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0580 W19 Ms 31 - Past Papers

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Cambridge Assessment International EducationCambridge International General Certificate of Secondary EducationMATHEMATICS0580/31Paper 3 (Core)October/November 2019MARK SCHEMEMaximum Mark: 104PublishedThis mark scheme is published as an aid to teachers and candidates, to indicate the requirements of theexamination. It shows the basis on which Examiners were instructed to award marks. It does not indicate thedetails of the discussions that took place at an Examiners’ meeting before marking began, which would haveconsidered the acceptability of alternative answers.Mark schemes should be read in conjunction with the question paper and the Principal Examiner Report forTeachers.Cambridge International will not enter into discussions about these mark schemes.Cambridge International is publishing the mark schemes for the October/November 2019 series for mostCambridge IGCSE , Cambridge International A and AS Level components and some Cambridge O Levelcomponents.This document consists of 6 printed pages. UCLES 2019[Turn over

0580/31Cambridge IGCSE – Mark SchemePUBLISHEDOctober/November2019Generic Marking PrinciplesThese general marking principles must be applied by all examiners when marking candidate answers.They should be applied alongside the specific content of the mark scheme or generic level descriptorsfor a question. Each question paper and mark scheme will also comply with these marking principles.GENERIC MARKING PRINCIPLE 1:Marks must be awarded in line with: the specific content of the mark scheme or the generic level descriptors for the questionthe specific skills defined in the mark scheme or in the generic level descriptors for the questionthe standard of response required by a candidate as exemplified by the standardisation scripts.GENERIC MARKING PRINCIPLE 2:Marks awarded are always whole marks (not half marks, or other fractions).GENERIC MARKING PRINCIPLE 3:Marks must be awarded positively: marks are awarded for correct/valid answers, as defined in the mark scheme. However, creditis given for valid answers which go beyond the scope of the syllabus and mark scheme,referring to your Team Leader as appropriatemarks are awarded when candidates clearly demonstrate what they know and can domarks are not deducted for errorsmarks are not deducted for omissionsanswers should only be judged on the quality of spelling, punctuation and grammar when thesefeatures are specifically assessed by the question as indicated by the mark scheme. Themeaning, however, should be unambiguous.GENERIC MARKING PRINCIPLE 4:Rules must be applied consistently e.g. in situations where candidates have not followedinstructions or in the application of generic level descriptors.GENERIC MARKING PRINCIPLE 5:Marks should be awarded using the full range of marks defined in the mark scheme for the question(however; the use of the full mark range may be limited according to the quality of the candidateresponses seen).GENERIC MARKING PRINCIPLE 6:Marks awarded are based solely on the requirements as defined in the mark scheme. Marks shouldnot be awarded with grade thresholds or grade descriptors in mind. UCLES 2019Page 2 of 6

0580/31Cambridge IGCSE – Mark ocorrect answer onlydepdependentFTfollow through after erroriswignore subsequent workingoeor equivalentSCSpecial Casenfww not from wrong workingsoiseen or impliedQuestionAnswerMarksPartial Marks1(a)(i)Correct bar11(a)(ii)December11(a)(iii)8211(a)(iv)16.41 FT their (a)(iii) 51(b)(i)28.3[0]2 M1 for 15.3 (2 6.5) oe1(b)(ii)2.5[0]2 M1 for [10 –](2 3.75) oe1(b)(iii)85.711(b)(iv)16 4511(b)(v)553 B1 for 72 or 1.2 seenM1 for 66 their time2(a)(i)Chord correctly drawn12(a)(ii)Angle [in a] semicircle [is 90º]12(b)3842 M1 for 8 8[ 6]2(c)(i)402 M1 for 5 4 2cm312(c)(ii)Correct net3 B2 for 4 more correct faces in correctpositionB1 for 2 or 3 more correct faces in )992 M1 for (180 – 18) 2 soi by 81 UCLES 2019Page 3 of 6

0580/31Cambridge IGCSE – Mark 2019Partial Marks3(d)1353 M2 for 180 – (360 8) oe180 ( 8 2 )oroe8M1 for 360 8 soi by 45or 180 (8 – 2) oe soi by 10804(a)418 07214(b)1 2 4 8 162 B1 for 3 or 4 correct and no extraor all correct and one extra4(c)31 or 3714(d)(i)2714(d)(ii)583214(d)(iii)117cao1534(e)5 38kor 15 1515k3202807koror, k must be anor60060015kinteger1 1or M1 for 5 3or 120 200 or 320 or 280or 600 – 120 200 oeM2 forIf M0 scored, SC1 for answer of47100467 46671000 100004(f)1352 M1 for listing at least 3 multiples of 15 and27or [15 ]3 5 and [27 ]3 3 3 or 3³or B1 for 135k as final answeror B1 for 3 3 3 5 or 33 54(g)24 33 or 2 2 2 2 3 3 32 M1 for a complete correct factor treeor 2,2,2,2,3,3,3 clearly identified as factorsor B1 for a correct product that equals 4324(h)4145.7[3] or 4145.70 or 4150 or 41463 UCLES 2019Page 4 of 6 1.2 3M2 for 4000 1 oe 100 1.2 2or M1 for 4000 1 oe 100

0580/31Cambridge IGCSE – Mark 2019Partial Marks5(a)(i)Rotation90 clockwise oe[centre] (0, 0) oe3 B1 for each5(a)(ii)Enlargement[sf] 0.5 oe[centre] (1, 2)3 B1 for each5(b)(i)Triangle at (3, 2) (1, 5) (1, 2)25(b)(ii)Triangle at (–3, –2) (–5, –2) (–5, –5)2 B1 for reflection in y k or x 14x 23 B2 for 4x c6(a) 6 k B1 for translation of or k 2 or B1 for mx 2, m 0and M1 for rise/run of4kk6(b)(i)316(b)(ii)(0, –4)1Correct ruled linefrom x –4 to x 53 B2 for 2 correct points plottedor B1 for one correct point plotted soior M1 for line with gradient –26(c)If B0 or M0 scored, SC1 for a correct tablewith a minimum of 3 correct coordinates7(a)(i)Two correct lines drawn2 B1 for one correct, no extras or two correctand one extra7(a)(ii)2.162 M1 for 1.2 1.84037(c)(i)11oe3017(c)(ii)25oe3017(c)(iii)017(b) UCLES 2019Page 5 of 621 15[ 100] or15 21 1 [ 100] 15 21or 100 [ 100] oe1521or 21 15or M1 for15M2 for

0580/31Cambridge IGCSE – Mark arksPartial Marks7(d)1.627(e)26.2 or 26.24 to 26.252 M1 for 252 82 or better8(a)(i)2202 M1 for 118(a)(ii)[0]80 18(a)(iii)C in correct position2 B1 for correct distance of 6 cm or bearingof 300 from B8(a)(iv)Correct line drawn with 2 pairs ofcorrect arcs2 B1 for correct line with no or incorrect arcsor correct arcs but no line8(b)134.5, 135.52 B1 for one correct or both correct butreversed8(c)0.412 M1 for 1 – (0.35 0.04 0.2)8(d)–218(e)15.68 cao28(f)7229(a)(i)4119(a)(ii)Add 3 oe19(b)(i)6, 9, 142 B1 for one correct term in correct positionIf 0 scored, SC1 for 5, 6, 99(b)(ii)n2 5 261 or 261 – 5 256 or256 5 261 or 261 5M1(n )A1256 16or 256 is a square number9(c) UCLES 20196n 21 oe final answerM1 for2. for (1 M1 for12) 14 oe1009 200 oe252 M1 for 6n j or kn 21 k 0Page 6 of 6

MATHEMATICS 0580/31 Paper 3 (Core) October/November 2019 MARK SCHEME Maximum Mark: 104 Published This mark scheme is published as an aid to teachers and candidates, to indicate the requirements of the examination. It shows the basis on which Examiners