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Keno plays every 4 minutes with 56 waysto win.Ticket cost: Wager 1 up to 20 per gameDrawings: Games every 4 minutesJackpots: Rolling 8-spot jackpot average - 30,000How It WorksThe More You Match, The More You Win. Keno is an easygame that’s played with spots (numbers) from 1 to 80. In eachgame, 20 of the 80 numbers are randomly selected by theLottery’s computer system. The amount you win dependson how many spots you select and match correctly. It’s thateasy. The winning numbers are displayed on Keno monitorsat most Oregon Lottery retail locations and on the web To Play Keno Games Every 4 MinutesJust pick up a Keno game slip from a Lottery retailerand fill it out:NEWChoose how many spots you want to play.Mark how much you want to wager per game.Choose how many consecutive games you want to play.Choose yes or no to play for the Special Keno prizestructure at no additional cost.Choose yes or no to add the Multiplier Option for achance to win from 1 to 10 times the prize. Your ticketcost will increase 1 for every 1 Keno wagered.Choose yes or no to add the Bulls-Eye Option for achance to play for bigger prizes. Your ticket cost willincrease 1 for every 1 Keno wagered.Choose your own numbers or select Quick Pick.Keno to Go—Pick the time (today) that you want yourKeno games to begin. If no time is picked,your games begin now.

11Choose how many spots you want to play.22How much do you want to wager per game?33How many consecutive games do you want to play?44NEWSpecial Keno OptionOffers larger top prizes but fewer smaller prizesper game. No extra charge. See back for prizes.55Multiplier Option66Bulls-Eye Option7788Win up to 10X the prize! The cost will increase 1 for every 1 Keno wagered.Play for bigger prizes and more chances to win!Bulls-Eye prizes are added to Keno or Special Keno prizesThe cost will increase 1 for every 1 Keno wagered.Pick your own numbers or Quick Pick (QP).Play Keno To Go!Pick the time of day today for games to begin!If no time is marked, your games begin now.

Play Consecutive GamesYou can play from 1 to 100 Keno games in advance ( 100maximum wager) so you don’t miss any of the excitement. Justfill out a game slip and mark how many consecutive gamesyou’d like to play. Keno can be played from 5:00 AM to2:30 AM every day.Three Prize Structures To Choose From!The regular Keno Prize structure offers up to 7 differentprize levels within a spot game, creating many ways towin! See next page for payouts.Special Keno gives you the option to play for larger topprizes, but offers fewer small prizes per game. You canwin up to 1 million on the 10-spot game.Choose NEW Keno Bulls-Eye and play for bigger prizesand more chances to win! Bulls-Eye prizes are added toKeno or Special Keno prizes.How Keno Multiplier WorksAdd the Keno Multiplier option for an extra 1 for every dollarplayed on your Keno ticket and win up to 10 times the prizeamount on all Keno prizes. The multiplier numbers are 1x, 2x,3x, 5x, and 10x.NOTE: Bulls-Eye prizes and the Jackpot Bonus prize are not multiplied.Keno Multiplier FrequencyThis chart shows an average of how often Keno Multipliernumbers are drawn over time. On average, the 2x through 10xmultiplier numbers will be drawn 55% of the time.MultiplierNumberAverage PercentageDrawnOverallAverage 1:10.311.0%1:10010x*Rounded to the nearest hundredth.

HowNEWBulls-Eye Option WorksThis new game feature allows you to add Bulls-Eye to anyregular Keno game or Special Keno. After the 20 winningnumbers have been selected, the Bulls-Eye arrow will landrandomly on ONE of those 20 to be the Bulls-Eye number.If you have that number and you win the regular or SpecialKeno prize AND the Bulls-Eye prize is included on top of that.By choosing Yes on the Bulls-Eye option, you’re adding on onemore chance to win bigger prizes. Ticket cost will increase 1for every 1 Keno wagered.How Jackpot Bonus WorksWith this exciting feature, when you match all your numberson an 8-spot game, you’ll also win the Jackpot Bonus. Thejackpot continues to grow with every drawing until someonewins it! The Jackpot Bonus prize is pari-mutuel if there ismore than one Jackpot Bonus winner in a game.How To Play Keno To GoKeno to Go is an option that gives you the flexibility to choosewhen you want to begin playing Keno. Play Keno to Go bypicking a later time in the day for your games to begin. Here’show it works:You can buy tickets in advance and pick the time (today) youwant your play to begin. Choose the Keno to Go option atthe bottom of the ticket. Go to and watch your games from yourweb-enabled device at home, during your carpool to work,or at your favorite restaurant or bar. NOTE: Maximum prize per prize category on any ticket is 1 million. The 1 million prize is pari-mutuel if there is morethan one 1 million prize winner. The only exception is if aplayer wins a rolling jackpot bonus prize plus a 1 million prize,they will receive both prizes.

10 SPOT GAMEMATCH109876543210KENO PRIZE* 200,000 4,500 500 55 10 2 0 0 0 0 51:9.05SPECIAL KENOPRIZE † 1,000,000 22,000 1,200 140 4 0 0 0 0 0 01:75.57BULLS-EYEPRIZE** 300,000 15,500 1,000 95 25 5 5 2 2 5 01:8.009 SPOT GAMEMATCH987654321KENO PRIZE* 50,000 3,000 215 25 4 1 0 0 01:6.53SPECIAL KENOPRIZE † 75,000 4,000 300 40 2 0 0 0 01:25.68BULLS-EYEPRIZE** 100,000 5,000 345 50 11 5 2 2 51:8.898 SPOT GAMEMATCH87654321KENO PRIZE* 15,000 600 60 10 2 0 0 01:9.77SPECIAL KENOPRIZE † 25,000 1,750 75 5 0 0 0 01:48.00BULLS-EYEPRIZE** 40,000 1,400 140 27 5 2 2 51:10.007 SPOT GAMEMATCH7654321KENO PRIZE* 5,500 150 15 2 1 0 01:4.23SPECIAL KENOPRIZE † 7,500 330 20 1 0 0 01:16.24BULLS-EYEPRIZE** 12,000 400 60 10 3 2 51:11.43ROLLINGJACKPOTBONUSMatch 8 of8 and winthe 8 of 8prize PLUSthe JackpotBonus prizefor thisgame(shownon Kenomonitors)

KENO PRIZE* 1,600 55 5 1 0 01:6.19654321SPECIAL KENOPRIZE † 2,500 90 2 0 0 01:31.48BULLS-EYEPRIZE** 3,200 95 20 9 3 41:13.335 SPOT GAMEMATCH54321KENO PRIZE* 465 15 2 0 01:10.34SPECIAL KENOPRIZE † 800 12 0 0 01:78.51BULLS-EYEPRIZE** 1,035 70 10 4 41:16.00KENO PRIZESMATCH56 Ways to Win Cash!6 SPOT GAME4 SPOT GAMEMATCHKENO PRIZE* 72 5 1 01:3.864321SPECIAL KENOPRIZE † 140 5 0 01:21.59BULLS-EYEPRIZE** 318 20 10 51:20.003 SPOT GAMEMATCH321KENO PRIZE* 27 2 01:6.55SPECIAL KENOPRIZE †BULLS-EYEPRIZE** 47 0 01:72.07 128 15 81:26.672 SPOT GAMEMATCH21KENO PRIZE* 11 01:16.63SPECIAL KENOPRIZE † 11 01:16.63BULLS-EYEPRIZE** 60 151:40.001 SPOT GAMEMATCH1KENO PRIZE* 2.501:4.00SPECIAL KENOPRIZE † 2.501:4.00BULLS-EYEPRIZE** 49.501:80.00The morespots youmatch,the moreyou win.You caneven winby notmatchingany spots ina 10-spotgame.All prizepayoutslisted arebased on a 1 wager.Bulls-Eyeprize payoutbased on 2 wager.* Keno Odds† Special Keno Odds. Keno Payout 68% (includes Jackpot Bonus)** Bulls-Eye odds. Bulls-Eye payout 65%Maximum prize per prize category on any one ticket is 1 millionThe 1 million Keno prize is a cash prize (less required federal and Oregon state withholding)

Did You Win? Here Are SomeWays To Find Out:Watch the numbers come up on the Keno monitorTake your ticket to a Lottery retail locationUse the “Did You Win?” terminalGo to on your computer ormobile deviceCall toll free 1-866-DID-IWIN (1-866-343-4946) It’s Your Ticket!Sign the back of it to ensure only you can claim any prize won!How To Get Your Prize Prizes up to and including 600 can be collected at anyOregon Lottery retail location.Prizes of 601 - 49,999 must be collected at the OregonLottery Headquarters or Wilsonville Payment Center, and canbe paid out the same day. Or you can claim by registered mail.Prizes of 50,000 or more must be collected at the OregonLottery Headquarters, but can only be paid out after 8:00 AMthe following business day. Or you can claim by registered mail.You have one year from the date of the drawing on your ticket toclaim your prize. The Lottery’s Salem office is located at 500 AirportRoad SE. Hours of operation are Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. TheWilsonville Payment Center is located in Wilsonville at 9760 SWWilsonville Road. Hours of operation are Monday–Friday,8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Mail winning tickets to:*Oregon LotteryPO Box 14515Salem, OR 97309*Registered mail recommended. If you have a ticket for consecutive games,you can collect your prizes at any time during the set of games. You will beissued an exchange ticket for all the remaining games to be played on youroriginal ticket.Problem Gambling HelpIf you or someone you know has a gambling problem, there is help.Call 1-877-MY-LIMIT or visit Treatment isfree, confidential and it works.Must be 18 years or older to play.2017 Printed on recycled paper Recycle with magazines Item #5031040

You can win up to 1 million on the 10-spot game. Choose NEW Keno Bulls-Eye and play for bigger prizes and more chances to win! Bulls-Eye prizes are added to Keno or Special Keno prizes. How Keno Multiplier Works Add th

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50 Keno voucher each for simply playing Keno in our clubs. Our Keno loyalty card now gives players the chance to be rewarded for playing Keno. Simply ask our friendly staff for a loyalty card and then be sure to get it stamped every time you spend a minimum of 10 on Keno at Wagga RSL or Commercial Club.

top prize in Keno Odds of winning Keno Coin Toss Keno Spot 10: 1 in 8,911,712 Odds of winning Heads or Tails: 1 in 2.6 Spot 9: 1 in 1,380,688 Odds of winning Evens: Spot 8: 1 in 5 1 in 230,115 Keno. 10 - Have Fun & Play Responsibly Game Top prize Odds of winning top prize

VIP Players Club Coupons! BOGO 1 Keno 4 SPOT coupon #1265 Offer is: “uy One 1 Keno 4 SPOT, Get One 1 Keno 4 SPOT Free” This offer is valid from August 1, 2019 - December 31, 2021 Redemption instructions are as follows: 1. Press Special Functions tab. 2. Press Coupon. 3. Scan coupon barcode. 4. Two 1 Keno 4 SPOT [Quick Pick] tickets will .

VIP Players Club Coupons! BOGO 1 Keno 4 SPOT coupon #1265 Offer is: “uy One 1 Keno 4 SPOT, Get One 1 Keno 4 SPOT Free” This offer is valid from August 1, 2019 - December 31, 2021 Redemption instructions are as follows: 1. Press Special Functions tab. 2. Press Coupon. 3. Scan coupon barcode. 4. Two 1 Keno 4 SPOT [Quick Pick] tickets will .

Warm-Up Task 3 minutes 5 minutes Game Procedures Review 5 minutes 5 minutes Research and Argument Building 5 minutes 15 minutes Round 1 (eight contenders) 15 minutes 25 minutes Round 2 (four contenders) 10 minutes 20 minutes Round 3 (two contenders) 7 minutes 15 minutes Reflection and Assessment 5 minutes 5 minutes Total 50 minutes 90 minutes

Keno Benefits Local Economies Since its late October launch, Keno has raised 1,669,044 for education Keno retailers across the state are seeing the benefits Sales have increased 25% at Beantown Tavern in Matthews since installation Buffalo Brothers has seen sales increase 23% across their four locations in Wake County

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