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March 2021Maserati Parts

Table of ContentsTERMS AND CONDITIONSPRICES:Maserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- AccessoriesMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- Body PanelsMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- BrakesMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- BumpersMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- DoorsMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- EmblemsMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- EngineMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- ExhaustMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- Fuel SystemMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- Glass and SealsMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- InteriorMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- LightsMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- Luggage CompartmentMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- RimsMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- SteeringMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- SuspensionMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- TransmissionMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- Wiper SystemMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- BumpersMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- DoorsMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- EmblemsMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- EngineMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- ExhaustMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- Fuel SystemMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- Glass and SealsMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- InteriorMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- LightsMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- Luggage CompartmentMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- SteeringMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- SuspensionMaserati- 3500 Spider Vignale- Wiper SystemMaserati- 5000 GTMaserati- 5000 GT- BrakesMaserati- 5000 GT- Glass and SealsMaserati- Biturbo SpiderMaserati- Biturbo Spider- BrakesMaserati- Biturbo Spider- EmblemsMaserati- Biturbo Spider- ExhaustMaserati- Biturbo Spider- Glass and SealsMaserati- Biturbo Spider- RoofMaserati- Biturbo- Brakesmrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT 31323334353639404142434445464748495051525354We make a real effort to keep our prices as low as possible; however, all prices are subject tochange without notice. Most of our parts are imported directly from European manufacturers togive you the best possible prices.STANDARD RETURN POLICY:You have 14 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it.Please ensure that the item(s) you're returning is repackaged as receivedItalian Auto Parts, Inc2370 John Glenn DrAtlanta, Ga 30341United StatesPhone: 1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)Fax: 914-829-9018SHIPPING CLAIMS:We receive excellent service from Fedex and the USPS, although occasionally a mishap occurs.Open any damaged packages in the presence of the carrier, and call us immediately so we canfile a claim. If a package arrived damaged all packaging materials must be kept and may becollected and inspected by the carrier when investigating a claim. Missing packages must bereported to Italian Auto Parts, Inc in a timely manner to enable us to file a claim with the carrier.On any orders shipped by truck freight, signing for a shipment constitutes an acknowledgementthat the order has been received in good condition; Italian Auto Parts, Inc cannot be heldresponsible for damage once a truck freight package has been signed for.mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)

Maserati- Biturbo- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Biturbo- EmblemsMaserati- Biturbo- ExhaustMaserati- Biturbo- Glass and SealsMaserati- BoraMaserati- Bora- BrakesMaserati- Bora- BumpersMaserati- Bora- DoorsMaserati- Bora- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Bora- EmblemsMaserati- Bora- EngineMaserati- Bora- Engine CompartmentMaserati- Bora- ExhaustMaserati- Bora- Glass and SealsMaserati- Bora- SteeringMaserati- Ghibli CoupeMaserati- Ghibli Coupe- BrakesMaserati- Ghibli Coupe- BumpersMaserati- Ghibli Coupe- DoorsMaserati- Ghibli Coupe- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Ghibli Coupe- EmblemsMaserati- Ghibli Coupe- EngineMaserati- Ghibli Coupe- ExhaustMaserati- Ghibli Coupe- Fuel SystemMaserati- Ghibli Coupe- Glass and SealsMaserati- Ghibli Coupe- LightsMaserati- Ghibli Coupe- SteeringMaserati- Ghibli Coupe- SuspensionMaserati- Ghibli Coupe- TransmissionMaserati- Ghibli SpiderMaserati- Ghibli Spider- BrakesMaserati- Ghibli Spider- BumpersMaserati- Ghibli Spider- DoorsMaserati- Ghibli Spider- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Ghibli Spider- EmblemsMaserati- Ghibli Spider- EngineMaserati- Ghibli Spider- Fuel SystemMaserati- Ghibli Spider- Glass and SealsMaserati- Ghibli Spider- LightsMaserati- Ghibli Spider- SteeringMaserati- Ghibli Spider- SuspensionMaserati- Indy- BumpersMaserati- Indy- EmblemsMaserati- Indy- EngineMaserati- Indy- ExhaustMaserati- Indy- Fuel SystemMaserati- Indy- Glass and SealsMaserati- Indy- SuspensionMaserati- Indy- Transmissionmrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT 0101102103104105108109mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)

Maserati- Khamsin- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Khamsin- EngineMaserati- Khamsin- Engine CompartmentMaserati- Khamsin- ExhaustMaserati- Khamsin- Glass and SealsMaserati- Khamsin- SuspensionMaserati- Khamsin- TransmissionMaserati- Kyalami- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Kyalami- EngineMaserati- Kyalami- Glass and SealsMaserati- Kyalami- RimsMaserati- Kyalami- TransmissionMaserati- Merak- BrakesMaserati- Merak- BumpersMaserati- Merak- DoorsMaserati- Merak- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Merak- EmblemsMaserati- Merak- EngineMaserati- Merak- ExhaustMaserati- Merak- Glass and SealsMaserati- Merak- LightsMaserati- Merak- SteeringMaserati- MexicoMaserati- Mexico- BrakesMaserati- Mexico- BumpersMaserati- Mexico- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Mexico- EngineMaserati- Mexico- ExhaustMaserati- Mexico- Glass and SealsMaserati- Mexico- InteriorMaserati- Mexico- LightsMaserati- Mexico- RimsMaserati- Mexico- SuspensionMaserati- Mistral CoupeMaserati- Mistral Coupe- AccessoriesMaserati- Mistral Coupe- BrakesMaserati- Mistral Coupe- BumpersMaserati- Mistral Coupe- DoorsMaserati- Mistral Coupe- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Mistral Coupe- EngineMaserati- Mistral Coupe- ExhaustMaserati- Mistral Coupe- Glass and SealsMaserati- Mistral Coupe- InteriorMaserati- Mistral Coupe- LightsMaserati- Mistral Coupe- SuspensionMaserati- Mistral Coupe- TransmissionMaserati- Mistral SpiderMaserati- Mistral Spider- BrakesMaserati- Mistral Spider- Bumpersmrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT 0161162163164mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)

Maserati- Mistral Spider- DoorsMaserati- Mistral Spider- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Mistral Spider- EngineMaserati- Mistral Spider- Glass and SealsMaserati- Mistral Spider- LightsMaserati- Mistral Spider- SuspensionMaserati- Mistral Spider- TransmissionMaserati- Other Maseratis- AccessoriesMaserati- Other Maseratis- BrakesMaserati- Other Maseratis- DoorsMaserati- Other Maseratis- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Other Maseratis- EmblemsMaserati- Other Maseratis- EngineMaserati- Other Maseratis- ExhaustMaserati- Other Maseratis- Glass and SealsMaserati- Other Maseratis- InteriorMaserati- Other Maseratis- LightsMaserati- Other Maseratis- SteeringMaserati- Other Maseratis- SuspensionMaserati- Other Maseratis- TransmissionMaserati- Other Maseratis- Wiper SystemMaserati- Quattroporte Berlina- BrakesMaserati- Quattroporte Berlina- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Quattroporte Berlina- Engine CompartmentMaserati- Quattroporte Berlina- Glass and SealsMaserati- Quattroporte Berlina- InteriorMaserati- Quattroporte Berlina- LightsMaserati- Quattroporte Berlina- SuspensionMaserati- Quattroporte Berlina- TransmissionMaserati- Quattroporte- BrakesMaserati- Quattroporte- BumpersMaserati- Quattroporte- DoorsMaserati- Quattroporte- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Quattroporte- EmblemsMaserati- Quattroporte- EngineMaserati- Quattroporte- ExhaustMaserati- Quattroporte- Glass and SealsMaserati- Quattroporte- LightsMaserati- Quattroporte- RimsMaserati- Quattroporte- SuspensionMaserati- Quattroporte- TransmissionMaserati- SebringMaserati- Sebring- BrakesMaserati- Sebring- BumpersMaserati- Sebring- DoorsMaserati- Sebring- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Sebring- EmblemsMaserati- Sebring- EngineMaserati- Sebring- Engine Compartmentmrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT 6217218219220mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)

Maserati- Sebring- ExhaustMaserati- Sebring- Fuel SystemMaserati- Sebring- Glass and SealsMaserati- Sebring- LightsMaserati- Sebring- SteeringMaserati- Sebring- Steering WheelsMaserati- Sebring- SuspensionMaserati- Sebring- TransmissionTerms and Conditions221222223228229230231233234Page 1/234Page 234/234mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)

Maserati- Sebring- TransmissionSebring 3500-3700GT.MA-TM-005Clutch kit for MaseratiSebring GT ConvertibleVignale 6 cyl. carburetedmodels with a.Maserati- 3500 GT CoupeTouring- Accessories3500 GT MistralVery.3500 GT ChassisPlate.MA-3500-016MA-3500-016-1Chassis plate for Maserati3500 GT very early Series1 models. It is also used onearlier.Chassis plate for very earlyMaserati 3500 GT models.Part #: MA-3500-016Page 233/234Page 2/234mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)

Maserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- BodyPanels3500 GT GTIFront.MA-3500-049Front license plate mountfor Maserati 3500 GT andGTI models. Part #:MA-3500-049Maserati- Sebring- SuspensionSebring MexicoFront.MA-3500-009-6Set of front suspensionlower ball joint rubberboots for Maserati Sebringand Mexico.Page 3/234Page 232/234mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)

Maserati- Sebring- SuspensionMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- BrakesSebringReaction.Sebring FrontRear.3500 GT RearBrake.3500 5000 09-4Reaction strut bushing forMaserati Sebring models.There is a 2-3 weekproduction time.Front rear torsion barrubber pad 6 pcs forMaserati Sebring models.There is a 2-3 week.Rear brake cylinderhandbrake mechanism forMaserati 3500 GT models.The repair kit is.Girling front caliper repairkit for Maserati 3500 GTand 5000 GT models. Forpistons with.SebringSilentblock.Sebring LeafSpring.3500 GT GTIStainless.3500 GT 500-020-1Silentblock for leafspringeye bushing 4 piece set forMaserati Sebring models.There is a.Leaf spring shacklebushing set for MaseratiSebring models. There is a2-3 week.Set of stainless steel frontbrake pistons for Maserati3500 GT and GTI models.It is for.Set of stainless steel rearbrake pistons for MaseratiGT and GTI models. It isfor 2 rear.Sebring UpperRubber.Sebring UpperRubber.3500 GT ZincPlated.3500 23-2Upper rubber stop rearsuspension for MaseratiSebring models. There is a2-3 week.Upper rubber stop frontsuspension for MaseratiSebring models. There is a2-3 week.Set of zinc plated brakepipe securing clips forMaserati 3500 GT models.Part #:.Set of stainless steel brakepipe securing clips forMaserati 3500 GT models.Part #:.Sebring Rear.Sebring Front.3500 GT 5000GT.15316-74215316-743MA-3500-028-4Rear suspension lowerrubber stop pad set forMaserati Sebring models.There is a 2-3 week.Front suspension lowerrubber stop pad set forMaserati Sebring models.There is a 2-3.Set of stainless steel rearbrake pistons for Maserati3500 GT and 5000 GTmodels from.Sebring LowerFront.Sebring Front.15316-74415316-745Lower front suspensionwishbone bushing 4 piecesset for Maserati Sebringmodels.There is.Upper front suspensionwishbone bushing 4 piecesset for Maserati Sebringmodels.There is.Page 231/234Page 4/234mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)

Maserati- 3500 GT CoupeTouring- BumpersMaserati- Sebring- Steering WheelsSebring Steering.3500 GT CoupeTouring.Touring 3500GT.15315-1863500GTBumper bracket bellowsset for CarburetedMaserati 3500 GT CoupeTouring models from1957.Stainless steel bumper kitfor Maserati Touring 3500GT and GTi models from1957-64. The.MA-SW-001380 mm steering wheel forMaserati Sebring models.Excellent reproductionmade in the.3500 GT TouringRear.3500REARRear bumper for MaseratiTouring 3500 GT models.Part #: 3500REARPage 5/234Page 230/234mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)

Maserati- Sebring- SteeringMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- DoorsSebring LensType.Sebring Steering.3500 GT DoorTrim.3500 GT GTI 726 mm lens type hornpush button for MaseratiSebring models. Part #:MA-3500-026380 mm steering wheel forMaserati Sebring models.Excellent reproductionmade in the.This is a door trim panelborder seal set for Maserati3500 GT models. 5.5meters in.Door edge closing seal forthe Maserati 3500 GT andGTI models. It is used atboth front.3500 GT GTIWindow.3500 GT GTI SillTrim.MA-3500-033MA-3500-048Window handle releasespring for Maserati 3500GT and GTI models. Part#: MA-3500-03316 pieces set of sill trimretainer spring clips forMaserati 3500 GT and GTImodels. Part.Page 229/234Page 6/234mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)

Maserati- 3500 GT CoupeTouring- Electrical and IgnitionMaserati- Sebring- Lights3500 GT GTIVignale.3500 DoubleWindow.MA-DR-001-7MA-DR-002-3Ducellier window switch forMaserati 3500 GT, GTI,and Vignale Spider models.Part:.Ducellier double windowswitch for Maserati 3500models. Part #: MADR-0023500 GTMagneti.3500 GT HighTorque.MMSTICKER-3WP-155Magneti MarelliSuperpotente Ignition CoilSticker for Maserati 3500GT, Coupe, Touring,.GT High Torque StarterMotor 1957-64 New This isa new high torque startermotor for.SebringHeadlight.Sebring Front.15316-25015316-2514 piece set of headlightbucket gaskets forMaserati Sebring models.There is a 2-3 week.Front indicator boot forMaserati Sebring models.There is a 2-3 weekproduction time for.SebringHeadlight.Sebring RearLamp.15316-25515316-261Headlight bucket ringgasket set for MaseratiSebring models. There is a2-3 week.Rear lamp rubber seal 2ndseries for Maserati modelsSebring 1964-69. There isa 2-3 week.3500 GT HighTorque.WP-156High torque lightweightstarter motor for Maserati3500 GT models. It weighs3 kg, is.Page 7/234Page 228/234mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)

Maserati- Sebring- Glass and SealsSebring MexicoUpper.Sebring S1WindshieldMA-3500-038-2MA-WS-007Upper ball joint forMaserati Sebring andMexico models. Part #:MA-3500-038OEM windshield forMaserati Sebring S1models. This is a newproduction stressrelieved.Sebring S2WindshieldXX-0135OEM windshield forMaserati Sebring S2models. This is a newproduction stressrelieved.Maserati- 3500 GT CoupeTouring- Emblems3500 GT TouringFront.3500 GTITouring.3500GTGRILL3500GTIGRILLStainless steel front grill forMaserati GT CoupeTouring models from1957-60. The kit.Stainless steel front grill forMaserati GTI CoupeTouring models from1961-64. The kit.3500 GT Early1st.3500 GT Early1st.MA-3500-050MA-3500-051Aluminum grill mesh largefront piece for Maserati3500 GT 1st Seriesmodels. Part #:.Aluminum grill mesh smallslide piece for Maserati3500 GT 1st Seriesmodels. Part #:.3500 GTI Script.3500 GT ScriptChrome.MA-EB-003MA-EB-014OEM chrome emblem 350mm for Maserati 3500 GTImodels. Made in Italy Part:MA-EB-003OEM chrome emblem 300mm for Maserati 3500 GTmodels. Made in Italy Part:MA-EB-0143500 GT ScriptChrome.Oval EnamelBlue.MA-EB-021MA-EB-026OEM chrome emblem 235mm for Maserati 3500 GTmodels. Length 9 1/4inches. Made in Italy.OEM enamel and chromeemblem for Maseratimodels. Length 59 mm.Width 42.60 mm. Madein.Page 227/234Page 8/234mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)

Maserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- EngineMaserati- Sebring- Glass and Seals3500 GT CoupeTouring.Mistral Spider3500.Sebring 3rdSeries.Sebring e heating fan supportrubber for Maserati 3500GT Coupe Touring models.There is a.Fiaam air filter cover knobfor Maserati Mistral SpiderCoupe ,3500 GT GTiTouring Indy.Handle door gasket set forMaserati Sebringmodels.There is a 2-3week production time for.6 pieces set of rubbercowling steering head tierod for Maserati Sebringmodels.There is.3500 GT FrontEngine.3500 GT SideEngine.Sebring HigherLower.Sebring Rear.15315-41015315-41515316-41915316-710Front engine mountsupport for Maserati 3500GT models. There is a 2-3week production.Side engine mount supportbushing for Maserati 3500GT models. There is a 2-3week.Higher/lower head caps forfront suspension arms 4pieces set for MaseratiSebring.Rear suspension bushings8 pieces set for MaseratiSebring models. There is a2-3 week.3500 GT CapScrew.3500 GT GTI.Sebring ShockFixing.Sebring Cap screw heater valve forMaserati 3500 GT models.Part #: AR-GIU-064Carrozzeria Touring bodynumber identity plate forMaserati 3500 GT and GTImodels. Part.Shock fixing dowel set forMaserati Sebring models.There is a 2-3 weekproduction time.Rubber profile around leafspring for Maserati Sebrinmodels.There is a 2-3week.3500 GT VeryEarly.3500 GT WeberAir.Sebring Front.Sebring tor number plate forMaserati 3500 GT veryearly Series 1 models. Thisplate is always.Weber air filter F.I.S.P.A.identity plate for Maserati3500 GT models. PleasenoteFront suspension rubberring spring set for MaseratiSebring models. There is a2-3 week.Sliding window channelsfor Maserati Sebringmodels. There is a 2-3week production time.3500 Retex AirFilter3500 GTReproduction.Sebring WindowGlass.Sebring 025-1Retex air filter for Maserati3500 models. Innerdimensions: 23 x 5.5height: 2.65 . Made.Reproduction radiator forMaserati 3500 GT models.Made in Italy. Part #:MA-3500-053Window glass fuzzy stripsfor Maserati Sebringmodels. There is a 2-3week production time.Fuel filler rubber apron forMaserati Sebring models.Part #: MA-3500-025Page 9/234Page 226/234mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)mrfiat.com1-877-9MRFIAT (1-877-967-3428)

Maserati- Sebring- Glass and SealsMaserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- EngineSebring External.Sebring InsideWhite.3500 GTAluminum.3500 GT xternal headlamp framegasket set for MaseratiSebring models. There is a2-3 week.Inside white smallheadlamp rubber seal setfor Maserati Sebringmodels. There is a 2-3.Aluminium generator pulleyfor Maserati 3500 GTmodels.This pulley hasbeen machined from.Head gasket set forMaserati 3500 GT models.Made in Italy. Part #: MAEG-019Sebring ClutchBrake.Sebring BrakeClutch.15316-29015316-308Clutch brake gas pedal setfor Maserati Sebringmodels. There is a 2-3week production.Brake clutch pedals firewallgrommets set for MaseratiSebring models. There is a2-3 week.Sebring BrakeGas.Sebring External.15316-30915316-310Gas pedal rubber forMaserati Sebring models.There is a 2-3 weekproduction time for this.External window glassfuzzy strips set for Maseratimodels Sebring 1964-69.There is a 2-3.Sebring HandBrake.Sebring RearSide.15316-31115316-312Set of hand brake adjusterrubber cap for MaseratiSebring models. There is a2-3 week.Rear side window gasketfor Maserati Sebringmodels. There is a 2-3week production time.Sebring Sliding.Sebring 1stSeries.15316-31715316-330Sliding contact insulatorsteering column gasket setfor Maserati Sebringmodels. There is.Handles door gasket setfor Maserati Sebring 1st

Maserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- Engine 9 Maserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- Exhaust 11 Maserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- Fuel System 12 Maserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- Glass and Seals 13 Maserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- Interior 18 Maserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- Lights 20 Maserati- 3500 GT Coupe Touring- Luggage Compartment 22

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