SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)

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SAP Extended Warehouse Management(SAP EWM)

SAP Extended Warehouse ManagementSAP EWM is a comprehensive warehouse management solution that maximisesvisibility, control and optimisation of supply chain activities.By seamlessly integrating complex supply chain logistics with high-volumewarehouse and distribution processes, organisations can reduce inventory andlabour costs while increasing overall efficiency.LEADING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATIONSTREAMLINE WAREHOUSE OPERATIONSIncluding Programable Logic Controllers (PLCs),Augmented Reality (AR), Pick-by-Voice and RadioFrequency Identification (RFID).With transparent & accurate inventory, adaptiveresource management and flexible, scalablesystem & process configuration.AUTOMATE & ORCHESTRATE WAREHOUSEPROCESSESFLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT OPTIONSUtilise full warehouse and material flow systemsmodelling, for everything from inbound tooutbound processing and all storage & retrievaloperations in between.Deploy on-premises or in the SAP HANA privatecloud, as a stand-alone module or as part of thewider Supply Chain Execution (SCE) Platform,with integration for third-party & retrieval operations in

SAP EWM provides flexible, automated support for warehouse anddistribution logistics, as well as inventory tracking and management.With SAP EWM you can: Maximise visibility and control in high-volume warehouses Support a full range of warehouse processes Optimise warehouse resource and asset utilisation Manage item movement within warehouses, from goods receipt toissue Run on SAP HANA to handle throughput of up to one million itemsper day Leverage sophisticated features that can scale as you

SAP EWM enables management of high-volume warehouse operations with improvedvisibility and control, by integrating complex supply chain logistics with your warehouseand distribution processes. Increase warehouse efficiency by optimising inventorytracking, cross-docking and distribution operations.Streamlining Warehouse Operations Comprehensive analytics for strategicreporting and operational optimisationFlexible, scalable systems and processconfigurationOptimise labour planning, resourceallocation and equipment assets utilisationOrchestrating Goods Movement & Storage Inbound and outbound processing, plusall storage and retrieval operations inbetweenOrganise and monitor goods movementtriggered by procurement, shipping andcompliance processesSpecific functionality for large andcomplex operations, such as multilevelkitting and advanced yard logisticsAutomating the Warehouse Model warehouses and material flowssystems (via PLCs) via graphical warehouselayoutsControl the movement of handling units,including activate/deactivate/groupconveyorsFunctionality for EAN, task interleavingand system-guided workUtilise the Power of S/4HANA Converge transactions and analytics inmemory on a single source of dataIntegrate structured and unstructureddata, including from emerging technologiesModel follow-up activities using what-ifscenarios based on real-time dataIntegrating Mobile Devices SAP Fiori UI provides an enhanced userexperienceComplete assigned inbound andoutbound processing tasks fromsmartphonesIntegrate wearable devices such asheadsets, smart-glasses and pick-by-voiceSmart Business Cockpit View up-to-the-moment role-based KPIsto support monitoring and decision makingEasily access information on workloadsand task execution performanceView incoming and outgoing deliveryschedules at a

Technical InformationSAP Extended Warehouse Management makes it easier for IT to integrate,extend, and deploy an extended warehouse management solution thatdelivers a consistent and reliable user experience. Object-based and object-oriented programming - Get IT up and running quickly with theapplication’s familiar object-based and ABAP-type programming. Single client per instance - Handle warehouses replicated within and managed by other ERPsystems. Integration approach - Communicate with components in SAP SCM, SAP ERP, or 3rd-partysystems via SAP Remote function calls, SAP ALE technology, and Web services. Data model - The SAP EWM architecture follows the classical separation of data access,presentation and actual functional layers. “Radio frequency framework” for mobile UIs - Standardise mobile implementationtechniques, support custom enhancements and connect transactions to back-end systems. Business add-in - Add specific logic via open interfaces using 16 product developmentstandards, simple rules based on master data and flexible condition techniques. Application layer - Bundle available business objects and combine them with existingcomponents not located within individual business

Deploying SAP EWM with the Power of S/4HANASAP EWM can be run traditionally using core ERP systems, or with SAP S/4HANA –decentral or embedded.You can integrate SAP EWM with SAP ERP and the SAP S/4HANA EnterpriseManagement solution using asynchronous data transfer, by means of queued remotefunction calls. Alternatively, you can embed warehouse management functionalitydirectly into SAP S/4HANA.Summary Inbound processes: Support yard management, putaway and stock removal strategies, expected goodsreceipt, cross-docking, value-added services and qualitymanagement. Outbound processes: Perform wave andreplenishment processing. Storage-bin management: Manage handling units,perform goods slotting and process physical inventory. Distribution centre processes: Support radiofrequencies, serial numbers, resource management,labour management and material flow systems. Supported warehouse types:o Distribution centreo Production warehouseo Transit

Why Work with Invenio?Invenio Business Solutions is an awardwinning UK based SAP Gold Partner with aglobal footprint. Since 2006, we havebeen developing solutions for globalcompanies to leverage their SAPinvestment to their full advantage, withsolutions that drive valueand outstanding results. We have createdstrategic relationships with some of theworld's leading organisations, fromUniversal Music Group and News UK to thegovernments of Saudi Arabia and theMaldives.The Invenio ValuesCustomer FocusOur customers are our focus and comefirst in everything we do.ExpertiseWe deliver business value to our clients bybeing the best at what we do.TransparencyCareWe believe that fairness, honesty andintegrity are key to sustainable businesssuccess and long-term colleagueengagement.We care about the holistic wellbeing of ourpeople as it is key to our individual andcollective excellence.“Invenio are a reliable partner with an outstanding level ofcommon sense and dedication.”Jens Kessler, Chief Information Officer at Universal Music GroupFind out how Invenio created a custom supply chain management solutionfor Universal Music Group in this case

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Deploying SAP EWM with the Power of S/4HANA SAP EWM can be run traditionally using core ERP systems, or with SAP S/4HANA – decentral or embedded. You can integrate SAP EWM with SAP ERP and the SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management solution using asynchronous

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Management under Master Data Define Warehouse Numbers. 2. Check the warehouse number assignment in Customizing for Extended Warehouse Management under Master Data Assign Warehouse Numbers. 3. Check the warehouse number control in Customizing for Extended Warehouse Management under Master Data Define Warehouse Number Control.

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SAP continues to innovate industry leading data warehousing technologies with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP SQL Data Warehousing, and SAP BW/4HANA to enable the Intelligent Enterprise. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud will not replace any on-premises SAP Data Warehousing solution, but complements the existing data warehouse portfolio of SAP. ON-PREMISES

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