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ROTOPLAT 708 - Robopac

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ROTOPLAT 708Semi-Automatic TurntableStretch Wrapping Machine

setting the standardsThe key to the success of any activity in the manufacturing environment is setting and holding standards. Stretchwrapping is no exception. To successfully wrap yourloads and to ensure that they reach your customer in asmade conditions, it is critical that you set and hold theproper standards for wrapping each of your loads.Robopac’s intuitive 7 inch color touchscreen makes iteasy to set up the correct parameters for wrapping eachof your loads. You control pre-stretch, containmentforce, rotation speed, roping and banding at 9 levels oneach load.Pre-stretchFilm PlacementForce to LoadRotation SpeedRopingCarriage Speedholding the standardsOnce you’ve set your standards, the new Rotoplat 708 makesit simple to hold those standards. Robopac’s software allowsyou to record up to 6 unique wrapping programs.Lock in the best wrap settings for up to six completely uniqueload configurations and save them. Your operator can thenrecall the appropriate program over and over with a touch ofthe control panel. You can name each program to ensure thatyour operators always select the correct standard.Robopac’s innovative technology allows you to wrap yourloads correctly every time, ensuring ultimate load protectionand film savings time after time.

The goal of CUBE Technology is simple: successfullywrap your loads and ensure that they reach your customer in as-made condition by setting and holding theproper standards for wrapping each of your loads. Toachieve this, CUBE Technology addresses four key factors required to successfully wrap your load.Multi-Level Variable Pre-Stretch ensures the best filmeconomy for every load. It allows you to get the highest containment and the best film economy from anystretch film. You can adjust the pre-stretch up to 9times on each load. Multi-Level Variable Pre-StretchTechnology delivers 30% to 55% film savings over currently available competitive stretch wrapping systems.Multi-Level Variable ContainmentForce delivers optimal containmentforce at each level. Containmentforce on the Rotoplat 708 is adjustable up to 9 times on each load.ProActive Corner Compensation combines the latest in motorand load cell technology to giveyou the ability to wrap any loadsecurely without crushing the corners of the load. The corner of every load is the biggest constraintto film savings and load containment. Competitive systems deliver30% to 40% higher containmenton the corners of the load than inthe middle causing either repetitive film breaks or load failuresdue to crushing and collapsing thecorners of your boxes. Robopac’s 708 will provide amore consistent containment force across the entireperimeter of the load.Strategic Film Placement allows you to place the filmexactly where it has the most impact on load stabilityand containment. This innovative technology allowsyou to place bands of film or roped film in critical areasof your loads. Thousands of hours of testing in our labhave shown that putting the film in correct position,with the correct containment force is the key to successfully shipping any product.

safetyThe safety of your operators and employees isof prime importance to us at Robopac. All ourequipment is CE Certified. CE represents thestrictest and most widely accepted safety andelectrical standards in the market. We includesafety features like an anti-fall device, rollcarriage safety stop and 65" diamond platedturntable as standard options. Our competitorseither don’t offer these critical safety featuresor consider safety optional and charge youhundreds of dollars to rise to our standard ofsafety.Anti-fall device:The film carriage’santi-fall deviceprotects workersand products inthe unlikely eventof chain slippageor breakage.Operator protection: A safety distance of 23" betweenfixed and moving parts provides an added level of safetyfor your operators.Roll Carriage Location: RollCarriage is on the operatorside of the machine, nearthe control panel. This keepsthe operator out of the wrapping zone wheninteracting with theload.Roll carriage safetystop: Immediatelystops the roll carriage in the event aperson or productcontacts the rollcarriage as it travels downward. This protectsboth your people and your product from injuryand damage.65" diameter diamond plate turntable: The65" turntable ismade of 3/8" diamond plated steelthat prevents yourload from shifting,offers added slipresistance whenemployees step onthe turntable andwill easily accommodate a 40" x 48" load with no unsafe overhang.Emergency stop:Large button locatedprominently on control panel stops allmachine operationsimmediately.popular optionsNEW Automatic Roping DeviceRoping device attached to roll carriage ropesthe entire web of film from the top down.Pneumatic device can be turned on or off atup to 9 different preset locations on each load.Roping from the top allows you to apply a hightensile strength rope of film to the pallet wherever it is needed to improve load integrity. Fullweb film roping is the best way to lock the loadto the pallet.Integrated Scale PackageBuilt-in 5,000 lb capacity scale system allowsyou to wrap and weigh your loads in one easystep. Integrated design increases the heightof the turntable by less than 1". Scale is NISTCertified and comes pre-calibrated. Includesdigital readout.Automatic Film Cutting DeviceAutomatically cuts film at end of wrap cycle, saving operator an estimated 30 seconds per load.

roll carriageRobopac’s Patented PoweredVariable Pre-Stretch Roll CarriageThe Rotoplat 708 features an S winding pattern rollcarriage with Quick Load System that provides 40%more film contact than the W winding pattern (commonly used by competitors) to provide better controlof film through the roll carriage and fewer film breaks.This innovative, dual motor pre-stretch system provides you the ability to pre-stretch film from 150% upto 400% using two independent, variable AC motors.Both the pre-stretch and containment force are adjustable via the operator control panel. Robopac’s patentedhigh-performance S-Wrap Pattern (with Quick Load System)and load cell corner compensation and containment forcedevice give you total film control.The Rotoplat 708’s variable pre-stretch delivers the best filmeconomy for all films and all loads. Six selectable wrap patterns allow you to optimize each of your load types, reducedamage, improve productivity and reduce film costs.turntableThe Rotoplat 708 turntable is supportedby 28 heavy duty casters and can handleloads up to 4,400 lbs. Weight capacity increases to 5,500 lbs by simply adding 16casters. This can be done at order entryor added later in the field.The heavy duty 65-inch turntable is powered by a full 1 horse power AC motorand is made from 3/8" diamond platedsteel. The oversize turntable safely andeasily accommodates a 40" X 48" with nooverhang. The diamond pattern on theturntable plate ensures better grip on anyload to avoid slippage during the wrapping process.standard featuresRoll carriage lift motor with encoder, delivers precise placement of the film (within0.2 inches of setting) when used in CUBE mode.Photocell automatically detects top of load and utilizes infrared sensors that provide better readings on dark and/or shiny products that can provide false readingswith traditional sensors.NEMA 12 control panel enclosure protects against dust, dirt, fibers and lint. Italso protects from dripping water, external condensation and other noncorrosiveliquids.Tubular cold rolled steel mast provides superior rigidity, minimizing torque andflex.Heavy duty chain provides smooth and accurate carriage travel up and down. Newheavy duty 1 hp AC motor and gear box ensure years of trouble-free performance.Forklift portable from both the front and back. Making it safe and easy to placethe Rotoplat 708 anywhere in your operation.CE approved, conforming to global electrical and safety standards.Control panel is UL508 approved.

specificationsTechnical FeaturesRotoplat 708PerformanceProduction SpeedUp to 40 LPHTurntable Speed5-12 RPMTurntable Drive1 HP VACLoad HandlingTurntable Size65" diameter diamond plated steelMaximum Load Height110"Maximum Load Weight4,400 lbsFilm Delivery SystemPVSFilm Delivery SystemPower Variable StretchStandard Pre-StretchVariable to 400% with up to 9 different levels per loadContainment ForceVariable electronic with up to 9 different levels per loadCorner CompensationLoad CellRoll Carriage SpeedVariable up and downStandard Film Width20"Automatic Film CutOptionLoad Height DetectionInfrared photocell detects dark, clear and reflective products. Eliminates false reading of gaps in loads.OptionalrampStandardCE CompliantYesAnti-Fall DeviceStandardLock-Out/Tag-Out CompliantYes110"Roll Carriage Safety Stop123"Safety FeaturesTop Sheet WrapStandardBandingStandardForklift PortableFront and rear3"Additional Features5 YearsFeatures Adjustablevia Control Panel Turntable rotation speedUpward/downward carriage speedFilm tensioningUpward/downard Force to LoadPre-stretch ratioUpward/downward pre-stretchBottom wrapsTop wrapsWrapping start pointPhotocell sensing delayWrap Cycles andCustom Programs Top sheet cycle Top platen cycle (top platen isoptional) Reinforcing wrap cycle 6 user defined programs23"40"39"109"69"StandardWarranty28"NEMA 12 Enclosure48"110VAC/1ph/60Hz ( /-10%)115"ElectricØ 65"Service Requirements

popular optionsScale PackageBuilt-in 5,000 lb capacity scale system allows you towrap and weigh your loads in one easy step. Integrated design increases the height of the turntableby less than 1". Our scale is NIST Certified andcomes pre-calibrated. It includes a digital readout.Heavy Duty SupportAdditional rollers allow the turntable to supportheavier loads to 5,500 lb. Strategic placementkeeps turntable top from buckling and reduceswear on parts.Robopac is the global leader in the stretch wrapping industry.Our line of semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrappingequipment combines technology, innovation and experience intoproducts that deliver results you can depend on.Robopac is ISO 9001:2008 certified and all our equipment meetsthe strictest global safety standards, including CE.In 2008, Robopac hired Porsche Lean Consulting to help us implement their lean manufacturing process in our factory. This processallows us to build our equipment faster, better, for less.AETNA GROUP U.S.A. Inc.2475B Satellite Blvd. - Duluth - GA 30096-5805 - USAtel: ( 1) 678 473 7896 - toll free (866) 713 7286fax: ( 1) 678 473 1025e-mail: oping DeviceRoping device attached to roll carriage ropes theentire web of film from the top down. Pneumaticdevice can be turned on or off at up to nine different preset locations on each load. Roping fromthe top allows you to apply a high tensile strengthrope of film to the pallet wherever it is needed toimprove load integrity. Full web film roping is thebest way to lock the load to the pallet.Aetna Group holds over 100 patents and our commitment toinnovation is the heart of our organization. With over 80 employees dedicated to Research & Develpment and a 7.6-millioninvestment in R&D in 2011, we are committed to maintaining ourposition as the global leader in secondary packaging.Aetna Group has more than 120,000 machines installed aroundthe world and currently produces 6,700 machines annually, morethan twice that of our nearest competitor.Our four product lines: Robopac, Robopac Sistemi, Dimac andPrasmatic offer complete lines of innovative stretch wrappingsystems, bundlers, shrink wrappers, cartoning systems and tapemachines through a global network of over 400 agents anddistributors. We also employ over 80 technical service engineersready to provide prompt and courteous support, whenever andwherever you need it.

of film through the roll carriage and fewer film breaks. This innovative, dual motor pre-stretch system pro - vides you the ability to pre-stretch film from 150% up to 400% using two independent, variable AC motors. Both the pre-stretch and containment force are ad-ju