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G10-G500PowerSource GeneratorsPortable Air Compressors Product Range

Doosan Portable Air CompressorsPerformance you can trustDoosan Infracore Portable Power (DIPP) is proud to present its complete line of CE compliant portable compressors: 24 differentmodels, with free air deliveries between 2 and 45m³/min and operating pressures between 7 and 25 bar.Each DIPP compressor is “built to be used” offering the highest level of durability, productivity and serviceability This provenreliability and retained value makes a DIPP compressor a wise investment in today’s competitive environment.High Ambient capabilityAll CE compliant models have an LAT value of 46 C. For applications inhot climates outside the CE territory, the High Ambient option offersan LAT of 52 C.Large fuel tank capacityWell-positioned fuel tanks with large filler size, limiting fuel spillage risk.

Serviceability & internal accessibilityServiceability is excellent, with easy access to allmaintenance points. All areas have been carefullydesigned for ease of inspection, maintenance andrepair. Service intervals for different compressorcomponents have been rationalized to reduceassociated costs for the customer and increaseutilization in the plant hire industry.SecurityFeatures include a lockable canopy and lockablesteel instrument panel cover. In addition, afolding lift bail reduces the risk of theft bykeeping the lifting eye within the compressorenclosure.7/41 Feature: 7/41 with "Tough Top" canopy.Modular design and flexibilityHighly modular design allows optionalequipment to be added easily. The wide rangeof options available allow the machines to beadapted to the specific application, such as fittingof an aftercooler system for abrasive blasting, to apersonal paint scheme in the customer's livery.Easy to operateDIPP compressors have an intuitive, simple key-start sequence. Idealfor rental companies because of the reduced risk of machine abuse byuntrained operators. The user-friendly control panel offers an open layout ofinstruments and warning indicators.

Portable Air 517/7m3/min(cfm)2.0 (70)2.5 (88)3.0 (105)4.0 (141)5.0 (176)7.1 (2Rated operating pressurebar (psi)7 (100)7 (100)7 (100)7 (100)7 (100)7.0 (1Maximum allowable pressurebar (psi)8.6 (125)8.6 (125)8.6 (125)8.6 (125)8.6 (125)8.6 (1Safety valve settingbar (psi)10 (145)10 (145)10 (145)10 (145)10 (145)10.0 (1CompressorFree air 44rpm30002800280028002400230kW (hp)17.5 (23.5)21.2 (28.5)26.0 (34.8)34.8 (47.0)50.2 R13155R13155R13155R1322222No. of cylindersFull load speedPowerElectricalCoolingFuel tank capacitylitresAir outlets BSPT (British Standard Pipe Thread)59.2 (712wat1121x1¼",Sound level dataFully compliant to outdoor noise directive 2000/14/EC (2006)LWa99TyresTyre sizeNumber of wheels185 R12Dimensions (With running gear)Length (fixed height)mm26112923292330523457Length min max (adjustable height)mm2695 29053213 33693213 33693322 35773537 235123513691486154Ground clearancemm205220220250250Weight (net) fixed/adjustablekg430575 / 590595 / 610673 / 706870 / 9201250 /Weight (working) fixed/adjustablekg445615 / 630635 / 650706 / 739905 / 9551345 01070120Heightmm9301145114512041230142Weight (net)kg385495515553760119Weight (working)kg400535555586795129 Unbraked running gear - deduct fix/ adj.kg2535/3035/30NANANAGenerator option - addkgNA53535353533806 250Dimensions (On shipping support)* Or 215/75 R16 ** 225/75 R16 for FranceFactory Fitted OptionVariable height running gearFeature: Comprehensive running gear configuration withEC lighting requirements on all road tow running gear7/20 through to 7/170.Benefit: Gives towing height flexibility.(see table for availability per model)Less Running Gear - Shipping supportFeature: Temporary metal support to ensure safe transitof the unit to the customer.Benefit: Reduced risk of machine damage.Less Running Gear - PerFeature: Permanent metal sugear.Benefit: Typically ordered whtruck mounted.

014,9 (526)250)5.6 (200)8.5 (300)10.3 (365)10.6 (375)12.0 (425)11.3 (400)12.7 (450)17.0 (600)100)12.1 (175)14.0 (200)10.3 (150)8.6 (125)7.0 (100)14.0 (200)10.3 (150)7.0 (100)12 (175)125)13.0 (190)15.5 (225)12.1 (175)10.3 (150)8.6 (125)15.5 (225)12.1 (175)8.6 (125)12,7 (184)145)15.0 (217)17.2 (250)13.8 (200)13.8 (200)10.3 (150)17.2 (250)13.8 (200)12.0 (175)15 (218)marYanmarJohn DeereJohn DeereJohn DeereJohn DeereJohn DeereJohn DeereJohn 6IRF8AE6IRF8AE6IRF8AEQSB 6,7 200059.2 (79.4)93 (125)93 (125)93 (125)93 (125)129 (173)129 (173)129 (173)164 x1¼", 3x¾"1x1¼", 3x¾"1x1¼", 3x¾"1x1¼", 3x¾"1x1¼", 3x¾"1x2", 1x1¼", 2x¾"1x2", 1x1¼", 2x¾"1x2", 1x1¼", 2x¾"1x2", 1x1¼", 2x¾"999999999999999999185 R14 C205/75 R16205/75 R16205/75 R16205/75 R16 *205/75 R17.5205/75 R17.5205/75 R17.5 **225/75R1622222222279.4)23x¾"914 C653565412041204120412048524852485248203806 40624262 44784262 44784262 44784262 44784793 49984793 49984793 49984995 5025029312901250 / 12901935/19651935/19651935 / 19651935 / 19652570 / 26502570 / 26502570 / 26502513/257213851345 / 13852121 / 21512121 / 21512121 / 21512121 / 21512770 / 28502770 / 28502770 / rmanent mountupport replacing the runninghen the machine is to beSingle colour paint and laser etching optionfor canopyFeature: Upper enclosure to customer colour.Benefit: Allows customer specific livery and reduces therisk of theft.Jockey wheelFeature: All units have a jockey wheel as standard.(Except 7/20, not required on 9/270 through to 21/215).Benefit: Helps on-site manoeuvrability.LubricatorFeature: An in-built lubricator option helps to oildownstream pneumatic tools. It is available up to the7/170, excluding the 14/115 and 10/125.Benefit: Increases tool reliability and life.Wheel chocksFeature: 2 Wheel cenclosure.Benefit: A legal recan help prevent

21/21510 / 37010 / 45525 / 30025 / 33023.5 (825)21.5 (750)36.8 (1300)45.3 (1600)30.3 (1070)33.1 (1170)17.2 (250)21.0 (300)10.3 (150)10.3 (150)25 (365)25 (365)13.8 (200)19 (275)22.8 (330)12.1 (175)12.1 (175)25.9 (375)25.9 (375)15.0 (217)15.0 (217)28.5 (413)28.5 (413)13.7 (200)13.7 (200)29.3 (425)29.3 Q9AE6IRQ9AEQSX 15QSX 800224 (300)254 (340)224 (300)254 (340)254 (340)380 (510)418 (560)354 (475)403 terwaterwaterwater5505505505505508708708748741x2", 3x1¼"1x2", 3x1¼"1x2", 3x1¼"1x2", 3x1¼"1x2", 6 6PR750/16 6PR750/16 6PR750/16 6PR750/16 23527.0 (950)30.0 (1060)23.5 (825)8.6 (125)8.6 (125)12.0 (175)10.3 (150)10.3 (150)15.0 ANANANANANANANANANANAchocks with attachments to lowerequirement in Germany, these chocksmachine movement on a slope.Light weight compressor mounted hose reelFeature: Allows the safe and compact storage of 20m of3/4" hose. Available on certain models only.Benefit: Longer hose life and reliability, increasedconvenience for the operator.ToolboxFeature: A built-in storage compartment designed to takea IR30 (30 kg) breaker.Benefit: Reduced risk of theft and facilitates transport.6 kVA generator optionFeature: This feature significantly increases compressorflexibility by supplying electrical output in additionto compressed air output. Electrical tools or otherappliances can be run in parallel to pneumaticequipment.

Features and optionsFeatures and options (not 569/11010/1259/300 10/45510/105 14/11512/235 25/30014/8517/235 25/33012/1509/27010/37021/215Fixed height unbraked running gearOptOpt--------Fixed height braked running gearStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStd--Variable height unbraked running gear (incl. side bars)OptOpt--------Variable height braked running gear (incl. side bars)OptOptOptOptOptOptOptOpt--Wagon wheel type running gearLess running gear (base support mount with central tProp standStdOptOptOpt------Jockey OptOptOptOptOpt---OptOptOptOpt-----Laser etching (rear canopy tOptOptOptStdStdStd--Aftercooler and water separator-OptOptOptOptOptOptOptOptOptAftercooler, water separator and filters (IQ) CE-OptOptOptOptOptOptOptOptOptAftercooler, water separator, filters and reheater---OptOpt-----Spark arrestor-OptOptOptOptOptOptOptOptOptOptOverspeed valve-OptOptOptOptOptOptOptOptHose tdSecurity lift bail6 kVA generator (simultaneous operation)-OptOptOptOpt-----Cold start-OptOptOptOptOptOpt-OptOptWheel chocksOptOptOptOptOptOptOptOpt--Clip for vehicle registration plateOptOptOptOptOpt----OptCustom colour (RAL code required)OptOptOptOptOptOptOptOptOptWheel nut position indicatorOptOptOptOptOptOptOptOpt--Dual pressure switch ( 7 bar units)----OptOptOptOptOptOptHigh ambient version (LAT 52 C)-OptOptOptOptOptOpt-Opt-Wheel nut position indicatorFeature: The checkpoints are fixed to the wheel nuts andset in a recognizable pattern.Benefit: Safety precaution – should a wheel nut loosen,the set pattern will be broken.Spark arrestorFeature: Diesel engine exhaust spark arrestors are a basicbut key safety feature for hazardous area applications.Benefit: Eliminates the risk of exhaust sparks.Overspeed valveFeature: Should the engine begin to accelerate due tovolatile vapours in the atmosphere, an overspeed valvecloses the air intake to the engine.Benefit: Prevents damage due to overspeed.

The Portable Air Compressors journeyat Doosan starts herePeace of mindAll compressor packages carry a standard1 year or 2000 hour warranty. However, thebranded engine and airend (called the power-train)carries a standard 2 years or 4000 hours warrantyConditional on the continued use of genuineparts, fluids & filters and the machine beingserviced at the correct specified intervals byan authorized DIPP distributor, the power-trainwarranty can be extended to 5 years or10.000 hours. This warranty option enhancesresale value through the ability to transfer thewarranty from one owner to the next.Aftermarket solution Dealer stocking programme for frequently-usedparts Express availability for other partsmanufacturing plant for all product lines) Supporting you and your dealer withtroubleshooting expertise on difficult serviceproblemsFinancial solutionsFinancing and leasing options tailored to meetyour individual business needs. Our streamlinedloan application and credit approval process canquickly make your business plans a reality.At Doosan Portable Power, you are not just buying a powerful piece of equipment. You are investing in the strength of Doosan Portable Powerand its people. From engineers and factory technicians, to field representatives and your dealer, we support your purchase.We are committed to helping you realize maximum value job after job, day after day. Wherever you see a piece of Doosan Portable Powerequipment, you’ll know that all of Doosan Portable Power team is behind it.Our industry-leading support system will keep you up and running for as long as you own your Doosan Portable Power equipment.Doosan Portable Power is committed to supporting the product throughout its life. We are dedicated to providing you and your business aninvaluable source for product information, financial service, training, technical service bulletins, service, parts and more More than compressorswww.doosanportablepower.com 2010 DIPP EMEA P 4443374-EN (04-10)DIPP - DrèveDII EMEARichelle- Drève Richelle167 - B-1410167 - ns and design are subject to change without notice. Pictures of Doosan Portable Power products may show other than standard equipment. Factory technical support (available at our

make Kubota Yanmar Yanmar Yanmar Yanmar Yanmar Yanmar John Deere John Deere John Deere John Deere John Deere John Deere John Deere Cummins Cummins Cummins Cummins Cummins Cummins Cummins Cummins Caterpillar Caterpillar . Weight (working) kg 400 535 555 586 795 1296 1296 1830 1830 1830 1830

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