VIRTUAL Summer Fun At L&C In Godfrey, June And July 2021

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VIRTUAL Summer Fun at L&C in Godfrey, June and July 2021We are offering many sections of Summer Fun classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the months of June and July! Students may register for as manysections as they would like. Payment is due in full at the time of registration.Summer Fun courses incorporate a variety of activities and lessons. These activities allow students to maintain the social connections they have madethroughout the year. The summer courses also allow the students to keep up with their “student skills”.Please call Rosie Ellington at (618) 468-4127 if you have any questions. Summer registration can be done during appointments for the fall schedule.JUNE 1st-24th (8 irtual InstructorCost of ClassKayKatelynPenny 100 100 100KayKatelyn 100 100VirtualInstructorCostFANTASTIC FAIRYTALES CECE 800A-SS2BZIPPIDY-ZOO-DA CECE-800A-SS1BPennyKay 100 100Kay 100HOLLYWOOD CECE-800A-SS1AFUN WITH FOOD CECE-800A-SS2ASENSATIONAL SCIENCE CECE-800A-SS5ALunch1:00pm-3:00pmVirtualVirtual ARCADE ADVENTURE CECE-800A-SS3AMOVING WITH MUSIC CECE 800A-SS4AJULY 6th-29th (8 sessions)Time10:00am-12:00pmVirtualVirtual Lunch1:00pm-3:00pmVirtual DYNAMITE DISNEY CECE-800A-SS3B

N.O. Nelson Fall 2021, College for Life Course Schedule TUESDAY/THURSDAYClassroom9:00 – 9:259:30 – 10:20Nelson Exercise CECE-814A- N2Music CECE-817A- N11 95 95N9 101N9 103N3 118 Meal Planning/Cooking CECE-899- N3Music/Musical CECE-817- N1Math CECE 810- N3 210 190 190Self-AdvocacyLCCC-880 N20, N21, N22N9 101N9 103N3 118 11:50 – 12:4012:40 – 1:301:35 – 2:252:30 – 2:55Cost of ClassN9 101N9 10310:30 – 10:5511:00– 11:50InstructorArt CECE-815- N20Computers/Logic CECE 830-N21Social Studies CECE 845-N22 95 190 190 190LunchN9 101N9 103N3 104 Drama CECE 816- N12Sewing CECE-815-N1Geography CECE 846- N1N9 101N9 103 Science CECE 855- N7Literature CECE 820- N11N9 101N9 103 Aerobics CECE-814A- N3Pop Culture CECE 821A-N2 190 190 190 190 190 95 95

VIRTUAL Fall 2021, College for Life Course Schedule TUESDAY/THURSDAYClassroomVirtualInstructorCost of Class9:00 – 9:25Virtual Exercise CECE-814A-55Math CECE 810A-54 95 959:30 – 10:20VirtualVirtual Drama CECE 816-55Short Stories (Literature) CECE 820-54 190 190Self-AdvocacyLCCC 880 20, 2110:30 – 10:5511:00– 11:50VirtualVirtual 11:50 – 12:40Logic/Math CECE 823-20Art CECE-815-21 95 190 190Lunch12:40 – 1:30VirtualVirtual Music CECE-817-32Animal Science CECE 855-34 190 1901:35 – 2:25VirtualVirtual Healthy Living CECE 825-55Social Studies CECE 845-54 190 1902:30 – 2:55Virtual Exercise CECE-814A-53 95

Godfrey Fall 2021, College for Life Course Schedule TUESDAY/THURSDAYClassroomGodfreyInstructorCost of Class9:00 – 9:25FO 1505FO 1503 Music CECE-817A-31Exercise CECE-814A-31 95 959:30 – 10:20FO 1505FO 1520FO 1503 Meal Planning/Cooking CECE-899-11Math CECE 810-12Music Musical CECE-817-31 210 190 190Self-AdvocacyLCCC 880 22, 23, 24, 2510:30 – 10:5511:00– 11:50FO 1500FO 1520FO 1505FO 1503 11:50 – 12:40Art CECE-815-22Computers/Logic CECE 830-23Social Studies CECE 845-24Drama CECE 816-25 95 190 190 190 190Lunch12:40 – 1:30FO 1503FO 1520FO 1500 Movie Analysis CECE 816-41Geography CECE 846-21Sewing/Art CECE-815-31 190 190 1901:35 – 2:25FO 1505FO 1503 Science CECE 855-11Literature CECE 820-22 190 1902:30 – 2:55FO 1503FO 1520 Aerobics CECE-814A-46Pop Culture CECE 821A-11 95 95

Godfrey Fall 2021, College for Life Course Schedule MONDAY/WEDNESDAYClassroomGodfreyInstructorCost of Class9:00 – 9:25FO 1505FO 1503 Math CECE 810A-12Exercise CECE-814A-40 95 959:30 – 10:20FO 1503FO 1500FO 1505 Drama CECE 816-44Art/Scrapbooking CECE-815-41Literature CECE 820-41 190 190 190Self-AdvocacyLCCC 880 41, 42, 43 95Art CECE-815-41Social Studies CECE 845-42Healthy Snacking CECE 899-43 190 190 21010:30 – 10:5511:00– 11:50FO 1500FO 1503FO 1505 11:50 – 12:40Lunch12:40 – 1:30FO 1505FO 1503 Science CECE 855-45Music/Musicals CECE 817-44 190 1901:35 – 2:25FO 1505FO 1500 Logic CECE 823-44Art/Sewing CECE 815-45 190 1902:30 – 2:55FO 1503FO 1520 Aerobics CECE-814A-44Computers CECE 830A-45 95 95

VIRTUAL Fall 2021, College for Life Course Schedule TUESDAY/THURSDAY Classroom Virtual Instructor Cost of Class 9:00 – 9:25 Virtual Exercise CECE-814A-55 95Math CECE 810A-54 95 9:30 – 10:20 Virtual Virtual Drama

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