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AutoCAD 2D TutorialChapter 19Blocks and Attributes- 165 -

AutoCAD 2D TutorialCreating Local Blocks (BMAKE) 19.11.ChooseDraw, Block, Make.or2.Clickthe Make Block icon.or3.TypeBMAKE at the command prompt.Command: BMAKE or BLOCK4.Typethe name of the block.5.Pickan insertion point.6.Selectobjects to be included in the block definition.7.ClickOK.Insertion pointNote You cannot use DIRECT, LIGHT, AVE RENDER, RM SDB, SH SPOT,and OVERHEAD as valid b lock names.- 166 -

AutoCAD 2D TutorialInserting Blocks 19.21.ChooseInsert, Insert Blockor2.Clickthe Insert icon from the INSERT toolbar.3.TypeINSERT at the command prompt.Command: INSERT4.Choosethe name to insert a local block and insert aWblock.5.Choosethe insertion point, scale, and rotation of the block.Block Inserted witha zero degree rotation angleBlock Inserted with a ninety degreerotation angle- 167 -

AutoCAD 2D TutorialTyping Insert (-INSERT)1.Type- INSERT at thecommand prompt.Command: -INSERT2.TypeBlock name to insert.Insert block name or (?) type name3.PickAn insertionpoint. Insertionpoint: pick point4.PressENTER to keep the same x scalefactor as the originalblock.X scale factor 1 Corner / XYZ:5.PressENTER to keep the same x scalefactor as the originalblock.Y scale factor(default X):6.PressENTER to keep a rotationangle of zero. Rotation angle 0 :or7.PickA rotation angle.- 168 -

AutoCAD 2D TutorialControl the Color and Linetype of Blocks 19.3The objects in an inserted block can retain their original properties, can inheritproperties from the layer on which they are inserted, or can inherit the propertiesset as current in the drawing.You have three choices for how the color, linetype, and lineweight properties ofobjects are treated when a block reference is inserted.-Objects in the block do not inherit color, linetype, and lineweightproperties from the current settings. The properties of objects inthe block do not change regardless of the current settings.-For this choice, it is recommended that you set the color,linetype, and lineweight properties individually for each object inthe block definition: do not use BYBLOCK or BYLAYER color,linetype, and lineweight settings when creating these objects.-Objects in the block inherit color, linetype, and lineweightproperties from the color, linetype, and lineweight assigned to thecurrent layer only.-For this choice, before you create objects to be included in theblock definition, set the current layer to 0, and set the currentcolor, linetype, and lineweight to BYLAYER.-Objects inherit color, linetype, and lineweight properties from thecurrent color, linetype, and lineweight that you have set explicitly,that is, that you have set to override the color, linetype, orlineweight assigned to the current layer. If you have not explicitlyset them, then these properties are inherited from the color,linetype, and lineweight assigned to the current layer.-For this choice, before you create objects to be included in theblock definition, set the current color or linetype to BYBLOCK.- 169 -

AutoCAD 2D TutorialWblock Command 19.4Writes objects to a new drawing file.1.TypeWBLOCK at the command promptCommand: WBLOCK2.TypeA drawing name (and location).3.TypeA block name if a local block alreadyexists. Block name: nameor4.PressENTER to create a block.5.PickAn insertionpoint on the objectInsertion base point: pick a point6.PickObjects to create the block.Select objects: pick objects7.PressENTER to end the selection set.- 170 -

AutoCAD 2D TutorialPurge 19.51.ChooseFile, Drawing Utilities, Purge.or2.TypePURGE at the command promptCommand: PURGE3.ChooseOne of the following purge options:Purge unusedBlocks/Dimstyles/LAyers/ LTypes/SHapes/STyles/Mlinestyles/All:- 171 -

AutoCAD 2D TutorialDefining Attributes 19.61.ChooseDraw, Block, Define Attributes.or2.TypeATTDEF at the command prompt. Command: ATTDEF3.ChooseTAG to specify each attribute occurrence in the drawing.4.ChoosePrompt to fill in the prompt that the user sees whenplacing the attribute.5.ChooseValue to fill in a default value.6.PickAn insertionpoint for each attribute7.CreateA block which includes the new attributes.Toggle the following mode settings to on or off .InvisibleDoes not display, but allows extraction.ConstantAll occurrences of this Attribute have the same value.VerifyIssues extra prompts to verify a proper value.PresetDoes not prompt for this Attribute during Block insertion.- 172 -

AutoCAD 2D TutorialEditing Attributes 19.71.ChooseModify, Object, Attribute, Single.or2.Clickthe Edit Attribute icon from the Modify II Toolbar.3.TypeorATTEDIT at the command promptCommand: ATTEDIT4.PickThe block to editSelect block: pick- 173 -

AutoCAD 2D TutorialBlock Attribute Manager 19.81.Opena drawing with attributes.2.TypeBATTMAN at the command prompt.Command: BATTMANor3.ChooseModify, Object, Attribute, Block AttributeManageror4.Clickthe Block Attribute Manager icon from theModify II Toolbar- 174 -

AutoCAD 2D TutorialEnhanced Attribute Extract Wizard 19.9The Editor enables you to edit the attributes in an individual block as opposedto the Block Manager which is used to Block Definitions.1.Opena drawing with block attributes.2.ChooseTools, Attribute Extraction.or3.Clickthe Attribute Extract icon from the Modify II toolbar.4.Choosethe Current Drawing radio button and Next.5.ClickNext to choose Xrefs and nested blocks from theSettings window.6.ClickNext to not choose an existing template.7.Choosethe Blocks and Attributes to extract and Next.- 175 -

AutoCAD 2D Tutorial8.Choosethe View output.9.ClickNext.10.Savethe file phone.xls11.Openthe template in Excel.- 176 -

AutoCAD 2D TutorialTables and Spreadhseets 19.101.ClickDraw, table.- 177 -

AutoCAD 2D Tutorial - 166 - Creating Local Blocks (BMAKE) 19.1 1. Choose Draw, Block, Make. or 2. Click the Make Block icon. or 3. Type BMAKE at the command prompt. Command: BMAKE or BLOCK 4. Type the name of the block. 5. Pick an insertion point. 6. Select objects to be included in the block definition. 7. Click OK