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Simon BarnardCV February 2017N. A. Simon BarnardBSc(Hons) PhD FCOptom FAAO FEAOO DipCLP DipClinOptom DipTh(IP)CURRICULUM VITAE1

Simon BarnardCV February 2017ContentsAcademic degrees . 3Professional qualifications and awards . 3Present Professional Appointments . 4Medico-legal . 4Research and clinical interests . 5Past Academic & Professional Appointments . 5Publications . 6Textbooks and Book Chapters . 6Published papers, abstracts, transactions . 7Research Posters & Presentations. 10Invited Postgraduate Lectures . 12International lectures . 12United Kingdom . 18Supervision of research . 31Postgraduate . 31Undergraduate . 31Postgraduate examiner . 31Other Professional . 31Book reviews . 322

Simon BarnardCV February 2017Academic degrees19761999BSc in Ophthalmic Optics. (First Class HonoursCity University, London)PhD in Optometry, City University.Professional qualifications and 201020112014FBOA (Fellow British Optical Association -withexamination prize)FSMC (Fellow Worshipful Company Spectacle Makers)FAAO (Fellow of American Academy of Optometry)DCLP (Diploma in Contact Lens Practice)FBCO(Fellow British College of Optometrists)Certificate in Diabetic Shared Care (City University)Certificate in Ocular Therapy (Pennsylvania College ofOptometry, Philadelphia, USA)Certificate in Glaucoma Shared Care (City University)Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics (Part 1) (CityUniversity)Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics (Part 2) (CityUniversity)Certificate in Paediatric Optometry (City University)Certificate in Learning Difficulties (City University)Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics (Part 3) (CityUniversity)Diploma in Clinical Optometry (with distinction), CityUniversity, LondonCertificate in Principles of Prescribing (City University)Certificate in Principles of Therapeutics (City University)Certificate in Independent Prescribing (City University)Independent Diploma in Therapeutics Prescribing(College of Optometrists). Entered the Specialist Registerof the General Optical Council as an IndependentTherapeutic PrescriberFellow of the European Academy of Optometry & Optics(Founding Member 2010)3

Simon BarnardCV February 2017Present Professional Appointments2011 to dateCo-Founder, Director & Chief Medical Officer, IRISSMedical Technologies Ltd, LondonCo-Founder of medical technology company. Responsible for invention anddevelopment of an Automated Photo-Ophthalmic Device. Two patentsgranted. One pending.2006 to dateVisiting Associate Professor, Department ofOptometry & Visual Science, School of HealthSciences, Hadassah College, Jerusalem, IsraelResponsible for advising on and developing clinical component of newMasters degree programme. In attendance during validation visit of theMinistry of Education, Committee for Higher Education. Responsible forteaching the following modules over a two year cycle:Dyslexia (jointly with Professor Bruce Evans)GlaucomaPaediatric OptometryRetinal Disease2003 to dateDirector of Ocular Medicine, Institute of Optometry,LondonResponsible for the development of the first Additional Supply andSupplementary Prescribing therapeutics courses for optometrists in the UKaccredited by the General Optical Council, applying for and gaining GOCcourses accreditation, ongoing overseeing of these courses, chairing Board ofExaminers Meetings. Currently an inactive appointment.1979 to dateFounder and Consultant, Barnard Associates,Optometrists, Hove1989 to dateFounder and Senior Partner, Barnard & LevitOptometrists, LondonMedico-legalActed as an Expert Witness in over 70 Medico-Legal cases. These havebeen (a) on behalf of the General Optical Council (GOC) or (b) on behalf ofoptometrists in GOC Disciplinary/Fitness to Practise Tribunals, and (c) onbehalf of patients or (d) on behalf of optometrists in civil professionalnegligence cases relating to examination procedures and ocular disease,relating to paediatric eyecare, amblyopia, pituitary tumour and glaucoma. He4

Simon BarnardCV February 2017has acted in one case on behalf of a defendant brought to trial for an allegeddriving offence.Research and clinical interestsResearch interests presently centre around the APOD (Automated PhotoOphthalmic Device) development of IRISS Medical . Co-responsible for developing the clinical modulesfor strabismus screening, pupil measurements, eye lid measurements and adisruptive automated technology that advises practitioners on what contactlens specifications to order. Joint named on two international patents; and onepatent pending.Presently working towards instituting the use of atropine 0.01% as apreventative therapy for progressive myopia in practice.Independent Therapeutic Prescriber - treats eye disease in a primary caresetting including the prescribing or oral medication.Dr Barnard’s practice is a ‘first adopter’ of technology including: OCT (first optometry practice in Europe to install this in 2004) and ournow on third generation device Optos laser scanning wide field retinal imaging ERG and VEP technology (Diopsys) (first in Europe in 2016) Lipiview and Lipiflow Thermal Pulse therapy for Meibomian glanddysfunction Rabin Cone Contrast Sensitivity colour vision test Elektron MPSII macular pigment density screener Blephex treatment for anterior blepharitisPast Academic & Professional Appointments2004 to 2009UK representative to the European Council ofOptometry (ECOO) Board of Examiners (BoE)Responsible for syllabus and examinations of Ocular Abnormalities sectionand attending Board of Examiners Meetings. Attended the following ECOOBoE meetings: Luxembourg (2004); Krakow (2005); Cologne (2005; 2006 and2007); Dusseldorf (2005; 2006 and 2007); Dubrovnik (2007); Munich (2008).2017European Academy of Optometry & OpticsFellowship Application Assessor1991- 2003Director of Paediatric Clinics, Department ofOptometry & Visual Science, City University, London1977-78Clinical Research Assistant to Professor GM Dunn,5

Simon BarnardCV February 2017Department of Optometry & Visual Science, CityUniversity, London1978 –1999Lecturer in Clinical Optometry, Department ofOptometry &Visual Science, City University, London2006 -2008Member of the Editorial Advisory Board ofOptometry Today2003-2006Committee member Optometric and Medical AdvisoryCommittees, Ophthalmic Surgery Clinic, Colindale,London2003 – 2006Overseas Student Consultant for applicants to theMSc in Optometry, City University2003-2005Member of Therapeutics Higher Qualification ExpertPanel, College of Optometrists, UK2002-2003Optometric member of Steering Committee, EyeCareLtd Private Eye Hospital, Colindale, London, UK2002Consultant to Vision RT, Research & Development,3-D imaging systems, London, UK1995Visiting Lecturer in Paediatric Optometry, Departmentof Optometry, Hadassah College of Technology,Jerusalem, Israel1976-78Optometrist, Department of Contact Lenses &Prosthetics, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London1976Visiting Clinician, Noor Eye Institute, KabulAfghanistanPublicationsTextbooks and Book ChaptersBarnard NAS & Edgar DF (1996) Pediatric Eye Care, Blackwell Science,Oxford. Joint Editor and author/joint author offour chaptersBarnard N.A.S. (1989) Sphygmomanometry & Ophthalmodynamometry,Chapter 25 In " Optometry" Eds. Edwards K &Llewellyn R., Butterworths, London6

Simon BarnardCV February 2017Published papers, abstracts, transactionsMaor R, Tailor V, Banteka M, Khandelwal P, Glaze, Barnard S, Yashiv Y,Dahlmann-Noor A (2017) Rate of Strabismus Detection on DigitalPhotographs Increases by Using Off-center Near Target. (Awaitingpublication February ) Journal of American Association of PaediatricOphthalmology & Strabismus (JAAPOS).Barnard S (2016) Using Automated Photo-Ophthalmic Device(APOD) in Optometry Practice. Optician, 27-31, 2nd DecemberShneor E, Millodot M, Barnard S, Gant L, Koslow K, Gordon-Shaag A (2014)Prevalence of congenital hypertrophy of the retinal epithelium in Israel.Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics, 34, 385Gordon-Shaag A, Barnard S, Millodot M, Gantz L, Chiche G, Elbaz V, Wolff R,Pinchasov R, Gosman Z, Simchi M, Koslowe K andShneor E (2014) Prevalence of choroidal naevi using scanning laserophthalmoscope, Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics, 34, 94-101Barnard S, Yashiv Y, Maor R, Stroud M , Trucknbrod C, Johnson E, Levit A,London R (2013) A novel device for real time automated strabismusdetection and pupil analysis, Research poster presentation (No.88),American Academy of Optometry conference, Seattle, USABarnard S & Johnson E (2013) Detecting strabismus. Optician, 12th November2013, pages 27-30Barnard S, Johnson E, Levit A (2013) Assessing babies and pre-schoolchildren for strabismus, Optician 27th September, p 30-34Barnard S, Truckenbrod C, Levit A (2013) Leukocoria in an off-setpicture in a healthy eye, Optician, 20th September 2013, p. 34Dahlmann-Noor AH, Adams G, Maor R, Barnard S, Yashiv Y, Barnard S(2013) Real- time automatic strabismus screening using digitalimage analysis techniques, Journal of AAPOS, Volume 17,Issue1, Page e13, February.Fleishmann D, Truckenbrod C, Barnard S (2012) Understanding cornealproperties, Optician, 24 August, 15-16Gordon-Shaag A, Barnard S, Gantz L, Chiche G, Elbaz, Wolf R. PinchasovR, Gosman, Z, Shneor E (2012) Prevalence and risk factors forchoroidal nevi using the Optos scanning laser ophthalmoscope.Poster presentation (No. 125413), American Academy ofOptometry Conference, Phoenix, USA, 25th OctoberBarnard S, Truckenbrod C, Levit A, Fleischmann D (2012) Referrals of7

Simon BarnardCV February 2017patients with narrow anterior chamber angles, Optician, 14thSeptember, 22-34Barnard S, Shneor E, Brauner J, Millodot M, Gordon-Shaag A (2012)Bilateral chorioretinal coloboma discovered with ultra-wide fieldretinal imaging, Journal of Optometry, Volume 5, Issue 3, Pages150-154Truckenbrod, C, Barnard, S, Levit, A, (2012) Der Praxisfall: Behandlung einesWinkelblockglaukoms, Deutsche Optiker Zeitung, May, 70-71Barnard S (2011) Beyond the posterior pole. Optician, 8th July, p. 13Barnard S & Levit A (2010) Operculated retinal hole in a five-year-old child,Optician, 12th November 18-21.Barnard S (2010) Optos case studies: change in size of acongenital hypertrophic lesion of the retinal pigmentepithelium in the absence of lacunae, Optician, 15th October 3536Coleman P & Barnard NAS (2007) Congenital Hyperplasia of the RetinalPigment Epithelium, Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics, Nov27(6):547-55Barnard S (2001) Anthrax of the Eye. Optician, November 9, No. 5826,Vol 222, 18Barnard NAS, Field A, Doughty M (1996) Examination of the diabeticeye, Optometry Today, April 8th, 26-31Barnard NAS (1996) Punctum plugsOphthal Physiol Opt Vol 16 Suppl 1) S15-S22Evans BJW, Barnard NAS, Arkush C (1996) Optometric uses ofhypnosis. 13 (2), 69-73Contemporary hypnosisBarnard NAS, Thomson WD (1995) A quantitative analysis of eyemovements during the cover test - a preliminary reportOphthal Physiol Opt, 15, 5, 413-419Thomson WD, Barnard NAS (1995) A quantitative analysis of eyemovements during the cover test.Invest. Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 36, 4, 355Barnard NAS (1995) Psychosomatic visual anomalies in childrenTransactions of Precision Optometric Symposium, Jerusalem,Israel, 38-44Barnard NAS (1995) Ocular signs of child abuseTransactions of Precision Optometric Symposium, Jerusalem,Israel, 70-76Barnard NAS (1995) Diagnostic drugs in optometric practiceTransactions of Precision Optometric Symposium, Jerusalem,Israel, 77-91Barnard NAS, Thomson WD (1994) A quantitative analysis of eyemovements during the cover test, Optom Vis Sci, 71, 12s, 163Barnard NAS (1994) Optometry in Israel - The City University-Netanyaconnection. Optometry Today,Barnard NAS, Field A, Kee G (1993) Dermatitis following topical use ofchloramphenicol, Optometry Today, May 3, 29Field A , Barnard NAS (1993) Imaginary convex eye. An aid to indirectophthalmoscopy, Optometry Today, May 31, 228

Simon BarnardCV February 2017Lawrenson JG, Edgar DF, Gudgeon AC, Burns JM, Geraint M, BarnardNAS (1993) A comparison of the efficacy and duration of actionof topically applied proxymetacaine using a novel ophthalmicdelivery system versus eye drops in healthy young volunteersBr J Ophthalmol, 77, 713-715Barnard NAS, Patel C, Barnard RAM (1991) Sjögren-LarrsonSyndrome, Ophthal Physiol Opt, 11, 2, 180-183Barnard NAS, Allen R, Field A (1991) Referrals for vascularhypertension in a group of 45-64 year-old patientsOphthal Physiol Opt, 11, 3, 201-205Barnard NAS (1991) The aesthesiometer as a slit-lamp biomicroscopeattachment, Optometry Today, May 20, 12-13Barnard NAS, Thomson WD (1991) The effect of coloured filters on the eyemovements of dyslexic childrenProceedings of Joint Meeting between AVA and The ColourGroup on Coloured Spectacles and Reading Difficulties.Apothecaries Hall, LondonBarnard NAS (1990) Optometry in the UK - Past present and futureNetherlands Journal for Optometry & Contactology(Visus), 1, 21-26Barnard NAS (1990) Anthrax of the eyelidsOphthal Physiol Opt, 10,3, 300-301Barnard NAS, Birch J, Wildey H (1990) Concurrent visual conversionreaction and simulated colour vision defects in a twelve year oldChild, Ophthal Physiol Opt, 10, 4, 391-393Barnard NAS (1990) Examination of the visual fields of young childrenOptician, 21-22Barnard NAS (1990) Visual involvement in the learning difficulties in childrenOptician, October 19, 12-16Barnard NAS (1990) The psychological effect of contact lenses on a sevenyear-old child. Contact Lens Journal, 18, 10, 282Barnard NAS (1989) Hypnosis in contact lens practiceContact Lens Journal, 17,5, 159-160Barnard NAS, Bailey N, Grosvenor T, Stidwill D (1989)Diverse opinionsContact Lens Journal, 17, 4, 126-127Barnard NAS (1989) Kinetic outline perimetry as a technique for examiningthe visual fields of young childrenOphthal Physiol Opt, 9, 463-464Barnard NAS (1989) Visual conversion reaction in childrenOphthal Physiol Opt, 9, 4,Barnard NAS (1989) Congenital pit of the optic nerveOphthal Physiol Opt, 9,3, 324-326Barnard NAS (1985) Discoloration of soft contact lenses as a side effect ofsystemic drugsOptician, 188, 4973, 26Barnard NAS, Ellis B, & Hawman K (1985) Malignant melanoma of thechoroid. Optometry Today, April 27, 287-288Barnard NAS (1983) Screening by optometristsOphthal Physiol Opt, 3,3, 365-3679

Simon BarnardCV February 2017Barnard NAS & McLellan H (1977) An investigation into astigmatic changeswith soft contact lenses for distance and near visionContact Lens Journal, 6,4, 8-22,Research Posters & Presentations2017 Corey NE, Levit A, Barnard S Evaluation of the Use of anAutomated Photo-Ophthalmic Device (APOD) for Assisting the Fittingof Custom Toric Contact Lenses, Global Speciality Lens Symposium(GSLS), Las Vegas, USA. January 26-29 20172016 Barnard S & Repucci G. Our experience with an automated photoophthalmic device for measuring MRD IV International Course ofOrbitoplastics Surgery , Praiano, Italy, 7th & 8th October 20162015Barnard S, Maor R, Levit A, Yashiv Y, Johnson E (2015)Thedistribution of anisocoria in a group of unelected patients attending aprimary care optometry practice. Poster presentation accepted for 31stInternational Pupil Colloquium, Pembroke College, University ofOxford, 13-17th September 20152015 Barnard S, Maor R, Levit A, Yashiv Y, Johnson E (2015) Distribution ofpupil eccentricity in a group of unelected patients attending a primarycare optometry practice. Poster presentation accepted for 31stInternational Pupil Colloquium, Pembroke College, University ofOxford, 13-17th September 20152014 Automated documentation, using the Volk Eye Check, of acquiredHorner's syndrome following surgical anterior cervical decompressionBarnard S, Allibone J, Johnson E, Yashiv Y, Maor R, , Levit A, LondonR. Poster presentation, American Academy of Optometry conference,Denver, USA, 14th November 2014.2014European Academy of Optometry (EAOO) conference, Warsaw,Poland. Research lecture: Automated strabismus detection and pupilanalysis, Barnard S & Johnson E, 18th May 20142013American Academy of Optometry, Seattle, October 2013Barnard S, Yashiv Y, Maor R, Stroud M, Trucknbrod C, Fleishmann D,Levit L, London R.Poster: A novel device for real time automated strabismus detectionand pupil analysis2013 Dahlmann-Noor AH, Adams G, Maor R, Barnard, S, Yashiv Y (2013)Real-Time automatic strabismus screening using digital image analysistechniques. Poster presentation American Association of PaediatricOphthalmology and Strabismus, Boston, USA (3rd – 6th April)10

Simon BarnardCV February 20172012 Prevalence and Risk factors for Choroidal Nevi using Optos ScanningLaser Ophthalmoscope, Gordon-Shaag A; Barnard S, Gantz L;Pinchasov R; Gosman Z, Chiche G; Elbaz V; Wolff R, and Shneor E:Lecture presentation (presented by Einat Shneor);), 32nd Annualmeeting of the Israel Society of Vision and Eye Research, March 2012,Tel Aviv, Israel2012 Bilateral retinal coloboma; Barnard S, Shneor E; Brauner J, GordonShaag A, Poster presentation, Annual Israel Optometry ConferenceSponsored by New England College of Optometry, Boston1995 American Academy of Optometry Conference, New Orleans, USAIdiosyncratic variations of eye movements during the cover test (posterpresentation1995 ARVO, USA Eye movement characteristics during the covertest (poster presentation - Thomson WD & Barnard NAS)1995 British College of Optometrists Centenary Conference, Cambridge eyemovement characteristics during the cover test (poster presentation Barnard NAS & Thomson WD)1995 American Academy of Optometry (British Chapter) Conference, Oxford,UK. Eye movement characteristics during the cover test (posterpresentation (Barnard NAS & Thomson WD)1995 American Academy of Optometry (British Chapter) Conference, Oxford,UK. (poster presentation - Mitty JL, Evans BJW, Wilkins AJ, BarnardNAS) The effect of pattern sensitivity and coloured filters on avisual search task resembling reading1994 American Academy of Optometry Annual Conference, San Diego,USA. A quantitative analysis of eye movement characteristics duringthe cover test ( poster presentation - Barnard NAS & Thomson WD)11

Simon BarnardCV February 2017Invited Postgraduate LecturesInternational lectures201620162016Glaucoma: Masters degree course,Hadassah College, Jerusalem, Israel,6th -8th March 20164th Annual Israel OphthalmologySociety Conference, Tel AvivLecture, 1st June 2016Joint: Presented with MenachemSalasnikSwedish Association of OptometristsAnnual Conference, Aros CongressCentre, ACC, in Västerås 6-7thFebruary 201616 hours of lecturers andclinical workshopsThe use of automatedphoto-analysis of pupil sizein different levels of ambientillumination to aid diagnosisof Horner syndrome.1) Enhancing PatientCare in Contact Lens& Paediatric Practisewith an InnovativeHandheld Technology– the Volk Eye Check2) The use of diagnosticdrugs in optometricpracticeEnhancing Patient Care inContact Lens & PaediatricPractise with an InnovativeHandheld Technology – theVolk Eye CheckVolk Eye Check – A newconcept in eye dataacquisition2016Interoptik Annual Conference, OsloNorway, 28th January 20162015Dutch Association of Optometrists(OVN) Invited lecture 8th- 9thFebruary in 2015 Den Bosch,Netherlands2015Association de Optometrists Francais(AOF) Invited lecture. 19th January2015, Paris, FranceStrabismus2014Ophthalmology Department, IchilovHospital, Tel Aviv, Israel, 22ndDecember 2014. Invited lecture.2014University of Houston, 31st AnnualCornea, Contact Lens andContemporary Vision CareAutomated acquisition andreal time analysis of pupil,eye position, external eyeand adnexa data to enhanceand assist in, neuroophthalmology, contact lenspractise, oculoplastics andpaediatric ophthalmology(Volk Eye Check).The Volk Eye Check:Automated Real Time Pupil,HVID, MRD Data Acquisition12

Simon Barnard20142014201420142014CV February 2017Symposium, Sunday 7th December2014. Invited lecture.and Analysis7th International Congress ofBehavioural Optometry (ICBO),Birmingham, UK , 13 SeptemberAssociation of Schools & Colleges ofOptometry (ASCO) (USA); Invitedlecture, 25th June 2014, Philadelphia,USAAutomated strabismusdetection & Pupil AnalysisDepartment of Optometry, HadassahCollege, Jerusalem 3-day Mastersdegree module; 15th-17th June 2014.Glaucoma in Optometric Practice16 hours of lectures andworkshops on GlaucomaVision Expo New York: Invited lecture.The Use of IntuitiveColorimetry in OptometricPractice, 28th March, 2014COPE 40264-GO5.5 hours each day for 4days on Mydriasis; AMD;Glaucoma; Optic Nerve;Other Optic NerveConditions; PeripheralRetina & Vitreous17 hours of lectures andworkshops on Paediatricoptometry2013Synsam Norway group of optometriststo present four consecutive one-daycourses in Oslo 3rd to 6th June 20132013Department of Optometry ,HadassahCollege, Jerusalem13th to 15th January 2013 3-dayMasters degree module; PaediatricOptometryOptos OCT & Optomap Roadshow,Oslo, Norway, 21st June 2012Interoptik Group, OCT two-dayseminar on Optical CoherenceTomography, Tonsberg, Norway, 3rd &4th June 2012201220122012Annual Israel Optometry Symposium,Jerusalem, 14th & 15th May 201213Volk Eye Check – A newconcept in eye dataacquisitionLecture: OCT in primarycare optometry practiceLectures:1) Anatomy of the retina2) Introduction to OCT3) Case studies 14) Case studies 25) Narrow anteriorchamber anglereferrals in optometrypractice6) OCT and glaucoma7) Integrating OCT inoptometry practice:business models3 key note lectures.Sponsored by the SavalFund, New England Collegeof Optometry, Boston, USA

Simon BarnardCV February 20172012Glaucoma Symposium, JerusalemIsrael, Hadassah College, Jerusalem,Israel, 20th March 20122012CIOCV National OptometricConference 221st & 22nd April 2012,Braga, PortugalDepartment of Optometry ,HadassahCollege, Jerusalem; RetinaSymposium 31st May20112011Department of Optometry ,HadassahCollege, Jerusalem; 30th May2011Department of Optometry ,HadassahCollege, Jerusalem; Symposium 25thJanuary14(1) Strabismus(2) Optical CoherenceTomography(3) Optomap laserscanningophthalmoscopy2 Key Note lectures(1) The challenge ofprimary open angleglaucoma(2) The role of optometryin glaucoma casefinding(3) Prevalence of narrowanteriorchamberangles in primarycare practiceOptical CoherenceTomography in OptometricPracticeKey note lectures:(1) The use of diagnosticdrugs byoptometrists: myths &realities(2) Optical CoherenceTomography inoptometric practice(3) No mydriatic? Noproblem.MOptom Retina course:Lectures:(1) Anatomy of the retina(2) Management ofpatients with “flashes& floaters”(3) Tumours of the eyeWorkshop: Optos scanninglaser ophthalmoscopeKey Note lectures: (1)Thefuture of retinal examinationin primary care optometry(sponsored by Optos plc)(2) A review of recentadvances in the diagnosticand therapeutic roles ofoptometry in Europe (jointlecture with Dr DeaconHarle)

Simon 82007CV February 2017Department of Optometry ,HadassahCollege, Jerusalem23rd-25th January 3-day Mastersdegree module; Paediatric OptometryDepartment of Optometry ,HadassahCollege, Jerusalem30th May to 1st June: 3-day Mastersdegree module on Glaucoma andOptical Coherence TomographyInvited lecture at the Israel GlaucomaSociety Meeting, Herzlyia, Israel :Beyond IOP; Neuroprotection andBlood Flow, May 2010Retina Conference University Collegeof Optometry, KongsbergKrogh Group Optometry Conference,Oslo, NorwayDutch Association of OptometristsAnnual Conference, Ermilo,NetherlandsDepartment of Optometry, HadassahCollege, Jerusalem, IsraelMasters degree module on RetinaDepartment of Optometry, HadassahCollege, Jerusalem, IsraelMasters degree module on PaediatricOptometry (with Dr Deacon Harle)Department of Optometry, HadassahCollege, Jerusalem, IsraelMasters degree module on GlaucomaManagementStockholm; Annual Conference ofSwedish Association of OptometristsParis; Annual Conference ofAssociation of OptometristsDepartment of Optometry, HadassahCollege, Jerusalem, IsraelMasters degree module on Dyslexia(with Professor Bruce Evans)4 lectures and 2 clinicaldemonstrations1517 hours of lectures andclinics on paediatricoptometry30th May to 1st June: 3-dayMasters degree module onGlaucoma and OpticalCoherence Tomographyalso attended by theophthalmology team fromLaniado Hospital (18 hoursof lectures and workshops)Advanced retinal nerve fibrelayer analysis – Key NoteLecture1) Review of retinal anatomy2) Pigment changes in theretina – what do I see?Retinal Assessment usingOptoMapKey Note Lectures (1)Optical CoherenceTomography in OptometricPractice (2) Drugs inOptometric Practice7 hours of lectures andIndirect Ophthalmoscopyworkshops7 hours of lectures plus 7hours of workshops andclinics24 hours of glaucomalecturesKey Note Lecture:Use of Diagnostic DrugsKey Note Lecture:Use of Diagnostic Drugs1) AccommodationDisorders2) Behavioural OptometryOverview3) Optometric Correlates ofProfound LearningDifficulties

Simon BarnardCV February 20174) The Cover TestClinics – Colorimetry; PLDpatients2007Oslo; OptikNorge (4 lectures)2007ECOO Conference Dubrovnik, Croatia2007ECOO Conference Dubrovnik, Croatia2005Department of Optometry, HadassahAcademic College, Jerusalem, Israel2004OptikNorge, Oslo, Norway2003Key Note Lecture: 1st Hong KongOptometric Conference2003Israel Council of Optometrists, TelAviv, Israel. Invited to represent NewEngland College of Optometry,Boston, USA as Key Note LecturerKongsberg, Norway. Hogskolen IBuskerudLectures (1) Examining theretina of children (2) MakingChild’s Play of ExaminingChildrenLecture: The Cover Test – Isthere anything new to learn?Workshops: The cover test2002OptikNorge, Oslo2002Hong Kong Polytechnic University,Hong KongOptikNorge, OsloBraga, Portugal University ofMinho1) No Mydriatic? – NoProblem2) Dry Eye Management3) Diabetes in OptometricPracticeDiabetes in OptometricPracticePaediatric Eye CareEye movementcharacteristics during thecover testTreatment of eye lid diseasePaediatric ocular disease20022001199919961995University of Covilha, PortugalBraga, Portugal GEFA 1995Optometry Conference, University16Current Trends in Diagnosisof Optic Nerve andRetinal Disease;Ocular Neoplasia;Diagnosis of PeripheralRetinal DiseaseClinical Grand RoundsKey Note Lecture:Use of Diagnostic DrugsKey Note Lecture:Scope of Paediatric PracticeLecture - DifferentialDiagnosis of PVD & RetinalDetachmentLectures (1) DifferentialDiagnosis of PVD & RetinalDetachment (2) Nutritionand the eye (3) Treatment oflid diseaseRecent Developments inPaediatric Optometry

Simon Barnard19951995CV February 2017of MinhoDepartment of Optometry, HadassahCollege of Technology, Jerusalem,IsraelJerusalem, Israel PrecisionOptometric Symposium1994Braga, Portugal GEFA 1994Optometry Conference, University ofMinho.1990Port of Spain, Trinidad & TobagoAssociation of Optometrists1990Amsterdam Dutch Contact LensAssociation Annual Conference,HollandSantiago da Compestella, Spanishoptometrists at the School ofPharmacy & Optometry, SpainRome, Italy. Alexander FlemingInstitute. Optometry School.198719861985Rome, Italy. Alexander FlemingInstitute. Optometry School.1984Rome, Italy. Alexander FlemingInstitute. Optometry School.1983Rome, Italy. Alexander FlemingInstitute. Optometry School.17An introduction to clinicalcase finding1) Psychosomatic visualanomalies in children2) Ocular signs of childabuse3) Diagnostic drugs inoptometric practice4) Intuitive Colorimetry(Workshop)Paediatric Vision Test(Workshop)Examination of the childpatient1) Hypnosis in optometricpractice2) Psychogenic visualdisorders3) Diabetes and the eyeScreening for vascularhypertension4) Gonioscopy5) Visual aspects of learningdifficulties"Optometry in the UK-pastpresent and future"3 days of lectures andtutorials in orthopticsGeneral optometricteaching. One weekintensive lecturingGeneral optometricteaching. One weekintensive lecturingGeneral optometricteaching. One weekintensive lecturingGeneral optometricteaching. One weekintensive lecturing

Simon BarnardCV February 2017United Kingdom2017201620162016Optometry Tomorrow. Key notelecture, Birmingham conference(forthcoming 19th March)Scottish Contact Lens AnnualAssociation Conference27th November, 2016. 4 workshopsSpecsavers Regional Meeting,Kingston, Surrey, 23rd November2016; LecturerLeicestershire & Rutland LocalOptical Committee CET Event, 17thNovember 2016, Leicester.Lecture & Workshop2016East Lancashire Local OpticalCommittee CET event4th November 2016, Blackburn2016Cumbria Local Optical CommitteeCET eventLecture and Workshop10th October, Pen

Barnard S (2016) Using Automated Photo-Ophthalmic Device (APOD) in Optometry Practice. Optician, 27-31, 2nd December Shneor E, Millodot M, Barnard S, Gant L, Koslow K, Gordon-Shaag A (2014) Prevalence of congenital hypertrophy of the retinal

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