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Montgomery College, MD05.06.2016The courses below list CUA equivalencies. This does not mean that they will transfer. Courses must have anequivalent, that equivalent must fulfill your specific requirements, and students must get a C- or better unless youare an engineering student. Engineering students must get a C or better.MTR means that the course is at the 300 level or above and can be used towards the major, elective or distribution asappropriate.DTR means that the course is at the 100 level or above and can be used towards distribution or electives. It cannot beused for major credit.LIT this course can be used as literature credit and has no exact CUA equivalent.HUMM can be used to fulfill humanities and has no exact CUA equivalent.AREA I/II counts for those requirements, do not have an exact equivalentSBHS counts for social & behavioral science requirement, no exact equivalentMNNS counts for math & natural science no exact equivalent.NO CREDIT Course will not transferPhilosophy courses are NOT accepted.ART History courses are NOT accepted.ART appreciation courses are NOT accepted.Media studies courses are only accepted from this college for incoming transfer students.Online courses are denoted with “ONLINE.” Any online versions of courses in this list that are not denoted with “ONLINE”,have to be evaluated and you must submit a syllabus showing that it is an online course to the transfer credit coordinator.Current students taking courses off-campus: See the off-campus policy form for online course ber101221222237239ANTH215ANTHANTH256240Course TitleElementary Arabic IAccounting IAccounting IIFederal Income Tax IBusiness FinanceHumanEvolution ArchaeologyWorld CulturesIntroduction to Archaeology se Number101305306419226 ANTH105 ANTHANTHDrawing I ART 201, 207205120265102Figure Drawing ICeramics IArchitectural History to 1400Two-Dimensional Design ARTARTFREEARTARTT204Intermediate Drawing ART 202, 208ASLP100ASL I FREE371108CUA will this course as either ART 201(drawing for non-majors) or ART 207( drawingfor studio majors)381471101TR101will accept this course for either ART 202 (nonmajors) or 208 ( studio majors)101TRARTT100ARTTARTTARTTARTT

Montgomery College, BIOLBIOLBIOLBIOL105 L130150101210 L130-OBSAD210CCJSCHEM215103CHEM150 CONECON112202201Intro Deaf Community &CultureUnderstanding VirusesHman Anatomy & Phys IHIGH SCHOOLAnatomy & Physiology IHuman Anatomy &Physiology IIEnvironmental Biology labThe Human BodyPrin. of BiologyGeneral Biology LabMicrobiologyThe Human Body ONLINEStatistics for Business &EconomicsOrganization & AdminChem for Health SciencesEssential Organic & BioChemistryChemistry for EngineersPrinciples of Chemistry IIPrinciples of Chemistry IGeneral Chemistry IIChemistry and SocietyIntro to ComputerApplicationsComputer Use andManagementIntro to ProgrammingComputer ConceptsIntro to HumanCommunicationIntroduction toCommunicationSmall Group CommunicationIntro to CommunicationHIGH SCHOOLBus & Pro Speech Comprinciples of economics IIPRIN OF ECON 6 FREE101TR BIOL150DTR BIOL232 BIOL232 BIOL233 BIOBIOBIOBIOBIOBIO150DTR103150DTR150DTR150DTR103 ECON223 FREECHEM101TR109/119 CHEM150DTR CHEMCHEMCHEMCHEMCHEM107 113104 114103 113104 114125 CSC104 CSC104 CSCCSC123104 DR205 DR205 DR205 DR205 DRECONECONBasic Economics ECON 101Intro to Special EducationMethod of TeachingElementary EducSchool-Age Child CareFoundations in EducationIntro to Early ChildhoodEducationCRITREAD/WRITE/RESEARCHIntro to Creative Writing PoetryWrtg - Tech & BusinessThe Bible as LiteratureIntro to World Lit IIReading ImprovementIntroduction to Journalism EDUC403102101This course is acceptable for all Minors inB&E except Minor in Economics.381 FREE101TR FREEEDUC101TR101 EDUC584 ENG101 ENG302 FREEFREELITNOMDIA 330101TR101TR101TRCREDITOnly transferable for incoming transfer

Montgomery College, MD05.06.2016 ENGLITFREEstudents101101TR101TR LIT101TR ENGNO102CREDIT ENG101208212Intro to College WritingLiterature of the HolocaustFilm and LiteratureINTRO TO WORLDMYTHOLOGYIntro to LiteratureBasic English Iintro to College writing HIGHSCHOOLWomen in LiteratureSurv of Amer Lit II LITENGFILM110INTRODUCTION TO FILM GDESGDESGDES210220121 GDES116 ART232GEOGGERMGERMHISTHIST101101102201146 FREEGERGERHISTHIST101TR101102258205HIST117 HIST222HIST147 HIST235HIST235 255240190 09369150MTRHIST257 HIST221HIST116-HS HIST235HIST116 HIST235HIST258Graphic Design ITypography IFund of Graphic Design IDigital Tools for the VisualArtsIntro GeographyGerman IGerman IIUS Hist 1865 - PresentHist Ancient WorldWorld Hist 1500-PresentHonorsEurope - Fall of Rome to17th CentThe History of AfricanAmericans to 1865US Hist Colonial-1865World in the 20th CentModern AsiaLatin American HistoryConflict-Modern Mid-EastCivil Rights in AmericaHistory of SportModern Military Hist 14941815World History to 1500 ADHIGH SCHOOLWorld History to 1500 ADModern Military History1815-Pres101TR236This course will only transfer for incomingMDIA 150MTR transfer students. Current CUA studentscannot take this course.ART150MTRFREE101TRART231 HIST379HLTH113First Aid and CPR NO CREDITHLTH121 FREEHLTH220 NO CREDITHLTH204 FREEHONR280Nutrition, Fitness & WellnessEmergency MedicalResponseWomens HealthCapstone:Research Disciplines(Globalization)CUA does not transfer credit for CPR/FirstAid, career technical courses.101TRCUA does not transfer credit for medicalresponse, career technical courses.101TR POL150MTRITAL101-OElementary Italian I HybridONLINE FREE 101TRKORALATIN101102Elementary Korean IELEMENTARY LATIN II NGL101-HSENGLENGLStudent should take CUA placement testbefore registering for this course atMontgomery College101TR102

Montgomery College, 81201208213101102112184190110117133101Elements of StatisticsCalculus IILinear AlgebraElem Applied Calculus ISurvey of College MathCalculus IBusiness LawActivity TherapiesGroup Dynamics IIIntro to Mental Health IIntro to Mental Health IIGroup Dynamics IIntro to Music TheoryMusic Theory IListening to MusicWorld MusicHistory of JazzIntroduction to Nutrition SFREEFREEFREENURSPHIL231Western Religions TRS 280PHIL205Phil in literature LIT 101TRPHIL143Intro to the Study of Religion TRS 290PHOT214 ART409PHOTPHOTPHOTPHYSPHYS210201161161262 ARTFREEARTPHYSPHYS150DTR101TR329215216 226PHYS204 PHYS206/226PHYS203 PHYS205 & 225POLI230 POL150MTRPOLIPOLIPOLIPOLIPOLI105256203221101 POLPOLPOLPOLPOL150MTR307212150MTR111PR131 FREE101TRPSYCPSYCPSYC207215102 PSYPSYPSY224307201PSYC206 PSY150MTRPSYC204Photoshop for Graphics &PhotoPhotojournalismPhotography IIIntro to Digital PhotographyGeneral Physics IGeneral Physics IIGeneral Physics (non-EngrII) with labGeneral Physics NonEngineer IIntro International ConflictResolutionIntro to Political SciencePolitics of Developing WorldInternational RelationsWestern Political ThoughtAmerican GovernmentPHOTOSHOP FOR PRINT &PUB IPsychology of WomenChild PsychologyGeneral PsychologyPsychology of HumanSexualityIntro to Psych of Personality PSYPSYC221Intro to Abnormal Psych PSY 380PSYC211Social Psychology PSY374This course will only transfer for incomingtransfer students. Current CUA studentscannot take this 101TR150DTR150DTR101TR101TR101TR257This is equates to a religion course. It doesnot qualify as a philosophy course. Philosophycourses from community colleges are nottransferred.This is equates to a literature course. It doesnot qualify as a philosophy course, norreligion.This is equates to a religion course. It doesnot qualify as a philosophy course. Philosophycourses from community colleges are nottransferred.

Montgomery College, MDPsychology of HumanSexuality OnlineEducational PsychologyAdolescent PsychologyHUMAN GROWTH &DEVELOPMENT05.06.2016 PSY150MTR EDUCPSY150DTR309 PSY379 IENG96 SOCSOCSOCSPANSPANSPANSPAN IENG96 that can be used to determine nextlevel at CUA, but students will not get CUAcredit for this course.206101102104203102101 SPAN101 SPAN210 SPAN113 SPAN103 n to ElectronicMedia TVRAWMST140101Video EditingIntro to Womens Studies Read/Non-Native SpeakersIIISociology of the FamilyIntro SociologySocial ProblemsINTER SPANISH IIAdv. Comp & Convers.ELEM SPANISH IIELEM SPANISH IELEM SPANISH I HIGHSCHOOLSpanish for HeritageSpeakersIntensive IntermediateSpanishINTER SPANISH IFUNDAMENTALS OFACTINGThis course will only transfer for incomingMEDIA150MTR transfer students. Current CUA studentscannot take this course.ART236FREE101TR

May 06, 2016 · POLI 230 Intro International Conflict Resolution POL 150MTR POLI 105 Intro to Political Science POL 150MTR POLI 256 Politics of Developing World POL 307 POLI 203 International Relations POL 212 POLI 221 Western Political Thought POL 150MTR POLI 101 American Government PO

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Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary VanDerRol/Verhoeve 6.8 3 Anne of Avonlea L.M. Montgomery 8.6 16 Anne of Green Gables L.M. Montgomery 7.3 17 Anne of Ingleside L.M. Montgomery 6 16 Anne of the Island (Unabridged) L.M. Montgomery 6.3 12 Anne of Windy Poplars L.M. Montgomery 5.9 14 Anne's House of Dreams L.M. Montgomery 6.1 13

Montgomery College 20200 Observation Drive Germantown, MD 20876 240-567-7700 Security: 240-567-7777 TTY: 301-540-2133* Rockville Campus Montgomery College 51 Mannakee Street Rockville, MD 20850 240-567-5000 TTY: 301-294-9672* Security: 240-567-5111 TTY: 240-567-5648* Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus (TP/SS) Montgomery College 7600 Takoma Avenue

Auburn University Montgomery Procurement and Payment Services P.O. Box 244023 Montgomery, AL 36124 Phone (334)244-3130 Vendor Response/Quotation Page Return Original Bid To_ Via Mail Auburn University Montgomery Procurement and Payment Services P.O. Box 244023 Montgomery, AL 36124 Via Courier 7430 East Drive Library Tower 9th FL, RM 921

Oct 01, 2013 · Claudia Simmons, Montgomery County Public Schools Felicia Turner, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Carol Walsh, Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth, and Families, Inc. Vacant, Maryland Municipal League Staff Mary Gies, Program Manager, Early Childhood Services, Montgomery County

Cameras Brookwood, Vestavia Hills VICE CHAIRMAN: GEORGE WILDER The Locker Room, Montgomery and Auburn PRESIDENT: RICK BROWN Montgomery VICE PRESIDENT: ALISON WINGATE Montgomery TREASURER: BOB AKERS Davis Direct, Montgomery SECRETARY: VIRGIE TODD Montgomery IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIRMAN: JIMMY RAY SMITH Jimmy Smith Jewelers,

About Montgomery College Chartered in 1946, Montgomery College has served the community with distinction and achieved a position of national prominence . Located in Montgomery County, Maryland—a vibrant, diverse, and economically robust community of more than one million people—adjacent to Washington, D .C ., and 30 miles south of Baltimore,