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DAV PUBLIC SCHOOLECL, JHANJRA AREAPhone No.: 0341-2670000, E-mail: davpsecljnj@gmail.comABOUT THE SCHOOL:MORNING ASSEMBLY:DAV Public School, ECL, Jhanjra is a joint venturebetween the Eastern Coalfields Limited and DAV CollegeManaging Committee, New Delhi with a mission toimpart quality education to the wards of the ECLemployees and the local gentry. The school building isset up in an area of about 5 acres land with 24classrooms, one well equipped library, separatelaboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and ICT andother modern amenities. Dr. Inderjit Singh, IAS,Secretary, Ministry of Coal, Govt. of India inauguratedthe school building on 22 June 2018 in presence ofother dignitaries from Coal India, ECL and BCCL, themanagement of ECL, Jhanjra Area, staff and studentsof the school.To set in the tone of a disciplined and organized day, theritual of morning assembly is followed in the school. Theassembly begins with a short prayer invoking divineblessings at the dawn of every new day.UNIFORM:DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi iscommitted to instill a sense of oneness, camaraderie anda common identity among the students of all the DAVSchools across the country.Wednesday: WhiteFriday/Saturday : House colour T-shirtOther days: Check shirt Cream trousers (Boys)Cream upper Check Skirt (Girls)The faith and trust in the Almighty is strengthened asstudents bow their heads in unison in chantingGayatri Mantra. News updates, inspiring thoughts andspecial presentations make it an informative andrefreshing morning chore. The assembly ends with theNational Anthem.ASSEMBLY SCHEDULEATTENDINGDAYCLASSESCLASSES CONDUCTING(Weekly rotation of Houses)MondayIII to VIIIClass IIITuesdayIII to VIIIClass IVWednesdayIII to VIIIClass VThursdayIII to VIIIClass VIFridayIII to VIIIClass VIISaturdayIII to VIIIClass VIII"PLASTIC CARRY BAGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE SCHOOL CAMPUS"

Recycle is everyone's responsibilityRULES & REGULATION:The School’s approach towards discipline is for every student to acquire self-discipline and be responsible so as tocontribute to the over all well being of all in the school and thereby, society.1.All the students must reach the school well in time.2.Uniform should be neat and clean.3.Presence in Monday test is compulsory.4.No retest will be conducted.5.Girl student should not wear any colourful hairband and ornaments.6.School should be informed about chronic disease of the students, if any.7.Students are to attend all academic programmes, co-curricular activities, school functions and other schoolrelated programmes.8.Students are to work diligently, not only on class work and home work, but also on regular self-revision forself improvement.9.The school will remain closed on Third Saturdays, except examination days.ASSESSMENT STRUCTURE FOR ACADEMIC SESSION : 2019-20CLASSES III-VIIIA. SubjectsPRE MID HALF YEARLY EXAM1st half of the session20 marks Periodic Assessment 80 marks for Half Yearly ExamLanguage-1 (English)PA 20 MarksHalf Yearly ExaminationPA 20 MarksLanguage-2(Hindi/Bengali)*Periodic Test 10 marks withsyllabus covered as mentionedin split up syllabus.Written exam for 80marks with syllabus coveredfor Half Yearly Examination.*Periodic Test 10 Marks withWritten exam for 80 marks withsyllabus covered as mentioned syllabus covered as below:in split up syllabus.Classes III-IVLanguage-3(Sanskrit)(Classes V - VIII)*Note Book Submission5 marks at term end.Class VIII : Syllabus asprescribed by DAVCAE.DAVCMC, New Delhi*Note Book Submission5 marks at term end.10% of Half Yearly coveringsignificant topics entire syllabusafter Half Yearly.*Subject Enrichment activity5 marks at term end.Class VII : 20% of Half Yearlycovering significant topics entiresyllabus after Half YearlyClass VIII : 30 % of Half Yearlycovering significant topic entiresyllabus after Half Yearly.(As prescribed by DAVCMC,New Delhi.Mathematics*Subject Enrichment activity5 marks at term end.POST MID TERM ANNUAL EXAM2nd half of the session20 marks Periodic Assessment 80 marks for Half Yearly ExamScienceSocial ScienceAnnual/Yearly ExaminationSUBJECT ENRICHMENT ACTIVITY (S.E.A.)/CCA CALENDAR 2019-20Subject wise activities for classes III to VIII will be as per the guidelines given below:Language 1EnglishSpeaking and Listening Skills.Language 2Hindi/Bengali (III - VIII)Speaking and Listening Skills.Language 3Sanskrit (V - VIII)Speaking and Listening Skills.Mathematics (III - VIII)Maths Lab Practical / Activities.Science (III - VIII)Science Practical lab Work / Activities.Social Science (III - VIII)Map Work and Project work.

Save water Save LifeCO - CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (LKG TO II)DATELKG & UKGI & II26/4/19Me & Myself (Palm print)Vegetable Printing03/5/19Mother’s DayCard Making21/06/19 Poem Comp.(Rhymes with action)Poem comp./Monsoon Craft26/07/19 Group Song(Phonic Song)Group Song/Book mark making21/08/19 OrigamiRakhi Making27/09/19 Quiz Comp (Fruit, vegetable,wild animal, domestic animal)Quiz Comp(My country)25/10/19 Phonic Song / our helpers skit.(Eng)Calligraphy & Debate Comp.22/11/19 Go as you likeDiya & Flower Decoration20/12/19 Snowman & Christmas tree decorationSkit. Comp. (Eng)31/01/20 Junior Sports(Frog Jump, Spoon race etc)Junior Sports ( Frog Jump,Spoon Race etc.28/02/20 Hymn recitation compGayatri Mantra and MorningPrayer Mantras Debate comp.SUBJECT WISE CHAPTER RELATEDACTIVITIES WILL BE CONDUCTED AS PER THE SCHEDULE GIVEN BELOW:CLASS IVCLASS ond Language : Bengali(Crossword Puzzle)18.04.2019S.E.A.English (Spell Bee)08.05.2019S.E.A.Social Science (My Favourite Festival)08.05.2019S.E.A.Science (Identify and Describe a Leaf)20.06.2019S.E.A.Maths (Vedic Math)20.06.2019S.E.A.Social Science (My Family)03.07.2019S.E.A.Second Language: Bengali (Word game)03.07.2019S.E.A.English (Audio Visual Activity)21.08.2019S.E.A.Science (describe a flower)21.08.2019S.E.A.Maths(Crossword Puzzle)23.10.2019S.E.A.English (Enhance and complete the story)23.10.2019S.E.A.Social Science (Map Skill)20.11.2019S.E.A.Social Science (Map Skill)20.11.2019S.E.A.Science (describe an Animal based onfeeding habits)27.11.2019S.E.A.Science(prepare a balanced diet chart)27.11.2019S.E.A.Maths (make a cash memo)11.12.2019S.E.A.Second Language: Hindi(Speech competition)11.12.2019S.E.A.English (theme based Poem Recitation)18.12.2019S.E.A.Maths(Fun with Pattern)18.12.2019S.E.A.Second Language: Hindi(Speech competition)

Save TreeSave EarthCLASS VDATEACTIVITIESCLASS VIDATEACTIVITIES18.04.2019S.E.A. English( Prepare a Book Mark)18.04.2019 S.E.A. Social Science (Speech- Unity in Diversity)09.05.2019S.E.A. Social Science (Family Tree)09.05.2019 S.E.A. English (News Reading)19.06.2019S.E.A. Science (Puzzle Game)19.06.2019 S.E.A. Science (Prepare a chart of food components)10.07.2019S.E.A. Second Language : Hindi (Poem Recitation)10.07.2019 S.E.A. Sanskrit (Mantras and Shloka Recitation)12.07.2019S.E.A. Maths (to make a 3x3 magic square, usingnumbers from 1 to 9).12.07.2019 S.E.A. Maths (Addition is commutative forwhole numbers).21.08.2019S.E.A. Sanskrit (Mantras and Shloka Recitation)16.10.2019S.E.A. Second Language : Bengali (Quotations ofBengali Legends)21.08.2019 S.E.A. Second Language : Bengali (Story tellingand Idioms)16.10.2019 S.E.A. Sanskrit (Mantras and Shloka Recitation)20.11.2019 S.E.A. Second Language: Hindi (Story telling)20.11.2019S.E.A. Social Science (Broad PhysiographicDivisions of India)27.11.2019 S.E.A. English (Recitation)27.11.2019S.E.A. English (Anchoring of Fashion Show)11.12.2019 S.E.A. Social Science (Quiz)11.12.2019S.E.A. Science (Role Play)18.12.2019 S.E.A. Science( Leaf and it’s Labelling)18.12.2019S.E.A. Maths (represent the fractions ¼,1/5 usingrectangular strips of papers)16.01.2020S.E.A. Sanskrit (Shloka and Mantras Recitation)16.01.2020 S.E.A Maths (determine the number of lines ofsymmetry of some geometrical shapes bypaper folding)CLASS VIIDATECLASS VIIIACTIVITIESDATEACTIVITIES24.04.2019S.E.A.Second Language : Bengali (proverbs)25.04.2019S.E.A.Second Language : Bengali (Narration of Poem)08.05.2019S.E.A.Social Science (Identification of Rocks)09.05.2019S.E.A.Social Science (Chart making)19.06.2019S.E.A.English (Jam:Extempore)19.06.2019S.E.A.English (know the Idioms)11.07.2019S.E.A.Sanskrit (Mantras and Shloka Recitation)17.07.2019S.E.A.Sanskrit (Mantras recitation)25.07.2019S.E.A.Maths ( Triangle )07.08.2019S.E.A.Maths (verify the Algebraic Identity)13.08.2019S.E.A.Science (Word Puzzle on HumanDigestive System)20.08.2019S.E.A.Science (Activity on Liquid pressure)16.10.2019S.E.A.Maths (Measure the surface area of yourclass room)18.10.2019S.E.A.Maths (Verify the angle sum property )24.10.2019S.E.A.Sanskrit (Story Telling)22.10.2019S.E.A.Sanskrit (Story Telling)05.11.2019S.E.A.English (Spell-bee)05.11.2019S.E.A.Second Language : Hindi (Debate)13.11.2019S.E.A.Social Science (Gender Discrimination)07.11.2019S.E.A.Social Science (quiz)03.12.2019S.E.A.Science (Activity on charge particles)19.11.2019S.E.A.English (JAM-Debate)10.12.2019S.E.A.Second Language:Hindi (Story Telling)06.12.2019S.E.A.Science (Cross word Puzzle on metals andnon-metals)


Let us go green as it makes environment clean.WORKSHEET SCHEDULE FOR CLASSES III-VSESSION- 2019-2020Tentative Date/Week forWorksheet (Classes III to V):08.07.2019 To 13.07.2019:19.08.2019 To 24.08.2019:16.12.2019 To 21.12.2019:13.01.2020 To 18.01.2020EXAMINATION SCHEDULE FOR CLASSES III-VIIISESSION 2019-2020PRE-MID TERM EXAMINATION:22.07.2019TO31.07.2019MID TERM EXAMINATION:02.09.2019TO16.09.2019POST MID TERM (VIII):14.12.2019TO21.12.2019POST MID TERM/ MOCK TEST(VIII):03.01.2020TO11.01.2020ANNUAL EXAMINATION:17.02.2020TO10.03.2020Note: All exam dates are tentative. Exact date for different subjects will benotified one week prior to the examination.Class VIII Annual Date sheet will be as per DAV CAE, DAV CMC, New Delhi.

Logic will lead you from point A to point B.Imagination will take you .08.201910.08.201931.08.2019Painting By Colour BlowingNews CastingMask MakingEnglish Song (solo)ChessPoster Making And CollageTheme Based Group Dance (nature)Folk Song (group)Best Out Of .2020Rangoli CompetitionSpeechFootball , Badminton(B G)Folk Dance (group)Yoga/Taekwondo(B G)Quiz CompetitionMusical FiestaWinter CarnivalContemporary /Instrumental DanceFire On TIVITIESWinnowing Basket PaintingScript ReadingPot Designing (Shilpkar)/Painting OnEarthen Plate(Saura)English Song (Solo)ChessPoster Making And AdvertisementTheme Based Group Dance (Nature)Folk Song (group)Best Out Of WasteDATE26.10.201902.11.201909.11.201914 .01.202001.02.2020ACTIVITIESRangoli CompetitionDebateCricket (B), Badminton (G)Folk Dance (group)Skating/Taekwondo/Yoga (B G)Semi-classical Song CompetitionMusical Fiesta/Talent HuntWinter CarnivalContemporary/Instrumental DanceFire On Ramp

HOUSE DIVISION1.2.3.4.HOUSE NAMEDRESS COLOURDayanand HouseYellowShraddhanand HouseGurudutta HouseHansraj HouseBlueRedGreenPARENT – TEACHERMEETING SCHEDULECLASSES III – VIII29.06.20191st PTM27.07.20192nd PTM27.09.20193 PTM23.11.2019 (Class VIII)4 PTM14.12.20195th PTM22.01.20206th PTMrdthRESULT PROCLAMATION21.03.2020" What a child can do today with assistancewill be able to do by himself/herself tomorrow"Lev Vygotsky

DAV Public School, ECL, Jhanjra is a joint venture between the Eastern Coalfields Limited and DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi with a mission to impart quality education to the wards of the ECL employees

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for DAV Nationals in Lawn Tennis at Ghaziabad, and brought back a Bronze Medal for the school. She had won a Bronze Medal in DAV Nationals in Lawn Tennis at Haridwar as well in the year 2017. Besides she strongly participated in the School Nationals in Lawn Tennis held by School Games Federat

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The DAV Centre for Academic Excellence decided to conduct common examination for students of Class XI in all DAV Public Schools. There were the following reasons for doing so : (a) The students would be appearing for an Annual External Examination for the first time in Class XII and so, such a move would give them some training

1. My English Reader- Class V :Published by DAV College Managing Committee 2. English Practice Book- Class V: Published by DAV College Managing Committee TERM-I TERM-II PERIODIC TEST-I (20th-25th July ) S Halfyearly (19th Sept.-28th Sept ) S PERIODIC TEST-2 (1st – 7th December ) S Annual (2nd Week of F

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10.08.2015 Held at DAV Public School, Sreshtha Vihar First Pulkit Bansal Aman Kaushik X IX Brain Wave 19.08.2015 Held at New Era Public School . Third Deepanshu Anand XII XII Accounting Crossword Puzzle 28.08.2015 DAV Public School, Rohini

8 Kid-Wiz (GK)-1 60.00 9 Hands On 60.00 10 Step by Step-III 46.00 11 Sandali Paida (Part1)- Paramvir Publications (Approved by DAV) 97.00 12 Punjabi Bhasha Da Vyakaran (Part 3)- Paramvir Publications (Approved by DAV) 79.00 13 Naitik Shiksha (Approved by DAV) 14.00 Total 732.00 Session 2017-18 List of Books Class: III

Non-Discrimination Policy of the DAV DAV (Disabled American Veterans) has a non-discrimination policy whereby all requests for aid and assistance are given equal consideration without regard to race, colo

DAV Centre for Academic Excellence DAV College Managing Committee Chitra Gupta Rpad, Paharganj, New Deli-55 Ref No. DAVCAE/2020-21/197 Date: 25/9/2020 Dr.(Mrs.) Nisha Peshin Director(Academics) Revised Blue Print: Class

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