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Mini Carb CounterFood ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber Carbs(g)(g)(g)Fat(g)ProteinCaloriesFats, Oils & ptsptsptbstbstbstbstbsCorn OilOlive OilSesame OilMayonnaiseSalad Dressing, Blue CheeseSalad Dressing, CaesarSalad Dressing, ItalianSalad Dressing, RanchSalad Dressing, Thousand 118TIP: Select heart healthy monosaturated oils such as: peanut, olive and canola oil for cooking and saladdressings. Include olives and avocado in your in choice of healthy foods.Gravies & tbstbscupcuptbstbscupcuptbstbscupBarbecue SauceEasy Barbecue Sauce*Gravy, au jusGravy, canned (chicken, beef, etc)Hollandaise SauceKetchup Cookup*Spaghetti/Marinara SauceSweet & Sour SauceTartar SauceTeriyaki SauceTomato Read labels carefully. Many sauces contain corn syrups and hydrogenated oils which should beavoided. Carb counts can vary so much just between brands. Find a brand low in carbs that you like andthen stick to it. Even better still make you own – then you know exactly what is in it and what the carbcounts are.*These delicious low carb sauce recipes are just two of the mouth watering recipes found in the"Variety Plus" Low Carb 1 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber ic VinegarCapersChili PowderCider VinegarCranberry SauceCranberry Sauce*CuminDijon MustardDill PickleFish SauceGarlicGinger, Root supMaple SyrupMint Sauce*Miso PasteOlives, blackOlives, greenPesto SaucePickle RelishPreservesRed Wine VinegarRice Vinegar, seasonedSalsa, greenSalsa, redSherry vinegarSoy sauceSoy Sauce-Low SodiumTahiniWhite Wine VinegarWorcestershire 5507820190124421188954TIP: Watch your condiments when eating out. Carbs hide in sauces, salad dressings and gravies. Ask forsauce to be served on the side, then you can decide how much to consume. At home, select low carb orsugar free substitutes for your favorite sauces and dressings.*These sauce recipes can be found in the "Variety Plus" Low Carb 2 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber Carbs(g)(g)(g)Fat(g)ProteinCaloriesDairy – Cheese, Butter, Cream, Milk & tbstbsoz-wtcuptbsAmerican Cheese, 2/3 oz. sliceBlue Cheese, crumbledCheddar Cheese-ShreddedCream CheeseCreamed Cottage Cheese Small CurdFeta Cheese, crumbledFontina Cheese-ShreddedGoat Cheese-Soft TypeMascarpone CheeseMonterey Jack Cheese ShreddedMozzarella Cheese-Whole MilkParmesan Cheese-ShreddedProvolone Cheese-DicedRicotta Cheese-Whole MilkSwiss 001.001.00tsptspcupButterWhipped ButterButtermilk, 1% low and Half CreamHeavy Whipping CreamSour 621.001.00cupcupMilk, 2%Milk, upcupYogurt, low fat, plainYogurt, whole milk, plain17.211.40017. Most (but not all) yogurts are high in carbohydrates. Check the labels of every one in your localsupermarket and you will find a few brands that are much lower in carbs. Usually the berry flavours.Instead of eating the whole tub, try spoonfuls on some lower carb fresh fruit, topped with a sprinkle of rawnuts and seeds.RecipeCreamy Cheese Sauce (from the "Variety Plus" Low Carb Cookbook)Total: (1 cup) 6 carbsIngredients:¼ cup heavy cream4 oz grated cheddar2 oz. cream cheese¼ t paprikadash Worcestershire sauceIn a small pan, melt heavy cream, cheddar and cream cheese. Add paprika and Worcestershire sauce. Stiruntil melted. 3 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber Carbs(g)(g)(g)Fat(g)ProteinCaloriesBeef & z-wtoz-wtoz-wtoz-wtoz-wtBeef BrisketBeef ChuckBeef Eye RoundBeef Short RibsBeef TenderloinBeef, Ground, ChuckBeef, Ground, RoundCalf LiverChuck Eye SteakCorned Beef BrisketFrankfurter, BeefRaw Boneless: Beef Steak-Shell-All-Lean-1/4"Trim-BrldPrime RibRib Eye RoastRib Eye SteakRoast Beef, DeliSirloin SteakSkirt SteakTop LoinTop SirloinVeal Arm ShoulderVeal BreastVeal CutletVeal, groundVeal LoinVeal Rib ChopVeal Round SteakVeal ScallopsVeal ShankVeal Stew ered Steak Recipe (from the "Variety Plus" Low Carb Cookbook)Serves: 4 @ 1.5 carbs ea.Ingredients:4 steaks (200g ea)2 garlic cloves, crushed1 t cracked black pepper½ t salt½ cup creamdash Worcestershire saucefresh parsley, choppedCombine garlic, salt and black pepper. Coat steak in mixture, pressing coating onto meat with your hands.Heat a non stick pan, sprayed with cooking oil. Add steak and cook to your taste, turning once only.Remove steak from pan and keep warm. Add cream and Worcestershire sauce, stirring to remove all residuefrom pan. Bring sauce to boil for 2 minutes. Serve sauce over steak, garnish with parsley. 4 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber, groundLamb Rib ChopsLamb ShoulderLamb Stew MeatLeg of Lamb, bone inRack of Lamb, bone -wtoz-wtoz-wteachoz-wtoz-wtoz-wtBaconCanadian BaconGround PorkHam, bonelessKielbasaPancettaPork Chop, center cutPork frankfurterPork Loin ChopsPork Loin RoastPork loin, bonelessPork SausagePork SpareribsPork 6.00Lunch toz-wtoz-wtoz-wtoz-wtoz-wtoz-wtoz-wtBeef BolognaBeef SalamiBeef PastramiDeli hamPork BolognaPork SalamiTurkey BolognaTurkey BreastTurkey RollTIP: Meats are an important part of a low carb diet. They are very versatile and can be made readilyavailable for a healthy low carb snack. The carb count may creep up a little for some of the luncheon meats– read the 5 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber wtoz-wtoz-wtAnchovies in Oil-DrainedBluefishCatfishClams, cannedCodCod, saltedConchCrab meatCrab, cannedCrab, steamedHalibutLobster meatLobster, wholeMackerelMahi MahiMusselsOystersSalmon steakSalmon, smokedScallopsScrodShrimpSmoked fishSnapperSquidTroutTuna filetTuna steakTuna, canned, oil packedTuna, canned, water 437227209287245245337197TIP: Eat more fish. Seafood is high in protein and contains Omega 3 fatty acids – good oils that help toprotect us from heart attack and are vital for numerous body functions. Omega 3 oils are particularlyabundant in cold water fish (tuna, salmon, sardines, trout and mackerel). Easy to carry - Sardines in a can,may be enjoyed during the day as a snack rolled up in lettuce or on a low carb cracker. There are manygreat tasting flavoured tuna cans on the market today. Enjoy them on a bed of mixed salad greens for aquick healthy lunch or for a 6 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber Carbs(g)(g)(g)Fat(g)ProteinCaloriesPoultry & wtoz-wtoz-wtoz-wtoz-wtChicken Breast CutletChicken Breast, bonelessChicken LegChicken ThighChicken Thigh, bonelessChicken thigh, skinless, bonelessChicken WingChicken, groundChicken, light and dark, roastedChicken, wholeChicken/turkey sausageCornish Game HenDuck breast, skinlessDuck, wholeGoose, wholeTurkey breast cutletTurkey Breast, skinless, bonelessTurkey, groundTurkey, cheacheachEgg WhiteEgg YolkEgg, TIP: Poultry is virtually carbohydrate free. Just be careful with cooking methods and seasonings – keep itsimple. Have hard boiled eggs, chicken pieces or slices of turkey in the fridge for a quick low carb snack.RecipeTeriyaki Chicken DrumsticksServes: 4 @ 3 carbs eaIngredients:Chicken drumsticks in the desired amount1 cup soy sauce1 T oil2 garlic cloves, crushedpinch Splenda¼ t each of cumin, coriander, allspice, salt and pepperMix all ingredients together (except for chicken). Place chicken and marinade together in a plastic bag. Tieoff and squish around to coat chicken. Marinate in the fridge for 1 hour, turning once. Preheat oven to350 F. Cook chicken in the oven for 25 – 30 minutes, basting regularly until chicken is cooked through.Serve immediately.(Just one of the delicious chicken recipes found in the "Variety Plus" Low Carb Cookbook.) 7 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber Carbs(g)(g)(g)Fat(g)ProteinCaloriesTofu, Beans and Grains8.004.004.00fl ozoz-wtoz-wtSoy MilkTofu, firmTofu, .500.50cupcupcupcupcupcuptbscupcupcupcupcupBaby Lima BeansBlack BeansBlackeyed PeasCA Red Kidney BeansChickpea/Garbanzo BeansGreat Northern BeansHummos/HummusLentilsNavy BeansPink BeansPinto 0cuptbscupcupcupcuptbscupcupcupcupcuptbsBulgur sha-CookedMillet-CookedOat Bran-DryPearled Barley-CookedQuinoa Grain-DryRice, brown, cookedRice, white, cookedRice, wild, cookedWheat 1081038354TIP: Enjoy grains and rice in moderation once you have reached your goal weight. Choose wholegrainvarieties, ie. brown rice instead of white 8 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber Carbs(g)(g)(g)Fat(g)ProteinCaloriesNuts & stbstbstbstbstbstbstbstbsAlmond ButterAlmonds, sliveredAlmonds, wholeChestnuts, roastedHazelnuts, ChoppedHazelnuts, WholeMacadamia NutsPeanut Butter, naturalPeanut Butter, regularPeanutsPecans, choppedPine NutsPistachio NutsPumpkin SeedsSunflower SeedsWalnuts, choppedWalnuts, 39688931039882TIP: Enjoy nuts and seeds – on their own, sprinkled on a salad or in a stir fry. A variety of studies haveshown that nuts and peanuts, rich in monosaturated fats help to contribute to weight loss and are good for ahealthy heart. They are rich in vitamin E, magnesium, folate, fibre, copper and arginine which all play a rolein prevention of heart disease.Nuts and seeds are convenient to carry around for a snack – just remember to measure your portions – sothat you don’t overeat.RecipeTabil Spice MixtureIngredients:1 ½ T caraway seeds¼ cup coriander seeds2 dried red chiliesRoast the spices in a dry frying pan over medium heat until fragrant.Cool and finely grind in a coffee grinder.This recipe has minimal carbs - sprinkle on crackers, meats etc for flavor.(Another great recipe from the "Variety Plus" Low Carb Cookbook.) 9 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber 0.500.501.001.001.00cupcupcupcupcupcupcupCorn FlakesCream of Rice Cereal-CookedCream of Wheat -CookedOatmeal-CookedPuffed Wheat CerealRaisin BranRice Many cereals are high in sugars and high in carbs. Opt for fibre rich, whole grain products with noadded 0cupcupcupcupcupcupcupcupcupcupBroth, beefBroth, chickenSoup, black beanSoup, chicken noodleSoup, cream of potatoSoup, cream of tomatoSoup, minestroneSoup, New England clam chowderSoup, onionSoup, upcupcupoz-wtNoodles, egg, cookedPasta, spinach, cookedPasta, whole wheat, cookedPasta/Noodles, dry, cookedPasta/Noodles, fresh, 149Pasta0.500.500.500.504.00TIP: Pasta is high in carbs. You don’t have to say goodbye to pasta for ever. Look for wholegrain or lowcarb varieties in your supermarket. Try to eat smaller servings and enjoy with a piece of your favouriteprotein and a small low carb ePotato ChipsPretzelsSoy NutsTortilla . STAY AWAY FROM THOSE SHOWN ABOVE! Carry low carb snacks with you so that you havesomething on hand to eat if you are hungry and you wont be tempted to eat something that will undo all yourhard work. While low carb shakes and bars are very handy and should be used for convenience, don’tforget real food – this can be carried for a great snack too; an apricot, nuts, block cheese, olives, hard boiledeggs, jerky, sliced cold meats, celery and cream 10 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber Carbs(g)(g)(g)Fat(g)ProteinCaloriesBreads, Rolls & eeachpieceeacheachpiecepiecepieceBagel, 2 1/2 ozBiscuit, 2 ozBlueberry Muffin, 2 ozBran Muffin, 2 ozBreadsticks, sesame, smallCorn Muffin, 2 ozCornbread 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 pceCrackers, butter-typeCrackers, rye wafersCrackers, saltinesCrackers, waterCroissantEnglish MuffinHard White RollItalian BreadPita Pocket Bread, 6 1/2"diameterPopoverPumpernickel BreadRaisin BreadRye BreadSoft Hoagie RollSourdough BreadTortilla, cornTortillas, flour, 8"Wheat BreadWhite BreadWhole grain 16781165676571832006958146658065TIP: Opt for multigrain or wholewheat breads. Halve your carb count and have an open sandwich instead.Tasty Protein Bread RecipeTotal Yield: 7 carbs Serves: 8 slices @ .88 carbsIngredients:¾ cup soy isolate2 T powdered egg whites2 pkts Splenda2 t baking powderpinch salt5 T heavy cream3 eggs, separateddash cream of tartar¼ cup water¼ cup oilPreheat oven 400 F. Spray 8" loaf pan.Beat egg whites and cream of tartar until stiff. Mix egg yolks, cream, water and oil. Sift in dry ingredientsand mix well with electric mixer. Fold in egg whites carefully. Gently spoon into prepared pan and smoothtop slightly. Bake for 25 minutes or until bread pulls away from sides of pan and is nicely browned.This recipe has been taken from the "Variety Plus" Low Carb Cookbook, where you will find lots more greatbread and cracker 11 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber Carbs(g)(g)(g)Fat(g)ProteinCaloriesBaking stbseachtsptsptbstsptspAll Purpose White FlourBaking Chocolate, unsweetenedBaking PowderBaking SodaChocolate Chips, semisweetCinnamonCocoa Powder, unsweetenedCoconut Milk-CannedCoconut, dried, unsweetenedCornmealGelatin, unsweetenedGheeMargarineMolassesSugar, brownSugar, 9819572242180143127133411486303503316Pancakes, Waffles & French ch Toast-FrozenPancakes-Frozen-Ready To Eat 6”Pancakes-Homemade 6"Waffles-Frozen-4" squareWaffles-Homemade-7" diamDesserts & ppiecepiecepiecepiecepieceCake, angelfood, 1/12 cakeCake, chocolate layer, 3 oz sliceCake, coffeecake, 2 oz sliceCake, pound cake, 1 oz sliceChocolate, darkChocolate, milkCookie, chocolate chip, 1/2 ozCookie, oatmeal, 1/2 ozCookie, peanut butter, 2/3 ozCookie, sugar, 1/2 ozDoughnut, glazedDoughnut, plainIce cream, chocolateIce cream, fruitIce cream, vanillaPie, apple, 1/8 of 9" piePie, cherry, 1/8 of 9" piePie, lemon meringue, 1/6 8" piePie, pecan, 1/8 of 9" piePie, pumpkin, 1/8 of 9" pieTIP: You don’t have to miss out on pancakes, French toast and dessert completely. However your bestchoice here is to make your own. There is a huge variety of puddings, dessert, muffins and more in the"Variety Plus" Low Carb 12 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber 001.001.00tbstbstbstbstbsBasil, freshChives, freshCilantro (Chinese Parsley)Dill, freshParsley, These are fantastic for adding flavour to most foods. Keep a variety in your pantry, fridge or evenbetter picked fresh from your garden.RecipeScrumptious Chive Spread(from the "Variety Plus" Low Carb Cookbook)Total yield: 18 T One T has 0.3 gram of carbs.Ingredients:4 oz soft cream cheese4 T (1/2 stick) soft butter½ cup chopped chives1 t Worcestershire saucesalt and freshly ground black pepper to tasteCombine cream cheese butter in a blender or food processor. Add chopped chives. AddWorcestershire sauce, salt and freshly ground black pepper to 13 of 1711101

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber Carbs(g)(g)(g)Fat(g)ProteinCaloriesFruit & Fruit chcupApple, mediumApplesauceApricots, driedApricots, freshAvocadoBanana, berries, rawCurrants, driedDates, choppedFigs, driedFigs, freshGrapefruit Juice-Canned-UnsweetGrapesHoneydew MelonJuice, appleJuice, cranberryJuice, grapeJuice, grapefruitJuice, lemonJuice, limeJuice, orangeJuice, tomatoKiwifruitMangoNectarineOrangePapayaPeach, mediumPear, mediumPineapplePlumsPrunesRaspberriesSeedless 64144298193610215124113112TIP: Dried fruits and fruit juices are much higher in carbs than their fresh counterparts. Eat whole fruits andget the added advantage of fibre. Berries are a great choice, being high in fibre and a relatively low 14 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber pcupcupArtichokeArtichoke hearts, marinatedAsparagus spearsBeans, greenBok ChoyBroccoflowerBroccoliBroccoli rabeBrussels sproutsCabbage, greenCabbage, redCabbage, sauerkrautCabbage, savoyCarrots, mediumCauliflower floretsCelery stalk (medium)Celery, choppedChili PepperChilies, green, choppedCollardsCorn CobCucumber, EnglishCucumber, smallDaikonEggplantEggplant, ItalianEndiveEscaroleFennelGreens, mixedJicamaKaleLeeksLettuce, butterheadLettuce, romaineMushroom, portobelloMushrooms, driedMushrooms, freshOkraOnionsOnions, greenPeas, edible poddedPeas, greenPepper, greenPepper, redPeppers, jalapenoPeppers, roastedPotato, sweetPotato, h, rawSquash, 2020410956642551329757Page 15 of 17

Food upeachcupcupcupcupcupSquash, butternutSquash, spaghettiSquash, summerSquash, zucchiniSweet potato (medium)Swiss chardTomatillosTomato, plumTomato, smallTomatoes, cannedTomatoes, cherryTomatoes, choppedTomatoes, sundried, oilpackedTurnipsWater chestnutsWatercressTotalNetCarbs Fiber 65916352TIP: Enjoy eating a huge range of vegetables! Just remember to choose wisely. Vegetables are powerpacked with phytonutrients and fiber. When chosen correctly they can have a relatively low calorie andcarbohydrate count.Roasted Asparagus RecipeDon’t expect this asparagus to be green and crunchy. It will be browned, soft and sweetly delicious. It needsnothing more than a sprinkling of coarse-grained salt.Serves: 6 Total Carbs: 41 Carbs per Serving: 6.8Ingredients:2 lbs. thick asparagus1 T olive oilcoarse saltlemon wedgesPreheat the oven to 450ºF (227ºC). Snap or cut off the fibrous ends of the asparagus and discard. Place theasparagus in a bowl and toss with the olive oil. Spread it out in a single layer onto a thick, rimmed bakingsheet. Roast the asparagus, shaking the pan occasionally, until tender and browned, about 10-15 minutes.Sprinkle with the salt. Transfer to a heated platter and garnish with the lemon wedges.This recipe is from the "Variety Plus" Low Carb 16 of 17

Food ItemTotalNetCarbs Fiber ozfl ozoz-wtoz-wtoz-wtfl ozfl ozoz-wtoz-wtoz-wtoz-wtoz-wtBeerBourbon-80 ProofBrandy-86 ProofBrandy-86 ProofGin-80 ProofMedium White WineRed WineRum-80 ProofTequila-80 ProofTriple Sec Liqueur-1 ShotVodka-80 ProofWhiskey-80 808565651006565TIP: Your body will burn alcohol for fuel when alcohol is available (so it will not be burning fat). Alcohol canstill be enjoyed occasionally, just remember to count the carbs. Choose mixers such as seltzer, diet tonicand non-aspartame diet sodas, which do not contain sugar.This Carbohydrate Gram Counter is a gift for you from .Click here to purchase the "Variety Plus" Low Carb 17 of 17

Instead of eating the whole tub, try spoonfuls on some lower carb fresh fruit, topped with a sprinkle of raw nuts and seeds. Recipe Creamy Cheese Sauce (from the "Variety Plus" Low Carb Cookbook ) Total: (1 cup) 6 carbs Ingredients: ¼ cup heavy cream 4 oz grated cheddar

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carb options at any restaurant. Know The Rules The main rules of low carb eating are no starches and no sugars; this means the possibilities are really unlimited when eating out. Carry A Carb Counter It is very important to know the carb counts of various foods, especially when you are on a strict low carb

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David Galles Department of Computer Science University of San Francisco. 14-0: Counter Machines Give a Non-Deterministic Finite Automata a counter Increment the counter Decrement the counter Check to see if the counter is zero. 14-1: Counter Machines A Counter Machine M (K,Σ, ,s,F)

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Test Report No.: E2552 .04 -501 -47 Report Date: 07/12/16 Page 6 of 9 7.0 Test Results : The temperature during testing was 20.5 C ( 69 F). The results are tabulated as follows: Test Specimen #1 : Title of Test Results Allowed Note Operating Force, per ASTM E 2068 Initiate motion: 45 N ( 10 lbf) 60 N ( 13 lbf) max. Maintain motion: