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What is Black History/African American HistoryMonth and why do we celebrate it? Black/African American History Month is an annual month-long celebration in February,of achievements by Blacks or African Americans and a time for recognizing the centralrole of Blacks in U.S. history. Black History Month is aimed at educating and pays tribute to the generations ofBlacks/African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship inAmerican society. Black History Month brings awareness and education about historical efforts by Blacksthat helps to eradicate many racial stereotypes. It focuses on history, family structure,social and economic pressures, stereotypes, and gender relationships. Below are a few examples of those who paved the way for Black Americans .

DR.MARTINLUTHERKING JR.Because he was an instrumentalleader in the Civil Rights Movementand worked for economic equality.Black History Month

“Injustice anywhere is a threat tojustice everywhere.”- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

RICHARDALLENBecause he was a minister, writerand one of America’s influentialblack leaders and founded the firstblack Methodist Episcopal Church inthe US.Black History Month

MAYAANGELOUBecause she was a poet, singer andcivil rights activist.Black History Month

ALVINAILEYBecause he brought dance and thebeauty of black bodies to the fightfor justice.Black History Month

“To be who you are andbecome what you are capableof is the only goal worth living.”- Alvin Ailey

MARYMCLEODBETHUNEBecause she was an educator,stateswoman, philanthropist andwomen’s civil rights leader.Black History Month

SHIRLEYCHISHOLMBecause she was the first blackwoman to be elected to the UnitedStates Congress in 1968.Black History Month

FREDERICKDOUGLASBecause he escaped slavery to become asocial reformer, abolitionist, statesman andwriter who became one of the most famousintellectuals of his time advising presidentsand lecturing thousands.Black History Month

JEANMICHELLBASQUIATBecause without Basquiat, there’d beno graffiti. Without Basquiat, there’dbe no Banksy.Black History Month

“It’s not who you are that holdsyou back, it’s who you think youare not.”- Jean-Michell BasquiatArtist

W.E.B.DU BOISBecause he was a sociologist, author andpeace advocate for nuclear disarmament.Black History Month

DUKEELLINGTONBecause he was a composer, pianistand a pivotal figure in the history ofjazz.Black History Month

ARETHAFRANKLINBecause hers is a title well-earned:The Queen of Soul. She is the mostcharted female artist in history.Black History Month

TONIMORRISONBecause she was a novelist, essayist,book editor and college professorwho won the Pulitzer Prize and theNobel Prize in Literature.Black History Month

“If you want to fly, you haveto give up everything thatweighs you down.”- Toni Morrison,Author & NobelPrize Winner

KATHERINEJOHNSONBecause she used her extraordinaryskills as a mathematician to becomeone of the first black women to workat NASA.Black History Month

QUNICYJONESBecause he is a record producer,multi-instrumentalist, song writer,composer, arranger and has won 28Grammys.Black History Month

THURGOODMARSHALLBecause he was the Supreme Court’sfirst black judge.

BARACKOBAMABecause he was the first blackPresident of the United States ofAmerica.Black History Month

JACKIEROBINSONBecause he was the first blackAmerican professional baseballplayer to play for the MLB in themodern era, breaking the colorbarrier.Black History Month

“A life is not important except in the impact ithas on other lives.”-Jackie RobinsonBaseball Player and Activist

SOUJOURNERTRUTHBecause she escaped slavery and wasan abolitionist and women’s rightsactivist.Black History Month

HARRIETTUBMANBecause she was an Americanabolitionist and political activist whoescaped slavery and wasinstrumental to leading others tofreedom!Black History Month

JESSEOWENSBecause he set three world recordsand tied another, all in less than anhour, a feat that has never beenrepeated and went on to win 4 goldmedals.Black History Month

“Find the good.It’s all around you.Find it, showcase it andyou’ll start believing init.”- Jesse OwensAthlete

IDA B.WELLSBecause she was a journalist and wasa part of the early Civil RightsMovement.Black History Month

BOOKER T.WASHINGTONBecause he was an American author,orator and adviser to multiplePresidents of the US.Black History Month

HENRIETTALACKSBecause she was the subject of amedical experiment that is stillsaving lives today through heroriginal HELA cells.Black History Month

MADAMC.J.WALKERBecause she was the first self madebusiness woman/entrepreneur whocreated specialized hair careproducts for black women.Black History Month

“Don’t sit down and wait forthe opportunities to come.Get up and make them.”- Madam C.J. WalkerEntrepreneur

What is Black History/African American History Month and why do we celebrate it? Black/African American History Month is an annual month-long celebration in February, of achievements by Blacks or African Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of Blacks in U.S. history. Black History Month is