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STAMPINGFUN AWARDToday’s fun activities will help you earn your stamping fun award badge. You can wearthis on your adventurer sash. If you complete all the activities today, we will mail youthis badge in next month’s packet! Isn’t that exciting! (next slide)

PRAYER,PLEDGES& SINGINGHi! My name is and I want to Welcome you to our Virtual Adventurer Clubmeeting! I’m so glad you are here! I’m glad to see you have a parent with you in thescreen to help you with all the fun activities we will do today! Let’s get started bysaying our adventurer pledges.(next slide)

ADVENTURER LAWADVENTURER PLEDGEJesus can help me to:Because Jesus loves me,I will always do my best.Be obedientBe pureBe trueBe kindBe respectfulBe attentiveBe helpfulBe cheerfulBe thoughtfulBe reverentADVENTURER SONGPlease say the Adventurer Law with me as I say it aloud (read it). Now, lets say theAdventurer Pledge together (read it). Great job.Now, let’s sing our Adventurer song together (play the video, mute yourself, be visiblysinging). Isn’t that a great song!Next, lets have prayer. When we pray, we are talking to Jesus who lives in heaven. Toshow that we love Jesus very much, we fold our hands and close our eyes when wepray. Can you do that with me now? Lets all fold our hands, like this (demonstrate)and close our eyes like this (demonstrate). Say a prayer. Thank you for praying withme. Jesus loves you so much! Next we are going to spend a few minutes learningabout Jesus! (next slide)

STORY TIMEwithHi! My name is . Today we are going to be do the stamping fun award.We are going to take what we learn about stamping today and use it to makesomething special that will help us share kindness with others. We are going to starttoday by reading a story about someone who shared kiness with someone else. Ourstory today is called . (next slide).

Lily and the Paper ManBy Rebecca UpJohn ”Lily and the Paper Man.” Let’s get settled in for the story. (read the story) (nextslide)

PROVERBS 17:22A cheerful heart isgood medicine,but a crushedspirit dries up thebones.The Bible tells us in Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushedspirit dries up the bones.” Can you say this verse with me? I’ll say a part and yourepeat after me. (say the verse in small sections and let the children repeat after you)Lily in the story had a kind and cheerful heart and it was like “good medicine” to thepaper man. She shared her kindness with him and it changed his life for good. (nextslide)

Let’s watch this video about our special verse, Proverbs 17:22. (watch the video) Howcan you spread cheerfulness and kindness to someone else? Can you give me andidea? (Call on a couple kids to unmute themselves and share their ideas) Great ideaseveryone. (next slide) lfUbEQXJobw

CRAFT TIMEHi, my name is . It’s time to do some fun stamping crafts.After we learn about stamping, we are going to make something to help us sharekindness and cheerfulness with others. (next slide)

Stamping with CeleryYou need:- Paints, Paint Tray- Spoons- 2-3 inch Small pieces ofcelery (ask an adult to cut itfor you)- Fish Template- Googly EyeWe are going to start by learning to stamp with celery! You will need your paints, yourpaint tray, and some spoons. You also need your Fish template, your google eye, andyour celery pieces. Use your spoons to put some of your paint into your paint tray ask and adult to help you. Once you have gathered all your supplies and preparedyour paint tray, give me a thumbs up to let me know when you’re ready to begin ourcraft! (pause for everyone to be ready) Ok let’s get started. Take one piece of celeryand carefully dip the end of it into one of the paint colors. Then stamp your celery ontoyour fish template to make the scales on the fish like in the picture on your screen.When you’re ready for the next color, use a different piece of celery. You might needto ask an adult to help you. Go ahead and keep stamping until your whole fish iscovered. (Pause and let kids work on their stamping) When you are finishedstamping, get your googly eye and peel it then stick it on your fish for the eyeball.Then you can hold up your fish to show us all when you are done. (praise the kids fortheir work) Great job everyone! Let’s clean up our workspace now and get ready forour next activity. Throw your celery away and move your fish to a place where it candry safely. Give me a thumbs up when you are ready for the next activity. (pause) Ok,let’s do our next stamping activity. (next g-rainbow-fish-craft-for-kids/

Stamping with PotatoesYou need:- Paints, brush, &tray- 3 Pieces of WhiteCard Stock- 2 potatoes (ask anadult to help you cut them)Hi, my name is . Next we are going to stamp with potatoes.Please get out your paint brushes, your paint tray, 3 pieces of white cardstock, andyour potatoes. If you need to refill your paint tray, go ahead and use your spoon anddo that now. Give me a thumbs up when you have all those things ready. (Pause) Youwill need an adult’s help with this next part. We need to cut our potatoes to get themready for stamping. Cut both of your potatoes in half. (Demonstrate) Now take one ofthe halves, and cut it in half (demonstrate). Now take two of the halves and cut pointsinto the top (demonstrate). Ok. Let’s stamp! Get one piece of cardstock and your twopotatoes that have points cut in them. Here’s what we’re going to do (show the videofrom 0:14 to 1:13). Ok, get your paint, pick two colors for your flowers and paint yourpotatoes, stamp them and then use your paint brush to paint the stems. When you’redone, hold your picture up so we can see. (pause and praise the kids as they showtheir picture) Great job! Here’s our next project. Get another piece of cardstock, andyour 1/4th potatoe. Here’s what we’re going to do. (show the video from 2:02 to 3:02)Ok, paint your potatoes and stamp them. Use the paint brush to paint the watermelonrinds and seeds.When you’re done, hold your picture up so we can see. (pause andpraise the kids as they show their picture) Great job! Here’s our next project. Getanother piece of cardstock, and your half potato. Here’s what we’re going to do (showthe video from 4:07 to 4:32) Ok, paint your potatoes and stamp your caterpillar. Useyour paint brush to paint the face. When you’re done, hold your picture up so we cansee. (pause and praise the kids as they show their picture) Great job everyone. Let’sget cleaned up so we can do our next activity. Throw your potatoes away, clean yourpaint brushes, and lay your pictures in a place where they can dry safely. Give me athumbs up when you’re cleaned up and ready. (pause and then next slide) FuFWfyqMjII (Flowers, Worm, WatermelonsONly)

SHAREKINDNESSHi, my name is . It’s time to for us to do our special kindness project. Weare going to make some cards that we can share with someone else to spreadcheerfulness and kindness. (next slide).

PROVERBS 17:22A cheerful heart isgood medicine,but a crushedspirit dries up thebones.Remember this verse. Let’s say it together again. Repeat after me (say the verse insmall sections and have the kids repeat after you) Isn’t that a great verse! Please getyour two blank cards from your packet and also get your marker. Give me a thumbsup when you’ve found these things and are ready. (pause) Ok, open your cards andon the inside let’s write our verse. Inside let’s write “A Cheerful heart is goodmedicine.” Proverbs 17:22. You can have an adult help you if you need to. Give me athumbs up when you are done. (pause) Good job everyone. Let’s get ready to dosome more stamping on our cards. (next slide)

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Stamping& Card MakingYou need:- Paints, Brushes,& Tray- 2 Bubble WrapPieces- 2 Blank CardsFor this activity you will need, your cards, your paint tray, your brushes, and yourbubble wrap. If you need to refill your paint tray, do that now too. Give me a thumbsup when you have your supplies ready (pause). Ok, let’s watch the video to see theinstructions (show the video from 0:20 to 0:29) Ok, let’s paint our rainbow on thebubble wrap and stamp it onto the front of one of our cards. Then you can get yourother bubble wrap and stamp your 2nd card. You can do another rainbow or your canmake a different design of your choice. Ask an adult to help you if you need to. Let’sstart stamping! (Pause) When you are done, hold up your cards so we can see!(praise the kids as they show their pictures). Good job everyone! After your cards dry,I want your to send them to two people who are special to you that could use somekindness and cheer. You can take a picture of yourself mailing your cards and post iton our Adventurer Facebook page. (next slide) PW8D9YDAH98 (rainbow only) - they haveenough supplies to do it twice.

GOODBYES& PRAYERHi, my name is . Haven’t we had alot of fun today! I know I did! Can you giveme a big thumbs up if you had fun today? It’s time to say goodbye now and have aprayer. We hope you will come back for our next meeting on . (nextslide)

LORD PLEASEWATCH BETWEENYOU AND MEWHILE WE AREAPART FROM EACHOTHER. AMENWe are going to say a special prayer together each time we end our meeting and thisis the prayer we will say (read it). We are going to say this prayer all together, so, I’dlike everyone to unmute themselves at this time. (pause, make sure everyone isunmuted). Ok let’s fold our hands and bow our heads. I’m going to count to three andthen we will say our special prayer all together. (count down, say prayer). Let’s allwave our goodbyes to each other (wave and say goodbye). See you next time!Remember, you have a musical instrument coloring page in your packet that you cando!

ADVENTURER PLEDGE Because Jesus loves me, I will always do my best. ADVENTURER SONG Please say the Adventurer Law with me as I say it aloud (read it). Now, lets say the Adventurer Pledge together (read it). Great job. Now, let’s sing our Adventurer song together (play the video, mute yourself, be vi

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