1IP6 AND IPX1-IPX850 W horizontal and vertical flame test IEC 60695-11-10Fire hazard testing- Part 11-10: Test flames - 50 Whorizontal and vertical flame test methods500W flame test methodsIEC 60695-11-20Fire hazard testing - Part 11-20 : 500W flame test methodsNeedle flame test methodIEC 60695-11-5Fire hazard testing - Part 11-5: Test flames - Needle flametest method - Apparatus, confirmatory test arrangementand guidanceGlowing/hot-wire based testIEC 60695-2-10Fire hazard testing - Part 2-10: Glowing/hot-wire basedtest methods - Glow-wire apparatus and common testprocedureFire hazard testingIEC 60695-11-2Fire hazard testing - Part 11-2: Test flames - 1 kW premixed flame - Apparatus, confirmatory test arrangementand guidanceIK01 to IK10IEC 62262Impact test (Code IK01 to IK10)BELAC 472-TESTV. 8 - 3/5

Installation accessories and connection General requirements, EXCL:§21devicesIEC EN NBN 60670-1Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories forhousehold and similar fixed electrical installations - Part 1:General requirements EXCL:§21Measurement, Control and Laboratory General requirementsequipmentIEC EN NBN UL CSA 61010-1Safety requirements for electrical equipment formeasurement, control, and laboratory use - Part 1: GeneralrequirementsIT and office equipmentSafety of information technologyequipment, EXCL: §; 4.3.12;4.3.13; 4.7.3; 4.2.8; 7IEC EN NBN UL/CSA 60950Safety of information technology eqipment EXCL:§; 4.3.12; 4.3.13; 4.7.3; 4.2.8; 7Electronics, entertainmentSafety RequirementsIEC UL CSA 60065Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus - SafetyrequirementsIEC UL CSA 62368-1Audio/video, information and communication technologyequipment – Part 1: Safety requirementsElectronics, entertainment, IT andSafety Requirements of audio/video,office equipment, Excluded shredders. information and communicationtechnology equipments, EXCL :Shredders,§; §; §10;Annex G9; Annex G10; AnnexG13.6.2; Annex G15; Annex G16;Annex J; Annex M4.2; Annex M6.2;Annex M8.2; Annex P4; Annex S3.2;Annex U.(*) tests in the framework of Regulation No. 305/2011 (Construction Products Regulation) harmonised standard EN 50575-AVCP3Biilage/Annexe/Annex/BeilageBELAC 472-TESTV. 8 - 4/5

FLEXIBLE SCOPEproduct to be tested (**)Cables and CordsCables and CordsCables and Cordsparameter determinedstandard (***)Typetests according to the tests in the 50525standards, among others:-electrical safety tests-mechanical tests60227-environmental testsElectric cables - Low voltage energy cables of ratedvoltages up to and including 450/750 VPolyvinylchoride insulated of rated volatages up to andincluding 450/750VHousehold and similar equipment60335Rubber insulated cables - Rated voltages up to andincluding 450/750 VHousehold and similar electrical appliancesInstallation accessories and connectiondevices61386Coduit systems for cable managementLighting60598LuminairesLighting61347Lamp controlgearElectrical equipment for medical use60601Medical electrical equipment(EMC tests excluded)60245STD name(**) In the context of its accreditation, the laboratory is authorized to carry out the tests for all underlying products (including underlying product standards) belonging to thestated group of products . This authorization is given on condition that an adapted validation is carried out in accordance with the general validation concept included in thequality system of the laboratory. The laboratory shall keep an up-to-date list of the specific tests covered by the aforementioned description available for each applicant.(***) Underlying product standards refers to: Standards, such as international or national, IEC, EN, NBN, UL, FR ., referred to in the series as illustrated in the followingexample: EX IEC 60355-XX-XXBiilage/Annexe/Annex/BeilageBELAC 472-TESTV. 8 - 5/5

Fire hazard testing IEC 60695-11-2 Fire hazard testing - Part 11-2: Test flames - 1 kW pre-mixed flame - Apparatus, confirmatory test arrangement and guidance IK01 to IK10 IEC 62262 Impact test (Code IK01 to IK10) Switches, Installation accessories and connecti