Advanced Solutions For Automotive Applications

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Advanced Solutionsfor AutomotiveApplicationsTHERMAL CERAMICS

Thermal CeramicsInnovative solutionsfor automotiveapplicationsContents2Heat Shields4-5Friction6-7Electric Vehicles8-9Filtration and Emissions Control10Morgan’s Automotive Business11

Thermal Ceramics manufactures a wide range of materials and componentsused throughout the global automotive market.From thermally insulating heat shields and exhaust after treatment components to advanced fibretechnology for electric vehicle lithium ion battery systems, we are at the forefront of technologyhelping manufacturers improve vehicle safety, performance, energy efficiency and comfort to createmore fuel efficient, safer vehicles.Harnessing our world-class design expertiseand specialist manufacturing capabilities, wework in partnership with some of the world’slargest tier-one and tier-two automotivesuppliers by developing competitive tailoredsolutions to meet the increasingly challengingand changing demands of the automotivemarket.Our expertise has also been called upon byhigh performance race car developers and evenused in world land speed record attempts.Typical productsEngineered fibres significantly increase brakefriction pad stability over a wide temperaturerange and improve fade and recoverycharacteristics - without increasing rotor wearor pad weight loss; providing noise reduction. WDS MICROPOROUS INSULATIONSUPERWOOL INSULATING FIBRESHEAT SHIELDSSUPERWOOL and KAOWOOL PAPERMorgan’s insulating products are also used inrailway applications as well as many other roadvehicles including heavy goods vehicles, buses,motorcycles and scooters.Helping drive development andinnovation in the global automotive market3

Heat ShieldsMorgan’s thermal acoustic heat shields are multi-layered products designed to provide optimumperformance in high temperature environments. The main function is to maintain heat inside the systemwhile protecting surrounding areas where space is a premium. Combining our expertise in advancedfibre technology, Morgan products provide a safe, reliable and cost effective solution for our customers.Our global advantages Vertically integrated within the supply chain to provide materials from manufacture of our own proprietaryfibre, supplying die cut parts through to a complete heat shield Engineered with the automotive industry leaders to ensure demanding challenges achieved Global manufacturing, engineering and customer services4

AUTOMOTIVEIntegrated technologyOur products are engineered to customer specifications. From design to the final assembly and installation,we offer several types of automotive heat shields designed for the specific application type and thermal need.Shell Technology Heat Shield is a durable, lightweight insulation designed to fit directly on to a part.The automotive heat shields are available in a variety of steels from 0.05mm thickness, corrugation surfacesfor maximum strength, combined with single or multi-layer insulation from our Superwool , Glass or SilicaFibre offering a high thermal performance solution.Sandwich Technology Heat Shield is engineered to protect the application against moisture intrusion or saltwater corrosion. The design of the heat shield is easy to assemble, features high temperature performance upto 1050 C (1922 F) using our WDS Microporous thermal insulation. The Sandwich Technology Heat Shieldhas a minimum thickness 5mm.Key advantages to ourautomotive heat shields are: Lightweight and space criticalengineered solutions Superior thermal and acousticalperformance Safety Edges - all automotiveheat shields are designed witha safe edge feature Complete assembly development -automotive heat shields fromMorgan are engineered, designed,developed and delivered to thecustomer’s site for installation orcompletely assembled to the application Quick change tooling, durable crimpingand / or welding assembly are all criticalin automotive heat shield manufacture anddeliveryPassive fire protection capabilitiesFlexible and rigid technologies dedicated to maintainlow temperature on valves, actuators / pipes in caseof fire. Continuous development for Jet Fire andHydrocarbon fire 60 minutes followingUL 1709 and ISO 22 899-1 Specific fire protection insulation aredesigned for each project upon the time /temperature requirements, site conditions,thermal mass of the materials beingprotected, air flow and a number of othervariables5

FrictionManufacturing engineered fibres that increase brake padperformance stability over a wide temperature range -without increasing rotor wear or, excessive pad weightloss, or causing NVH issues.Our full chemistry and temperature range of engineered low biopersistent fibresSuperwool Enfil , are made from pure raw materials; without unwanted traceminerals. Exonerated from carcinogen classification throughout the world Manufacturing globally to support automotive manufacturing in every regionToday’s largest global brake padmanufacturers utilise lowbiopersistent Superwool Enfil fibreoptions in OE and aftermarketformulations. Fibre length options forreinforcement and fillerfunctionality Fibre chemistry options withthermal stability in excess of1200 C (2192 F) Fibre index options to meet orexceed application performancerequirements6

AUTOMOTIVEFrictionSuperwool Enfil fibres are akey performance enhancingcomponent of OE andaftermarket frictionproducts throughout theworld for many years.Commitment to researchand developmentOur comprehensive commitmentto research and development andstrong partnerships with theautomotive market ensures thatour products remain at thetechnical edge and continue topush boundaries. Patented technology Global sourcing Environmentally responsibleA global manufacturingcapability, supplyingregional demands7

Electric VehiclesAt Morgan, we engineer, manufacture and supply technologically advanced fibre and microporous materialsto help the automotive industry solve complex thermal runaway and fire protection challenges in electric vehicles.Morgan manufactures a range of Superwool EST (Energy Storage Technology) andWDS Microporous products designed to prevent the propagation of thermal runaway inelectric vehicle and energy storage applications. We collaborate with our customers tointegrate EST products for thermal runaway protection in cell-cell, module-module, andpack protection systems. Concerns for space and weight can be mitigated with EST materialsincluding: Solid shapes Paper8Application engineeringExtensive range of high temperatureinsulation products used to thermallymanage battery and fuel cell systems. Working with customers tounderstand application anddefine performance parameters Bulk powder Research to find the bestMorgan’s global manufacturing footprint allows us to work directly with your team whetherthey are in Asia, Europe, or the Americas. Our many years of manufacturing and directsupply to the automotive industry give us the background needed to bring ideas and materialsolutions into the reality of volume production. Development of prototypesmaterial for your systemand pilot production

AUTOMOTIVEManufacturing cutting edge materials to helpour customers solve complex thermal runawayand fire protection challenges in electric vehicles9

Filtration and Emissions ControlManufacturer and supplier of engineered fibres to market leading catalystand DPF manufacturers.Manufacturer and supplier of high temperature, thermal insulating performance fibres specificallyengineered to meet airbag inflator performance requirements. Filter out particulates that could damage the airbag and burn the occupants Cool the hot gases emitted when the airbag goes off Provides cushion and deadens sound in the propellantcompartmentOur low biopersistent Superwool fibres and WDS Microporous materials are manufactured to meet the applicationdemands of the automotive OE and after market industry foremissions controls.10

AUTOMOTIVEMorgan’s Automotive BusinessMorgan provides the global automotive sector with a wide range ofcomponents that are used in modern cars and to aid vehicle manufacturing.Harnessing our world-class design expertise and specialist manufacturing capabilities, we work inpartnership with some of the world’s largest tier-one automotive suppliers, developing competitivetailored solutions to meet the increasingly challenging demands of the sector. We are the forefront oftechnology helping manufacturers improve vehicle safety, performance, energy efficiency and comfortto create more fuel efficient, safer vehicles.Products used in vehiclesMorgan’s ultrasonic sensors are used in personnel detection systems, enabling automotivemanufactures to ensure that the airbags are deployed in the safest possible manner according tothe passenger’s position and meet stringent safety requirements.Hybrid vehicle cooling pumpsThe properties of our ceramic materials is enabling the pump technology needed in electric and hybridvehicles to circulate aggressive coolant through the Lithium-ion batteries, whilst also providing weightsaving benefits.Carbon / bearings vanes and rotorsOur Seals and Bearings business also produces carbon / graphite vanes and rotors offer outstandingthermal and chemical resistance properties along with superb wear resistance. Applications include;Fuel Pumps, Water Pumps (Cooling / Heating), EGR Valves and Electric Vacuum Pumps.Morgan provides the global automotive sectorwith a wide range of components that are usedin modern cars and to aid vehicle manufacturing11

THERMAL CERAMICSMorgan Advanced MaterialsMorgan Advanced Materials is a global engineeringcompany.We apply world-class materials science and manufacturingexpertise to solve technical challenges that our customersface everyday.We work in the electronics, energy, healthcare, industrial,petrochemical, security and transport markets, formingclose collaborative relationships with our customers.Morgan is a global leader in materials scienceand application engineering.What differentiates us?Advanced material science and processing capabilities.Extensive applications engineering experience.A strong history of innovation and reinvention.Consistent and reliable performance.A truly global footprint.We find and invest in the best people.Morgan Advanced Materials plcQuadrant, 55-57 High Street,Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1LP. United KingdomCopyright 04 / 2020 .v2 - Designed & Produced by JSA CreativeFor all enquiries, please contact ourspecialist sales and marketing offices:EuropeMorgan Advanced MaterialsThermal Ceramics UK LtdTebay Road, BromboroughWirral, MerseysideCH62 3PHUnited KingdomT 44 (0) 151 334 Advanced MaterialsThermal Ceramics Inc2102 Old Savannah RoadAugustaGeorgia 30906USAT 1 (706) 796 Advanced MaterialsMorgan Ceramics Asia Pte Ltd150 Kampong Ampat05-06A, KA Centre368324SingaporeT 65 6595

we offer several types of automotive heat shields designed for the specific application type and thermal need. Shell Technology Heat Shield is a durable, lightweight insulation designed to fit directly on to a part. The automotive heat shields are available in a variety of steels from 0.05mm thickness, corrugation surfaces

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