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Year 10 2021Student Stately DriveCranbourne East VIC 3977Tel: (03) 5990 0200Fax: (03) 5990 0299

Year 10 Student Handbook2021ContentsIntroductionPage 3School StaffPage 4Key TermsPage 4The Course Selection ProcessPage 5Pathway OverviewPage 5Overview of the Year 10 ProgramPage 6VCE in Year 10Page 8Is a VCE in Year 10 right for me?Page 9HeadSTARTPages 10-11Vocational Education & Training (VET)Page 12Year 10 Special Programs – OverviewPage 13Special Programs Selection ProcessPage 14Subject Mapping – Years 9-12Pages 15-17Sports Pathway ProgramPage 19STEM PathwayPage 20Precal ProgramPage 21-23VCE SubjectsPages 24-29Core Subjects Descriptions: Year 10 ProgramPages 31 - 36Pathway Subject DescriptionsPages 38 - 74Cranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 2

Year 10 Student Handbook2021IntroductionYear 10 is a very important year for students – it is a year when students make choices that will have animpact on their futures.Over the years, students have attended Cranbourne East Secondary College, they have participated in manyactivities designed to make them think about future career pathways and prospects. This has occurred inP2S as well as other subjects.As they enter the next phase of their school life, they will be expected to take greater responsibility for theirown learning. This starts now, as you consider pathway subject selections to make up their course of studyfor 2021. The pathway offerings will provide opportunities for students to explore areas of interest, andpossibly provide some background for subject selection in later years.We believe that we have designed a structure for Year 10 students in 2021 that achieves many things.Students will: have access to a VCE Unit 1 and 2 subject. For students who wish to undertake these studies, it givesthem a chance to become familiar with the demands and structure of VCE in Year 10. It also givesstudents a chance to complete an extra sequence of a Unit 3 and 4 subject in Year 12. This can havea beneficial impact on a student’s ATAR scorehave access to VET courseshave access to Precal (Foundation VCAL) certificate held at Cranbourne East Secondary Collegehave access to enrichment programs in STEM or Sports. These exciting programs will providestudents with exposure to further educational experiences and the opportunity to work with likeminded peersbe able to access a comprehensive Year 10 course with a range of pathway studiesAll of these options will lead students to further study at Cranbourne East Secondary College in VCE, VET andVCAL in Year 11 and 12. Students and parents need to discuss future options and choose wisely, keeping aneye on future careers.The 2021 timetable will be created from the selections that students make; it is for this reason that pathwaychanges may not be possible unless there are exceptional circumstances. It is important for students to takeevery opportunity to talk over these choices with their parents, teachers and year level leaders who want toadvise and support them through this process. Students moving into Year 10, and their families, will alsohave an opportunity to book a Course Counselling appointment to support them through this process if theywish.Penni RoeAssistant PrincipalCranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 3

Year 10 Student Handbook2021School StaffThe following College staff may be of assistance when planning your Year 10 Course. We encourage you to contactany of our staff members, please call the College on 5990 0200.RoleYear 9 & 10 Assistant PrincipalYear 10 Team LeaderYear 9 Team LeaderCareers/Pathways PractitionerEnglish Learning Area LeaderMaths Learning Area LeaderHumanities Learning Area LeaderScience Learning Area LeaderPE/Health Learning Area LeaderMusic and Performing Arts LeaderStaff NamePenni RoeBelinda MossCara McLean/Tony LeungNancy Huez O’Rourke/Jennelle LittleChris Davey-WhiteAmanda WernerIvan BrittoTodd ChamberlainCraig KennedyScott HobsonKey TermsVic Curriculum: a bridge curriculum between theAustralian Curriculum and the Victorian EssentialLearning Standards (VELS), shown on student’sreports. What we refer to as being ‘at the Standard’for a Year Level.Apprenticeship: a structured learning program whichcombines on the job training with TAFE learning. Forstudents who are not in school.ATAR: Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (formerlyknown as ENTER). Ranks on a scale from zero to 99.95to allow students to apply to University and TAFEcourses.Attendance: 95% attendance is required to pass VCEunits. Students must provide medical certificates forany other absences. 95% attendance equates tomissing about 10 lessons per term.Certificate II: A nationally recognised qualification,usually what would be completed at TAFE in 6 – 12months.Certificate III: A nationally recognised qualificationwhich builds skills to a higher level then Cert. II.Generally, for more technical trades such asElectrician.years (part time). The highest qualification offered isa Diploma.Traineeship: A structured training and learningprogram, which lasts 1 – 3 years. Normally in a non –vocational field such as Business, Children’s Services,etc.Units 1 & 2: Usually completed in Year 11, as part of aVCE certificate.Unit 3 & 4: Taken together, you can’t complete 1 orthe other. Usually taken in Year 12 as part of a VCEcertificate.University: University courses range from Bachelors toDoctorates. University learning is a combination oflectures (100 – 400 people listening to 1 personspeak), tutorials of around 25 students and practicals(in some courses). To enrol in University, you need tocomplete VCE.VCAA: The Victorian Curriculum and AssessmentAuthority sets all learning for Victorian State Schools.They also assess and mark VCE exams.VCAL: Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, ahands – on alternative to the VCE.SAC: School Assessed Coursework, in schoolassessment as part of VCE.VCE: Victorian Certificate of Education, the standardYear 11 and 12 pathway in Victoria.TAFE: Stands for Technical and Further Education.TAFE courses range from short courses to around 4VET: Vocational Education and Training, an off – sitelearning certificate taken in combination with a VCALor VCE course.For further information on VCE, VCAL and VET please go to the VCAA website: East Secondary CollegePage 4

Year 10 Student Handbook2021The Course Selection ProcessThis guide has been developed to support the Year 10 subject selection process for students, parents and guardians.It is a guide only, and not intended to be all encompassing. Students need to be responsible to conduct researchin their future career pathway.Year 10 Subject Key Dates: Year 9 into Year 10 Subject Selection Information – Week beginning Monday 15th June 2020 Online Information Evening – Thursday 18th June 2020 Applications for Special Programs, Precal and VCE Subjects due Friday 26th June 2020 Interviews for Special Programs, Precal and VCE Subjects Commence – Week beginning Monday13th July 2020 Course Counselling for remaining Year 9 students commences 27th July 2020 Subject selections for all other Pathway Subjects/Electives will open on Monday 27th July andmust be submitted by Friday 7th August 2020These are vitally important dates. It is during this time that Year 9 students will select the course of studythey plan to undertake in 2021. Students who have applied to complete a Special Program may berequired to attend an interview with their parent/guardian.Students in Year 9 will undertake a course counselling session with a member of the Leadership Team. Ifparents would like to participate in this appointment, please contact the year 10 Team Leaders who willbe able to assist you.We anticipate that student and subject groupings for 2021 should be finalised by early Term 4. Parentswill be notified of total course costs after this time, however please be aware that some courses areexpensive due to activities undertaken. Approximate costs for pathway subjects are outlined in thishandbook.Cranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 5

Year 10 Student Handbook2021Year 10 Pathway Overview*English & Maths classes include Enrichment and MainstreamFuture Pathways for 2022Cranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 6

Year 10 Student Handbook2021Overview of the Year 10 ProgramThe Year 10 program requires students to attend 50 periods per cycle (the same as from Years 7 – 9). These 50sessions include a combination of Core subjects, Special Programs and Pathway subjects.Core subjects run for the full year and provide students with the basic skills and knowledge needed for the worldbeyond school, as well as preparing students for further study in VCE or VCAL.Core subjects at Cranbourne East Secondary College: English (students can express interest in being considered for an Enrichment class however the Collegewill place students in the appropriate level & class)HumanitiesMaths (students can express interest in being considered for anEnrichment class however the College will placestudents in the appropriate level & class)ScienceSpecial ProgramsThe Special Programs offered at CESC include Precal, Sports Pathway andSTEM. All programs run for the whole year and students must apply to beconsidered for those programs. Selection criteria applies for the programs,and where there are more students asking for consideration than places, students will be ranked using theselection criteria.Pathway SubjectsPathway subjects (electives) run for 1 semester (2 terms) for 5 or 10 periods a cycle depending on the content.Students can select up to 12 Pathway subjects per year depending of the mix of subjects chosen. All Year 10pathways are designed to provide bridging knowledge for VCE or VCAL studies or equip students with skills for theworkplace.Some students will also be given an opportunity to study a VCE or VET subject in Year 10. These programs will runfor the full year and are equivalent to 2 x 10 period pathway subjects.Cranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 7

Year 10 Student Handbook2021VCE in Year 10Completing a VCE subject in Year 10 is a way for students to get an understanding of what VCE studies are reallylike.Studying a VCE subject in Year 10 helps to develop students’: Time management skills. Independent learning skills needed for VCE success. Ability to cope with exams and school assessed coursework. Interests in a particular area.Subjects AvailableThe following Unit 1 & 2 VCE subjects are being offered to Year 10 students in 2021. Business Management Food Studies Health & Human Development Information Technology Outdoor Education PsychologyEnrolment ProcessNot all students will be eligible to complete a VCE subject in Year 10. Enrolment will be made on a case by casebasis and will be based on students completing an: online application entrance test (possibly) interviewPrevious assessment data, reports and evidence of positive learning behaviours will also be considered.Students who do not meet the criteria for VCE in Year 10 will still be able to enrol in the same subject in Year 11.There is a 95% attendance requirement for all VCE subjects.Cranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 8

Year 10 Student Handbook2021Would studying a VCE subject in Year 10 be right for me?Studying a VCE subject in Year 10 is not for everybody.VCE subjects are offered to extend students who have consistently been achieving above the standard in aparticular area in past years.Attempting VCE studies too early can actually be damaging if you are not capable of handling the stress orchallenge. It can cause a low self – esteem about learning, a sense of failure, and put you behind in other subjectstoo. It’s easy to become overwhelmed.VCE subjects will have a 95% attendance requirement. To pass the subject you must attend 95% of all classes, orhave medical certificates for absences.Use the table below and advice from others to help you decide if completing a VCE subject in Year 10 is right foryou.I am Feeling unchallenged in a subject Achieving above the standardresults in one or more subjects Never late with assignments An independent learner Somebody who learns best withstructureIf this is you, try a VCE subjectI am More than 1 year below thestandard on one or more subjects Feeling stressed about school work Not motivated in school Not committed to doing homework Absent a lotIf this is you, you are NOT ready for a VCEsubject in Year 10More benefits of studying VCE in Year 10: Become familiar with assessment system, marking and expectations of a VCE subjectAllows completion of an extra Unit 3 & 4 subject which may count towards an ATAR scoreChallenge yourself academicallyCranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 9

Year 10 Student Handbook2021HEADSTART gets you ahead of the restHead Start is an initiative from the Victorian State Government toincrease the number of students undertaking high qualityapprenticeships and traineeships, while still completing their seniorsecondary studies through flexible arrangements.HEADSTART Apprenticeships and Traineeships is focused on a high-quality pathway with more time spent on the jobensuring students complete VCE/VCAL alongside their apprenticeship/traineeshipfocusing on key qualifications in high-demand industries with strong employment pathwaysproviding intensive support to students and employers through Head Start staff, all the waythrough the programWhat are the benefits? students can spend a significant amount of time on-the-job, in training whilst still completingtheir senior secondary qualification. employers are enabled to train and mentor young apprentices and trainees who are ready forwork, and who will also have higher levels of literacy, numeracy and employability skills. Be a qualified apprentice or trainee. students will undertake high quality apprenticeships and/or traineeships with genuineemployers. With continuous and dedicated support for all parties to help students progress tocompletion. HEADSTART supports students undertaking a Certificate III Apprenticeships orTraineeships.HEADSTART supports students undertaking a certificate III pathway program means that you willspend less time at school, more time at work, complete a certificate III and also complete a VCE orVCAL.Cranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 10

Year 10 Student HandbookIndustry AreaBuilding,Construction e III in Bricklaying / Block laying Certificate IIIin CarpentryCertificate III in Painting and Decorating Certificate IIIin Wall and Ceiling Lining Certificate III in Wall andFloor Tiling Certification III in PlumbingCertificate III in Electro-Technology Electrician Certificate IIIin Civil ConstructionCertificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology Certificate IIIin Engineering – Fabrication Trade Certificate III n Engineering –Mechanical Trade Certification III in Landscape ConstructionCertificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology Certificate IIIin Automotive Refinishing TechnologyCertificate III in Cabinet MakingCertificate III in Marine Mechanical Technology Certificate III in Airconditioning and RefrigerationCommunityServices &HealthCertificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care Certificate IIIin Health Services Assistance Certificate III in Allied HealthAssistanceCertificate III in Dental Assisting Certificate III inCommunity Services Certificate III in CommunityPharmacyBusinessServicesCertificate III in Telecommunications Technology Certificate IV inServiceCertificate III in Commercial Cookery Certificate IIIInformation Technology Networking Certificate III in Businessin Hairdressing Certificate III in BakingPrimaryIndustryCertificate III in Agriculture Certificate III inHorticultureCertificate III in Production Horticulture Certificate IIIin Production Nursery Certificate III in ArboricultureHEADSTART Industry Coordinator at your school can provide more informationCranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 11

Year 10 Student Handbook2021Vocational Education and Training (VET)Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VET) programs are designed to expand opportunities and pathwaysfor senior secondary students, and improve post compulsory educational outcomes as well as address theemployment needs of industry in Victoria.VET Programs offer: a nationally recognised vocational certificate with credits built in just like other subjects counts towards the VCE & VCAL Certificates may contribute to the ATAR or study score training in a specific industry area an opportunity to put knowledge and skills into practice in a simulated or actual workplace environmentknown as Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) a qualification which will provide access to further training improved chances of getting work when finishing schoolVocational Education and Training Programs assist students to make the transition to further education, trainingand employment. Many programs are based on entry level TAFE courses. These programs are designed so thatstudents can develop general work-related competencies and the skills and knowledge required in a particularindustry.VET Programs: Promote an awareness of work through work placement Develop general work-related competencies i.e. skills in communication, team work, using technology,problem solving, using mathematical ideas and concepts, planning and organising activities, gathering andanalysing information and occupational health and safety Develop the skills and knowledge required to work in a particular industry Give students a competitive edge in looking for both casual and full time employmentOther Considerations when Selecting a VET Program Timing and LocationThe majority of VET programs happen on Wednesdays and Fridays. If completing a VET Course, students will onlyselect 2 electives and will be allocated a study period for their other elective. Due to the timing of the courses,students will be required to catch up on any work missed whilst attending this course. This can be completedduring their allocated study period.CostsEach program has costs attached to it. They vary from program to program. Any charges listed in this guide arebased on 2020. Students will be advised of actual costs as they become available for the 2021 school year. VETstudents need to be reminded that a non-refundable 100 deposit is required before applications will beprocessed. Full payment of 2021 VET courses are required to be made by the end of 2020.Cranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 12

Year 10 Student Handbook2021Year 10 Special Programs - OverviewIn 2021 we are excited to be offering 3 streams of enrichment and enhancement programs in Year 10 with a focuson Applied Learning, STEM and Sports respectively. These programs are offered as electives and there are specificentrance requirements for each program.Precal (Foundation VCAL) (Approximate cost 150)In 2021, CESC will be offering an option to Year 10 students who are interested in hands on and applied learning.The Precal program aims to address the learning needs of students who have been identified as wanting topursue a VCAL pathway. These students will complete Foundation Level VCAL and will be well prepared for VCALin Year 11. Students attend school 4 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) where they will completethe following subjects.: Essential English (satisfactory completion results in VCAL Foundation Literacy credits) Essential Maths (satisfactory completion results in VCAL Foundation Numeracy credits) Personal Development and Work-Related Skills Industry and Enterprise Unit 1 2 x Year 10 electives of 5 periods per weekIn addition, students will complete a VET course on a Wednesday. To remain in the program, students will berequired to adhere to the College attendance requirements as well as the requirements for their relevant VETcourse.The benefits of a Precal program include: Increased support in the areas of literacy and numeracy Tailored projects focused on pathways Programs focusing on life skillsS.T.E.M 220.00The STEM program is a great opportunity for students to extend themselves in the areas of Science, Technology,Engineering and Maths. Students who apply for this program will work with peers in completing technology andengineering inquiry tasks.There are also opportunities to participate in competitions, workshops and seminars that are facilitated byMelbourne University, Monash University, Northern Hospital, Leap Foundation and other leading organisations.Our school’s STEM program is affiliated with the CSIRO and the scientists in school partnership. This partnershipallows a range of professionals from the science industry to mentor our STEM students. The STEM Programprovides students with the pathway into either VCE or VCAL.Sports Pathway Program (SPP) 250.00The Sport Pathway Program is a specialist sport program which is designed for capable athletes from all sportinginterests. The Sport Pathway Program is a full-time, integrated, academic program which allow students to developtheir athletic ability while concurrently receiving a high quality secondary education.The SPP exposes students to a variety of educational and practical experiences which aim to shape their futurepathways in the sporting field. The program also contains a competitive physical activity environment to developteamwork and leadership skills as well as physical skills and the training of sport specific fitness components.Students will have access to coaches from professional sporting clubs such as Melbourne Storm (NRL), MelbourneDemons (AFL) and Casey Cavaliers (BIGV Basketball). Within the program there will be theoretical units on sportsnutrition, injury prevention and sporting pathways. The Sports Pathway Program provides students with thepathway into either VCE or VCAL.All students wishing to enrol in any of the “Special” programs must complete the online application form andattend an interview.Cranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 13

Year 10 Student Handbook2021Special Program Selection ProcessThe Year 10 Special Program is designed to present students with additional opportunities for their education atCESC. Selection for the programs will be based on: Academic data – NAPLAN results, pre and post-tests, selection tests Attendance data Evidence of appropriate learning behaviours Teacher recommendation Sports Coach recommendation (if applying for the SSP) Online Application InterviewStudents are to indicate that they would like to be considered for selection for the programs, and where there aremore students asking for consideration than places, students will be ranked using the above criteria.Offers to each of the programs will be dependent on the number of students selecting the program, the level atwhich the student fulfils the criteria and the availability of places in each stream. Places ARE limited, therefore it ispossible that not all applicants will be successful, and as such all applications will be assessed on merit.ProgramAcademic CriteriaSTEM(Science TechnologiesEngineering & Maths) PrecalFoundation Level AccreditedVCAL Program SSPSports Pathway Program Year 9 NAPLAN Mathematicsresults (NA 2021)Report dataTeacher recommendationNAPLAN results for Maths andEnglishReport dataTeacher recommendationNAPLAN resultsReport DataRecommendation letter from asporting coachLetter explaining why you wantto be in the Sports PathwayProgram (half page)Cranbourne East Secondary CollegeLearning behaviours Criteria Consistently applies self to classtasksConsistently applies self to homestudy tasksCan develop appropriaterelationships with othersCan work autonomously andwithin a teamIs proactive about theireducational needsTakes responsibility for their ownlearning and learning behavioursPage 14

Year 10 Student Handbook2021Subject Mapping – Years 9 to 12The following table shows the link between subjects offered in Years 9 & 10 and the relevant VCE or VCAL subject.This will provide students who have an interest in completing a particular subject in Senior School the subjectsthat are recommended to be undertaken in Years 9 & 10.Learning Area:The TechnologiesLearning Area:Learning Area: EnglishPerforming ArtsVCE SubjectYear 10Year 9VCAL Literacy Essential English or Mainstream English(core) English (core)English Mainstream English or EnrichmentEnglish (core) English or Enrichment English(core)Literature Mainstream English or EnrichmentEnglish (core) [to a high standard]Literature electives: from Grimms toDisney, OR Sherlock to Shakespeare. English or Enrichment English(core) Dance Dance DanceDrama Drama DramaMedia Media (Film Studies) MediaMusic Performance Music MusicComputing/Informatics Digital Technologies Digital TechnologyFood Studies World of FoodProduct Design &TechnologySoftware Development Introduction to Food StudiesFood StylingCook for lifeIntroduction to VCE Health & HumanDevelopmentProduct Design Product Design Digital Technology Digital TechnologyStudio Arts Studio ArtsSystems Engineering Systems (Electronics) CeramicsVisual ArtsSystems (Electronics)Visual Communication& Design Visual Communication & Design Visual Communication &DesignCranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 15

Year 10 Student HandbookLearning Area:MathematicsLearning Area:HumanitiesLearning Area:Health & PEVCE SubjectHealth & HumanDevelopment2021 Year 10Introduction to VCE PEIntroduction to VCE Health & HumanDevelopment (highly recommended)Health Matters (highly recommended)Introduction to VCE Food StudiesOutdoor Education Outdoor EducationTeam Sports & FitnessGirls Team Sports & FitnessSports Pathway ProgramIntroduction to VCE PE Health & PE (core)Physical Education Health & PE (core) Sports Pathway Program (highlyrecommended)Introduction to VCE PE (highly recommended)Sports CoachingTeam Sports & FitnessGirls Team Sports & FitnessOutdoor EducationAccounting Humanities (core)Running my Business (highly recommended) Humanities (core)BusinessManagement Humanities (core)Running my Business (highly recommended) Humanities (core)Economics Humanities (core)Living in a Global Economy (highlyrecommended) Humanities (core)Geography Humanities (core)Environmental Change & Management (highlyrecommended) Humanities (core)History 20thCentury/Revolutions Humanities (core)Rights & Freedoms (highly recommended)The Vietnam War (highly recommended) Humanities (core)Legal Studies Humanities (core)Power & PoliticsThe Law & I (highly recommended) Humanities (core)VCAL Numeracy Essential Mathematics or MainstreamMathematics (core) MainstreamMathematics (core)General/FurtherMaths Mainstream or Enrichment Mathematics (core) Maths Methods Mainstream or Enrichment Mathematics (core) Mainstream or Enrichment Mathematics (core) Mainstream orEnrichmentMathematics (core)Mainstream orEnrichmentMathematics (core)Mainstream orEnrichmentMathematics (core) Year 9Health & PE (core)(Admission TestRequired)Specialist Maths(Admission TestRequired)Cranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 16

Year 10 Student HandbookVCE SubjectBiology Learning Area:ScienceChemistry 2021Year 10Science (core)Introduction to VCE Biology (highlyrecommended)Introduction to VCE Environmental Science –Marine Studies (highly recommended)CSI: Forensic ScienceMythbusters Year 9Science (core)Science (core)Introduction to VCE Chemistry (highlyrecommended)CSI: Forensic ScienceMythbusters Science (core)Environmental Science Science (core)Introduction to VCE Environmental Science –Marine Studies (highly recommended) Science (core)Physics Science (core) Science (core)Introduction to VCE Physics (highlyrecommended)Mythbusters Science (core)Intro to Psychology (highly recommended)Mythbusters Science (core)PsychologyCranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 17

Year 10 Student Handbook2021Special Programs:Detailed InformationCranbourne East Secondary CollegePage 18

Year 10 Student Handbook2021Special Programs: Sports Pathway ProgramThe Sport Pathway Program (SPP) is a specialist sport program that will be offered to year 10 students in 2021. Theprogram is designed for capable athletes from all sporting interests.The Sport Pathway Program is a full-time, integrated, academic program which allow students to develop their athleticability while concurrently receiving a high quality secondary education.The SPP exposes students to a variety of educational and practical experiences which aim to shape their futurepathways in the sporting field. The program also contains a competitive physical activity environment to developteamwork and leadership skills as well as physical skills.Students take part in personal training sessions with a professional strength and conditioning coach where theycomplete blocks of training specific to fitness components. Students are Pre and Post tested on the fitness componentsand analyse their own fitness data across the year.Within the program there will be theoretical units on Sports Injuries and Prevention, Acute Responses To Exercise,Performance Enhancement, Biomechanical levers and Sporting Pathways linked to VCAL, VET and VCE.Application processAttach the following documents to your application2020 Semester 1 academic reportRecommendation letter from a sporting coach or PE teacherLetter explaining why you want to be in the Sports Pathway Program (half page)Approximate cost: 250.00Content: Strength and conditioning Invasion Sports Striking and Fielding Sports Net and Wall SportsAssessment: Physical Performance in each sport Fitness testing results and analysis Pre and Post tests for each theory topic Common Assessment Tasks for each theory topicDomain: Physical EducationFuture School Pathways: VCE Physical Education, VCE Outdoor Education, VET Sport and RecreationFuture Career Pathways: Any Career where Fitness and Motor skills are needed, Sports Coach, Fitness Instructor P.ETeacher, Personal Train

Maths Learning Area Leader Amanda Werner Humanities Learning Area Leader Ivan Britto Science Learning Area Leader Todd Chamberlain PE/Health Learning Area Leader Craig Kennedy Music and Performing Arts Leader Scott Hobson Key Terms Vic Curriculum: a bridge curriculum betw

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