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Gaugeable Tube Fittings and Adapter Fittings1www.swagelok.comTUBEFITTINGSGauge able Tube Fit tingsand Adapte r Fit tings Available in tube sizes from 1/16 to 2 in. and 2 to 50 mm Consistent gaugeability upon initial installation Easy to disconnect and retighten Wide variety of materials and configurations Demonstrated reliability and performance

TUBEFITTINGS2Tube FittingsFeatures Live-loaded, two-ferrule design. Easy to install. No torque is transmitted to tubing during installation. Swagelok gap inspection gauge ensures sufficient pull-up upon initial installation.Back ferruleHinge pointTubingNutFront ferruleFitting bodyDuring assembly of the advanced-geometry design(above), the front ferrule is driven into the fitting body andthe tubing to create primary seals, while the back ferrulehinges inward to create a strong grip on the tubing. Theback ferrule geometry allows for an improved engineeringhinging-colleting action that translates axial motion intoradial swaging action on the tube, yet operates with a lowassembly torque requirement.Two-Ferrule, Mechanical Grip DesignThe two ferrules separate sealing and tube grippingfunctions; each ferrule is optimized for its function.The front ferrule creates a seal: against the fitting body on the tubing outside diameter.As the nut is turned, the back ferrule: axially advances the front ferrule radially applies an effective tube grip.Advanced-Geometry, Hinging‑ColletingBack Ferrule DesignThis design is standard on all 1/4 to 1 in. and 6 to25 mm Swagelok stainless steel tube fittings to helpinstallers make more consistent, leak-tight tubeconnections.In these sizes, a patented case hardening processand patented recessed and contoured geometryprovide a unique engineered advantage to theSwagelok back ferrule, providing: excellent gas-tight sealing and tube-gripping action easily achieved proper installation consistent remakes excellent vibration fatigue resistance and tubesupport full compatibility with original Swagelok stainlesssteel tube fittings of identical sizes.Refer to 316 Stainless Steel Swagelok Tube Fittingswith Advanced Geometry Back Ferrules technicalreport, MS‑06‑16, for additional information.

Gaugeable Tube Fittings and Adapter Fittings3ContentsStraight FittingsThe Swagelok TubeFitting Advantage, 6UnionsCompliance with IndustryStandards, 7Materials, 8O-Rings, 8Cleaning andPackaging, 8Metric Swagelok TubeFittings, 9Pressure Rating Basis andThread Specifications, 9Pressure Ratings, 10Ordering Numbers andDimensions, 14Weld ConnectorsTube Socket, 24Union, 14Reducing Union,15Male Pipe, 25Bulkhead Unionand BulkheadReducingUnion, 16Female Connectors NPT, 26ISO/BSP TaperedThread (RT),ISO/BSP ParallelThread (RJ andRP), 27Male Connectors NPT, 17ISO/BSP TaperedThread (RT), 18ISO/BSP ParallelThread (RG,Gauge), 28ISO/BSP ParallelThread (RS), 19ISO/BSP ParallelThread (RP), 20BulkheadNPT, 28BulkheadNPT, 21SAE/MSStraight Thread(ST) and LongSAE/MS StraightThread (ST), 21Additional Products For Alloy 2507 super duplextube fittings, refer to GaugeableAlloy 2507 Super Duplex TubeFittings catalog, MS‑01‑174. For alloy 400 tube fittings,refer to Gaugeable Alloy 400Mechanically Attached Pipeand Tube Fittings catalog,MS‑02‑332. For PFA tube fittings, refer toPFA Tube Fittings catalog,MS‑01‑05. For medium- and high-pressuretube fittings, refer to Mediumand High-Pressure Fittings,Tubing, Valves, and Accessoriescatalog, MS-02-472.O-Seal (SAE/MSStraight Threadand NPT), 22AN andAN BulkheadFitting, 2310-32 Thread,M5 0.8 Thread,and MetricThread (RS), 24ReducersReducer, 29Long Reducer,30BulkheadReducer, 30Port ConnectorsPort Connectorand ReducingPort Connector,31TUBEFITTINGSFeatures, 2

4Tube FittingsTUBEFITTINGSContentsCaps and PlugsCap, 3245 ElbowsCrossMaleUnion, 46NPT, 39Plug, 32Positionable,SAE/MS StraightThread (ST), 39Vent ProtectorsMud Dauber, 32Application-Specific FittingsKwik-Clamp Flangeto Swagelok TubeFitting, 47TeesOrifice Plate Fitting,48Unions90 ElbowsUnion and ReducingUnion, 40UnionsUnion, 33Bored-Through FittingsFor thermocouples, dip tubes, and heatexchanger tees, 20MaleTube AdaptersBranch, NPT (TTM) andAdapter Tees, 42MaleNPT, 34ISO/BSP TaperedThread (RT), 35Run, NPT (TMT), 43Reducing Elbow,36Positionable Branch,SAE/MS StraightThread (TTS) andPositionable Branch,ISO/BSP ParallelThread (TTR), 44Positionable, ISO/BSPParallel Thread (PR)and Positionable,SAE/MS StraightThread (ST), 37 Positionable Run,SAE/MS StraightThread (TST), 44WeldPositionable Run,ISO/BSP ParallelThread (TRT), 45Tube Socket, 38Male Pipe, 38Tube Adapter Information, 49MaleNPT and ISO/BSPTapered Thread (RT),50ISO/BSP ParallelThread (RS and RP),51SAE/MS StraightThread (ST) and O-Seal(SAE/MS StraightThread), 52AN Thread, 52FemalePipe Weld, 53Run, NPT (TFT), 45FemaleNPT, 38Branch, NPT (TTF),46

Gaugeable Tube Fittings and Adapter Fittings5ContentsISO/BSP Parallel GasketsSteel (RS Fitting),Copper (RP Fitting),Copper (RG, GaugeFitting), and PTFE(RJ Fitting), 60 PT and ISO/BSPNTapered Thread(RT), 53ISO/BSP ParallelThread (RP and RJ),and ISO/BSPParallel Thread (RG,Gauge), 54AN Thread, 54Additional OrderingInformation, 55Replacement PartsO-RingsGaugeability, 69Installation Instructions, 69Swagelok Tube Fittings, 70O-Seal Male Connectors, 70Caps and Plugs, 71Buna N (O-SealStraight Threadsand O-Seal PipeThreads) andFluorocarbon FKM(ISO/BSP ParallelThreads andSAE/MS StraightThreads), 61Tools and AccessoriesPort Connectors, 71Positionable Elbows and Tees, 72Tube Adapters, 72AN Thread Swivel Nut, 72Weld Fittings, 73Depth Marking Tool, 73Preswaging Tool, 73Hydraulic Swaging Units, 62Chromatograph FittingsNutsRefer to GaugeableChromatograph andColumn End Fittingscatalog, MS-02-173.Female, 57Preswaging Tools, 65Knurled Female, 57Male, 57Front, 58Back, 58Nut-Ferrule Set andPackage andFerrule Set andFerrule-Pak Package, 59Refer to DielectricFittings catalog,MS‑02‑36‑SCS.Wrenches, 66Gap InspectionGauges and DepthMarking Tools, 67Bulkhead Retainers,68FerrulesDielectric FittingsInserts for SoftPlastic Tubing, 68For liquid leak detectors, lubricants,and sealants, refer to Leak Detectors,Lubricants, and Sealants catalog,MS‑01‑91.For tube benders and tube preparationtools, refer to Tubing Tools andAccessories catalog, MS-01-179.FlangesFor ANSI, DIN, and JISflanges, refer to FlangeAdapters catalog,MS-02-200.VCO and VCR Face Seal FittingsRefer to VCR MetalGasket Face SealFittings catalog,MS-01-24 and VCOO-Rings Face SealFittings catalogMS‑01‑28.TUBEFITTINGSFemale

6Tube FittingsTUBEFITTINGSThe Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage“Over 10 000 fittingsand not a single leak.”Messages from customers creditSwagelok components and tubefittings, along with Swagelok distributorsupport, as having played a major rolein helping them succeed.Swagelok continues to improve theperformance and reliability of the tubefitting for use in thousands of diverseapplications—including research,alternative fuels, analytical and processinstrumentation, oil and gas, power,petrochemical, and semiconductorindustries—and addressing suchcritical issues as: gas-tight seal vibration (tube grip) thermal shock compliance with industry standards installation corrosion intermix/interchange.Gas-tight SealExcellent sealing and consistentreassembly help ensure accuratemeasurements of processparameters—air, steam, fuel, andwater—to keep your plant operatingefficiently. Moreover, Swagelok tubefittings minimize fugitive emissions,as well as process fluid leakage andoperation costs.Contact your authorized Swagelok salesand service representative for moreinformation about Swagelok EnergyEmissions Surveys or to schedule asurvey.Vibration (Tube Grip)The patented case-hardening processand back-ferrule geometry provideexcellent vibration fatigue resistanceand tube support—even in harshor stressful environments, such ashydrocarbon processing, on-vehicleapplications, or rotary equipmentapplications.Swagelok has conducted vibrationtests, which show that the Swageloktube fitting with advanced geometryhinging-colleting back ferrule isolatesand protects the stress riser that isgenerated along the tube during thegripping part of assembly. The colletingportion of the back ferrule allowsmore material to contact the tube, foradditional support. This colleting actionenhances gripping performance andprovides both direct and axial supportto the gripping function. This design“I have used Swagelokfittings from when I wasa technician throughtoday in my role in facilitymanagement. Wouldrecommend them for anyuse.”minimizes the effects of bendingdeflection at the point of grip on thetubing.Contact your authorized Swagelokrepresentative for more informationabout vibration test reports.“Used exclusively on ourequipment and has provento be very reliable and easyto maintain.”

Gaugeable Tube Fittings and Adapter FittingsThird-Party AgenciesThe elastic, live-loaded two-ferruledesign compensates for changes intemperature during system start-upand shutdown and helps eliminateleakage related to rapid thermalexpansion or contraction. Vd TÜVSwagelok has conducted teststhat demonstrated the capability ofSwagelok tube fittings to withstandthermal shock and high temperature.Contact your authorized Swagelokrepresentative for more informationabout thermal shock test reports.Compliance withIndustry StandardsSwagelok Company works withstandards organizations around theworld to provide you with products thataddress your needs.Stainless steel Swagelok tube fittingsused with 316 stainless steel and 316 Tistainless steel alloy tubing as shownin the table have been tested to therequirements of ECE R110. In addition,stainless steel Swagelok tube fittingsare available with EC-79 certification.Tube OD3 to 16 mm1/8 to 5/8 in.Wall Thickness0.7 to 2.5 mm0.028 to 0.095 in.NACE - Sour GasSwagelok offers fittings in materials thatmeet the metallurgical requirements ofNACE MR0175/ISO 15156 and MR0103.Refer to NACE MR0175/ISO 15156Compliant Swagelok Fittings,MS-06-124, for additional information. TÜV SUD Automotivemetallurgical, and mechanicaluniformity that allow predictable,repeatable installation. Det Norske Veritas (DNV)Swagelok authorized sales and servicecenters offer installation trainingseminars that provide additionalinformation on: Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK) The requirements for making safe, DVGW Department of the Navy (U.S.) American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LR) Bureau Veritas (BV) RS Maritime Canadian Provincial Agencies (CRN) Russian GOST TR (Customs UnionCountries) UkSepro for Ukraine Inspecta Nuclear for Sweden METI/KHK Engineers India Limited (EIL)For a complete listing, refer to theTube Fitting Performance Product TestReports PTRs and Third-Party ProductApprovals and Registrations,MS-06-108.See Materials, page 8; ThreadSpecifications, page 9; andPressure Ratings, page 9, for moreinformation about the specificationsto which Swagelok tube fittings aremanufactured.Contact your authorized Swagelokrepresentative for more informationabout Swagelok tube fittingcertifications.InstallationThe Swagelok tube fitting installationadvantages:NORSOK Easy to installFittings manufactured from alloy 2507and 6MO are NORSOK M-630 andM-650 compliant as standard. Contactyour authorized sales and servicerepresentative for additional details. No torque is transmitted to tubingduring installation Swagelok gap inspection gaugeassures sufficient pull-up upon initialinstallation.Swagelok tube fitting componentsprovide exceptional dimensional,leak-tight connections A variety of tools and accessoriesdesigned for use with Swagelok tubefittings.CorrosionSwagelok tube fittings are availablein a variety of materials, includingoptimized 316 stainless steel chemistrywith elevated nickel, chromium, andother elements for superior corrosionresistance in a variety of applications,including chemical processing, sourgas and subsea systems.Swagelok has conducted tests inaccordance with ASTM B117-95 toevaluate the corrosion resistance ofSwagelok tube fittings.Contact your authorized Swagelokrepresentative for more informationabout corrosion resistance test reports.Intermix/InterchangeSwagelok recommends NO intermix/interchange of Swagelok tube fittingcomponents with other manufacturers’components. No industrial design standardexists for two ferrule tube fittings.Each company makes componentsto its own design and not to anyrecognized standards. Interchanging and intermixingtube fitting components can resultin unpredictable performance,environmental releases, increasedcosts, and can be dangerous incritical applications.TUBEFITTINGSThermal Shock7

TUBEFITTINGS8Tube FittingsMaterialsO-RingsMaterials StandardsO-seal fittings include a 70 durometer Buna N O-ring. Otherstraight-thread fittings with O-rings include a 90 durometerfluorocarbon FKM O-ring. Other O-ring materials are availableupon request. O-rings are coated with a thin film of siliconebased lubricant. Removal of factory-applied lubricants mayalter performance.Material➆316 stainlesssteelBar Stock➀ASTM A276, ASMESA479, EN 1.44016-MolyASTM A479ASTM A182Alloy 400ASTM B164ASTM B564, ASME SB564Alloy 600Forgings➁ASTM A182,ASME SA182, EN 1.4401ASTM B166, ASME SB166 ASTM B564, ASME SB564Alloy 625ASTM B446➂ASTM B564, ASME SB564➃Alloy 825ASTM B425ASTM B564, ASME SB564Alloy C-276ASTM B574ASTM B564AluminumASTM B211ASTM B247ASTM B283BrassASTM B16, ASTM B453Carbon steelASTM A108—PFA➄—ASTM D3307 Type IPTFEASTM D1710ASTM D3294Alloy 2507➅ASTM A479ASTM A182Titanium(grade 4)ASTM B348ASTM B381➀ Straight fittings and tube adapters.➁ Elbows, crosses, and tees.➂ All straight fittings and tube adapters and 1/4 and 3/8 in.; 6 and 10 mmelbows, crosses, and tees.➃ Elbows, crosses, and tees larger than 3/8 in. and 10 mm.➄ Refer to PFA Tube Fittings catalog, MS-01-05.➅ Refer to Gaugeable Alloy 2507 Super Duplex Tube Fittings catalog,MS-01-174.➆ Contact your authorized Swagelok representative for materials not listed.Additional ProcessingFitting bodies are processed for improved performance, aslisted below. No additional processing is required for alloy 625,alloy 825, brass, 316 stainless steel, and PTFE materials.Fitting Body MaterialAluminumAlloy 400, alloy C-276,alloy 600Carbon steel (except weld bodies)Carbon steel (weld bodies)TitaniumProcessAnodized, hydrocarbon filmHydrocarbon filmZinc platingHydrocarbon film chemicalconversion coatingAnodized Over 1 in./25 mm fittings are supplied with a package offluorinated-base with PTFE and tungsten disulfide lubricantfor use in fitting assembly. Over 1 in./25 mm stainless steel fittings use stainless steelferrules with PFA coating. Applications above 450 F (232 C)require silver-plated front ferrules and uncoated backferrules. To order fittings with silver-plated front ferrulesand uncoated back ferrules, add BM to the fitting orderingnumber.Example: SS-2400-6BM All carbon steel Swagelok tube fittings are supplied with316 stainless steel back ferrules.For ST and ST positionable fittings used in ECE-R110applications, add the DE O-ring suffix to the ordering number.Example: SS-600-1-6STDECleaning and PackagingFitting components are cleaned to remove machine oil, grease,and loose particles. For more information, see SwagelokStandard Cleaning and Packaging (SC-10) catalog, MS‑06‑62.Fittings are available individually bagged; add CP to theordering number. Example: SS-200-6CPOn request, fittings can be specially cleaned and packaged.Cleaning and packaging options can be found in SpecialCleaning of Swagelok Tube Fittings, SCS-00663. Contactyour authorized Swagelok representative for details.Fittings cleaned and packaged in accordance with ASTM G93Level C, will have the front ferrule silver-plated and Krytox 240 AC applied to the internal surface of the nut. To order, addBQ to the ordering number.Example: SS-400-1-4BQOxygen Service HazardsFor more information about hazards and risks of oxygenenriched systems, see the Swagelok Oxygen System Safetytechnical report catalog, MS‑06‑13.

Gaugeable Tube Fittings and Adapter FittingsPipe Thread SealantsMetric tube fittings have a stepped shoulder on the body hex.Shaped fittings, such as elbows, crosses, and tees, arestamped MM for metric tubing and have no step on the forging.A thread sealant should always be used when assemblingtapered threads. SWAK anaerobic pipe thread sealant andSwagelok PTFE tape are available. Refer to Leak Detectors,Lubricants, and Sealants catalog, MS-01-91, for additionalinformation.Swagelokmetrictube endSwagelokfractionaltube stubStepped identificationshouldersSwagelokmetric tubeendsNo shoulderStepped identificationshouldersPort Connectors, Reducers, and TubeAdaptersSwagelok tube adapters with the machined groove arerated to the highest suggested allowable working pressure,see Swagelok Tubing Data, MS-01-107 for a tube outsidediameter and material in question.Pressure Rating Basis and Thread SpecificationsThread Type (End Connection)Pressure Rating BasisThread TypeReference SpecificationSwagelok Tube FittingsSwagelok tube fitting ends are rated to the working pressureof tubing as listed in Swagelok Tubing Data, MS-01-107.Careful selection of high-quality tubing is important wheninstalling safe, leak-tight systems.Unified Inch ScrewThreadsASME B1.1NPTASME B31.3, Process Piping or pressure testing with a 4:1design factor based on hydraulic fluid leakage.NPTASME B1.20.1,SAE AS71051ISO/BSP (tapered)(Swagelok RT fittings)ASME B31.3, Process Piping or pressure testing with a 4:1design factor based on hydraulic fluid leakage.ISO/BSP (tapered)Swagelok RT fittingsISO 7, BS EN 10226-1,JIS B0203ISO/BSP (parallel)(Swagelok RS fittings)ISO 1179-3, ISO 228-1 Threads with Light-Duty Stud Endswith Sealing by O-ring with Retaining Ring (types G andH) or pressure testing with a 4:1 design factor based onhydraulic fluid leakage.ISO/BSP (parallel)Swagelok RP and RSfittingsISO 228,JIS B0202ISO/BSP (parallel)(Swagelok RP fittings)ISO 1179-4, ISO 228-1 Threads with Stud Ends for general use ISO/BSP (parallel)only with metal-to-metal sealing (type B) or pressure testing Swagelok RP and RSwith a 4:1 design factor based on hydraulic fluid leakage.fittingsISO 228,JIS B0202ISO/BSP (gauge)(Based on EN 837-1 and 837-3)(Swagelok RG and RJ fittings)ISO/BSP (parallel)ASME B31.3, Process Piping or pressure testing with a 4:1Swagelok RG and RJdesign factor based on hydraulic fluid leakage.fittingsISO 228,JIS B0202SAE–Light Duty(Swagelok ST fittings)SAE J1926/3, Connections for General Use and FluidPower-Ports and Stud Ends with ASME B1.1 Threads andUnified Inch ScrewO-ring Sealing-Part 3: Light-Duty (L-Series) Stud Ends orThreadspressure testing with a 4:1 design factor based on hydraulic Swagelok ST fittingsfluid leakage.ASME B1.1SAE–Heavy Duty(Swagelok STH fittings)SAE J1926/2, Connections for General Use and FluidPower-Ports and Stud Ends with ASME B1.1 Threads andO-ring Sealing-Part 2: Heavy-Duty (S-Series) or pressuretesting with a 4:1 design factor based on hydraulic fluidleakage.Unified Inch ScrewThreads Swagelok STfittingsASME B1.1Swagelok AN fittingsSAE J514, Hydraulic Tube Fittings or pressure testing with a4:1 design factor based on hydraulic fluid leakage.Unified Inch ScrewThreadsSwagelok AN fittingsASME B1.1 UNJ,SAE AS 8879TUBEFITTINGSMetric Swagelok Tube Fittings9

10Tube FittingsTUBEFITTINGSPressure RatingsNPT/ISO Pipe Pressure RatingsRatings are based on ASME Code for Pressure Piping B31.3, Process Piping, at ambient temperature.316 SS, CarbonSteel, Alloy (600,and C-276)NPT/ISOPipe Sizein.1/161/81/43/81/23/411 1/41 1/22Male Femalepsigpsig(bar)(bar)11 000 6 700(757)(461)10 000 6 500(689)(447)8 0006 600(551)(454)7 8005 300(537)(365)7 7004 900(530)(337)7 3004 600(502)(316)5 3004 400(365)(303)6 0005 000(413)(344)5 0004 600(344)(316)3 9003 900(268)(268)Brass andAluminumMalepsig(bar)5 500(378)5 000(344)4 000(275)3 900(268)3 800(261)3 600(248)2 600(179)3 000(206)2 500(172)1 900(130)Femalepsig(bar)3 300(227)3 200(220)3 300(227)2 600(179)2 400(165)2 300(158)2 200(151)2 500(172)2 300(158)1 900(130)Alloy 400Malepsig(bar)9 900(682)9 000(620)7 200(496)7 000(482)6 900(475)6 500(447)4 700(323)5 400(372)4 500(310)3 500(241)Femalepsig(bar)6 000(413)5 800(399)5 900(406)4 700(323)4 400(303)4 100(282)3 900(268)4 500(310)4 100(282)3 500(241)Alloy 2507 andAlloy 625TitaniumMalepsig(bar)8 800(606)8 000(551)6 400(440)6 200(427)6 100(420)5 800(399)4 200(289)4 800(330)4 000(275)3 100(213)Femalepsig(bar)5 300(365)5 200(358)5 200(358)4 200(289)3 900(268)3 600(248)3 500(241)4 000(275)3 600(248)3 100(213) To determine pressure ratings in accordance with ASME B31.1, Power Piping: carbon steel material—multiply by 0.85.Stainless steel and brass material ratings remain the same. To determine MPa, multiply bar by 0.10.6-MolyAlloy 825Male Female Male Female Male (bar)(bar)15 000 12 900 14 900 9 000 12 8007800(1 033)(888)(1 026)(620)(881)(537)15 000 12 500 13 500 8 800 11 6007500(1 033)(861)(930)(606)(799)(516)15 000 12 700 10 800 8 9009 3007600(1 033)(875)(744)(613)(640)(523)15 000 10 200 10 500 7 1009 0006100(1 033)(702)(723)(489)(620)(420)14 800 9 400 10 400 6 6008 9005700(1 019)(647)(716)(454)(613)(392)10 000 8 9009 8006 2008 5005300(689)(613)(675)(427)(585)(365)10 000 8 5007 1005 9006 1005100(689)(585)(489)(406)(420)(351)10 000 9 6008 1006 7006 9005800(689)(661)(558)(461)(475)(399)9 6008 9006 7006 2005 8005300(661)(613)(461)(427)(399)(365)7 5007 5005 2005 2004 5004500(516)(516)(358)(358)(310)(310)

Gaugeable Tube Fittings and Adapter Fittings11Pressure RatingsTUBEFITTINGSSTH SAE/MS Heavy Duty Pressure RatingsPressure ratings are based on SAE J1926/2 at ambient temperature.STHSAE/MSThreadSize316 SS, Carbon Steel, andAlloy (C-276, 2507, 625,6-Moly, 825, and 600)Nonpositionable PositionableDesignator3/8-243STH7/16-204STHpsig (bar)psig (bar)Brass and AluminumNonpositionable Positionablepsig (bar)psig (bar)Alloy 400Nonpositionable Positionablepsig (bar)psig (bar)1/2-205STH9/16-186STH3/4-168STH7/8-1410STH1 1/16-1212STH1 3/16-1214STH1 5/16-1216STH5076 (350)2538 (175)4568 (315)1 5/8-1220STH4061 (280)2030 (140)3654 (252)1 7/8-1224STH2 1/2-1232STH9137 (630)4568 (315)6091 (420)6091 (420)4061 (280)3045 (210)8223 (567)3045 (210)3045 (210)3045 (210)2538 (175)2030 (140)1522 (105)1261 (87)psig (bar)5482 (378)3654 (252)2741 (189)psig (bar)7309 (504)5482 (378)1522 (105)TitaniumNonpositionable Positionable4873 (336)4873 (336)2741 (189)2277 (157)4061 (280)3248 (224)2436 (168)3248 (224)2436 (168)2030 (140)SAE/MS Fittings Pressure RatingsPressure ratings are based on SAE J1926/3 at ambient temperature.SAE/MSThreadSize316 SS, Carbon Steel, andAlloy (C-276, 2507, 625,6-Moly, 825, and 600)Nonpositionable T1/2-205ST9/16-186ST3/4-168ST7/8-1410ST1 1/16-1212ST1 3/16-1214ST1 5/16-1216ST1 5/8-1220ST1 7/8-1224ST2 1/2-1232STpsig (bar)psig (bar)Brass and AluminumNonpositionable Positionablepsig (bar)5076 (350)5076 (350)4568 (315)4568 (315)4061 (280)psig (bar)Alloy 400Nonpositionable Positionablepsig (bar)2538 (175)2538 (175)2175 (150)2277 (157)2030 (140)psig (bar)TitaniumNonpositionable Positionablepsig (bar)4568 (315)4568 (315)4104 (283)4104 (283)3654 (252)psig (bar)4061 (280)4061 (280)3654 (252)3654 (252)3248 (224)3625 (250)3045 (210)1740 (120)1522 (105)3263 (225)2741 (189)2900 (200)2436 (168)3045 (210)2538 (175)1450 (100)1261 (87)2741 (189)2277 (157)2436 (168)2030 (140)2538 (175)2030 (140)1160 (80)1015 (70)2277 (157)1827 (126)2030 (140)1624 (112)2030 (140)1522 (105)1015 (70)754 (52)1827 (126)1363 (94)1624 (112)1218 (84)

12Tube FittingsTUBEFITTINGSPressure RatingsMale AN (JIC) Fittings Pressure RatingsPressure ratings are at ambient temperature and apply to slide-on and crimped-on swivel nuts with a female gland.316 SS, CarbonSteel, andAlloy (C-276,2507, 625, 6-Moly,825, and 600)StraightMale AN(JIC)psigThread Size Designator(bar)10 0007/16-204AN(689)9/16-186AN3/4-168AN1 1/16-1212AN1 5/16-1216AN1 5/8-1220AN1 7/8-1224AN2 1/2-1232ANCarbon SteelBrass andAluminumTitaniumStraightpsig(bar)4 500(310)Shapepsig(bar)4 500(310)Straightpsig(bar)5 000(345)Shapepsig(bar)5 000(345)Straightpsig(bar)9 000(620)Shapepsig(bar)9 000(620)Straightpsig(bar)8 000(551)Shapepsig(bar)8 000(551)8 200(564)7 600(523)4 000(275)4 000(275)4 100(282)3 800(262)7 380(508)6 840(471)6 560(452)6 080(410)7 000(482)5 000(344)6 300(434)4 100(282)3 000(210)2 500(170)3 000(210)2 500(170)3 500(241)2 500(172)3 150(217)2 050(141)6 300(434)4 500(310)5 670(391)3 690(254)5 600(386)4 000(276)5 040(347)3 280(226)2 000(140)1 500(105)1 125(80)2 000(140)1 500(105)1 125(80)2 000(140)1 500(105)1 125(80)2 000(140)1 500(105)1 125(80)1 000(69)700(48)500(34)1 000(69)750(52)560(39)1 800(124)1 350(93)1 010(70)1 800(124)1 350(93)1 010(70)1 600(110)1 200(83)900(62)1 600(110)1 200(83)900(62)O-Seal Pressure RatingsStainless steel and carbon steel O-seal fittings up to 1 in. and25 mm are rated to 3000 psig (206 bar).Positionable, ISO/BSP Parallel Thread (PR)Pressure RatingsPressure ratings are at ambient temperature.ISO/BSP MalePipe Sizein.Alloy 400Shapepsig(bar)10 000(689)316 SS, CarbonSteel, and Alloy(C-276, 2507, 625,6-Moly, 825, and600Brass andAluminumAlloy 400Titaniumpsig (bar)psig (bar)psig (bar)psig (bar)1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/84568 (315)2277 (157)4104 (283)3654 (252)1/2, 3/4, 12320 (160)1160 (80)2088 (144)1856 (128)

Gaugeable Tube Fittings and Adapter Fittings13Pressure RatingsTUBEFITTINGSISO 228/BSP Parallel Thread (RS and RP)Pressure RatingsHydraulic pressure ratings are based on ISO 1179 at ambienttemperature. RS and RP male connectors were tested with RP femaleconnectors. RS end connections were tested with bonded RS gaskets. RP connections were tested without a gasket. Gasket selection is the responsibility of the systemdesigner and user and may affect product performance.ISO 228/BSP Parallel Thread RS Pressure RatingsISO/BSP MalePipe Sizein.316 SS, CarbonSteel, and Alloy(C-276, 2507, 625,6-Moly, 825, and600)Brass andAluminumAlloy 400Titaniumpsig (bar)psig (bar)psig (bar)psig (bar)1/8, 1/4, 3/85800 (400)2900 (200)5220 (360)4640 (320)1/24700 (324)2350 (162)4220 (291)3750 (259)3620 (250)1810 (125)3260 (225)2900 (200)2320 (160)1160 (80)2080 (144)1850 (128)3/411 1/41 1/2ISO 228/BSP Parallel Thread RP Pressure RatingsISO/BSP MalePipe Sizein.316 SS, CarbonSteel, and Alloy(C-276, 2507, 625,6-Moly, 825, and600)Brass andAluminumAlloy 400Titaniumpsig (bar)psig (bar)psig (bar)psig (bar)1/8, 1/4, 3/85800 (400)2900 (200)5200 (360)4640 (320)1/24700 (324)2350 (162)4220 (291)3750 (259)3/42320 (160)1160 (80)2080 (144)1850 (128)1450 (100)720 (50)1300 (90)1160 (80)11 1/41 1/2ISO 228/BSP/JIS Parallel Thread RG and RJ Pressure RatingsISO/BSP MalePipe Sizein.316 SS, CarbonSteel, and Alloy(C-276, 2507, 625,6-Moly, 825, and600)Brass andAluminumAlloy 400Titaniumpsig (bar)psig (bar)psig (bar)psig (bar)5700 (392)2850 (196)5110 (352)4560 (314)3900 (288)1950 (134)3490 (240)3120 (215)1/81/43/81/2

14Tube FittingsTUBEFITTINGSOrdering Numbers and Dimensions See How to Order, below. Minimum order quantities may apply to certain materials and configurations. Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change. Unless noted otherwise, dimensions shown are for stainlesssteel components and with Swagelok nuts finger-tight. For Swagelok nut dimensions, see page 57. CAD templates are available on FittingsUnionsF /83/47/811 1/81 1/41 1/22234681012141516182022252830323850EADDxUnion (Metric to ns, 2-2400-64.251.97-3200-65.882.66Dimensions, .642.049.465.0Tube 5Tx, 27303535How to OrderSelect a basic ordering number. Example -100-6Add a material designator. Example: SS-100-6Material316 SSAluminum6-MolyAlloy 400Alloy 600Alloy 625Alloy 825DesignatorSSA6MOMINC625825MaterialAlloy 2507Alloy C-276BrassCarbon steelPTFETitanium(grade 4)Designator2507HCBSTTI➀ Bored through.Refer to Installation Instructions, beginning on page 69.

Gaugeable Tube Fittings and Adapter Fittings15Straight FittingsTUBEFITTINGSUnionsReducing icOrderingNumberADimensions, 21012121820182025182025202530Dimensions, mm-3M0-6-2M35.3-6M0-6-2M38.6-6M0-6-

2 Tube Fittings TUBE FITTINGS Features Live-loaded, two-ferrule design. Easy to install. No torque is transmitted to tubing during installation. Swagelok gap inspection gauge ensures sufficient pull-up upon initial installation. Two-Ferrule, Mechanical Grip Design The two ferrules separate sealing and tube grippi

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2 Tube Fittings TUBE FITTINGS Features Live-loaded, two-ferrule design. Easy to install. No torque is transmitted to tubing during installation. Swagelok gap inspection gauge ensures sufficient pull-up upon initial installation. Two-Ferrule, Mechanical Grip Design The two ferrules separate sealing and tube gripping functions; each ferrule is optimized for its function.

3825-34, Chrysler 3 Adapter 3825-12, Ford EEC Adapter 3825-16, Ford ABS Adapter 3421-93, Kia Adapter 3825-11, MECS ABS Adapter 3825-13, Geo-Isuzu Adapter 3825-14, Mazda MECS Adapter 3825-15, Universal 9 Pin Adapter 3825-17, Toyota DCL 1/ Adapter 3825-18, Toyota DCL 2/ Adapter 3825-19, Mitsubishi/ Chrysler “Y” Adpater 3825-20, Nissan 1 Adapter

DAM-G 52 Male Adapter DAM-U 53 Male Adapter DAM-UO 53 Female Adapter DAF-N 54 Female Adapter DAF-R 55 Female Adapter DAF-GR 55 Female Gauge Adapter DAF-GG 56 Elbow Adapter DLA 57 Run Tee Adapter DTRA 57 Branch Tee Adapter DTBA 57 All dimensions are in millimeters unless othe

Plastic Tubing, 61 For liquid leak detectors, lubricants, and sealants, see the Swagelok Leak Detectors, Lubricants, and Sealants catalog, MS-01-91. For tube benders, tube preparation tools, and tube support systems, see the Swagelok Tubing Tools and Accessories catalog, MS-01-179. Gaugeability, 62 Installation Instructions, 62 Bored-Through .

2) Braced tube 3) Bundled tube 4) Tube-in-tube 5) Tubed mega frames A.Tube in Tube Structures The term "tube in tube" is largely self-explanatory in that second ring of columns, the ring surrounding the central service core of the building, are used as an ineer framed or braced tbe. The purpose of the second tube is to increase

316L, 304L, or 304 Stainless steel, single-melt (seamless or welded, depending on size) Sizes . ASTM Tube: 1 / 8" to 6" ASTM Fittings: 1 / 4" to 6" JIS Pipe & Fittings: 15A to 600A . I.D. Surface Finish. ASTM Tube: 25 µin Ra max ASTM Tube Fittings: 20 µin Ra max JIS Pipe: 25 µin Ra max JIS Pipe Fittings: 25 µin Ra max. Tolerances

Automotive Hose and Fittings CONTENT 6 6.1 6.2 6.3 Hose and Fittings 634 G-Line Hose and Fittings 634 Quick Release Couplings 645 600 - 700 Series Hose and Fittings 648 200 Series Hose and Fittings 673 Push Fit Hose and Fittings 679 Adaptors 683 Air Conditioning Hose and 695 Fittings . 634 6. 1 Series Page Hose 910 910 636 Hose 811 811 636 Hose 910 FC 910 FC 636 (Fuel Cell) G .

Abrasive Jet Micro Machining (AJMM) is a relatively new approach to the fabrication of micro structures. AJMM is a promising technique to three-dimensional machining of glass and silicon in order to realize economically viable micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) It employs a mixture of a fluid (air or gas) with abrasive particles. In contrast to direct blasting, the surface is exposed .