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Submittal DataFiberglassBondstrand 2000 Pipepe Uses and Applications Chilled WaterChilled – Hot WaterDomestic Hot WaterCondensate (Hot Water) returnGeneral service pipingJet fuel pipingMild chemicalsMunicipal wastePotable waterPower plant, steel mill and industrial plant pipingSewer lines and sewer force mainsWater mainsWater treatmentListing Mil-P-29206A for jet fuel and petroleum liquids.U.S. Federal Regulations 21CFR175.105 and21CFR177.2280 for conveying foodstuffs when joinedwith Bondstrand RP6B epoxy adhesive.Performance Pipe designs to 3.1 MPa (450 psi) using an 41.2 MPa(8000 psi) hydrostatic design stress in accordance withASTM D2992 (B).00Continuous operating temperatures to 121 C (250 F).Excellent corrosion resistance over a wide temperaturerange. See most recent release of BondstrandCorrosion Guide (FP132) for specific applications.thWeighs 1/6 as much as Sch. 40 steel.Does not require thrust blocks at ambienttemperatures when properly installed in most soils.Smooth inner liner (Hazen-Williams C 150) producesextremely low frictional loss for greater discharge andreduced pumping costs.thLow thermal conductivity (1/100 of steel) minimizesheat losses.Submittal Data, #104 E, March 2005Individual system components may not have the sameratings as the pipe. Refer to the detailed productinformation for the specific components to determinethe pressure rating for the system as a whole.Joining Systems Quick-Lock straight/taper adhesive-bonded joint. 50150mm (2-6 in.) pipe outside diameter is withintolerance for reliable bonding without shaving. Integralpipe stop in socket featured for predictable, preciselaying lengths.Flanges and flanged fittings.CompositionPipe Filament-wound fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin pipewith integral resin rich reinforced liner of 0.5mm (20mils) nominal thickness.Filament-wound fittings Furnished with 1.3mm (50 mil) reinforced liner usingsame materials as the pipe.TeesFlanges*0090 and 45 elbowsNipples and couplingsCrossesTapered body reducers045 lateralsSaddles**no linerMolded fittings Tees00 90 and 45 elbows Reducing flanges Plugs and end-caps Reducer bushings Blind flangesFlanged fittings 2-12 inch long filament-wound flanged fittings matchANSI B16.1 bolt hole pattern and face-to-facedimensions for 150 lb flanges. 1-16 inch flanges match ANSI B16.1 and ANSI B16.5bolt hole pattern for 150 lb flanges.Page 2 of 6

Submittal DataFiberglass Bondstrand 2000 Pipe Other flange drilling patterns such as DIN, ISO, JIS,ANSI B16.5 300 lb. etc., available on special request. RP6B two-part epoxy adhesive for service and21CFR177.2280Thermosetting adhesivesTM PSX 34 two-part epoxy adhesive for generalindustrial service.Pipe LengthsNominal Pipe SizeRandom 1020 or 4020 or 3020m36 or 126 or 961) Other lengths and exact lengths available on special request.Typical pipe dimensions and weightsNominal Pipe 350164001)2)3)Pipe 50mm27425382105159209263314344394Nominal Wall 1814.6.2265.7.2265.7.2265.7.2506.4.2696.8Average Sectional e wall thickness shall not less than 87.5% of nominal wall thickness in accordance with ASTM D2996.Use these values for calculating longitudinal thrust.No-shave pipe.Typical pipe performanceNominal Pipe 00350400Internal ollapse ionPer ASTM P-11FE-1114RTRP-11FE-1115RTRP-11FE-11161). At 940C (2000F) using Bondstrand type PSXTM 34adhesive. For sustained service above 2000F, reduce ratings linearly to 50% from(2000F) to 1210C (2500F)2). At 210C (700F). Reduce linearly to 90% at 660C (1500F), 80% at 940C (2000F), and 65% at 1100C (2300F).3) No-shave pipe.Fittings It is important to maintain compatability of fittings, piping and adhesives to ensure that the system performs as specified.Pipe, fittings and adhesive shall be supplied by the same manufacturer.Page 2 of 6

Submittal DataFiberglass Bondstrand 2000 PipeFilament-wound fittings Fittings in 50-400mm (1- 16”) sizes shall be filamentwound with a reinforced resin-rich liner of equal orgreater thickness that the pipe liner and shall bemanufactured with the same resin type as the pipe.Compression-molded fittings Compression molded fittings in sizes 50-250mm (2-6”)00may be used in services at or below 94 C (200 F).Where fast closure of valves may produce surges(water hammer), filament-wound fittings will be used. Contact molded, spray up or hand lay-up fittings shallnotbeallowedFittings pressure ratingsElbows & TeesTapered BodyReducers & 01503501.031.03161501504001.031.031) Refer to FP282 for fittings dimensions.2) With 316 stainless steel outlet. Other outlet materials available on special order.3) No-shave pipe.Nominal Pipe SizeNominal Pipe 90.690.690.690.69Blind Flanges &Bushed 501.031501.031501.031501.03-Reducer 50.3550.3550.3550.35Reducer bushings bonded into flanges will have the same rating as the flange. Otherwise, rated as shown.No-shave pipe.Bending radiusMaximum Allowable Deflection, H,Turning Anglefor 30m (100 ft) Bending 513144942.53501510.7612165642.24001720.6710Do not bend pipe until adhesive has cured. At rated pressure sharper bends may create excessive stress concentrations.No-shave pipe.Nominal Pipe Size1)2)1Bending Radius (R)Page 3 of 6

Submittal DataFiberglass Bondstrand 2000 PipeTypical Physical PropertiesPipe Property210C700FUnitsNominal PipeSizeCircumferentialTensile stress atweepingPoisson’s ratioLongitudinalTensile strength2”-6”1”, 1 0D2105106 psiGpa1.7011.702.4016.601.006.901.7712.20103 psiMPa6.00141.4016.001,2110.00--103 psiMPA106 psiGpaTensile modulusPoisson’s ratioBeam apparentElastic modulusHydrostaticdesignBasis (cyclic)1)2)0D2105D2925D29920At 66 C (150 F)Static1Nominal Pipe 350164001)2)3)ASTMMethod1”,1 ½”8”-16”103 psiMPa106 psiGpaTensile modulus930C2000FStiffness Factorlb inN 9021422302523250367Pipe 02001.401701.17860.59510.35460.32450.312Beam Moment of Inertia464in10 r ASTM D2412Use these values to calculate permissible spans.No-shave pipe.Typical Physical propertiesPipe PropertyNominal Pipe SizeThermal conductivityPipe wallThermal expansionLinearFlow coefficientAbsolute roughnessSpecific gravityDensityUnitsValueBtu in/(hr ft F)0W/m C2 0-010 6in/in/ F010-6mm/mm CHazen-Williams10 6 ft10 6 m3lb/in3g/cmASTM Method1”, 1 03.301.800.071.80D696D792Page 4 of 6

Submittal DataFiberglass Bondstrand 2000 PipeBuried InstallationsThrust Blocks Most installations at ambient temperatures donot require thrust blocks. Consult Ameron or Urecon for informationregarding blocking of buried pipelines for yourspecific application.Live Loads Bondstrand 2000 will carry H20 wheel loadingsof at least 7250 kg (16,000 lb) per axle whenproperly bedded in compacted sand in stablesoils and provided with at least 1m (3ft) of cover.Earth Loads on buried pipe1Maximum Earth Cover100 psi0.69 MPa125 psi0.86 MPa150 076331) Based on a 1925 kg/m (120 lb/ft ) soil density 6.9 MPa (1000 psi) modules of soil reaction.2) No-shave pipe.Nominal Pipe size1.03 MPam99999765555Span Lengths Recommended maximum support spacings for Bondstrand Series 2000 pipe at various operatingtemperatures.Values based on 12mm (0.5 in) deflection at midspan for fluid specific gravity 1.0. Nominal Pipe 350164001)2)3)4)0100 nuous Spans (ft)00150 F200 1.720.223.021.424.122.425.023.326.724.90250 F9.311.011.412.914.716.518.219.320.321.122.50100 F7.39.29.510.812.313.815.316.217.017.618.9Simple Spans (ft)00150 F200 15.314.316.115.016.715.517.816.60250 F6. recommendations include no provision for weights (fittings, valves, flanges, etc.) or thrusts (branches, turns, etc.). Fittings, valves,flanges and other appurtenances must be supported separately.Span recommendations are calculated for a maximum long-term deflection of 12 mm (½ in) to ensure good appearance and adequatedrainage.Continuous spans are defined as interior (not end) spans that are uniform in length and free from structural rotation at the supports.Simple spans are supported only at the ends and are hinged or free to rotate at the supports.No-shave pipe.Page 5 of 6

Submittal DataFiberglass Bondstrand 2000 PipeTest and repair procedures The RTRP manufacturer will provide test andrepair procedures in the event field repairs arerequired.Installation IMPORTANT NOTICEThis literature and the information andrecommendations it contains are based on thedata reasonably believed to be reliable. However,such factors as variations in environment,application or installation, changes in operatingprocedures, or extrapolation of data may causedifferent results. Ameron nor Urecon makes norepresentation or warranty, expressed or implied,including warranties of merchantability or fitnessfor purpose, as to the accuracy, adequacy orcompleteness of the recommdendations orinformation contained herein. Ameron norUrecon assumes no liability whatsoever inconnection with this literature or the informationor recommendations it contains. Refer for more details.Installation procedures and techniques as wellas system design criteria including burial,anchoring, guiding and supporting shall be ping system installers and fitters will be trainedby a direct factory employee of the piping systemmanufacturer and certified by the trainer prior tosystem assembly in the field.TestingInspection and testing Inspection and testing of the piping will beperformed in accordance with the requirementsof ASMEB31.1 Hydrostatic testing of all installedpiping shall be performed with water at 1 ½ timesthe design pressure of the lowest rated pipingsystem component.CANADA1800, av. BédardSt-Lazare-de-Vaudreuil (Québec) J7T 2G4Tél.: (450) 455-0961 Fax: (450) 455-0350E-mail: sales.east@urecon.com5010-43 AvenueCalmar, Alberta T0C 0V0Tel: (780) 985-3636 Fax: (780) 985-2466E-mail: sales.west@urecon.comUNITED STATESI S O 9 0 01:Registered4185 South US1, Suite 102Rockledge, Florida 32955Tel.: (321) 638-2364 Fax: (321) 638-2371E-mail: sales.usa@urecon.comLocal RepresentativeWEB SITE: www.urecon.comPage 6 of 6

1) Minimum wall thickness shall not less than 87.5% of nominal wall thickness in accordance with ASTM D2996. 2) Use these values for calculating longitudinal thrust. 3) No-shave pipe. Typical pipe performance Nominal Pipe Size Internal Pressure Rating1 Collapse Pressure Rating2 Designation in mm Psig MPa psig MPa Per ASTM D2996

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