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InspiringAutomotive WomenAwards2020Sponsored by

Sponsor of the InspiringAutomotive Women Awards 2020Neil WilliamsonCEOJardine Motors Group“At Jardine MotorsGroup, we are extremelypassionate about creatingan inclusive environment thatis accessible to all talent,regardless of their gender,background or ability. Thisis why we are incrediblyproud to continue to supportthe Automotive 30%Club Inspiring AutomotiveWomen Awards, an amazinginitiative that recognises andchampions female talent inthe industry. We remain committedto changing outdatedperceptions of theautomotive industry andrecognise the importance ofacknowledging hard workand achievement across alllevels of business. Thanks tothe work of the Automotive30% Club, these awards highlight theaccomplishments of suchfemale talent, whilst alsoshining a light on theopportunities available towomen across the sector.”

Welcome to the Inspiring Automotive Women Awards 2020!Today we celebrate and recognise the most inspiring women in the sector, nominated by colleaguesand peers. We have heard wonderful uplifting stories of how all of you amazing women have notonly added significant value to your businesses, but are also encouraging others to improve andprogress, or giving much needed support to your team members through the unsettling impact ofthe pandemic. You are actively involved in creating inclusive environments, and are also engaged inactivities to show that automotive is a positive career choice for women. You are lifting other womenas you rise, and as per the motto of the suffragette movement, you are taking real action with “deedsnot words”. All of you truly fabulous women deserve our heartfelt appreciation for your outstandingcontribution to making our industry more vibrant, exciting, warm, collaborative and successful.Congratulations on winning your thoroughly deserved award, and being a Game Changer in theautomotive sector.Julia MuirCEO Gaia Innovation LtdFounder Automotive 30% Club

ProgrammeProgrammefor theEvening18.30Welcome - Julia Muir18.35Welcome wave18.40Speech by judge Erin Baker18.45Inspiring Automotive WomenSpecial Recognition Awardwinners18.55Inspiring Automotive WomenAward winners19.10Fireside chat with RebeccaClark, Inspiring AutomotiveWoman of the Year19.25Champagne toast19.30Close

Board MemberWomen in TransportAnita FoxHead of AutomotiveFacebookRoz BirdCommercial Director MEPCChair of the SilverstoneTechnology ClusterProfessor Jim SakerDirector, Centre for AutomotiveManagement, School of Business andEconomics, Loughborough UniversityJustin BensonPartner, Head of Automotiveand MobilityVendigitalSue RobinsonDirector, National FranchisedDealers Association (NFDA)Erin BakerAward WinningMotor JournalistSarah NobleDirector of AutomotiveDeloitteA huge thank you to ourInspiring Automotive Women Awards 2020 judges.JudgesDorcas Ariyo-Francis

The WinnersRebecca was chosen as thisyear’s Inspiring Woman of theYear because of the strength ofher commitment to the causeof gender-balance and inclusionboth in her own company and inthe wider sector. She has totallyreinvigorated the team cultureat Auto Trader, by creating anenvironment of inclusion, fun,personal development andoptimism which has resultedin an energised group withcomplete trust in one another. Rebecca ClarkSales DirectorAuto Trader UKShe has overseen recordrevenues in Auto Trader’sManufacturer & Agencyadvertising function, and isrelentless in looking to improveprocesses by pulling in experthelp from around the business.She’s committed to customersof all types, and remains openminded for collaboration andconversation to make AutoTrader’s services better forthem. Doing the right thing is atRebecca’s core and she’sunafraid to challenge peoplearound her to do the same.She always brings positivity andsupreme professionalism towork and helps people becomebetter through their own set ofqualities. Rebecca’s an active supporterof the Automotive 30% Cluband regularly speaks at eventsand amplifies the Club’sactivity both internally at AutoTrader and through its externalchannels. Rebecca mentors womenfrom across all levels of thebusiness, from new startersand graduates to establishedprofessionals and always placesher people above all else. Rebecca offers support toworking mothers and families,which was especially evidentduring lockdown when manyindividuals needed help workingout how to balance home andwork life. Rebecca’s nominator added:“She makes people thinkdifferently about work, thepeople we work with, andeven our own relationships athome. She’s a person who cangenuinely change the way youfeel about your day, whereveryou are, and through herpassion for the industry, driveto make the working balancebetter for everyone and herincredible positivity, Bex is aninspirational colleague andleader.”

The WinnersClare has been recognised with the Inclusive Leader Award because of her commitmentto driving an inclusive culture throughout her organisation, from the board to all cornersof the business, and for being a true advocate and ambassador for the Automotive 30%Club, being personally involved in supporting the club’s activities. She continues to leadinitiatives that look holistically at the employee experience, making Jardine Motors Group ago-to employer of choice. Clare leads a flexible, inclusive and recognition-rich culture, andensures Jardine Motors as a company, takes care of the wellbeing of all colleagues whofeel they can bring their true-self to work. Clare nurtures a strong feedback and coachingstyle of management, facilitates talent mobility through a high impact learning culture anddiversification of career pathways, and ensures inspirational leadership where there istrust, transparency and communication. Clare WrightGroup HR DirectorJardine Motors GroupClare was instrumental in the approach Jardine took during the pandemic. Her quick anddecisive actions as part of the internal COVID crisis response team meant the safety ofcolleagues was put first and foremost with new HR policies and practices created on analmost daily basis as the crisis evolved. Inclusive Leader2020Her passion to champion gender equality knows no bounds. Clare has been an activesupporter and advocate for the Automotive 30% Club for many years and is a regularblogger and thought-leader campaigning to change perceptions of the motor industry. Sharon has been named as HR Director Game Changer for the action she has taken to driveimprovements in the gender balance in her organisation. This year Sharon is celebrating 15years with TrustFord, and during this time, she has been instrumental in making their businessinclusive and diverse, with 30% of their leadership teams now held by women. Sharon is a true leader, and during the pandemic she led on TrustFord’s response to furlough,health & safety and wellbeing. In addition, she pushed schemes to keep colleagues engaged,from daily updates to quizzes and competitions. Sharon has worked closely with TrustFord’s health & safety reps to inspire them to developtheir skills and confidence and has overseen the continued development of TrustFord’slearning & development programme, induction process, remote training and a new learningmanagement system. A huge advocate of TrustFord’s membership of the Automotive 30% Club, Sharon monitorsgender balance within TrustFord constantly and encourages diversity within their workforce.In addition, Sharon is a champion for TrustFord’s apprenticeship scheme, which over the lastthree years has helped twenty young women begin careers in automotive. In addition, Sharonhas also given development opportunities to young people from a variety of backgrounds viathe Prince’s Trust. Sharon AshcroftGroup HR DirectorTrustFordHR DirectorGame Changer2020

The WinnersAlison has been recognised with this year’s Trailblazer award for her high performance andbreaking through the glass ceiling to become MD of a UK OEM, blazing an inspirationaltrail to enable many others to believe that they could follow in her footsteps. Since Alisonjoined Group PSA in April 2019, she has overseen a transformation in both performanceand culture and has protected and enhanced profitability despite the pandemic viadecisive cost controls and a revenue maximisation strategy. She has engaged allemployees, launching regular broadcasts to all staff, sharing key details of strategy,tactics and results, encouraged everyone to ask questions and has driven inclusivity byquestioning the status quo and challenging historic working practices. Alison JonesGroup ManagingDirector UK & SeniorVice PresidentGroupe PSADuring the pandemic, Alison adapted her leadership approach to be hands on every dayto ensure consistency across ten departments, minimized the risk to the business andemployees, all done with speed, respect and integrity. Alison shows that it is possible to be both in control and have human empathy andhas created an environment where employees can speak their own mind about genderdiversity. She takes a direct interest in the development of key talent and encouragesprogression, recruitment of a diverse workforce and provides examples of the benefit ofcross functional recruitment. Trailblazer2020Lilly-Ann has been named as our Rising Star of 2020, for not only making an amazing impactin the workplace in such a short time, but also being such a positive role model to youngwomen and encouraging them to join the industry. During her first year as an apprentice,Lilly-Ann has become a critical team member, getting engaged with the company beyondexpectation and delivering business changing projects to Bentley’s Board and widercompany. She has taken strong ownership of her own personal development journey bytaking advantage of training courses, supplementing with her own research and reaching outto others for help when needed. As an ambassador for Bentley, Lilly-Ann featured as a presenter at MuleSoft’s Europeanconference and received lots of positive feedback from many technology leaders. In addition,she has had an active contribution to the future talent programme by supporting initiativesthat connect with schools to encourage careers in technology. She’s proactive in projectdelivery, has a positive approach to problem solving and is pioneering internal softwaredevelopment. During lockdown, Lilly-Ann’s skills were put to building technical solutions that are now usedevery day by Bentley colleagues to protect them during the pandemic. Lilly-Ann HulseDigital & TechnologyDegree ApprenticeBentley MotorsRising Star2020

The WinnersSadie LoweAmy WilliamsonDiane MillerSadie’s proactive approach toimproving the marketing departmenthas surpassed expectations and hasmade a remarkable impact on therole, the department and division.Since Sadie joined, marketingenquiries have increased by 217%largely due to the way she constantlylooks to improve what Jardine Motorsdoes. Amy is constantly trying to improvepolicies and procedures whilst alsopushing to improve herself. Shehas increased JCT600’s onlineGoogle reviews to be the best in thecountry for Aston Martin, and retailperformance has rocketed. Over the past four years Diane hastransformed the Paint Unit at theEllesmere Port Plant in terms ofhealth & safety, quality, throughputand cost. She is an inspirationalleader who has reduced headcountwithin the unit whilst improving theindustrial relations with Unite theunion. She has educated the unionand gained their support in makingher unit more efficient. Marketing ManagerJardine Motors GroupSadie worked tirelessly throughoutlockdown and continues to innovateand establish new ideas for thefuture. Her efforts have contributedto a very profitable business thathas won numerous awards includingAudi’s Division of the year twice. Having Sadie on the team hasprompted her Brand Director toimprove diversity in what has beentraditionally a male environment. Hervaried perspectives have produceda more holistic analysis of thechallenges faced which stimulatesgreater effort, leading to improveddecision making. Sadie’s nominator added: “Duringlockdown and running with a skeletonstaff, it was a pleasure to work withSadie through this challenging period;she has a positive influence on myselfand the senior team.” Front of House ManagerAston Martin LeedsJCT600Amy is relatively new to the motortrade and the speed that she hasprogressed is purely down to herhard work, flair and determination.She constantly pushes to improvegender balance within the workplace,giving her opinion in a professional yetdirect way, enabling those around herto look at situations in a completelydifferent light. Always looking at ways to beinvolved in promoting the automotiveindustry as a great career choice forwomen, Amy champions what canbe achieved with the right mindset.She is an amazing advocate of themotor trade and is always educatingpeople on the benefits of a career inthe industry. Amy’s nominator adds: “ Amy inspiresme every single day and I feel trulyhonoured and humbled to have beenable to play a small part in her careerpath.” General Assembly ManagerEllesmere PortGroupe PSADiane is the lead woman in the plantfor the Women in Industry Forumand will participate in university opendays, university milk rounds, schoolopen days, recruitment fairs and willalso give talks on her experiencesand encourages women to join theautomotive industry and engineering. She mentors two female graduatesin the plant and gives up her timefor these individuals so that they arebetter prepared and can maximizetheir skills and potential. Diane’s nominator adds: “She hasmade everyone in the plant thinkdifferently about women and is ahuge contributor to the successfulrunning of the plant.”

The WinnersZoe AllenRebecca NassiriTracey PerryZoe has been instrumental in keepingStrive, Kia’s working group on genderbalance, on track this year. Beforethe first lockdown she ensuredthat project groups focusing onInternational Women’s Day activities,parental policies and flexible workingwere continuing to make progress indeveloping cases for change. Having recently been open about herbisexuality in one of her blog posts,Rebecca has given strength to anumber of people in Auto Trader’sLGBT network. During lockdownshe was a positive role model,sharing with others the steps she wastaking to maintain a work-life balanceas well as how she was adaptingto working from home. In a recentwomen’s network event focused onpersonal development, Rebecca wasa panel member and provided greatadvice on how to progress whilstworking from home. Tracey runs INSPIRE, an outreachprogramme at Volkswagen Group UKwhich focuses on diversity and aims toinspire future talent from the ages of 5to 18, alongside her usual day job. Compliance OfficerKia Motors UKZoe works with a number of morejunior female employees as amentoring figure and encouragesthem to fulfill their potential and totake on the next challenge in theircareers. She’s an inspirational catalystfor a number of people taking stepsto raise their profile across thebusiness, overcoming their nervesand deciding to apply (successfully)for new roles. Zoe’s nominator added: “Zoe isreally passionate about ensuring thatall employees in the company canmaximize their potential and fulfilltheir ambitions. She is encouraging,challenging and inspiring by turns.She always looks to lift others, andperhaps even more importantlyencourages them to lift themselves,and is unafraid to question the statusquo where she thinks it’s wrong,unfair, or able to be improved.” Senior Campaign ManagerAuto Trader UKShe delivered an incredibly powerfulAuto Trader talk on Black LivesMatter that drove a number ofpeople to think again about theissues raised. She helped shape thecontent for Auto Trader’s CourageousConversations webinar series,delivered a brilliant opening speech,and wrote a really insightful blog poston the topic of intersectionality. Sheis an active member of both AutoTrader’s women’s network and theBAME network, has written numerousblogs, both internally and externally,starting conversations and supportingpeople to learn about topics that maybe new to them. Rebecca’s nominator added:“Rebecca is so passionate, herenthusiasm and drive are contagious!A true inspiration.” National Fleet Sales ManagerVolkswagen Commercial VehiclesNot only has Tracey taken this on,she has overhauled the existingprogramme’s activity by setting upwork streams, clear tangible targetsand has built long lasting partnershipswith schools. She has also ensuredcontent and materials were embeddedinto school curriculums, adding valueto the overall educational activities. In addition to the INSPIRE Programme,Tracey has also taken time to coachand support three graduates, leadingand actively teaching them how todevelop comprehensive plans forstrategy and timelines. Tracey manages Volkswagen GroupUK’s national fleet sales team andhas worked tirelessly throughout thepandemic to ensure their fleet teamhave remained highly motivated andfully engaged to meet ever changingneeds of their fleet customers duringa challenging time. In doing so, Traceyreceived outstanding feedback fromcore fleet customers in thanks for hersupport provided to their businessesthis year.

The WinnersAnne-Kathrin AltendorfHead of Culture, Diversity andStrategic ProjectsBentley MotorsAnne-Kathrin has been instrumentalin Bentley launching an updateddiversity and inclusion strategyand training programme. She iscommitted to this topic and taking itforward, despite the many challengesthe pandemic has created, turningwhat was supposed to be a physicallaunch and delivery programme intoan online one. Anne-Kathrin is mentoring young girlsin the UK and in Germany, supportingthem, being a role model andshowing them the many opportunitiesthe automotive industry offers forwomen. She looks after interns andthose on work placements and givesthese young girls visibility at Bentley protecting them if they are strugglingand putting them into the spotlightwhen they are successful. During the pandemic, Anne-Kathrinhas gone above and beyond, beingpart of the crisis managementteam, looking after the safety of allBentley colleagues by supporting theramp-up, implementation of safetymeasures, furlough, remote working,reporting and so much more. Gemma BurdettTori BellGemma takes ownership of herprofessional development andproactively shares best practice insupporting her peer group. She’sdelivered Dealer Satisfaction Scoresin excess of 96% with consistentlygreat feedback from her dealerpartners. Gemma has achievedfantastic performance results eachyear by delivering growth acrossterritory metrics to ensure sustainablelong-term growth, a performancebuilt on great relationships, sharingknowledge and supporting regulatorychange and digital innovation in anever-changing marketplace. Tori is incredibly driven in her ambitionto create a more diverse culture atAuto Trader. She sits in the diversity &inclusion guild, the engagement guildand is also co-leader of the women’sguild, ensuring each working groupcontinues to promote diversity andthat all voices are heard within AutoTrader. Senior Account ManagerClose Brothers Motor FinanceGemma was voted Chair of CloseBrothers’ Women in Motor Forumbecause of her passion, drive andthe respect she has from her femalecolleagues and beyond. She’sattended interview skills trainingand supported the recruitment ofnew account managers, has writtenblogs and presented at meetings,championing the Forum and detailswhy gender balance is so important.In addition, she has inspired others tojoin, including male advocates. Gemma’s nominator added: “Thankyou Gemma for all you have doneand all you continue to do!” Senior Social Media ExecutiveAuto Trader UKShe leads new initiatives such asthe monthly Auto Trader Women’sNetwork virtual panel and workshopevents to support female colleagues,shaped the categories for AutoTrader’s inaugural Women of theMonth Awards and has researchedthe impact o

Automotive Women Awards 2020 “At Jardine Motors Group, we are extremely passionate about creating an inclusive environment that is accessible to all talent, regardless of their gender, background or ability. This is why we are incredibly proud to continue to support the Automotive 30% Club Inspiring Automotive Women Awards, an amazing initiative that recognises and champions female talent in .

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