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ateB1/B1 Upper IntermediateAdvancedPTETOEIC SpeakoutSpeakout IntermediateLead in: Review: Grammar Pronunciation Vocabulary Common ErrorsPageCEFCEFQ forms, Verb tenses Present/Past, Talking aboutyourself.Family / relationships / collocations with take, get, do,goI can read a review of a TV programme aboutgenealogy.I can read emails of introduction.I can read a blog based on a survey about genderdifferences.I can read about a TV programme.I can read the results of an opinion poll.I can read tips for interviews.I can understand a talk about family history.I can understand people comparing their drawings.I can make notes from a talk about relationships.I can evaluate 3 interviews.11811881011B19121214B1Money programme report on Second Life.Attitudes to the concept of family.1617B1Unit VideopodcastSpeakingWritingSpeakoutB1B1121314Scan for specific information. Voc/contextCommunicative purpose. / StructureEvaluate / personalisePre-listeningI can collect personal information about my partner.8B1I can talk about family relationships.8I can discuss my feelings about the genealogy8programme.9I can describe my family history using key dates,names and places.10I can discuss gender characteristics stereotypes.12I can follow test instructions to draw a picture.12I can talk about different partnerships.12I can prepare notes a deliver a short talk.13I can make notes and discuss an opinion poll.14I can describe a photograph and discuss interviews.14I can discuss behaviour at interviews.15I can role play a job interview.I can write formal / informal emails.10B1I can write notes speculating about my classmates.12Syllable stress in words.(032) 253-15-13, (067) 513-24-85вул. Водогінна, 2, офіс 304Learning and Exam skillsDiscuss and evaluate.WH Qs.Listen for details. Interpret.Purpose / interviewee behaviour. /phrases before questionsFollow instructions, Discussexperiences.Q formsVocabularyOpinions and reasons.Narrative in chronological sequence.Cultural influences.Listen for details.Discuss percentages.Purpose of interviews.Giving advice.Try both roles in the interview.Language registerSpeculate and y.info School

62830B1WHQs, Discuss, give opinions.B1B1Match pics, WH Qs.Identify topic, give background.Sequence phrases.Retell narrative.Review grammar, vocabulary from Unit 2.CEFVocabularyB1Learning and Exam skillsI can discuss films about people and events in history.20B1Recall, retell.I can discuss accuracy in history films.20Express opinion.I can name film genre and give examples.20I can compare life experiences with my partner.21Form Qs and respond.I can recall life events in a biography.22Ask about partner’s biography.I can describe and discuss my reaction to news25Telling life stories.events.26Collocations.I can talk about telling the truth and lies.26Evaluate validity.I can retell a story I have heard.27Conversation strategies.I can express interest in and react to a story.27Evaluate validity.I can tell a story about a given situation.I can complete a text with missing phrases.24B1Narrative structure.I can write a short news report containing key25Time linkers.information.25Draft a news story.I can write questions based on a headline.29I can write a news article about an art theft.Key information in news reports. Express interest and react to a story.Unit 3Language2029Future forms for plans, Modals expressing certaintyand possibility.Describe utterances. Communication technology.Future time markers for speculation. Idioms.I can follow an article about a generation gap.I can read about a TV series.I can read a story and speculate about the ending.I can follow speakers discussing future technology.I can follow conversations dealing withmisunderstandings.The Virtual Revolution: The internet changed theworld.How technology has affected communication.I can discuss communication between age groups.I can maintain a conversation by asking questions.I can compare my teenage experience with mypartner.I can talk about developments in communicationtechnology.I can describe my plans for the short, medium andlong-term future.I can speculate and discuss future changes inlifestyle.I can retell a story with an amusing ending.(032) 253-15-13, (067) 513-24-85вул. Водогінна, 2, офіс 304CEFVocabularyPres Perf / past simp , Narrative tenses, Telling astory.Story genre, Prepositions, The News, say tellcollocations, crime collocations, narrative phrasesI can respond to a film history quiz.I can read about 3 conspiracy theories.I can understand and analyse a news report.I can follow a radio programme about films.I can follow news reports.I can listen to a story and sequence events.Hustle. BBC DramaWould you ever tell a lie?PageLanguageCEFCEFUnit 2PageReview grammar, vocabulary from Unit 1.Learning and Exam skillsB1B1Functions.3236383538B1Find topics, Complete summary, T/FPre-reading.B1Correct factual mistakes in notes.Coping and repair strategies.4042B1Using statistics. Media preferences.32333435B1Comment on technology.Conversation strategies.353737383939Discuss past changes, speculate aboutfuture developments.Time phrases.Use prepared notes.Use given vocabulary.Coping and repair strategies.Coping and repair paty.info School

CEFUnit SpeakingWritingSpeakouttipsLookbackModals: obligation, past habits/states, reachingagreement.Personal qualities, Confusing words, Strongadjectives, Business vocabularyI can read about the personal qualities required forjobs.I can understand an article about millionaires.I can complete a survey about the habits ofmillionaires.I can read two blogs describing childhood dreams.I can read a job description and advertisement.I can read a description of a reality TV show.I can lead and manage a discussion leading to abusiness plan.I can understand descriptions of jobs.I can follow a team meeting and note decisions.I can follow a worker talking about her daily routine.Comedy drama about work.Describe your job and your dream job.SolutionsReading44444648495051B1Match words definitionsT/F, Match words definitions.Check and discuss your score.Used to / wouldMake notes.Find and use business vocabulary.Roleplay from notes.4750535254B1Match pictures, WHqsComplete table. Language details.Interpret. Make notes.B1Review grammar, vocabulary from Unit 4.CEFVocabularyB1Learning and Exam skillsI can describe and discuss my personal qualities.44B1I can summarise key points in the text.45PairworkI can list the qualities required for a job.45Group work.I can comment on my potential to be an entrepreneur.46Agree / Disagree – give reasons.I can describe and discuss my childhood dreams.48I can discuss the TV show and talk about my50Express opinions give reasons.business experience.I can describe my daily routine.53Public speaking.I can complete texts about childhood dreams.48B1Listen and check.I can read and analyse a covering letter for a job.49Register cues, Match words I can write a covering letter answering a job49meaningsadvertisement.53Structure / Key phrases / Model letter.I can write about my daily routine.Use models and key phrases.Personalise confusing words in sentences.Unit 5Language4453Comparative Superlatives, question tags, politerequestsTechnology, Q words, Word building Adjectives,Problems Solutions, Describe a machine.I can read an article about TV presenter James May.I can read and analyse a text stating advantages anddis-advantages of technology.I can read a review of a book about children’s(032) 253-15-13, (067) 513-24-85вул. Водогінна, 2, офіс 304CEFLanguageCEFReview grammar, vocabulary from Unit 3.PageSpeakouttipsLookbackPageWritingI can reformulate to repair a misunderstanding.I can roleplay a situation in which speakersreformulate their words to repair communication.I can write about plans and arrangements.33B1I can write short communicative messages usingConcise communication.abbreviations.34I can complete a summary of a TV programme.36Expressing certainty / possibility.I can answer Qs containing idioms.37I can complete two line dialogues dealing with39Coping and repair strategies.misunderstandings.I can write a collective staff memo.40Outlining plans.Writing concise messages. How to record and use idioms.Learning and Exam skillsB1B1565860B1WHQs. Discussion – opinionsContrasting paragraph structure.Discourse rpaty.info School

isteningViewingVideopodcastSpeakingSequence.Make notes.Intonation changing meaning.B1Review grammar, vocabulary from Unit 5.CEFVocabularyB1I can discuss technology and group words by generic56B1Vocabulary developmenttopic.57Using adjectives.I can rank technologies by importance.57Pair / Group work. Decision making.I can talk about future developments in transport.59Word forms in questions.I can ask and answer questions about science.61Intonation in Q tags.I can use question tags to confirm information.61Group work. Use text.I can ask and answer questions about traffic lights.62Vocabulary. Discuss.I can report and describe technology problems.62Dialogue completion.I can make and respond to polite requests for help oraction.63Role play using flow-chart.I can respond positively and negatively to polite65Structure, use discourse markers.requests.65Comment politely.I can prepare and present a presentation of a newproduct.I can comment on presentations by classmates.I can draft and write a contrastive essay.58B1Model, Discourse markers.I can write flow charts for dialogues about problems.63Use model.I can read and write an advertisement for a new65Describing products and processes.product.Relating English suffixes to suffixes used in L1.Unit 6Language606062636466Word building. Vocabularydevelopment.ndØ, 1st and 2 conditionals, giving good / bad news-ing / -ed adjectives, multiword verbs with on, off, up,down.Verb/noun collocations, life events, describinggood/bad experiences.I can read descriptions of 6 basic emotions.I can read an article about observing humanbehaviour.I can read a positive review of a TV programme.I can read models of positive and negative advice.I can read an article about giving news.I can follow a radio programme about therapies.I can hear weak forms of ‘ll contractions.I can listen to 3 dialogues about problems.I can follow 7 conversations giving news.I can listen and summarise.BBC Comedy, My Worst Week.Are you an optimist or a pessimist?I can identify emotions and speculate about thecause.I can use –ed -ing adjs. to describe emotions.I can discuss therapies, express opinions andchoices.stI can use Ø and 1 conditionals to describe constanttruths and future actions.I can explain what I usually do in given situations.I can use multi-word verbs.I can discuss what I’d do in hypothetical situations.I can use adverbs to qualify my advice.I can discuss giving good and bad news.(032) 253-15-13, (067) 513-24-85вул. Водогінна, 2, офіс s.I can examine the use of suffixes in adjectives.I can read and complete a text adding suffixes toadjectives.I can understand children’s questions.I can understand answers to children’s questions.I can check intonation in polite requests.I can listen to polite requests and identify topic.Top Gear. Reviewing new cars and driving topics.How do you solve problems?Learning and Exam skillsB1B16871727374B1Match to photos.WHQs. Make headings. Summarise.nd2 conditional examples.Analysis. Models for writing.Complete missing phrases.6969727477B1Find topic and details.Perception and pronunciation.‘d contractions.Comprehend gist and context.T/F, WHQs.B16868686970707273747575B1Speculate about emotions.Personalise.Vocabulary development.Validity and belief.Pairwork.Give advice.Match verbs to definitions.Pair work.Use given situations.Complete ty.info School

PageCEFUnit ent Perfect Simple/Continuous, Present Pastmodals of ability, clarifying opinions.Success: verb phrases, ability, qualifications, describean achievementI can read an article about men with special skills.I can read a job advertisement and note requiredqualifications.I can read about learning Welsh.I can follow a radio programme and summarise.I can a discussion about intelligence.I can refer to what I said earlier.I can follow a description of a challenge /achievement.Water ski ChallengeWhat is your greatest e to partner.Writing modelT/F, Complete text.Clarifying opinionsKey phrasesKey phrasesB1Review grammar, vocabulary from Unit 7.CEFVocabularyLearning and Exam skillsI can discuss the origins achievement of success.80B1WHQs.I can discuss my interests, talents successes.81Group work.I can talk about skill, aptitude, talent and inability.83Group work.I can talk about my present and past abilities.84Group work.I can discuss the qualifications required for jobs.86Vocab. Training and QualificationI can compare and evaluate candidates for a job.87Group discussionI can talk about a difficult achievement.89Pair work.I can write notes for a summary from 2 different85BI Use abbreviations and symbolssources.85B2Combining informationI can write a summary from 2 different sources.89I can write about an achievement.Record multiword verbs with prepositions.Unit 8LanguageCEFReview grammar, vocabulary from Unit 6.CEFSpeakouttipsLookbackPageWritingI can respond to good and bad news.Use flow chart. Personalise.I can role play a dialogue giving news.I can write a letter giving advice.74B1Use model. Peer analysis.I can write a blog posting describing a key77Use model and given situations.experience.How to group multi-word verbs in notebooks. Use exaggerated intonation in responding to good/bad news.Learning and Exam skillsArticles, Quantifiers, Relative Clauses, Being a goodguest.Compound nouns, Internet, Welcoming, Discussideas.I can read an article about interacting withneighbours.I can read an article about origins of YouTube.I can read a review of megaportal.com.I can read tips for being a good guest.I can follow 4 people discussing internet activity.I can understand relative clauses in speech.I can understand 6 social situations.I can understand a discussion about a community.Documentary about an island tribe.Talking about your community.92969798BI Find details. Find general ideas.Find relative clauses.WHQs. Writing model.Evaluate and add ideas.959698101100102BI WHQs. Summarise each speaker.DiscussDetailed listening.WHQs.I can discuss interacting with neighbours.I can evaluate neighbour behaviour.I can describe good / bad aspects of my environment.I can describe how I use the internet.92939495BI (032) 253-15-13, (067) 513-24-85вул. Водогінна, 2, офіс 304BI BI BI Finding antonymsExpress and justify opinions.Compare ideas in groups.Functions of ty.info School

Review grammar, vocabulary from Unit 8.PageCEFUnit dcastSpeakingWritingSpeakouttipsLookback3 conditional, Active/Passive, Expressinguncertainty.History, Time periods, Collocations, Describingpeople, Outstanding work and Role Models.I can read two texts about historical advances.I can analyse discourse structure in an essay.I can read an article about teenagers.I can read a text about Time Travel.I can answer quiz questions about famous people.I can understand 3 speakers talking about decades.I can follow a recorded quiz.I can understand a talk about an influential person.Documentary about MichelangeloComparing life in the ing105106107109110108108113112114BI BI Make notes and compare.Pre-writing activity.Topics, language structure.Find and interpret collocations.Express certainty, uncertainty.Topics, contexts.Note how responses are given.BI Review grammar, vocabulary from Unit 9.CEFVocabularyBI I can discuss historical advances.104BI Vocabulary development.I can discuss Great leaps for Mankind.104Pre-reading activity.I can describe impossible past conditionals.105I can pronounce contracted forms of modals.105Pronunciation and perceptionI can describe a big moment in history.105Pair workI can talk about historical dates and time spans.108WHQs,I can describe a decade from my past.108Share ideas in groups, report to class.I can prepare and deliver a short talk on a familiar109Extended connected speechtopic.110Explain why.I can discuss favoured topics of quiz shows.111Pair work.I can react to new information.I can identify parts of a paragraph.106BI I can write a What if essay.106Peer editingI can write a wiki entry about an influential person.113Examine model text.How to edit a draft text. Read task before listening.Unit 10LanguageLearning and Exam skillsBI Reported speech, verb patterns, giving advice andwarnings.Environment, Prefixes, Reporting verbs, airports,phrases to describe places.I can understand an article about attempts to be moregreen.I can read texts about plastic bags and carbonfootprint.I can read a text about food in Osaka.I can read and compare 3 restaurant reviews.I can follow two speakers talking about preferred food.I can spot the topic in short conversations.Wildlife documentary: The Great Melt.What’s the biggest problem facing the world?I can discuss my attempts to be more green.I can report speech accurately.(032) 253-15-13, (067) 513-24-85вул. Водогінна, 2, офіс 304PageLanguageCEFSpeakouttipsLookbackCEFWritingI can discuss different internet activities.97Express preferences give reasons.I can talk about being a host and a guest.98I can offer and respond to apologies.99Role play with flow chart.I can describe aspects of a community.101WHQs.I can write a review of a website.97BI Compare with class mates.I can write a recruitment advertisement.101Plan structure. Follow model.I can notice compound nouns created from two words. Using complex sentences.Learning and Exam skillsBI BI 116BI 118119121119123124126BI 116117BI WHQs. Discuss. Match words/meanings.WHQs. Discuss. Report discussions.WHQs.WHQs.Who said? Complete sentences.Warnings and adviceBI om/Karpaty.info School

WritingSpeakouttipsLookbackI can use prefixes to change meaning.117Word buildingI can tell a group about my favourite food city.119Public speaking from notes, smallI can report speech using different reporting verbs.120groups.I can share my feelings about food.120Grammar, Vocabulary.I can talk about my experience of using airports.122Pair work then report.I can speculate about requirements and prohibitions122Report. Give opinion.in airports.Discuss. Compare with text. ShareI can give generalised warnings and advice.123B2experience.I can role play giving information, advice and123‘softened’ generalisations.warnings.125Pair work.I can give a short talk on an endangered place.Use audio model. Peer comment.I can plan a talk about my favourite food city.119BI Expand from model.I can plan and write a restaurant review.121Use notes, given structure and linkers.I can use linkers to contrast ideas, refer to121B2Vocabulary, syntax.consequences, and suggest conditions.I can write an email describing a situation and calling125Refer to model and notes.for action.Use prefixes to help you to guess meaning.Soften generalisations to avoid giving offence.Review grammar, vocabulary from Unit 10.(032) 253-15-13, (067) 513-24-85вул. Водогінна, 2, офіс o School

Speakout F E S IC S iBT E Starter A1 - - 0-245 9-18 Elementary A2 1 KET 3.0 246-500 19-29 1 Pre-intermediate B1 2 PET 4.0 500-650 30-52 3 Intermediate B1/B1 3 FCE 5.0 650-720 53-78 4 Upper Intermediate B2/C1 4 CAE 6.0-7.0 720-910 79-95 5 Advanced C1 5 CPR 7.0/8.