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Page 1 of 108Test Report issued under the responsibility of:TEST REPORTIEC 60335-2-9Safety of household and similar electrical appliancesPart 2: Particular requirements for grills, toasters and similar cookingappliancesReport Number. . :50052697 111Date of issue. :2017-09-20Total number of pages .108Name of Testing Laboratorypreparing the Report . :TÜV Rheinland /CCIC (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.Applicant’s name . :Address . :CIXI AIKEN ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO., LTD.NO. 99, EAST WEIER ROAD, CHONGSHOU TOWN,CIXI, NINGBO, CHINA.Test specification:Standard . :IEC 60335-2-9:2008 (Sixth edition) A1: 2012 in conjunction withIEC 60335-1:2010 (Fifth Edition) incl. Corr. 1:2010 and Corr. 2:2011 A1:2013Test procedure . :IEC test reportNon-standard test method . :N/ATest Report Form No. . :IEC60335 2 9MTest Report Form(s) Originator . :LCIEMaster TRF . :Dated 2017-09Copyright 2015 IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipmentand Components (IECEE System). All rights reserved.This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part for non-commercial purposes as long as the IECEE is acknowledged ascopyright owner and source of the material. IECEE takes no responsibility for and will not assume liability for damages resultingfrom the reader's interpretation of the reproduced material due to its placement and context.If this Test Report Form is used by non-IECEE members, the IECEE/IEC logo and the reference to the CBScheme procedure shall be removed.This report is not valid as a CB Test Report unless signed by an approved CB Testing Laboratoryand appended to a CB Test Certificate issued by an NCB in accordance with IECEE 02.General disclaimer:The test results presented in this report relate only to the object tested.This report shall not be reproduced, except in full, without the written approval of the Issuing CB TestingLaboratory. The authenticity of this Test Report and its contents can be verified by contacting the NCB,responsible for this Test Report.TRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Page 2 of 108Report No. 50052697 111Test item description:Sandwich GrillTrade Mark .:Manufacturer.:Same as applicantModel/Type reference.:ZM-201, ZM-202B, AK-D038 ZM-228BRatings.:AC 110V, 60Hz, 1200W, Class IResponsible Testing Laboratory (as applicable), testing procedure and testing locations(s):Testing Laboratory:Testing location/Address. :Associated Testing Laboratory:TŰV Rheinland /CCIC (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.Building C13, R&D Park, No.32 Lane 299 GuanghuaRoad, National Hi-Tech Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang China.N/ATesting location/Address .,,,,,,,,,. :Tested by (name, function, signature).:Sagan ShengApproved by (name, function, signature).:William GuiTesting procedure: CTF Stage 1:N/ATesting location/Address .,,,,,,,,,. :Tested by (name, function, signature).:Approved by (name, function, signature).:Testing procedure: CTF Stage 2: :N/ATesting location/Address .,,,,,,,,,. :Tested by (name, function, signature).:Witnessed by (name, function, signature).:Approved by (name, function, signature).:Testing procedure: CTF Stage 3:N/ATesting procedure: CTF Stage 4:N/ATesting location/Address .,,,,,,,,,. :Tested by (name, function, signature).:Witnessed by (name, function, signature).:Approved by (name, function, signature).:TRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Page 3 of 108Report No. 50052697 111List of Attachments (including a total number of pages in each attachment):Attachment: photo documentation(total 26 pages)Summary of testing: PassFull tests were performed on ZM-201/ AK-D038 and ZM-228B.Tests performed (name of test and test clause):Testing location:All the tests mentioned aboveTÜV Rheinland / CCIC (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.Building C13, R&D Park, No.32 Lane 299Guanghua Road, National Hi-Tech Zone, Ningbo,Zhejiang China.Summary of compliance with National DifferencesList of countries addressed: N/AThe product fulfils the requirements of (insert standard number and edition anddelete the text in parenthesis, leave it blank or delete the whole sentence if not applicable)TRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Page 4 of 108Report No. 50052697 111Copy of marking plate:The artwork below may be only a draft. The use of certification marks on a product must beauthorized by the respective NCBs that own these marks.Marking plate for other models were same as above one except for model name.TRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Page 5 of 108Report No. 50052697 111Test item particulars . :Classification of installation and use . : Portable applianceSupply Connection . : Supply cord fitted with a plug (Type Y attachment). :Possible test case verdicts:- test case does not apply to the test object . : N/A- test object does meet the requirement . : P (Pass)- test object does not meet the requirement. : F (Fail)Testing . :Date of receipt of test item . : 2017-09-01Date (s) of performance of tests . : 2017-09-01 to 2017-09-15General remarks:"(See Enclosure #)" refers to additional information appended to the report."(See appended table)" refers to a table appended to the report.Throughout this report acomma /point is used as the decimal separator.Manufacturer’s Declaration per sub-clause 4.2.5 of IECEE 02:The application for obtaining a CB Test Certificateincludes more than one factory location and adeclaration from the Manufacturer stating that thesample(s) submitted for evaluation is (are)representative of the products from each factory hasbeen provided . :YesNot applicableWhen differences exist; they shall be identified in the General product information section.Name and address of factory (ies). : Same as manufacturerTRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Page 6 of 108Report No. 50052697 111General product information:Sandwich maker is intended for household use only. All models are fitted with a fixed thermostat in topcover and a thermal link in bottom enclosure.ZM-201, ZM-202B, AK-D038, ZM-228B used same heating plates, except for different appearances,ZM-202B, AK-D038 and ZM-228B are fitted with metal top cover, ZM-201 is fitted with plastic top cover.The operating temperature of thermostat for ZM-228B is 170 , the operating temperature of thermostat forother models is 160 .Plug and power cord were not considered.TRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Report No. 50052697 111Page 7 of 108IEC 60335-2-9ClauseRequirement - Test5GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR THE TESTSPTests performed according to clause 5, e.g.nature of supply, sequence of testing, etc.P5.2See Note (IEC 60335-2-9)P5.3If it is evident from the construction of theappliance that the test of one function willproduce more favourable results than another,this function is not tested.(IEC 60335-2-9)If two or more cooking functions can beperformed simultaneously, they are tested atthe same time.(IEC 60335-2-9)N/AInduction hotplates are operated as specifiedfor motor-operated appliances. Otherappliances are tested as specified for heatingappliances, even if they incorporate motors(IEC 60335-2-9)N/AIn appliances that incorporate inductionhotplates in addition to other heating elements,the induction hotplates are operatedsimultaneously and supplied separately(IEC 60335-2-9)N/A5.65.101Result - RemarkVerdictN/A6CLASSIFICATION6.1Protection against electric shock:Class 0, 0I, I, II, III . .:6.2Protection against harmful ingress of waterN/AAppliances intended for outdoor use shall be atleast IPX4(IEC 60335-2-9)N/A7MARKING AND INSTRUCTIONS7.1Rated voltage or voltage range (V) . . :PClass IPPAC 110VSymbol for nature of supply, or . .:PN/ARated frequency (Hz) . .:60HzPRated power input (W), or . .:1200WPRated current (A) . .:N/AManufacturer's or responsible vendor's name,trademark or identification mark . .:Cixi Aiken ElectricAppliance Co., Ltd.,PModel or type reference . .:ZM-201, ZM-202B, AK-D038ZM-228BPSymbol IEC 60417-5172, for class II appliancesN/AIP number, other than IPX0 . .:N/ASymbol IEC 60417-5180, for class III appliances,unlessN/Athe appliance is operated by batteries onlyN/ATRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Page 8 of 108Report No. 50052697 111IEC 60335-2-9ClauseRequirement - TestResult - RemarkVerdictSymbol IEC 60417-5018, for class II and class IIIappliances incorporating a functional earthN/AThe rated power input or rated current ofinduction hotplates shall also be marked. (IEC 60335-2-9)N/AAppliances intended to be partially immersed inwater for cleaning shall be marked with themaximum level of immersion and thesubstance of the following:N/ADo not immerse beyond this level. (IEC 60335-2-9)If cookers, portable ovens and rotary grillshave accessible metal surfaces, other thanworking surfaces, that have a temperature riseexceeding 90 K during the test of Clause 11,they shall be marked with symbol IEC 604175041(2002-10), the rules of ISO 3864-1 applyingexcept for the specified colours, or with thesubstance of the following:N/AHot surface . (IEC 60335-2-9) IEC 60417-5036, for the enclosure ofelectrically-operated water valves in externalhose-sets for connection of an appliance to thewater mains, if the working voltage exceedsextra-low voltageN/AWarning for stationary appliances for multiplesupplyN/AWarning placed in vicinity of terminal coverN/ARange of rated values marked with the lowerand upper limits separated by a hyphenN/ADifferent rated values marked with the valuesseparated by an oblique strokeN/AAppliances adjustable for different ratedvoltages or rated frequencies, the voltage orthe frequencies setting is clearly discernibleN/ARequirement met if frequent changes are notrequired and the rated voltage to which theappliance is to be adjusted is determined froma wiring diagramN/AAppliances with more than one rated voltage orone or more rated voltage ranges, marked withrated input or rated current for each ratedvoltage or range, unlessN/Athe power input is related to the arithmeticmean value of the rated voltage rangeN/ATRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Page 9 of 108Report No. 50052697 111IEC 60335-2-9ClauseRequirement - TestResult - RemarkRelation between marking for upper and lowerlimits of rated power input or rated current andvoltage is clear7.67.77.8Correct symbols usedVerdictN/APSymbol for nature of supply placed next torated voltageN/ASymbol for class II appliances placed unlikelyto be confused with other markingN/AUnits of physical quantities and their symbolsaccording to international standardized systemPConnection diagram fixed to appliances to beconnected to more than two supply conductorsand appliances for multiple supply, unlessN/Acorrect mode of connection is obviousN/AExcept for type Z attachment, terminals for connection to the supply mainsindicated as follows:P- marking of terminals exclusively for theneutral conductor (letter N)N/A- marking of protective earthing terminals(symbol IEC 60417-5019)P- marking of functional earthing terminals(symbol IEC 60417-5018)N/A- marking not placed on removable partsP7.9Marking or placing of switches which maycause a hazardN/A7.10Indications of switches on stationaryappliances and controls on all appliances byuse of figures, letters or other visual means . :N/AThis applies also to switches which are part ofa controlN/AIf figures are used, the off position indicated bythe figure 0N/AThe figure 0 indicates only OFF position,unless no confusion with the OFF positionN/A7.11Indication for direction of adjustment ofcontrolsN/A7.12Instructions for safe use providedPDetails concerning precautions during usermaintenancePThe instructions state that:PTRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Page 10 of 108Report No. 50052697 111IEC 60335-2-9ClauseRequirement - TestResult - RemarkVerdict- the appliance is not to be used by persons(including children) with reduced physical,sensory or mental capabilities, or lack ofexperience and knowledge, unless they havebeen given supervision or instructionP- children being supervised not to play with theappliancePFor a part of class III construction suppliedfrom a detachable power supply unit, theinstructions state that the appliance is only tobe used with the unit providedN/AInstructions for class III appliances state that itmust only be supplied at SELV, unlessN/Ait is a battery-operated appliance, the batterybeing charged outside the applianceN/AFor appliances for altitudes exceeding 2000 m,the maximum altitude is stated . .:N/AThe instructions for appliances incorporating afunctional earth states that the applianceincorporates an earth connection for functionalpurposes onlyN/AAppliance with inlet and intended to be immersed for cleaning, instructionsheet including in substance: . (IEC 60335-2-9)N/A- remove connector before cleaningN/A- dry appliance inlet before re-useN/AThe instructions for use for appliancesintended to be used with a connectorincorporating a thermostat shall state that onlythe appropriate connector must be used(IEC 60335-2-9)N/AInstructions for appliances for outdoor use(IEC 60335-2-9):N/A-The appliance is suitable for outdoor useN/A-The supply cord should be regularly examinedfor signs of damage, and if the cord isdamages, the appliance must not be usedN/A-The appliance must be supplied through aresidual current device (RDC) having a ratedresidual operating current not exceeding 30mAN/A-The appliance is to be connected to a socketoutlet having an earthing contact (class I)N/AIf symbol IEC 60417-5041 (2002-10) is markedon appliances, its meaning shall be explained(IEC 60335-2-9)N/ATRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Page 11 of 108Report No. 50052697 111IEC 60335-2-9ClauseRequirement - TestResult - RemarkVerdictThe instructions shall state that the appliancesare not intended to be operated by means of anexternal timer or separate remote-controlsystem(IEC 60335-2-9)N/AInstructions for useN/AFor oven: The temperature of the door or theouter surface may be high when the applianceis operating . (IEC 60335-2-9)N/AFor toaster: Bread may burn. Thereforetoasters must not be used near or belowcurtains and other combustible materials. Theymust be watched . (IEC 60335-2-9)N/AFor barbecue: WARNING: Charcoal or similarcombustible fuels must not be used with thisappliance. . (IEC 60335-2-9)N/AFor barbecue: Maximum quantity of water to bepoured into the appliance. (IEC 60335-2-9)N/AIf top surface of a hotplate is of glass-ceramicor similar material and protects live parts,warning : If the surface is cracked, switch offthe appliance to avoid the possibility ofelectric shock(IEC 60335-2-9)N/AFor induction hotplates: Metallic objects suchas knives, forks, spoons and lids not be placedon the hotplate since they can get hot . (IEC60335-2-9).N/AFor breadmakers: maximum quantities of flourand raising agent that may be used (IEC 603352-9)N/AThe instructions for candy floss appliancesshall state the maximum quantities of sugarand other ingredients that may be used. . (IEC60335-2-9)N/AThe instructions shall include the substance of the following: (IEC 60335-2-9)PThis appliances is intended to be used inhousehold and similar applications such as:P-staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and othersworking environments;-farm houses;-by clients in hotels, motels and otherresidential type environments;-bed and breakfast type environments.TRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Page 12 of 108Report No. 50052697 111IEC 60335-2-9ClauseRequirement - TestResult - RemarkVerdictNote 101: If the manufacturer wants to limit theuse of the appliance to less than above, thismust be clearly stated in the instructions. (IEC60335-2-9)N/ASufficient details for installation suppliedN/AFor an appliance intended to be permanentlyconnected to the water mains and notconnected by a hose-set, this is statedN/A7.12.2Stationary appliances not fitted with means fordisconnection from the supply mains having acontact separation in all poles that provide fulldisconnection under overvoltage category III,the instructions state that means fordisconnection must be incorporated in thefixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rulesN/A7.12.3Insulation of the fixed wiring in contact withparts exceeding 50 K during clause 11;instructions state that the fixed wiring must beprotectedN/A7.12.4Instructions for built-in appliances:N/A- dimensions of spaceN/A- dimensions and position of supporting andfixingN/A- minimum distances between parts andsurrounding structureN/A- minimum dimensions of ventilating openingsand arrangementN/A- connection to supply mains andinterconnection of separate componentsN/A- allow disconnection of the appliance afterinstallation, by accessible plug or a switch inthe fixed wiring, unlessN/Aa switch complying with 24.3N/AReplacement cord instructions, type Xattachment with a specially prepared cordN/A7. cord instructions, type YattachmentPReplacement cord instructions, type ZattachmentN/ACaution in the instructions for appliancesincorporating a non-self-resetting thermal cutout that is reset by disconnection of the supplymains, if this cut-out is required to comply withthe standardN/ATRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Report No. 50052697 111Page 13 of 108IEC 60335-2-9ClauseRequirement - Test7.12.7Instructions for fixed appliances stating howthe appliance is to be fixedN/A7.12.8Instructions for appliances connected to the water mains:N/A- max. inlet water pressure (Pa) . .:N/A- min. inlet water pressure, if necessary (Pa) . :N/AInstructions concerning new and old hose-setsfor appliances connected to the water mains bydetachable hose-setsN/A7.13Instructions and other texts in an officiallanguage7.14Marking clearly legible and durable, rubbingtest as specifiedResult - RemarkSpanish versionThe height of the triangle used with symbol IEC60417-5041(DB:2002-10) shall be at least 12 20mm(IEC 60335-2-9)7.15VerdictPPN/AMarkings on a main partPMarking clearly discernible from the outside, ifnecessary after removal of a coverPFor portable appliances, cover can be removedor opened without a toolN/AFor stationary appliances, name, trademark oridentification mark and model or type referencevisible after installationN/AFor fixed appliances, name, trademark oridentification mark and model or type referencevisible after installation according to theinstructionsN/AIndications for switches and controls placed onor near the components. Marking not on partswhich can be positioned or repositioned insuch a way that the marking is misleadingN/AThe symbol IEC 60417-5018 placed next to thesymbol IEC 60417-5172 or IEC 60417-5180N/AThe marking specified for hot surfaces shall bevisible when the appliance is operated as innormal used including when actuating anyswitch, adjusting any control or opening a lidor door. It shall not be placed on a hotfunctional surface(IEC 60335-2-9)N/A7.16Marking of a possible replaceable thermal linkor fuse link clearly visible with regard toreplacing the linkN/A8PROTECTION AGAINST ACCESS TO LIVE PARTSTRF No. IEC60335 2 9MP

Page 14 of 108Report No. 50052697 111IEC 60335-2-9ClauseRequirement - TestResult - RemarkVerdict8.1Adequate protection against accidental contactwith live partsP8.1.1Requirement applies for all positions,detachable parts removedPLamps behind a detachable cover not removed,if conditions metN/AInsertion or removal of lamps, protectionagainst contact with live parts of the lamp capN/AUse of test probe B of IEC 61032, with a forcenot exceeding 1 N: no contact with live partsPUse of test probe B of IEC 61032 throughopenings, with a force of 20N: no contact withlive partsPFor toasters having a crumb tray : use of testprobe 41 of IEC 61032 : no contact throughcrumb tray with live parts that are disconnectedby double pole switch using(IEC 60335-2-9)N/AUse of test probe 13 of IEC 61032, with a forcenot exceeding 1 N, through openings in class 0appliances and class IIappliances/constructions: no contact with livepartsPTest probe 13 also applied through openings inearthed metal enclosures having a nonconductive coating: no contact with live partsN/A8.1.3For appliances other than class II, use of testprobe 41 of IEC 61032, with a force notexceeding 1 N: no contact with live parts ofvisible glowing heating elementsN/A8.1.4Accessible part not considered live if:N/A- safety extra-low a.c. voltage: peak value notexceeding 42.4 VN/A- safety extra-low d.c. voltage: not exceeding42.4 VN/A- or separated from live parts by protectiveimpedanceN/AIf protective impedance: d.c. current notexceeding 2 mA, andN/Aa.c. peak value not exceeding 0.7 mAN/A- for peak values over 42.4 V up to andincluding 450 V, capacitance not exceeding0,1 FN/A8.1.2TRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Page 15 of 108Report No. 50052697 111IEC 60335-2-9Clause8.1.58.29Requirement - TestResult - RemarkVerdict- for peak values over 450 V up to and including15 kV, discharge not exceeding 45 CN/A- for peak values over 15kV, the energy in thedischarge not exceeding 350 mJN/ALive parts protected at least by basic insulation before installation orassembly:N/A- built-in appliancesN/A- fixed appliancesN/A- appliances delivered in separate unitsN/AClass II appliances and constructionsconstructed so that there is adequateprotection against accidental contact withbasic insulation and metal parts separated fromlive parts by basic insulation onlyPOnly possible to touch parts separated fromlive parts by double or reinforced insulationPSTARTING OF MOTOR-OPERATED APPLIANCESN/ARequirements and tests are specified in part 2when necessaryN/A10POWER INPUT AND CURRENT10.1Power input at normal operating temperature,rated voltage and normal operation notdeviating from rated power input by more thanshown in table 1 .:P(see appended table)PIf the power input varies throughout theoperating cycle and the maximum value of thepower input exceeds, by a factor greater thantwo, the arithmetic mean value of the powerinput occurring during a representative period,the power input is the maximum value that isexceeded for more than 10 % of therepresentative periodN/AOtherwise the power input is the arithmeticmean valueN/ATest carried out at upper and lower limits of theranges for appliances with one or more ratedvoltage ranges, unlessN/Athe rated power input is related to thearithmetic mean valueN/APower input of induction hotplates measuredseparately and the tolerances for motoroperated appliances apply.(IEC 60335-2-9)N/ATRF No. IEC60335 2 9M

Page 16 of 108Report No. 50052697 111IEC 60335-2-9ClauseRequirement - TestResult - RemarkVerdict10.2Current at normal operating temperature, rated (see appended table)voltage and normal operation not deviatingfrom rated current by more than shown in table2.:N/AIf the current varies throughout the operatingcycle and the maximum value of the currentexceeds, by a factor greater than two, thearithmetic mean value of the current occurringduring a representative period, the current isthe maximum value that is exceeded for morethan 10 % of the representative periodN/AOtherwise the current is the arithmetic meanvalueN/ATest carried out at upper and lower limits of theranges for appliances with one or more ratedvoltage ranges, unlessN/Athe rated current is related to the arithmeticmean value of the rangeN/ACurrent input of induction hotplates measuredseparately and the tolerances for motoroperated appliances apply(IEC 60335-2-9)N/A11HEATINGP11.1No excessive temperatures in normal useP11.2Compliance for toasters is also checked by thetest of 11. 101(IEC 60335-2-9)N/ACompliance for ovens, rotary grills and cookersis also checked by the test of 11.102.(IEC 60335-2-9)N/ACompliance for contact grills, waffle irons,radiant grills, raclette grills, barbecues, candyfloss appliances and hot plates, is alsochecked by the test of 11.103. (IEC 60335-2-9)Compliance for breadmakers, pop-corn makers,and food dehydrators is also checked by thetest of 11.104.(IEC 60335-2-9)Compliance for roasters is also checked by thetest of 11.105.(IEC 60335-2-9)PThe appliance is held, placed or fixed inposition as described .:Radiant grills and raclette grills that are loadedfrom the front, rotary grills, ovens,breadmakers, cookers and hotplates are placedwith their backs as near as possible to one ofthe walls of the test corner and away from theother wall . (IEC 60335-2-9)TRF No. IEC60335 2 9MN/AN/AAway from the test cornerPN/A

Page 17 of 108Report No. 50052697 111IEC 60335-2-9ClauseRequirement - Test11.3Temperature rises, other than of windings,determined by thermocouples11.4Result - RemarkVerdictPTemperature rises of windings determined byresistance method, unlessN/Athe windings are non-uniform or it is difficult tomake the necessary connectionsN/AFor flat surfaces, temperature rises aremeasured using the probe of Figure 105. Theprobe is applied with a force of 4 N 1 N to thesurface in such a way that the best possiblecontact between the probe and the surface isensured.(IEC 60335-2-9)N/AHeating appliances operated under normaloperation at 1.15 times rated power input (W) :(see appended table)PIf the temperature rise limits are exceeded inappliances incorporating motors, transformersor electronic circuits, and if the power input islower than the rated power input, the test isrepeated with the appliance supplied at1,06 times rated voltage . (IEC 60335-2-9)N/ABreadmakers are operated as specified forcombined appliances. . (IEC 60335-2-9)N/A11.5Motor-operated appliances operated undernormal operation at most unfavourable voltagebetween 0.94 and 1.06 times rated voltage (V) .:N/A11.6Combined appliances operated under normaloperation at most unfavourable voltagebetween 0.94 and 1.06 times rated voltage (V) .:N/A11.7Tests carried out in compliance with theparagraphs N 1 to 11(IEC 60335-2-9)P11.8Temperature rises monitored continuously and (see appended table)not exceeding the values in table 3 .:PIf the temperature rise of a motor windingexceeds the value of table 3, orN/Aif there is doubt with regard to classification ofinsulation,N/Atests of Annex C are carried outN/ASealing compound does not flow outPProtective devices do not operate, exceptPcomponents in protective electronic circuitstested for the number of cycles specified in24.1.4TRF No. IEC60335 2 9MN/A

Page 18 of 108Report No. 50052697 111IEC 60335-2-9Clause11.10111.102Requirement - TestResult - RemarkVerdictFor radiant grills, rotary grills, raclette grills,hotplates and cookers, instead of 65 K, thetemperature rise of the wall of the test cornershall not exceed 75 K.(IEC 60335-2-9)N/AWhen an appliance connector incorporates athermostat, the temperature rise limit for thepins of the inlet does not apply (IEC 60335-2-9)N/AThe temperature rise limits of motors,transformers, components of electronic circuitand parts directly influenced by them may beexceeded when the appliance is operated at1,15 times rated power input(IEC 60335-2-9)N/ACheese used in sandwich toasting attachmentsdoesn’t flow into places where it can give riseto a hazard, such as reducing clearances orcreepage distances below the values specifiedin Clause 29(IEC 60335-2-9).N/AThe temperature rise limits for touch controlsalso include all surfaces within 5 mm of thetouch controls, regardless of their shape.(IEC 60335-2-9)N/AToasters are placed as specified in 11.2 and areoperated for three cycles at rated power undernormal operation(IEC 60335-2-9).N/ADuring the test, the temperature rise ofsurfaces shall not exceed the values specifiedin Table 102(IEC 60335-2-9).N/AOvens, rotary grills and cookers are placed asspecified in 11.2 and are supplied at ratedpower input and operated under normaloperation(IEC 60335-2-9)Appliances are operated until steady conditionsare established or for 60 min, whichever isshorter.During the test, the temperature rise ofsurfaces shall not exceed the values specifiedin Table 102.Ovens having settings higher than 240 C arealso operated at the maximum setting untilsteady conditions are established or for 60 min,whichever is shorter. The temperature riselimits of Table 102 for top surfaces and doorsurfaces are increased by 10 K.N/ATRF No. IEC60335 2 9MN/AN/A

Page 19 of 108Report No. 50052697 111IEC 60335-2-9ClauseRequirement - Test11.103Contact grills, waffle irons, radiant grills,raclette grills, barbecues, candy flossappliances and hot plates are placed asspecified in 11.2 and are supplied at ratedpower input and operated under no

5.2 See Note (IEC 60335-2-9) P 5.3 If it is evident from the construction of the appliance that the test of one function will produce more favourable results than another, this function is not tested. (IEC 60335-2-9) N/A 5.6 If two or more cooking functions can be performed simultaneously, they are test